you are sooo my type

Us arguing

Me: iight go ahead! I’m listening.

Him: Can I be forreal?

Me: This is how I feeelllll. I’m in need of looove. So les dip up outta hereee.

Him: Erin……seriously? 


I’m fuckin withchu. Go ahead, go ahead. I’m listening. 

Him:…..Oooh you just my type. Everything sooo right and I just wanna chill… les dip up outta here. Les dip up outta here. 

Us: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!

expanding my blog type

sooo if you blog any of the following please please please reblog and i will follow you

- The 100

- F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

- Marvel

- Fashion/Aethetic

- Art

- Make Up

- Pretty Little Liars

- Gossip Girl

- The 100

- Sherlock

- Supernatural

- Bands like All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, The 1975 etc

- Taylor Swift

Read part 1 of this fic here. If you prefer, you could also read the whole thing on AO3 or FFN. I might write more of this ‘verse in the future, what sort of things would you like to see from it? Feel free to tell me what you think!

Title: Some Books Just Swallow You Whole
Fandom: Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall
Rating: General
Word count: 2500
Pairings: None except mentions of canon ones. You can see it as Pinescone pre-slash if you want (especially in this part), I’ll just point out that the characters are the ages they are in their canons, though
Warnings: None
Summary: Dipper knows well how his curiosity can be ignited by a book—so when a customer leaves one behind, it’s all he can think about to uncover the mystery of the author

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