you are standing in an open field

Pros of long nails:

  • Makes one feel a little more dangerous when you are physically 5-feet-2 and emotionally full of knives
  • Looks damn rad
  • Add a bit of extra flair behind your hand movement and you immediately look like a calculating villain
  • More surface area for arting on
  • Easier to open shrink-wrapping and packages
  • Can scoop up bugs without accidentally squeeshing them
  • Dogs love being gently scritched w them. Especially fluffy dogs.

Cons of long nails:

  • Accidentally poking holes in clothing
  • Accidentally poking holes in friends
  • Accidentally poking holes in self

there is focus on character building in 2017 - with the first half of the year as an act of purging what’s been merged, still in a process of loss, we severed ties to ourselves along the way. we are about to survey the remnants in an open field of potential but it will involve picking up pieces we’ve long forgotten in ourselves. you may hold them and find they don’t fit your hand the way they used to, the once serrated edges now resemble a delicate rim of oneness. the past is whole and so are you. the second half is establishing who that is. you’ve gotten acquainted with the pieces well enough to have a reliant envisioning of the creation and watch as the verity takes form. you wander along an exact line 

july is a child learning to stand, august is the first walk, september is getting into everything, october is knowing where to drawn the line, november is limit, december is rising above challenges 

Slow Ride

Yeah, you all should have known this was coming… They don’t call me Cowgirl for nothing…

(This gif was made by my gorgeous friend Pam @saucynewf - and is being used with her permission)

Holy. Shit.

Seriously, how much is a girl supposed to take? You share rooms with these guys, watch them walk around half-dressed, banter back and forth with them. You take Dean’s suggestive, flirty comments and respond in kind, telling yourself it’s all part of your friendship.

And then he does this.

Of all things, a mechanical bull. You thought those things died out with Urban Cowboy. But now, as you stand watching with your jaw clenched, and your nails digging into your palms, and your thighs clamped together, Dean is riding the fuck out of Larry, the centerpiece of the bar you went into for the sole reason of grabbing some burgers.

You can’t tear your eyes from him as his body sways, looking like he’s part of that saddle. The muscles of his thighs are tight, holding firm, his torso lean and lithe as he moves with it, sinuous and sexy as hell. One arm waves above his head, giving him the balance he needs, the other bicep bunched and bulging beneath the plaid shirt, unbuttoned at the front to allow your eyes to cruise over where his t-shirt clings to his pecs, his ribs, his belly.

“Do you know him?” the waitress whispers, and you nod, your lips parted and your eyes glued to Dean as the ride ends, and he slowly lowers himself back, sprawled and smiling. “Lucky you,” she says, turning to go back to work, and you blow out a breath, closing your mouth and lowering your eyes.

Air. You need some air.

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No Strings (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 4,956

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

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Character Design is an important part of any movie, but few use it to map out character design as well as Howl’s Moving Castle

Closed Captions available.

Full Transcript below

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girl squad character aesthetics

eva mohn: fairy lights hanging above the bed, polaroids scattered on freshly cleaned sheets, crumbling flower crowns, rain drumming against the window, sinking into the couch after a long day

noora saetre: moonlight sinking into water, secretive glances from opposite sides of a room, hot tea latte in an oversized mug, matte red lipstick, the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat

chris berg: rolling down a green hill, the smell of freshly baked cookies through an open window, melting ice cream dripping down your hand, an evergreen tree standing in the snow

sana bakkoush: whispered secrets late at night, the gleam of light reflected on sunglasses, stormy waves of the ocean at night, scented candles, a fresh layer of paint over bare walls 

vilde hellerud: sunflowers blooming in an open field, the pounding of your feet against the asphalt when running, bursts of laughter that takes you by surprise, wearing fluffy socks when it’s cold, the stillness of empty streets at dawn

Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Epilogue)

Words fail to say how much I appreciate everyone who invested in this fic, followed it until here, left comments and asks, supported me and made me feel one lucky lady. I feel only love for you all. <3

All my fanfiction here

Epilogue – Tomorrow is Now

Edinburgh, 13 years ago

“Close your eyes.” Jamie insisted, whispering in her ear. “Dinna be a wee cheater, Sassenach. You’ll spoil the surprise.”

“I’m not cheating!” Claire declared, irritated. “I’m just worried I’ll fall on my face, that’s all.”

“Don’t ye worry.” She could hear the obvious smile in his voice. “I’d still love ye - even with a crocked nose.”

“How magnanimous of you.” She puffed, walking slowly with the guidance of his hand on her arm. “Are we there yet?”

“Yes.” Jamie surprised her by kissing her lips and then removing the blockage of her hands from her eyes. “Tell me what ye think.”

They were standing in an empty apartment, the big windows harnessing enough of the afternoon light to make the wood boards on the floor look like decadent fields of gold.

“It’s very…” Claire licked her lips, looking for an appropriate word to say, noticing his expectant demeanour. “Empty.”

“Ach.” He clicked his tongue and opened his arms, a big grin forming on his lips. “That is only a matter of buying the right furniture for it. But do ye like it?”

“I – yes.” She looked around, noticing the wide kitchen bench and the freshly painted walls. “It’s lovely, really. But why are we here?”

“Well,” Jamie hugged her by the waist and pressed his forehead against hers, his voice sounding like the sheltering roar of the earth underneath her feet. “I was hoping you could make it my home, if you married me.”


Edinburgh, 1 year in the future

“Lady Jane!” Joe thundered, as he saw her striding next to a patient’s gurney, accompanying him to the recovery ward after a long surgery. “I barely recognized you, girl! You look all tanned and sparkly. How was Jamaica?”

“Hot.” Claire laughed, watching the corners of his mouth twitch in a devilish grin. “I meant the weather was very warm, you naughty man.” Noticing that his smile didn’t fade away, but was only enhanced by significant movements of his eyebrows that made him look like a crazy cartoon, she smiled and conceded. “Well, that too.”

“I had no doubt!” Her friend laughed openly, sounding like an amused bear. “I have seen you with your Scot enough to know that, any tropical storm in the area, was probably caused by you two going at it.”

“Oh, stop!” She playfully smacked him in the arm, her cheeks throbbing with heat. “How is everything here?”

“Same old, same old.” Joe replied with a sudden strange attempt at nonchalance. “You haven’t been at the nurses’ desk yet, have you?”

“No.” Claire furrowed her brows. “I was a bit late this morning because of…reasons,” She ignored his smirk. “And went straight to the OR to the kidney transplant. Shall I go there now?”

“No!” The man said vehemently, grabbing her elbow and steering her towards the cafeteria. “I’m that hungry. Shall we go for some dinner?”

“It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, Joe.” Claire gave him a questioning look. “What are you trying to hide?”

“Nothing, LJ.” He shook his head, patting her shoulder in a reassuring manner. “You know my stomach didn’t come with a built-in clock. I’m more of a “eat whenever you’re hungry” type of guy.”

“What is in the nurses’ desk that you don’t want me to see?” She halted and crossed her arms, offering him a disarming look, suitable for young children misbehaving with their soup. “Spill it, Joe. We both know I’ll find out soon enough.”

“Fine!” Joe threw his hands in the air in a gesture of surrender. “I was just trying to spare you. But please, Lady Jane, you need to keep it cool. I’m sure he had the best possible intentions…”

Before Joe was able to complete his sentence, Claire was already sliding past him and marching in the direction of the nurses’ area. As soon as she became visible making a turn on the corridor, two nurses jumped from their seats – they had been whispering with their heads together, looking at something – and stood like two soldiers on a parade, their hands hidden behind their backs, blushing madly.

“So,” Claire smiled pleasantly, taking off her surgical cap and brushing the mad riot of curls, eager to finally be wild and free after so much time in confinement, like eels on a barrel. “What is going on here?”

“Doctor Fraser.” The younger nurse saluted her, looking slightly out of breath. “So good to see you. How was your honeymoon?”

“Fine, Nurse Hawkins.” She nodded, tapping her fingers on the counter in an evident display of impatience. Both nurses looked at her hand like disciplined cats, fascinated by the repeated movement. “There seems to be some kind of disturbance taking place here. I want to know what is going on.”

“LJ…” Joe started, trying to block her vision from the nurses. She gave him a look so dark and dangerous that he immediately retroceded to her side.

“Let’s hear it.” Claire repeated, glancing at the nurses under her lashes and placing all her imaginary coins on the beat of Mary Hawkins breaking in seconds under pressure – too bad it was only the casino of her mind, because it was a smashing jackpot.

“We were just looking at it, Doctor Fraser.” Mary explained in a high pitched voice, slightly stammering. “We meant no disrespect. It’s a beautiful work and such a good cause.”

“Give it to me!” She demanded, reaching out with her open palm. Slowly but surely, Mary Hawkins delivered her the source of all the ruckus.

It was a calendar commissioned by the Fire Department, sold to raise funds for a new Burn Centre and to support the widows and children of fallen firefighters. The calendar was illustrated with photographs of gorgeous men in the corporation – and front and centre, occupying almost two thirds of the cover, was James Fraser. He had been photographed sitting in a chair of the headquarters, naked from the waist up, the suspenders of his loose equipment trousers falling along his hips. His hair was tousled and he looked like he had just arrived from a massive fire, finally relaxed and at ease – except his eyes were playing with the camera, teasing of his secrets, undoubtedly igniting other flames on the belly of any woman looking at it.

“Oh.” Claire said in excitement, her finger absentmindedly caressing his exposed chest. “It’s finally out!”

“You knew about this?” Joe asked, gobsmacked. “That your husband is featuring in a steamy calendar, which probably will be the erotic fantasy of every female in the Edinburgh area?”

“Of course.” She raised a brow. “Who do you think took the photo?”


“Hmmm. Don’t stop!” Claire moaned, her toes curling in pleasure. “That is definitely the spot, Jamie. Keep going!”

“Hmpf.” Jamie snorted from the other extremity of the bed, skilfully massaging the sole of her foot. “Yer wee noises are making my cock ache, Sassenach. If it’s really yer foot ye want me to massage, best ye stop.”

“Again?” She smiled lazily, watching as his knuckles applied pressure on her battered points. “We did it this morning, already. And twice last night.”

“It’s fortunate there’s not a limit to it, then.” He bit her big toe making her yelp, as his hands went on to rub her calf. “Even when I’m still inside ye, I’m already missing ye.”

“How many love letters did you receive today?” Claire asked, nudging him with her free foot. “I’m expecting the mailman already knows your name by heart.”

“They are more lust letters.” Jamie sighed, letting go of her leg and stretching next to her in bed, playing with her curls. “About a dozen or so. Apparently there is another man called James Fraser in this area who has been receiving some by mistake – he is sixty and dinna understand why all of the sudden so many women were sending him photos in their undergarments and making indignant advances on him by mail.”

“Lucky man.” Claire laughed. “May your success serve him well.”

“Ye ken what day is it today?” He stroked her small, pointy, ear and temple, gluing their bodies together.

“I do.” She kissed the tip of his jaw, feeling the small stubble prickling her lips like fresh grass. “Fourteen years ago we were married for the first time.”  

“Aye.” He kissed her mouth, tasting her lower lip, the pressure of his teeth just enough to make her moan against him. “I have a wee present for ye.”

He retrieved a small package from his nightstand and she unwrapped it, kissing him amidst the confusion of paper and ribbon. It was a custom made blue surgical cap, clearly designed for her, with a forget-me-not embroidered on the side and underneath it, printed after his own handwriting, the words “Da mi basia mille”.

“It’s beautiful, Jamie.” She said in a husky voice, a knot forming on her throat – it was always disarming to realize how much he knew her and appreciated her. “I - I have something for you too.” Claire added slowly.

“Aye?” He smiled, so tender and alight that her body was immediately blazing just to see it. His eyes shone blue and knowing, with a hint of mischief hidden in the deepest pools of blue sea.

“You know, don’t you?” Claire realized, their noses almost touching - their eyes so close they could plunge into each other without taking another breath. Slowly, like a dance learnt in another life and scripted into their DNA for permanent remembrance, their hands entwined - silver wedding rings meeting like titans clashing together.

“I know, mo nighean donn.” Jamie nodded and his hand came to rest solid and sure on her stomach - cradling the tomorrow they had lost, fought to earn again and hoped for with all their hearts.

In A Moment

An Avengers Series

Character Pairing: Bucky x Steve x Reader (Platonic for now)

Word Count: 692

Warnings: Angst, injury, blood, character death. Eventual love triangle, smut, and more angst.

A/N: I opened up a blank word document to start a request that I have but this came out instead! I’m excited and nervous for this! Hopefully everyone likes it, feedback is always welcome! (and I promise I am getting to the requests I have in my inbox! I haven’t forgotten about you my loves!)

Originally posted by oriondiary


You had never really thought about how you were going to die. Being an assassin, you were supposed to be the killer, not the one who was being killed.

You fell to your knees, gasping for air. Falling to your back in the wet grass, you stared at the night sky. You brought your hand up and wrapped it around the hilt of the black dagger that was protruding from your chest. If it wasn’t you lying on the ground, you would be superbly impressed with the accuracy. It was a critical hit. You dropped your hand back down to the ground. You closed your eyes and made a mental checklist of your stats.

A lung was collapsed for sure. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult. You tasted the metallic tang of blood in your mouth. Internal bleeding, most likely from your esophagus being nicked. It was also worrying that you couldn’t feel the blade in your chest. The area around the wound was numb. Come to think of it, you couldn’t feel your left arm at all. You told your brain to move it, but nothing happened. You slowly rolled your head to the side and opened your eyes. Well your arm was still there, so you had another bad sign to add to the list. Numb limbs.  

You coughed and watched as bright red blood spewed out of your mouth. You turned your head back to look at the sky again. The stars were pretty tonight. The moon was also extremely bright. Looking back, that is probably how you were seen. The moonlight probably reflected off the various weapons strapped to your body as you ran through the field.

The blade had hit you out of nowhere. One minute you were running back to the safe house after completing your task at hand and the next minute, you were stopped dead in your tracks by an exploding pain in your chest. Ha, dead… poor choice of words.

You were fighting to keep your eyes open. You just wanted to slee… No! You needed something to think about…


You two had grown close over the last year. Too bad you hadn’t gotten the chance to tell him how you felt. At first, you and he couldn’t stand the sight of each other. After he had come out of cryo, he struggled with his emotions. You had always seemed to get the anger portion. One day, you both were running on the treadmills in the training room in comfortable silence. Then he had looked over at you and pressed the button to up his speed on the machine. Not to be outdone, you increased yours. This little competition went on until he finally called uncle and stepped off the belt. He had smiled at you, you returned it… a friendship had been formed.

You, Steve and Bucky had become a unit. The three of you could communicate on missions without even saying a word. The captain, the soldier and the assassin.

You blinked rapidly as you felt the tears forming in your eyes. Funny that you weren’t crying over dying… you were crying because this was going to be hell for Bucky and Steve.

A sound broke the silence of the night. Your brain was getting hazy, but you were pretty sure that was helicopter blades. You slammed your eyes shut as a blinding spotlight landed on you. The darkness behind your eyelids was welcoming. You tried to pry them back open when you heard yelling, but found that you just didn’t have the energy too.

“Cap! Is it her?” a man’s voice shouted over the blades whooshing in the air.

You felt a hand on the side of your neck, pressing into the pulse point below your ear.

“Please be alive… please be alive,” you heard Steve chanting above you. You desperately wanted to give him some indication that you were but your energy was fading fast.

You had been trained to not fear death; to welcome it. But in that moment, as you surrendered yourself to the darkness that was consuming you…

You didn’t want to die.  

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#261: You Hate Each Other | High School AU


I know it might be weird considering the boys are college ages now and high school AU’s are pretty much dying but i still adore them very much and I’ve always wanted to write something alone the lines of this. Rivals were something I also had in high school and let’s be honest nothing is better than haters turning into lovers.

Read When We Collide here //  Find my Masterlist here   


”When you think nothing can be worse than history classes.” You mumbled under your breath and tried to breathe, your heart racing and in fast pace and your head spinning. You could feel your legs were to the point of turning into jelly but you seemed like the only person to have such struggles. Everyone around you didn’t seem to struggle the least bit, they were all running together two and two trying to get to the finish line as the first. It was an usual P.E class, aka morning hell and why not start it out the worst way by running? You hated it more than life, getting sweaty and having to use your body in ways it was never used to. “Look at you sunshine.” You rolled your eyes and tried to run faster when Luke suddenly showed up from your behind, the expression on his face showing nothing else but surplus. “Go away Luke.” You breathed and tried to move between a few others to get away from him but with his long legs and pretty good fitness he was quick to run beside you again. “Why? it’s not a well morning if I haven’t annoyed out your ass.” He commented with a smirk, “You know, some needs coffee other needs a cigarette. I have my own ways.” “Well your ways suck.” You spat, you were pretty amazed how you hadn’t stopped running yet you almost couldn’t breath. He looked at you with a challenged look and with one push you were out of the running lane and heading towards the trees that formed a small forest. You were out of breath and felt his hands on your shoulders keeping on pushing, you were almost ready to collide and fall onto the fresh leaves. “What are you doing?” You questioned confused, looking up at him with wide eyes as he pressed you against one of the trees. “Having my own way.” He announced, he was out of breath himself and looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “Your own ways?” You mumbled off and curious, not really knowing what to say and his hands were still on you. “Yes.” He breathed and leaned down to give you a breathless kiss. It was quick yet so passionate you were left even more confused when he pulled back and decided to run back to the field with the rest.


“And Y/N you will partner up with… Calum.” Your head shut up so fast it was ready to fall from your body, your eyes were wide and your jaw was to the point of touching the table beneath you. The expression on your teacher’s face was bored, and it didn’t help when you smacked your hand against the table in anger. “I’m not gonna work with him!” You spat and watched as Calum placed his books on top of each other to change his seat and planted his ass on the chair next to yours. “It was a random choice Y/N.” The teacher reminded but you didn’t care. “I protest!” “You’re a high school student, Y/N. Not a debater. Now would you show Mr. Hood a bit of respect and start your protect. I’ve got other groups to assign.” You rolled your eyes and fell in your chair by her words, like you would actually listen to her. Calum was nothing else but a spoiled jock, you didn’t want to waste a minute on him! “You heard her.” He hummed from your side and pressed his pencil into the skin of his chin. You looked over at him and gave him a bored look, wanting to make him shut up already by forcing your book in his face. “For once show something respect.“ "And what? Be nice to you? I’d rather dissect a frog.” You didn’t want to look at him and glanced back at the books in front of you. You were never fond of reading but now it was the only thing that seemed to get your attention. “Y/N.” He hummed, poking you with his pencil. “Calum I’m reading and so should you. We’re two in this project there’s no way I’m letting you get away with me doing all the job.” You could hear a small cough come from him in respond but you didn’t want to look up at him. A challenged expression came to his face by your lack of interest and he decided to poke you again. Once, twice, and by the third time you couldn’t take it anymore so you grabbed it fast and broke it into two. “Read.” You spoke in monotone, looking at him with daring eyes before they adverted back to the pages. A small smile came to his face by your reaction and he looked down at the book as well in achievement.


“But that doesn’t make any sense! We’re in a country of free speech and that means everyone is allowed to express their opinions without being told you’re an idiot!” You were so angry you were almost knocking down the chair behind you after standing up, just to show how you were feeling about this. “Well when we’re in situations like these where you’re completely off the actual topic then yes, Y/N, you’re an idiot.” Michael replied with the exact same tone as you and stood up from his chair as well. “Maybe if you woke up one day and saw it from another perspective than your own you would actually understand what is going on.” Your eyes widened and you opened your mouth ready to reply but that was when your teacher slammed her hands on her desk. “Y/N, Michael, that’s enough. High social classes are for debates yes but this is getting out of hand. I’m gonna ask you both to leave the class room immediately.” You looked over at her surprised but there was no way you could argue with her without getting attention. It was with a huge death glare towards Michael your threw your bag over your shoulder and leaded out of the classroom with him in your heels. “This is all your fault!” “My fault?” He spat and crossed his arms. “You were the one starting the argument in the first place.” You tossed your bag to the floor and smacked the door shut to the classroom. The argument would only get worse from now that you were out and free to say anything you wanted without weird glares. “I didn’t start anything you’re just always the opposite of me! I can’t express anything without having you right in my heels to comment on something and literally lick Mrs. Claire’s ass!” He furrowed his eyebrows by your words and crossed his arms again, the sun streaming in his face through the windows. “I’m not licking her ass I’m just trying to point out something because you always have a comment in something. Maybe you should let others talk?” “No because when you do it’s only crap coming out.” You almost wanted to yell, looking up at him with an angry expression but he didn’t say anything. He was looking down at you with such an intense stare you felt your heart skip a beat, something you hadn’t felt before with him.


“What are you two yelling about this time?” Calum almost groaned and moved past to stand between you. He could tell from the distance that something was up and since your voices had been echoing throughout the whole gymnastic hall. “He’s being unreasonable!” You almost wanted to step your feet on the ground in pure frustration after explanation to Calum what was going on. “I’m not being unreasonable you’re just being unrealistic.” Ashton argued and folded the sleeves of his football jersey, looking over at his best friend for help. “Y/N thinks that it will be best if we give some of the football field to the cheerleaders.” “Yes, because it’s a part of our job to cheer and lead when you’re playing a game! How come it be so weird!” You yelled back, this wasn’t the first time you were arguing. It happened every single time there was practice for the cheerleaders and the football team, you could never get along. Ashton was too stuck up in his own football to realize and the fact that he was captain didn’t make it any better. He thought he was the owner of everything but you were there to prove him wrong. “But if you’re asses are filling the whole thing we’re not able to play football properly. Important games are coming up and we need to focus on more important things that showing your knickers under your skirts.“ Your mouth opened wide by his words and you almost wanted to smack your hands against his chest in anger. Calum was standing behind you with the same boring look as always, why did he even bother to break in? It was always the same between you and Ashton. "You’re just a freaking ass Ashton. Maybe that should have been your name.” You pushed past him to get through and go back to the rest of your friends, you didn’t care you wanted to fill the whole football field if it was possible just to annoy the crap out of him. “I fucking hate her.” Ashton mumbled below his breath and cracked his knuckles in reaction. Calum looked over his shoulder and leaned down to tie the knot that had loosened on his football shoes. “You love her knickers though.” He announced in a low tone but it was enough for Ashton to hear, his eyes wide and following you head back towards the girls.

For The Pack

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy almost New Year, everyone! And happy Thirst Party Saturday! I give you, my first attempt at an A/B/O installment, involving wrestlers who played football and looked damn nice doing so. Tagging the usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @hardcorewwetrash and @oraclegazes! Enjoy!

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Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

“Laying in bed, Taehyung’s mind skimmed over the events from today, always pausing to think about the extremely pretty girl who was staring at him earlier. He was determined to find out who she was, she wasn’t getting away so easily.”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 1528

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Love Letters- Tom Holland One Shot (Hogwarts AU)

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: You accidentally send a love letter, intended for Tom, to the wrong person. (You and Tom are the two Gryffindor beaters on the Quidditch team.)

Word Count: 1300

A/N: I got multiple requests for more Hogwarts AU imagines, so I wrote this one shot.


“Right. Nice practice everyone. Get some rest tonight. We’ve got a big game against Slytherin tomorrow.” Tom said to his Quidditch team as all of them landed on the solid ground. The team nodded, before they headed off the field and to the Gryffindor common room.

“Good work out there today, Y/N.” Tom told you as you walked together.

“I try.” You laughed.

“Hey, Tom, Jacob’s trying to tell me that America is better at Quidditch than Bulgaria.” His friend, Harrison, called back to him from ahead of you. Harrison and Jacob, the keeper and chaser of the Gryffindor Quidditch team respectively, dropped from the team to where you and Tom were.

“Bulgaria is way better.” Tom argued.

“Well, they won’t do that well in the next cup, now that Krum is retired.” Jacob stated.

“America doesn’t stand a chance, Jacob. Come on, mate.” Harrison said.

“Don’t you agree, Y/N? Bulgaria is better?” Tom asked you.

“Sorry, Jacob, but Bulgaria is the best team.”

“Traitor.” Jacob scoffed.

“I’m sorry. With or without Krum, Bulgaria still crushed the last cup.”

“I’m calling it now- America is going to beat Bulgaria in the next cup, with their new chaser from Hawaii.”

“Keep dreaming, mate.” Tom laughed as the four of you entered the common room.

“I’ll see you at dinner.” You bid the boys farewell, before you left up the stairs to the seventh year girls’ dormitory.

“How was Quidditch practice? Beat up anyone?” Your roommate, Roxanne, asked from her bed.

“I’m a Beater, but that doesn’t mean I beat people.” You replied, rolling your eyes at her humor as you searched for your regular clothing.

“Anyway, so did Tom talk to you?” She questioned, shifting on her bed to face you.

“Yes, he always does.” You answered, knowing exactly where she was going. Ever since Roxanne found out about your crush on the Gryffindor Quidditch captain, who happened to be the second beater on the team, she endlessly questioned you about it, hoping to one day set you two up.

“He seriously needs to ask you out already. He totally likes you.” Roxanne stated, causing you to casually shrug.

“It’s not like I could ask him out.”

“You could though!” Her eyes lit up with excitement; a plan was already forming in her head.

“No, Roxanne, I won’t.” You said.

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun. Just write him a cute, little love note and owl it to him.”

“Are you being serious right now? Is this one of the few times that your prankster side is shut off?” You asked. She got a roll of parchment and a quill. You sighed as she handed it to you.

“I could always write it for you.” She suggested. You paused for a moment, deciding what to do. If you wrote it and he didn’t feel the same, you’d be humiliated. If you wrote it and he did feel the same, you’d probably still be humiliated.

“Alright.” You stated and she looked at you in surprise, “You write it, but you only write what I say. And you cannot tell anyone.”

“This is going to be amazing.” She smiled giddily.


“Did you do it?” You quietly asked Roxanne as she entered the kitchen.

“Yep.” She nodded, “I still don’t understand why you wanted to miss breakfast. You’re going to miss his reaction to it.”

“Exactly. I don’t want to see his disgust that he got a love letter. What are we- twelve?”

“Mentally, maybe.” Roxanne laughed.


“It’s fine. He’s going to read it and he’s going to realize that he’s been in love with you all along.” She explained as she grabbed a croissant off a nearby table to eat.

“Did you charm it with a love spell?” You gave her a pointed look.

“I would never do that.” Roxanne answered and you rose your eyebrows at her, “I would only do it for a prank, but this is not a prank, so you can calm down.”

“I better be going- I’ve got a game.” You said, standing from your seat and setting your plate aside. A house elf quickly took it away to have it cleaned.

“I’ll be there before it starts. I gotta watch you beat some people.” She joked with a laugh, making you roll your eyes.

“See you later, Roxanne.”

“Bye, bye.” You left the kitchen and headed straight for the common room. Upon entering, you noticed Tom talking to Harrison and Jacob in the far corner with hushed voices, and in his hand was the note. You hurried up the stairs to your dorm, hoping to conceal your embarrassment.


You didn’t run into the three Gryffindors again until you were in the locker room, moments before the rivalry game. You stood rigid as Tom spoke motivating words to the team. You attempted to make eye contact with him, but he never looked your way.

“Hey, captain.” You said as you stood beside Tom in the line up, right before the team would enter the field.

“Y/N.” He nodded in acknowledgment. His normal, happy self seemed to have been replaced by a cold one.

“Everything alright?” You asked, timidly, as you thought back to Roxanne writing the love note. He looked at you with sad eyes.

“Well, I just figured out that the girl I like actually likes my best mate.” Tom replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t bother, Y/N. I don’t need your pity.” He shook his head.

“What are you talking about?” You questioned at his sudden outburst.

“Don’t play dumb with me. I read the note. I get it, I do. I like you a lot, but I can’t come in between you and him. Even if he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, I still can’t hurt him in this way.” Tom said. The horn went off, alerting the team to go onto the field.

“Tom-” You started, but he cut you off.

“Just forget what I said and focus on the game.” He began to walk and you followed beside him with the whole Gryffindor team behind you.

“Good luck, teams. Let’s have a nice, clean game.” The ref announced as he opened up the box of balls. Each player got into their position, hovering above the ground. You looked over at Tom and saw the cold glare he was currently giving the grass. You turned your head towards the Gryffindor stands to search for Roxanne. When you found her, she gave you an eager thumbs up. You shook your head as the game was started.


“Excuse me.” You said, pushing your way through the crowd of Gryffindors who were celebrating the house’s win over Slytherin with a party in the common room. Tom, Harrison, and Jacob had all avoided you after the game, making your task of talking to Tom about your previous conversation even harder.

“Tom.” You breathed out, once you had found him in the party.

“Y/N, I need to talk to you.” Harrison said.

“Hold on. I don’t know exactly what is going on and this is incredibly embarrassing for me to admit, but the note was for Tom. Roxanne convinced me to do it because I’ve liked you for the longest time and, you know Roxanne, she’s a Weasley so she has these elaborate ideas. I thought there was no harm in it, besides my own humiliation.” You rushed out. Finally building enough courage, you looked up to meet Tom’s eyes, “The truth is, though, I love you, Tom, and I never meant for this mess to happen.”

“Do you really mean it?” Tom asked you.

“Yes.” You nodded as he stepped closer to you. Tom leaned in and kissed you. You could hear Harrison and Jacob cheering in relief. With that mess resolved, with the truth finally out, and with a new kind of relationship forming between you and Tom, you were content.

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely - Archie x Fat!Reader

Here, I gave it my best shot!
All bodies are good bodies, and how you look doesn’t define you! :)

Originally posted by jonesjughead

You glance at yourself in the bathroom mirror, pursing your lips in displeasure at your reflection. Did your chin really look that chubby? When did your arms get so large? Is that how you look in that outfit? Sighing, you turn away, quickly exiting the bathroom before the terrible thoughts become too overwhelming. As you walk down the corridor to your next class, your eyes can’t help but drift over to some of the other girls who pass you. You tug at your top self-consciously, squirming uncomfortably as you dart into your last class for the day, and avoid Archie’s searching gaze when you opt to sit with someone else. He’s about to open his mouth, clearly confused by your behaviour, but the teacher comes in and he remains quiet for the rest of the lesson.

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  • So we know that Hagrid said in GoF that he was excited to see the tournament and that he’d be surprised to have lived long enough to witness it again.
  • That means he’s already witnessed it once, possibly during his own years at Hogwarts. 
  • and we know he went to school with Tom Riddle (better known as Lord Voldemort later).
  • So what if the tournament took place when Tom Riddle was still in school?
  • What if he tried out for it and got chosen as Hogwarts Champion?
  • So let’s imagine that. The great goblet spitting out Toms name. Nott, Rosier, Mulciber and all his other friends admirers cheering loudly. He walks up to Professor Dippet and smirks, looking back at the Slytherin table. 
  • And then there is the first task. In which the champions have to fight (as unofficially tradition) one or more magical beasts. 
  • And to many people’s horror (a little girl with brown hair named Myrtle Warren faints as she sees them for the first time) the beasts are giant snakes. Not Basilisks, mind you, but they are huge and intimidating.
  • Unless your name is Tom Marvolo Riddle and you are able to speak Parseltongue of course. So Tom, who has prepared all kinds of spells, since he didn’t know what the task was, just smiles maliciously as the Minister explains them what they have to do. 
  • And since he is such a drama queen (I CAN TOUCH YOU NOW!) he walks in, shooting stunning spells here and there, never actually hitting a snake, running over the field into the direction where the cave they must reach is. 
  • And the snakes hiss furiously, complaining loudly to each other. 
  • Another one of those imbeciles. Can’t a snake have their rest once in a lifetime?” “Yeah, I agree with you there, Haettung. Let’s get over with it and kill it.
  • And when they advance on Tom, he suddenly stops running and stunning the air. He stands there, opening up his arms, as if awaiting his death. 
  • The people in the ranks around the field scream. “What is he doing? Why should he do that? He’ll die!”
  • And then, back to the ranks, Tom starts speaking to the snakes in Parseltongue. Nobody can see him talking or hear him over the loud hissing of the snakes for that matter. But he smiles at the animals and calmly sais: “My highly honoured friends, I’m very sorry to disturb you in such a way. Let me just pass, kindly, and I’ll walk into that cave and never come back. After me another man will follow. He is rather chubby, I expect he will be a far better meal. So, if you let me go into that cave, I’ll ensure he will come. If you kill me now, you’ll pass the opportunity to eat your fill.”
  • And the snakes look at each other for a moment, and then just let him pass. And he walks calmly through them, each of them sliding away as he approaches. 
  • When he reaches the entrance of the cave, he turns around, looks at the stunned silent people on the ranks, and bows

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Prompt: Students shipping emison and ali and emily just run with the joke

If I went to rosewood I’d totally ship emison, sorry this took so long:


Walking the too long hallway to Alison’s classroom during her free period made Emily’s heart beat out of control. Per usual for whenever she has to come in here, she wonders how long that feeling will last.

And then always remembers she’s felt it for ten years.

Approaching the classroom with a heavy sigh she relaxes her body upson seeing that the door was closed. From the small window she could peak through, the brunette notices Alison sitting at her desk. A smile drifts across her face as she watches her for a moment, until her eyes drift over and notices the three students sitting at the far back desks. Kelsey Thomson, Jayden Knowles, Kyle Hughes. All straight A students who loved hanging out together. Unfortunately for Emily, they like to use Alison’s free period.

Why might this be a problem? Over the last few weeks all three of them have caught on to the two teachers, and when they’re all around each other there’s always playful taunting directed towards the adults. Although Emily usually denies it, today she felt like playing along a bit.

Alison used the last of the milk this morning so Emily didn’t have her cereal, it was sweet revenge.

Knocking confidently now on the heavy door she smirks a bit harder noticing Alison jump at first, however when she sees Emily at the door she shoots her a pondering look. Standing awkwardly Alison adjusts her dress before mumbling something to the three, soon opening the door. Emily tries to step inside however Alison’s hand shoots up, stopping her.

“Can I come in?” Emily asks raising her brow and slightly shifting her eyes between Alison and the group of students.

“I don’t know, can you?” Alison challenges back, earning a blush from the swim coach.

“Let’s not be that teacher, they were the worst.” Emily still smiles, shaking her head and lowering her voice.

“The absolute worst.” Alison laughs back while pushing the door open, inviting Emily inside.

Stepping in the classroom she stands off to the side, waving to the whispering group of students. Behind her, the sound of the heavy classroom door shutting. In her head, she counts the number of steps behind her.

Passing by Emily slowly Alison shakes her head with a small laugh, heading for her desk. “What can I do for you Coach Fields?” Alison asks as she resumes her previous position grading papers.

Pulling a chair over to the desk as well, Emily clears her throat. Alison’s blue eyes shift across her brown delicately before her brow furrows. “I need to go over these students grades.” She says quietly, handing Alison a few individual folders of students on the swim team.

“That’s it?” Alison asks curiously, “you just need their grades and a small blurb from me?” She continues as she quickly checks who the students are before beginning to pull up their grades on her computer.

“Pretty much.” Emily shifts in her seat, her eyes gazing back at the three students who are all watching them with knowing smiles. Giving them a small smile before looking back to Alison.

Noticing her engulfed in her work, Emily takes advantage of this time. Standing up and fully knowing Alison is probably watching what she’s doing, Emily exerts her confidence and approaches the three friends.

“Hey guys, do you always study or do you allow yourselves to be teenagers sometimes?” The swim coach jokes, earning a laugh from all three.

“We all want to get into Stanford together.” Kelsey speaks for them with a sly smile.

“Ah ,” Emily mumbles, shifting a little uncomfortably at the mention of the college. Those years were behind her, it was a hard time to go through. Especially being so far from home. She had to admit to herself a long time ago that no matter how awful it may be, Rosewood was home. “I remember Stanford.” She comments with a nostalgic feel.

“Of course you do.” Alison comments without fail behind her, unknowingly giving these kids and Emily something to roll with.

“Shit, what happened at Stanford?” Kyle inquires loosely, earning a shoulder slap from Jayden and a quick “watch your language” from Emily and Alison.

In unison.

Just as expected, Emily bites her cheek and leans against the counter with a knowing smile.

“Okay we’re all adults here-” Kelsey says quickly, shifting in her seat to face a now rarely blushed Alison who points her pen at Kelsey, cutting her off.

“Coach Fields and I are adults, you three are teenagers.” Alison shoots back.

“We’re seniors.” Jayden deadpans.

“Still teenagers.” Alison chimes without missing a beat, already returning to the next folder in Emily’s pile.

“Either way,” Kelsey cuts in eagerly, “I just would like to go on record to day that you and coach fields very clearly have a thing.” The dirty blonde haired teen says confidently, turning to Emily and giving her an approving nod.

“Remember what I said about teenagers?” Alison comments back, shaking her head and Emily can see through her easily. So clearly she’s flustered, and doing everything not to laugh. “That wouldn’t be your business, I’m saying this politely.” Alison tries to warn, it’s no use.

For a moment the classroom is silent. Emily’s brown eyes take turns looking between Kelsey and Alison. They’re staring each other down however they’re both trying not to laugh. The sight puts a deeper smile on the swim coaches face, she knew she would hear about this later.

Not wanting all the fun to die down, the brunette takes this as her opportunity to jump in.

“Hey what do you mean by ‘a thing’?” Emily asks, giving it her all to act as genuinely into is as she can.

“Em-” Alison says, standing from her seat but instantly regrets it. Her hand comes to her mouth as she tries hard not to laugh and yell at Emily all at the same time.

“For example,” Jayden chimes in with her own cheeky grin “you just passionately called coach fields, em.” The teen comments before laughing with her friends and even with Emily.

Not getting a direct response from Alison yet again the swim coach decides she can push a little further. Pretending to be dramatically shocked, Emily drops her jaw and crosses her arm. It’s taking every ounce of strength to suppress her smile.

“Oh wow passionately, that’s a grand choice of words Jayden..” she laughs before Alison cuts her off.

“Coach Fields!” She calls, causing Emily to twist rapidly and face her. “Your files are done, thank you for stopping by.” The flustered english teacher says quickly before meeting Emily halfway and escorting her to the door. Opening it up she ushers Emily out into the hallway.

“Bye guys!” Emily calls back on her way out.

“Bye Coach Fields!” The three friends call back with short chuckles and adoring whispers.

“I ship it.” The pair hears Kyle say happily as they exit.

Only taking a few steps out of the doorway Emily turns around, coming face to face with Alison who is trying not to smile.

“Ali,” Emily tries to say but Alison cuts her off.

“They’re never going to let me live that down.” She explains calmly, moving in to hug Emily with a smile. “What could I have possibly done to get that?” She jokes as they embrace tightly. Through the short contact she can feel Emily’s heart beat a little faster, she allows herself to smile. She couldn’t be mad, this is the person she fell in love with. Plus, Em is lucky those are the three most loyal students either of them have ever met.

It’s a reminder of their own times roaming these halls five years ago.

With a cheeky grin and another curious “what?” from her girlfriend, Emily moves forward and plants a firm kiss on Alison’s forehead.

“You used the milk this morning.” Emily says before turning in her heels and heading back to the pool.

“Seriously?!” Alison calls from behind her in disbelief, yet wholeheartedly in love.

“Of course, see you at home!” Emily calls, turning to blow a kiss before dipping down the next hallway. Head in the clouds and heart back in the English room.

Getting in touch with your guardians and/or guides

I believe most all people have natural guardian and/or guide spirits, which aid them in life. You may not be aware of your spirits, but they are almost always with you, sending you subtle messages and organizing things for you to help life go your way. If you ever feel that things just always work out for you, or you catch a lot of lucky breaks, that could be your spirits working on your behalf. On the other hand if you feel that nothing ever goes your way and life is out to get you, there could be a problem with the spirits that are intended to aid you.

Some people believe everyone has spirits to aid them. I don’t believe everyone does, because I have met people without them. There also exists lore that a person can offend their spirits to the point where the spirits abandon them entirely. From my own experience, when someone does not have spirits around them, it is for an unusual magical reason and this can often be remedied by help from a witch, shaman, or spirit-worker.

Regardless, you very likely have guides around you right now. Meeting them is easy and does not require any kind of spirit summoning or conjuration.

If you use a pendulum and/or a spirit board, have those with you. Otherwise do things the old fashion way and just contact your guides through visualization.

Remember that ‘visualization’ basically means 'magical imagining’. Your imagination is a powerful cauldron of magical potential. When you contact spirits it may easily seem like you are just making them up, but have faith in yourself and faith in them.

Sit or lie down in a relaxed state. Imagine a large door before you. Note what color it is and what style it is. Say to yourself, “beyond this door is the World Tree.”

Open the door and observe a massive tree standing before you. It’s trunk is the size of a city block, it’s roots are as tall as houses. Within the roots of the tree you notice small doorways much like the one you passed through. Think to yourself that you would like to find a room where you can meet your benevolent and helpful spirit allies. A single door will stand out to you. Note it’s color and design, and walk to it. Open the door and pass through.

You will find yourself in a certain location. This will be where your spirit companions feel most comfortable. This could be a cathedral, a cozy cottage, a forest, or a sunny field. Many times I open this door to find blackness, which indicates to me that my guides do not care where they manifest. Observe this location.

Somewhere close you will see your guardian or guide. There may be more than one that appear to you at this time. At first your imagination may become confused and project several different appearances on to your guide, but don’t force anything. Relax and see what comes to you. Remember that your spirits may be in human, animal, plant, insect, mineral, elemental, or mythical form. Do not expect to see a creature that you have a spiritual connection with, as these will not necessarily be your guide spirits. Note what this spirit looks like.

Once you have met, try talking to it. Think or speak your questions and wait for something to come to you – words, images, thoughts, feelings, sounds. A list of questions you can ask is [here].

Once you are done, exit back through the root door. Walk back to the original door you came through, exit it, and close and lock it firmly behind you. Wake yourself up from your trance state with food, water, and mundane activities.

You do not always have to use the world tree visualization to contact your guides. I simply think the names of my companions and I am connected to them, able to communicate mentally.

Taste the Feeling

Taste the Feeling ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Setting : Modern AU

****Requested: Yes

There are no Edmund coke bottles in real life, I am dismayed. (There’s an Ed one, tho.)

Y/N walks inside the nearest convenient store, taking a peak around.
The door opened behind her, and all of a sudden something bumped into her.
Y/N gasped as she stumbled forward.
The person who bumped into her and let out a string of curses before reaching a hand out to stabilize her.
“Shit. You okay?” He apologized. “Wasn’t looking.”
“Yeah,” Y/N nodded, smiling before walking off to the candy isle.
The boy who bumped into her just shrugged and walked towards the chips isle.
Y/N ran to the register a few minutes later, catching a glimpse at the boy who bumped her as he exited the convenient store with a few plastic bags.
She dumped a stack of random food to the register before shooting her head up. “Oh, yeah, one sec.”
The cashier rolled her eyes. “You forgot something?”
Y/N smiled sheepishly.
The cashier sighed “Go ahead, not like you have a line behind you.”
Y/N glanced around the store, realizing that she was the only costumer left.
Y/N grinned at the cashier. “I’ll be quick.”
She rushed over to the drinks isle and stood infront of the refrigerators.
“What do we drink today?” She hummed to herself.
Her eyes darted over to the red wrappers at the last refrigerator.
Y/N grinned and ran forward, snatching a couple bottles and running back.
“And this,” She said, gently setting the bottles down. “Ten bottles of coke.”

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