you are someone's reason to smile

Just grow and scream and fall hard into the things you love most about life. Kiss boys or girls or both and let yourself be someone else’s reason to smile. Just look world, the big wide whole of it, and remember that every small bit is right there. Right under your feet and you fears and just dance for a moment. Alone or for a crowd, it doesn’t really matter. Just do it. Just this once. And then stop and listen to the Earth as she hold you up high and calls your name. Let her remind you where you came from and whisper where you are going. Just live and belly laugh and be good to your body but never turn down a hot donut. Skinny dip and read under the Oak trees and breathe it all in. Just be. I think that’s what I’m trying to say. For once in your life, just let yourself be.
TalesFromTheFrontDesk: If you're going to lie to me, at least try to be believable.

By my nature, I’m a rather paranoid person. It’s not that I don’t trust people, because I do, but if you tell me something and I have any reason to be doubtful, I will be doubtful until proven otherwise. However, I don’t usually call people on their bullshit unless I have good reason to. If you lie about something stupid, then it’s whatever I don’t really care enough to say anything. I’ll just smile and nod.

This is the story of someone who didn’t tell that kind of lie. She told a lie I wouldn’t have believed in a million years.

Let me set the stage.

Last night I worked third shift training our new auditor. Having to set a good example and all, I was as by the book as possible. Some folks come down at the end of breakfast today while I was going over pass ons with the AGM who was working the AM today and ask to extend their reservation. They also wanted a discount, because the room they reserved was a double queen, and for reasons that weren’t entirely clear, they ended up in a double. They said something about the TV in their original room not working. But I assume they then asked to switch to the double, because we had other double queens we could have switched them to. I can’t think of any reason why they’d have to switch. But she made it sound like they had no choice. I smelled some bullshit.

Anyway, so the rate they were paying was $58, for comparison, rack for the room they originally reserved was $82, they got a hella discount. Rack for the room they ended up in was $75. BS or no, I wasn’t about to offer them much of a discount, because they already had gotten one.

Bran- So the lowest I could drop the rate down to would be $54.

Guest- That’s only a $4 discount.

Bran- Yeah, I’m sorry but I couldn’t discount any more than that.

Total lie, but like I said, she was already paying way less than rack. And if I think you’re lying then I’m inherently not on your side.

Guest- But online it said the price for the double was $42.

At that point my bullshit detector imploded into a bullshit black hole that threatened to consume the lobby, and probably the better part of the universe.

  1. Our prices aren’t set up like that. There’s a $7 difference in price between our rooms. If they’re paying $58 for a double queen, then the rate for a double would be $51.

  2. Our prices don’t go that low. The cheapest I’ve ever seen our cheapest rooms at is $47. On that day, the price of our double would have been $54. So $42? Not a fucking chance. Not when rack is $75 for that day.

I conveyed this to the woman politely.

Bran- I’m sorry ma'am, but that wouldn’t have been the rate for the double at this hotel. The best rate I can do for last night is $54.

Guest- That was the rate I saw online!

Bran- I’m sorry but that doesn’t sound like our rate. And since there isn’t any way to verify it, I can’t match it. I can lower the rate to $54, but I can’t go any lower.

Guest- But the rate was $42!

Bran- Our rates aren’t set up in a way where that would be the difference in price between the two rooms. As I’ve said, I can do $54.

She finally relented and accepted the $54 rate, and extended the reservation at the $75 rate for tonight. Jokes on her though; at some point today the AGM or GM dropped the rate down to $69 for tonight.

After she left, the AGM and I smirked at each other, another lying liar smited. And our new hire got a glimpse of how management here doesn’t take shit.

Totally unrelated, but I remember someone the other day posting about how people will ask the rate, then once given the rate will ask, “Is that the AAA/AARP/Military/Government/Fucking whatever rate?” Well no, you just asked the rate! Do people think we’re psychic?

Anyway, I just had one of those and now I’m annoyed.

Here’s another story about a liar, since I’m bored and annoyed about that too.

Got a Hotwire reservation at about 1 am today. It was for the 18th, but I went ahead and set it up for the 17th since the guest came to check in. So the check out was set for noon today. When the AGM went to chase them out of the room at noon, they said I had told them they had the room until tomorrow. Which was bull shit, and the AGM knew it was bullshit because there was no way in hell I was going to give people essentially a free night.

They threw a temper tantrum because it turns out that someone else had allowed them to do exactly that one weekend. Well, either way, it was a big no no, but the AGM had bigger fish to fry and decided to make an exception this time to get them to fuck off since we were going to DNR them anyway. Lie for free stuff and you get what you get.

By: mstarrbrannigan


Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡

I never believed in love at first sight but for some reason, I felt something different when we first met. The more I got to know you, the more my feelings intensified. And when you smiled, I knew that I was in trouble.
—  I just hope that you’ll let me fall in your arms
sometimes i really fucking miss the way your smile felt against my lips. i miss the nights you’d call me and tell me, “i just need someone to talk to.” i spent every day diving off of buildings just to be the hero that swooped into save you. i always ended up with more bruises than applauses. but i kept on. sometimes i miss the way i always felt like i was falling. i could never once catch my breath when i was with you. you took me to a place i haven’t quite come back from. but i’m running. because i have told everyone that i’m healing and i am, but i still miss your smile and when you said my name it all came back to me and it didn’t hurt. it was just really bittersweet.
—  missing you is so bittersweet
How do you begin to explain to someone the light they bring into your life? The warmth they put in your heart? The grin they put on your face?
 Together or apart, this is my sunshine. 
It is what helps me wake up in the morning. 
It keeps me from feeling down. 
Moments like these, laughing for no reason at all. 
This is why she is my sunshine. 
She has no clue how beautiful her soul really is. 
Just seeing a photo of her makes me smile. 
She is beautiful. 
She is the definition of sunshine. 
My sunshine. 
Without her I feel cold & lifeless 
I need her to function, just as we need the sun to stay alive. 
My sunshine she will forever be. ☀️
I want to be enough for you. I want to be reason you have a smile on your face. I want you to look at me and feel breathless. I want to be the reason you are wide awake at 3:00am because you can’t stop thinking about me. But the truth is I’m never going to be that girl, there’s always someone better than me.
—  I’m never enough for anyone anymore.
i challenge you

to wait for love. not the kind you saw in disney movies and chick flicks and read about in books. real, nitty gritty, get through anything no matter what it takes kind of love.

i’ve had the privilege of seeing it a few times in my twenty years, but not often. it’s rare and real and true and strong. it comes in glimpses and eyebrow raises and eyelash flutters. it comes in door-holding, and car door-opening, and coming to the front door to pick you up for a date. it comes in smiling for no reason at all aside from the fact that person - YOUR person - is next to you. you feel safe. you feel at ease. you feel wanted.

i challenge you to wait from someone who doesn’t run away when you show your truest colors. who stays through the navy blues and the pitch blacks and the bleeding reds. who celebrates during the bright yellows and the vibrant greens and the pure whites. someone who paints your world every shade of certainty.

your person will drop the paintbrush at some point, though. they will tear your canvas but that’s okay. because the inevitable truth is that they’re human. they will mess up. sometimes accidentally. sometimes purposefully. but they will apologize. and they will keep trying to make you better. 

God tells us in His Word that He will make everything beautiful in its time, and to not awaken love before its time. i beg of you to heed His Word, friend. cling to what is good and true. hold onto Him with every fiber that is in you. His love is a love that will NEVER fail. His love is what will bring you an earthly love.

this is my challenge to you, friend: don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. 

One day you’re going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance. She won’t even notice you because she’s too busy laughing at the stupid jokes he makes. And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realising that you’re not the reason anymore. And then it will finally hit you: it was her, it was always her.
—  Elisabeth Van den Abeele
Reasons to smile

A couple could be reuniting at this very moment and hugging one another ever so tightly
A baby could be smiling a gummy smile to its parents for the first time
Someone could be taking the first bite of their grandmother’s homemade cookies
A child could have just successfully came out to their family and received nothing but support
A person could be walking away from a toxic relationship and starting their life anew
A struggling author could have just gotten their book published for the first time
A student could have just received their report card and saw nothing but good grades
A child could be getting pushed on the swing set
A college student could have just made it safely home to visit for Thanksgiving
A child could have finally gotten adopted by loving parents

he says
girls are pretty when they can’t talk. when their lipsticked glued mouths are shut tight or open wide, but just for the right reason. he says girls are empty assault rifles, he says we could be great but we need someone behind the trigger, he says he’s the best sniper you’ll ever meet. i say i’m not sure I like the analogy but I don’t walk away.

we shove splinters under our nails and call it art. chisel our teeth so they aren’t too sharp and learn how to smile without our eyes. we cry in the bathroom but brought extra mascara so no one knows. we throw up after brunch but brought extra gum so no one knows. this isn’t war but it is a fight and every bruise is covered with makeup before it even forms. we spit out blood but swallow everything else because that’s what we’re taught.

every punch we throw lands on our own skin. everything is impacting and it all hurts but hush hush hush pain is pretty pain is pretty. so we keep quiet. we melt our skin on curling irons and hiss through our teeth but keep going. boys touch a burned out match and act like it was a fire. we roll our eyes
but we don’t walk away.

—  how much will you tolerate before you bite back?– lily rain

Note To Self:

No matter how bitter you feel, how upset you are and how cheated you feel always stay humble.
Remain at peace with yourself and remember things happen for a reason.
Something greater and more beautiful always replaces something that has gone.
You are great. Your worth is infinite.
Above all, remember a broken heart can heal if you nurture and allow it to.
Loving someone again can happen if only you open yourself up to it.
Please do.

Dear Future Girlfriend,

Please prepare yourself for:
• random thoughts and rants
• my crazy beliefs that I talk about till your face is blue
• unexplained hyperness
• blanket fort building
• long talks about nothing and everything
• mess ups
• a journey while I’m figuring myself out
• helping me to give the courage and strength to hold your hand in public and show everyone I love a woman
• nervousness because I’ve never been with someone like you
• breaking down a guarded wall protecting me
• kiss attacks
• catching me staring and smiling at you for no reason
• sarcastic comments to show you I care
• raspberries in the middle of kissing
• laughing at my awkwardness
• but most of all, being treated like a princess and loved because lord knows I’ve waited a long time to be able to date you and I’m going to make sure you know you’re appreciated!

More reasons to smile

A kid could’ve just gotten their braces off

A family could’ve just bought their first official house

A hijabi could’ve gotten complimented on the way they tie their hijab

An older sister could’ve just helped her recently openly gay brother perfect his winged liner

A kid could’ve just stood up to their bully

Someone could’ve just gotten asked to a dance by their crush

A student could’ve just gotten accepted into the college of their choice

A family in need could’ve been given their own Christmas tree

Someone who recently lost weight could’ve just noticed their new muscles

Someone could’ve just gotten their first paycheck

A kid could’ve just finished their letter to Santa

A healthy baby could’ve just been born despite multiple health scares

An addict could’ve just admitted themselves into rehab

A person in the military could’ve just made it home for Christmas

Someone could’ve just made the basketball team

A college student could’ve just finished the project that’s been stressing them out for weeks

A couple could’ve just said their first I love you

A woman could’ve just said yes to getting married

A gay married couple could be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary

about yuri’s “let’s end this”:


Yes, the statement was vague, but surely the fandom has enough faith in the creators that they won’t tear down a relationship that they’ve been building up for the past eleven episodes. 

  • First of all, look at Yuri’s face before he has his conversation with Victor

hE IS SMILING. Does this look like the face of someone looking to break up a relationship? No, generally you would be looking nervous, guilty and perhaps even scared. Here, Yuri looks slightly apprehensive, but he still has a trace of a shy smile on his face.

  • Secondly, looK AT WHAT YURI SAYS AFTER THIS!11!!! 

“I’ll be sure to skate my and Victor’s love, laid bare to the world!”. GUYS. HE WILL STAY WITH VICTOR. And what he says here proves it. After all, he has no motive or reason to break up with victor - his idol who he has longed to be with since he was a child. What would he gain from it? Here he plainly states that he will show his and victor’s love through his skating. He still wants to show the world how much he loves skating and his coach. 

Yuri’s “let’s end this” was probably about either his skating career or Victor being his coach. Remember, Yuri wanted to face Victor in a major competition himself, so perhaps he is urging Victor to skate again - with him by his side. Even if Victor is no longer his coach, they can still be together. The same if Yuri decides to end his skating career. Yuri suddenly deciding to break up with Victor before his Free-Skate is illogical, as it almost guarantees Yuri’s failure due to his emotions/anxiety from such an event. I’m pretty sure Yuri is smart enough to realise that from his past experiences prior to competitions, and so only wanted to discuss the future of his career/coaching with Victor - with no feelings involved.

*** again this is just my predictions and theories so some of this may not be correct. Just don’t freak out before you know the whole story, right guys? ;))