you are standing in an open field

dan and phil are both pretty. but like. in different ways.

dan’s very soft and curvy with dimples; he’s like a small animal that you want to protect; he’s like a flower opening to the warmth of spring; he has endless brown eyes and a smile that makes your heart feel warm and lovely.

in contrast, phil is sharp and carved as though from porcelain; his eyes are two separate universes in themselves; his hands are lean and strong; he’s graceful and captivating, and you can imagine him in a Greek god’s tunic standing in a field of flowers.

For all of my asexual followers: Happy asexual awareness week! ♡  (October 23rd - October 29th)

[Ace!Castiel, High school AU, friends to lovers.]

‘You’re the only one I’ll ever want, be mine! Please go to prom with me, Castiel Novak.’

Castiel knew that he was looking like a complete fool, standing there in the middle of the field with his mouth hanging open. In the background, the marching band started playing 'All You Need Is Love’ while the cheerleaders kept waving the banners that were spelling out the proposal.

A proposal made by football captain Dean Winchester after a successful game. Dean, Castiel’s best friend for years now, as well as his unreachable crush. Or at least that’s what Castiel had always assumed, that his feelings for Dean were one sided. Yet here they were, in front of the entire school, people cheering from the bleachers; Castiel suspected that his brother Gabriel was one of them.

And then there was Dean, down on one knee, gazing up at him with pleading green eyes, a faint blush touching his freckled cheeks. Castiel knew Dean well enough to know that Dean was seconds away from having a nervous breakdown, and Castiel realized that of course, he was supposed to say 'yes’. Which should be easy, because every cell in Castiel’s body was all but screaming at him to indeed blurt out what could possibly be the most important 'yes’ of his entire life.

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During the summers when I was still in high school, both of my parents worked 3rd shift so I’d have the house all to myself. I’d stay up until dawn watching shows like X-Files and Destination Truth and various ghost shows and all those creepy things like that and there was a very strange aesthetic that came with it. Like, the windows would be open and a warm breeze would be flowing though and every so often a storm would be coming in and you could hear the wind flowing through the fields behind my house. Sometimes when a storm was on the horizon, I’d sneak out and stand in the back field and watch it roll in. I’d feel like the only person left on earth and it was so strange, like reality had been slightly altered, and it was so incredibly peaceful.

A cute little mystery.

I was walking my dogs across a potato field that had been harvested about a week ago. Everything around me was dirt and dead white potato plants.

Then I noticed a single green plant standing all by itself in the middle of the field. I went over and started digging at it to see if there were any potatoes underneath.

Up came several small potatoes…and a single walnut.

I took it home, cracked it open and it was fresher than the walnuts you get in stores, like it had just been picked off a tree.

How a fresh walnut could end up entangled in a potato plant’s roots is beyond me.

Sun Is Shining Bright

Pairing: Cas x reader

Prompt: Sunbathing

Words: 2715 (Well this got longer than expected!)

Warnings: smut, fingering, oral (male receiving), public sex (in a field next to the bunker), unprotected sex (wrap it up folks!)

A/N: This is my entry for Kitten’s Summer Lovin’ Challenge by @kittenofdoomage. Hope y’all enjoy!

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You wanted to enjoy the first warm, sunny day of the year, announcing that summer was coming. With a blanket tugged under your arm, your sunglasses pushed back in your hair and a bottle of sunscreen in your left hand, you opened the heavy front door of the bunker. The sun immediately hit the features of your face, making you stand still for a while, enjoying the comforting warmth surrounding you before stepping outside. 

The door fell closed behind you as you let go of the handle and moved towards the open field next to the bunker. You placed the pair of sunglasses on your nose, blocking some of the intense light. Unfolding the blanket you placed it on the ground and dropped your bottle of sunscreen next to it. A soft breeze flowed around you, making shivers run over your body because of the cold contrast to the hot sun rays.

“What are you doing?” a gravelly voice startled you. You jumped slightly at the words, turning around and facing the angel in front of you. Even though the sun was burning down on him, he still was fully clothed, his 5 layers draped over his body without any sign of sweat breaking out.

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warning: smut.

“It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert, but I’m holding you closer than most, ‘cause you are my heaven”
You sang along contentedly to Ron Pope playing from the audio system in Dan’s car, your hand hanging out the open window feeling the wind glide through your fingers like water. You tore your eyes away from the incredibly vibrant canola fields whizzing past and instead rested your gaze on Dan. He was laughing along softly and smiling that happy grin that showed his slightly pronounced incisors that you adored; the smile that appeared only when he was truly at ease.
One large hand held the wheel and kept the car on the unusually quiet highway (for a Saturday afternoon), while the other rested on your thigh. He was always touching you somehow, whether it was his hand on your back, his fingers interwoven with yours or simply your legs pressed together as you sat side by side. He liked to subtly remind you that he was thinking about you.
He noticed now that you’d stopped singing and glanced over at you, still grinning and stroking your thigh affectionately.
“You ok?”
“Yeah” you replied, somehow, because suddenly you were mesmerised by his eyes in this light, honeyed and warm. And his hair, haloed by the golden spring afternoon. Oh, and his hands, each long slender finger illuminated as it tapped the wheel delicately to the tune still playing softly. Suddenly you were hyper aware of where he touched your body; just before the hem of the first skirt you’d worn in months. It was innocent, but you almost wished it wasn’t.
Dan had obviously been calculating while you were lost in observing him. Slowly, he deliberately removed his palm from your thigh to tuck hair behind your ear. You successfully stifled a whimper at the loss of contact, but he noticed. Of course he did. He always knew.
He grinned mischievously and you could only think that there was yet another hour and a half left of your journey home. 90 minutes stuck in a car with Dan, who knew you were turned on and unfortunately for you, was the world’s worst tease when he wanted to be. You groaned internally.
Luckily, today he didn’t want to tease. Today, he pulled off onto the farm access road that ran parallel to the highway but was blocked from view by a dense tree plantation.
Dan rolled to a stop and you raised an eyebrow at him questioningly.
“Starting to feel a little weary, thought I should have a quick break to rejuvenate” he offered in explanation.
You laughed and rolled your eyes.
“Nothing,” you giggled. “Come here you spork,” you leaned over and met his lips with yours.
It intensified rapidly, his mouth on yours, and before you knew it you’d both climbed, giggling, into the back seat. You laughed even harder as you attempted to undress in the cramped space without elbowing each other in the face. Eventually you somehow miraculously ended up on Dan’s lap, his lips on your neck as you rode him, one hand on his shoulder to brace yourself, the other tangled in his hair. The slow thrusts coaxed out sweet moans that mingled with The 1975’s Heads. Cars. Bending playing softly from the front. Those long nimble fingers that had landed you here in the first place were now ghosting over your breasts and gripping your hips. The need to get off increased and Dan began bucking up to meet your hips with his own, causing more friction than either of you needed. He threw his head back as his orgasm rolled in, eyes shut tight and a string of profanities slipping from his lips as his body quaked under yours. You could feel yourself teetering on the edge, and all it took was one of those fingers to make contact with your clit and you were a goner. Dan, having come back to himself, watched as your magnificent orgasm took over, spine arching away from him, breasts fully exposed, delicate rib cage begging for his mouth, and he almost came a second time. As you came down, you nestled your forehead in his neck and Dan stroked your back.
“I love you” he murmured before kissing your hair.
“I love you more” you replied breathlessly.


Jon Rafman. ‘You Are Standing in an Open Field’, 2015

Inkjet prints mounted on dibond, resin, polystyrene

‘…his recent work explores these same themes and environments in large-format prints, depicting den desks and keyboards littered with detritus: empty energy drink- and coffee-containers, half-eaten foods gone to rot, over-the-counter pill bottles, and so on. These prints act as a kind of portal between the real world and the virtual one. 

Juxtaposed with the keyboards in the foreground are stock images of waterfalls and sunsets, like those found on old desktop screensavers, or generic Homer-esque paintings of boats battling sea at storm. All six prints are covered in clear resin, which, applied unevenly and to different degrees, as if spilled or sprayed, imbues in the work a tangibility. Not to mention a cheeky joke, the resin invoking the various sticky substances—soda pop or semen—one might find around computer dens. Rafman is interested in the people who live more in virtual reality of the internet than they do in real life & where they sit behind a computer screen.’

I wanted to share this about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) to hopefully motivate or just relate to those who also have it…and for those who don’t, to have better insight.

Having the brain that comes with BPD is like:

Standing in a beautiful open field, happy and free. Feeling for a window of time (which ranges) okay and “normal”.
But you are surrounded by little voices and versions of yourself or people from your past.
And every 5 minutes one comes up to you and says something to distract you, blind you, stir you, upset you, enrage you, depress you, critique you, shame you, control you…

“Don’t forget you are not enough.” triggers intense anxiety, depression, sadness.
“Your friend just said her other friend is funny, that must mean you aren’t funny at all and I am pretty sure she doesn’t really like you.” Enlist rage, anxiety, paranoia
“Shit, did you see your S.O. just look at that girl? Clearly you are nothing like her so I guess he doesn’t find you attractive at all and wishes you were her, you are not pretty enough. Your breasts are too small and you are fat but also you might be too skinny.” Now depressed, rage, deflation, shame.
“That girl has cool hair. Go get blonde hair. Wait…so does she. Do red. Look at her style. Cut your hair short. You’re dull, lame and boring, ahh go change it!!” - Excited, anxious and confused.
“That personality is so fun, why don’t you be like him? And see her, she has spunk, why can’t you? And that one is so sweet and genuine and kind, you’re miserable why aren’t you more kind and care-free like her?” Anxious, depressed, hopeless, lost.
“He cooks well, so you don’t at all. He must not think you do. Defend it if you think you do!” Rage, stubborn, ashamed, indignant.
“She’s tall. You’re a gnome, you are fat. And she’s short and petite. You’re a fat giant. Why can’t you be smaller? No one is looking at you. No one wants you.” Insecure, self conscious, depressed, hidden.
“He knew the answer. You’re so stupid, remember when you were told that a lot? Well, you still must be.” - Ashamed, rage, victimized, attacked.
“What is going on…no one has spoken to you in hours. You’re alone and no one cares. Everyone has someone but you” Depressed, heartbroken, ashamed, isolated.
“You only did a few things today, you are not productive and you are wasting your life!” Anxious, not enough.
“Your friend noticed the other is thinner. That means you are fatter lately because she didn’t say it to you.” Rage, shame, lonely, annoyed, vindictive.

Sometimes when these all happen at once, you will shut down and float away from your body while they hammer away. I will dissociate and let them take over my behaviors. Sometimes I get so anxious or enraged or sad that I throw up. Or sleep all day. Or stay up all night. Most people with BPD also have an eating disorder, anxiety disorder, mood disorder etc.

Days I am better at blocking them or rationalizing them away, I feel like a DBT master and that my med combo is finally solid.

Other days I am not so strong, I cave, and I feel like a failure. I feel like I should be locked away and I’m not good at love or life and everyone should stay away from me.

Realizing this, I decided today that I want to approach them differently.
Instead of feeling trapped, I want to not take anything they say personally. I want to thank them for their words and let them run freely while I also run freely.

I want to learn what I can from my inner parts and focus on me more and more. My main voice. Not theirs. And grow that one. Until they become little whispers, because with a disorder they’ll always be there. But I find when I strengthen my own self, when I begin to learn more and more about the bare me, what my own identity is and form a complete sense of being, I can’t feel as clouded and controlled by my random parts of me.

Instead, they can work together and integrate and be free to enjoy the beauty and the enoughness and wholeness of me. I don’t want to be a victim of my past trauma and my childhood. Because I am beyond enough, so enough and I don’t want to be so easily tricked anymore.

—  K.a.d. Mini Memoir
arctic gothic

• There are strange lights in the sky. It is not the Aurora Borealis. You pretend it is the Aurora Borealis.

• Something is eating the polar bears.

• The ice fields seem to go on forever. Perhaps they do.

• You wake up in darkness. You go to sleep in darkness. You exist in darkness.

• Watch out for falling icicles- they’re waiting for you to come within spearing distance.

• Yes, the wolf is howling your name. Do not go outside.

• Every radio station is static. Sometimes whale song plays from a channel with no name.

• A crack in the ice opened up last week. It creaks and groans intermittently. There is no bottom in sight.

• A pale figure stands atop the northernmost snowdrift at 00:59am each night. At 1am it is gone. We are unsure of his motives.

Chicago Gothic
  • If you live in Wrigleyville, you can hear the organs from the field from your apartment. But not the kind you’re thinking of. 

  • Due to construction on the tracks, the brown line will be routed underground. Due to construction on the tracks, the orange line will be routed underground. All trains will be underground. Thank you for riding the CTA.

  • Before you can stop them, your friend from out of town asks for ketchup at the counter of the hot dog stand. Before they have even finished asking, their question turns into a low, mechanical scream. The cashier opens their mouth to scream, too. You plug your ears and chew.

  • Don’t look at what the snow leaves behind as it melts. Yes, the cigarettes and dog shit lay in strange runes, as if arranged. Just walk past.

  • “We’ll be stopped at Belmont,” the conductor says. “There is a sick passenger on the train.” You look around. Your car is empty. Through the windows on the emergency passageways, you can see the other cars are empty, too. “There is a sick passenger on the train,” the conductor says again.

  • Keep your eyes forward on the Magnificent Mile. The blank-faced tourists will pass in hunks and will jostle your backpack, but that will be it, if you keep forward. 

  • If you don’t live in Wrigleyville, you will wake up one day and hear the organs from Wrigley Field, and they will be louder than you can bear.
Everyday Earth healing (5minutes)

YOU WILL NEED: Selenite crystal


  1. Find somewhere quiet to sit where you will be undisturbed. Open your palm chakras, then close one hand around your piece of Selenite, holding the crystal lightly in your palm.
  2. Imagine you are holding Mother Earth and that the Selenite is filling the whole Earth with white light.
  3. Once the image of the Earth is filled with light, visualize the Earth matrix grid lighting up. In your minds eye, see a strong protective shield around the outer edges of the Earths bio-magnetic field. Hold this thought for up to five minuets and then put your crystal down, disconnect from the matrix grid and stand up, ensuring you are properly grounded.

White floor black bookshelves wind outside like a wash load running wind visiting like an known unknown cousin wind speaking like a sheet thrown open.

Quiet in my body I glance in I glance out out glances at me touches my chin. Seconds sprinkled onto minutes spread over Wednesday scattering into evening.

A thread of celebration pulled quietly festive bright through the across from you across from me shelf table book breakfast wind flowers hands shoulders afternoon.

In the wavering pliant varying unfixed several anchors stand up, poke up solid as through fields of grass waving in the wind. Are they blue are they grey are they violet colour shifts. Come closer and they are like runes with quiet joy eyes. And this texture and this texture. And this bendable concrete.

Fixed point no, relative yes, syntax yes no, quantum yes no, electrons in motion no, electrons at rest no.

You Are Standing in an Open Field West of a White House

A Hypothetical Zork Soundtrack

1. The White House: The Cabin in the Woods Youth, David Julyan

2. The Forest Path: The Fellowship of the Rings: Concerning Hobbits, Howard Shore

3. The Cyclops Room: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters: Polyphemous, Andrew Lockington

4. The Troll Room: The Hobbit: Roast Mutton, Howard Shore

5. The Thief: Entrapment: A Certain Uncertainty, Christopher Young

6. The Atlantis Room: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the Lightning Thief Prelude, Christophe Beck

7. Bat Room: Bats theme, Graeme Revell

8. The Coal Mine: Heigh Ho, Tom Waits

9. The Mirror Room: Cursum Perficio, Enya

10. The Reservoir: The Prestige: Colorado Springs, David Julyan

11. The Frigid River: The Temple of Doom: Slalom on Mt. Humol, John Williams

12. The Dome Room: The Secret Chamber, David Arkenstone

13. The Egyptian Room: The Mummy: Imhotep, Jerry Goldsmith

14. Land of the Dead: 300: Tree of the Dead, Tyler Bates

15. The Crystal Skull: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Orellana’s Cradle, John Williams

16. The Sandy Beach: Black Sails: A Nation of Thieves, Bear McCreary

17. The Chasm: Memoria, Marcome

18. Aragain Falls: Oscar and Lucinda: Prince Rupert’s Drop, Thomas Newman

19. The Trophy Case: The Last Crusade: The Penitent Man Will Pass, John Williams

Apocalyptic Love

Okay guys, I wrote this fic because I liked the theme of If the world ends tonight and I wanted a Dean version, so here you go.

I based it on the song Apocalyptic Love by Slash, because I love the lyrics.

It turned out so cheesy that I can´t believe it myself and if this isn´t your thing you probably shouldn´t read it, but yeah… :D

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Song: Apocalyptic love - Slash

Warnings: Smut, so much fluff, cheesyness (again :D)

Length: 1760 Words

{Imagine being with Dean one last time before the apocalypse}

Originally posted by deanyw


(Fat = Lyrics)

“Why didn´t it work? We did everything that stood in the book. There has to be another way. There just has to be, there´s always a way. You´re Dean Winchester, nothing is impossible for you”, you said, starting to get a little hysteric.

You were standing on a field out in the open, staring the city of Chicago, where you knew it all was about to start.
Dean put a hand on you´re shoulder: “Baby, it´s over. This spell was our last chance and it didn´t work, so there´s nothing we can do anymore.”
You turned to him, tears running over your face, clouding your vision and making it hard to breath.
He looked so strong, knife in his hand, like a warrior. Your warrior.
And still there was nothing left to try, nothing left that could save the world.
When you focused on his face again, he was shaking his head: “Stop it (Y/N), that´s not what I want my last memory to be. I want to see you happy.”
You frowned: “Why should I be happy?”
He smiled sadly: “I get it, I do. I have a real bad feeling too, and it might be that there is nothing left to say and I know the worlds going crazy down there now that the end is on it´s way and everyone can feel it, but we´ve got one hot minute to do anything you like.”

First you were about to yell at him that this wasn´t the right time to think about sex, but then again he was right, what was the point in fighting, when you could have apocalyptic sex with your super sexy boyfriend?
A while you just stared at him and then you two kissed, first careful and slow, then passionate and desperate.
After a while he put you down in the grass, which was slightly wet, but due to the fact that it was July, it wasn´t really cold, and why worry about getting a cold, if there was no tomorrow anyway.
He slid off his jacket and you tried to memorize every movement, after all this was the last time you would see him do this.
When you got rid of your jacket too, he started kissing your whole face, your nose, your temple, your cheeks, your ears and the top of your head, then he stopped and looked down at you, smiling, seemingly not disturbed by the fact that this was your last time at all:
“So, what do you want, it´s your call.”
You smiled back at him, amazed by the fact that he still did what he always did, making it about you, making it about you feeling good, and about you being okay with everything.
To tired to think of something overly sexy you wanted to do right now you just stroked over his hair: “This is the last time, I don´t care how we do it, as long as we can love us under the same sky one more time.”
He nodded and then slowly unbuttoned your blouse, kissing you between every little white knob, making you tingle all over.
When he finally had it opened, you sat up a little so that he could take it off completely, leaving you only in your black tank top.
Usually you would have worried about someone coming up here and see you, but the people down there in the city were dealing with their own problems right now.
Dean took off his own shirt and then started to free you from your jeans, while you grabbed his jacket and put it under your back so that you wouldn´t lie on the grass naked soon.
When your pants were gone too, he kissed up your tights, leaving little marks on the inner side, making you moan.
This was Dean being as sensual as always and it still made you feel like this was the first time you were with him.

All we got is tonight

He finally reached your center and brushed your already slightly wet panties with his nose, making you squirm under his breath.

I wanna feel you fallin

He grinned: “I like it that you´re always already so turned on when I get here.”

Right at my side.

You made another mental note, trying to memorize the way he always told you what he liked about you when you were having sex.

Apocalyptic Love

In one swift motion, he got rid of your panties and immediately started working magic with his tongue.

I wanna revel until we die

“Dean”, you shouted and he looked up a little between your legs, which looked so hot you had to push his head back down or you would have come right away.

Until the last light´s faded.

After a few minutes of teasing you mercilessly, he got up, leaving you breathing heavily and longing for him inside you.

I just wanna see you smile.

He smiled at you while he pulled his jeans and boxers off and you actually managed to get rid of your top and your bra, before he came back down to you, fully covering your body with his, making you feel him everywhere and with everything.

I just wanna see you smile

As we burn the pyre.

“I love you (Y/N), I always will, no matter if I actually make it to heaven or if I´ll end up in hell for all eternity. The only thing that will ever be on my mind, will be how much I love you.
You´re everything for me and I´m so glad that if we have to go, at least I got to be with you in the end, because I couldn´t imagine anything better.

This is the last time

Oh, oh

Then he pushed into you, filling you up so good that you immediately pushed your nails in his back, making him groan deliciously.

Don´t care how we do it.

As long as we can

Love under the same sky

He pushed in and out of you slowly, but regularly, making it so intense, but yet so beautiful slow that you could enjoy the whole thing even more.

All we got is tonight.

You started to close your eyes, but he said: “Don´t. Look at me baby, I want to see you the whole time, I want to see how I make you feel, and I want to see it in your eyes when I make you come.”

All we got is tonight.

You followed his command and looked in his green eyes, which were dark with lust. The intense eye contact was really sexy and only a few seconds later you said: “Dean I´m close.”

He smiled again: “I know baby, me too. Come for me one last time.”
And you did, giving in to your orgasm, which was probably the most intense one you ever had, not even because you two did something special in a physical way, but because the feelings were so strong.
When he came too, you tried to hold the eye contact, to make it as intense for him as for you, which seemed to work, given the fact that he was making a very sexy groan.
When it was all over, he pulled out of you and laid down beside you, head turned to you:
You actually had to laugh at this: “What? Are you asking me whether you are good in bed?”
He grinned and nodded.
You rolled your eyes but smiled: “Yes Dean Winchester. That was amazing.”
He kissed you and then got up: “Get dressed, or you´ll get a cold.”
“What´s the point? I won´t get the cold anymore anyways”, you said but still got up and dressed up.
When you were finished he held one hand out to you: “One last dance mylady?”
Your eyes widened in disbelieve: “You want to dance? You hate dancing.”
Dean ran a hand through his hair: “I do, but I know you like it, and I want to see you happy for the rest of the night.
So you took his hand and he started swinging you around to an imaginary melody.

We´ll dance under the burning sky

Watch it die

No sorrow

Now sorrow

The fire that was already burning down in the city lit the field up in an odd way, making you feel like you were in the spotlight on a stage when you closed your eyes.

Together as the fires rage

Your fingers dug deep into the fabric of Dean´s jacket, holding on to him so tight, afraid that if you would ever let go, it would be forever.

And erase Tomorrow


After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, he stopped, holding each other.

You refused to open your eyes, still enjoying the moment, the last happy moment you would ever have.

And when it´s all said and done

We will have love

“(Y/N), look at the city!”, Dean suddenly said and you shook your head that was still resting on his chest: “I don´t want to see it. I just want to be here, with you.”

Until the very end of time

He suddenly turned you around, making you stare at the city: “Look at it, the fire´s gone, the sky is clear again.”
You couldn´t believe your eyes: “But, how is that possible, the spell didn´t work.”
Dean stared at you, holding your hand so tight it almost hurt: “Seems as it did in the end, look at the ground.”
You took a look around, at the pentagram that was burned into the ground, the center being the place you and Dean had slept with each other only minutes ago.
You suddenly remembered something from the men of letters book that the spell came from: “And the end shall be stopped when something pure is given back to the earth”, you quoted and Dean frowned: “The last ingredient, something pure, Angel blood, we poured it on the ground just as the book said.”
You still couldn´t believe it: “Don´t you get it? Something pure wasn´t Angel blood. It was love. When we loved each other like that, so pure and without any conditions, it finished the spell.”
He just stared at you and suddenly he lifted you up, twirling you around making you laugh.
When he put you back down on the ground, he kissed the top of your head: “I love you (Y/N) and now you´ll always know that I love you so much it can save the world.”

TVD Preference

He proposes

Damon: You were in the boarding house, cuddling together on the couch. You snuggled closer to Damon when he suddenly sat up. You fake pouted at him, not wanting to move. He smiled at you before opening a red velvet coloured box, revealing a ring.

Stefan: You were in the stands watching Stefan play his football game. You had got him to rejoined and he loved it. It was half time and Stefan got  a microphone and called you out of the stands, you joined him on the field and he proposed to you in front of the entire school.

Klaus: It was the Mikaelson Ball, you had been invited by Klaus, your amazing boyfriend. You friends didn’t really like you dating, but you knew he loved you. You were dancing with Klaus when he stopped and got down on one knee. Everyone eyes turned to you, watching in awe as Klaus opened the box.

Tyler: It was your birthday and Tyler had brought you for dinner in one of the fancy restaurants. You holding hands at the table as your dessert was brought over. You looked down and on top of the cake you’d ordered, was a ring. You looked up at Tyler, tears of joy in your eyes.