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Cuddles with Ken

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Cuddles with Ravi

  • Lots of pillow talk 
  • Like so much pillow talking you’d fall asleep listening to each other’s voices trail off 
  • I see Ken as the type of cuddler to not be really into spooning? 
  • Like yes, on occasion spooning is fine 
  • But I think Ken would be the type to want you facing him when you guys cuddle you know? 
  • He just really likes to see all of your different facial expressions and reactions to when he tells you about his long day at work 
  • He also finds it super cute when you’re talking and fall asleep mid sentence 
  • Like hearing your words slur and your breathing slow down as you drift off to sleep makes his heart flutter so much 
  • Expect a lot of Eskimo kisses from this idiot as well 
  • Well expect a lot of kisses in general
  • Nothing dirty you little nasteeeyyy
  • But kisses all over the face
  • And every so often tickle fights 
  • But to be honest you’d probably win because he’d tackle you in bed or the couch with tickles and you kick him off so that he falls to the ground? 
  • But it’s not like you purposely did it 
  • It’s just your reflexes  
  • Plus he started it sooo 
  • But like can you imagine how over-dramatic he’d get? 
  • Messy hair Ken omg 
  • bYE 
  • Bed hair Ken 
  •  ASDfghjkL
  • Like just imagine waking up the next morning and he’s still sleeping 
  • You actually realize how quiet it is when Ken’s not awake 
  • And it’s peaceful yet a bit horrifying at the same time 
  • Cause you’re so used to it being loud around the house because of Ken? 
  • But okay like when you wake him up to tell him to get up he’ll like stretch out his arms with a bit of a groan before he wraps you snugly into his arms 
  • And you’re like literally buried into his chest 
  • Lowkey suffocating 
  • And you’ll hear his groggy sleepy voice 
  • “10 more minutes" 

Wrote this awhile back when I was drowning in Ken feels so I was like ehh, why not post it lol maybe I should turn this into a series with the rest of the members, lmk if you guys want to~

kizamimai  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adored Unsung! I read it all in one sitting, and truly, you could be a professional writer. There was one line of dialogue that I liked, and want to keep: "…Frankly, the thought of you being harmed on my account makes me want to rip out my still-beating heart." But anyway, yes, you're an excellent writer and I'd love to collab one day. Have a nice day!

Haha, Erik at his most dramatic! Thank you sooo much. And technically I am a professional writer, but not the author kind. :)

Sonic Boom Plotting: Shadow Edition

Hey kids, guess what time it is? That’s right, it’s ‘Weird Sonic Boom Ideas’ time! Today’s subject? Shadow the Hedgehog! 

Boy, given my sheer dislike for this sub-franchise, it’s kinda weird that I keep getting ideas for it, ain’t it? Granted, this one is rather at odds with the entire intended tone for this series, but screw it, inspiration strikes when it does and since I’m never gonna use this for anything, I might as well share. 

This idea I had was inspired by a stage in Sonic, Fire and Ice- Gothic Gardens. Specifically, the momentary return of a VERY familiar symbol. 

I had actually wondered if I’d just dreamed this up when I first saw it in a commercial, since I never bought the game, but low and behold, its indeed the Black Arms symbol, in Sonic Boom. What could it mean?  What could it imply? What will the ramifications be?

Well really, it all amounts to zippo since, well, this is Boom. 

But it did give me ideas. Ideas that are not really fitting for a setting like Boom, but as I said, you can’t control inspiration. 

To begin with, my idea? Is that Gothic Gardens is Shadow’s original home, and that symbol we see is the Symbol of his clan… of which, naturally, he is the last. 

Once upon a time, there existed many different clans of Hedgehog, and each of them had mastered the secrets of Chaos Energy, using it to give themselves amazing powers and abilities, in line with the philosophy of each Clan. Shadow’s clan, naturally, was big on personal might and survival of the fittest and all that. 

Then, one day, something happened. What exactly, I don’t know, as I haven’t really developed this all that far, but long story short the great civilization of the Hedgehogs was shattered, and the hedgehogs themselves scattered to the rest of the world. In time they forgot the traditions of their clans, and the clans themselves ceased to exist as the Hedgehogs settled elsewhere, forgetting all about their powers as they took on a simpler existence alongside the various other peoples of Mobius. 

All except for Shadow’s clan. 

Despite the devastation they underwent, Shadow’s clan stubbornly insisted on remaining in their ancestral home and maintaining their ancient traditions even in the face of the population loss. Only they maintained the history and culture of the clans, and as time went on the population dwindled and vanished, until only Shadow remained. Trained in the traditions of his clan, living by their philosophy, and developing his powers by training as per his people’s ways. Left as the last of his kind and hardened by his experiances, Shadow left the ruins of his people to explore the wider world, find new challenges, and give himself something to focus on. 

This naturally is the origin of his social darwinist, ‘might makes right’ philosophy- while Shadow isn’t really flat out evil, he’s not a good person by any stretch, viewing it fully as his right to do as he wishes because of his personal strength. Then, one day, he encounters Sonic, a fellow hedgehog who is the first hedgehog he’s seen in YEARS who can use ‘the gift’… and not only is everything about him anathema to Shadow’s views, he is able to achieve his feats of speed in complete and utter ignorance of their people’s traditions, making an utter mockery of Shadow’s existence in the process. 

These two factors are precisely why Shadow despises SOnic so much and makes a point of emphasizing that not only is Sonic inferior to Shadow, but he’s also an inferior specimen of Hedgehog. His entire vendetta against Sonic ultimately stems from this and, at some level, his desire to beat Sonic is to not just prove himself superior in terms of power, but to validate and vindicate his understanding of the world and thus validate himself in the process. The fact that he has yet to truly defeat Sonic just makes him all the more bitter and hateful about it. 

Sooo yeah, there you have it. It’s a tad dramatic for this setting, I admit, but it’s an idea all the same. Hope somebody is able to get something out of it. 

Iron Maiden - Tony Stark x Reader Series {Part One}

{Credit to gif creator} 

So the idea of this series is that you are new with the Avengers and you become close to all of them, but no one is as close to you as Tony is. So for the first couple parts it’ll mostly be requests {As some of you may know I asked for Tony Stark ideas and I got a good few so I decided I’d make a series} and then I may come up with my own ideas, or I may ask for some more off you guys! 

Anyway please Enjoy, and keep a look out for future parts to this series! 

Fandom- Marvel 

Characters- Tony Stark {Also contains the Avengers} 

Word Counter- 

Idea- I have a request for Tony because I love him so much and I can’t accept that you don’t have request for this wonderful men ;) So could you do a one shot were all the avengers teasing Tony about his feeling for the reader, but he don’t accept that, he says he feels nothing for you until the day he sees Clint flirt with you?

You had the power to create illusions, and you could create illusions for just one person to see or for many to see, you had once displayed a whole illusion of New York City inside a small room filled with SHIELD agents and they all stopped and got super confused until someone tapped you on the shoulder and you lost the illusion. That was one of your powers faults, if someone touched you while you created the illusion it would be lost. 

You walked along the corridors to get to your room at the Avengers HQ that sat on the outskirts of New York. You walked into your room and found a small note from Clint asking to meet you in the lounge. You allow a smile and then screw up the note and throw it into the bin like a basketballer. 

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