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Hello! It’s almost the 2 year anniversary of this blog so I’m going to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for the support! It’s been a wild and ridiculously fun art journey to be on so far - and I’m honestly so honoured to be able to contribute to the danganronpa fandom!! I’m super excited for what the future may bring (new game!!), and once again I’m immensely grateful for all the people who have stuck around; and for all the newcomers! Welcome! Thank you all for just being you: I hope you have an incredible rest of year, and a wonderful last week of 2016!!

Additionally, I’m going to be away for the next month, so I won’t be around to answer asks/messages and the like; I hope it doesn’t inconvenience anyone that I’ve closed the ask box for the time being! I’ll be back around the end of January 2017, so consider it a short hiatus, if you will! As such, I want to wish you all a happy new year and best wishes for whatever 2017 may bring!! Do your best out there! Stay awesome, and don’t give up hope. ♡ 

See you 2017!

What If? - Part One

Summary: Sam Winchester is the King of Hell. You are a Hunter. Once upon a time he had been your world, right up until he left for Stanford. He broke a promise and so you left to live your own life, away from the Winchesters who had taken you in and never looking back… until you are captured by Demons and brought before the Boyking. 
: SamxReader
: 2149
: Descriptions of wounds, references to torture, allusions to underage sex (cos legal age is 18 in the States, right??)
AN: This is part of my entry for @winchesterprincessbride‘s 800 Follower Celebration! My prompt was the line ‘Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide” from Demons by Imagine Dragons. I’ve not explicitly used the line, but I kinda make reference to it, more so in the next part. 
Hope you enjoy this!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Part 2


He hadn’t seen you in years.

In fact, when you’d last been together you’d spent most of the time in his bed, limbs intertwined and bodies flush with one another.

The following day he’d left for Stanford with the promise of staying in touch… a promise he hadn’t exactly kept. It had just been easier to cut all ties with the Hunting world. No matter how much he wanted to call, he knew you spent too much time with Dean for communication to be private.

That had been that. He’d lost you, then he’d found Jess, and life had gotten easier.

But when he was dragged back into the life by his brother, he was surprised that you’d disappeared. Dean claimed he hadn’t seen you in almost three years, and you’d been radio silent for the last half of that.

The most likely answer had been that you’d gone and got yourself killed along the way. That you’d spent too much time hunting with the Winchesters to get used to hunting solo. It was a thought that made he feel like he was breaking on the inside every time it floated to the surface of his mind, obviously followed by a long line of ‘what ifs’.

What if I hadn’t left?

What if I kept in touch?

What if I had taken her with me?

What if I came back sooner?

But he had slowly come to terms that you were probably gone…

Yet here you were; blindfolded and gagged with your wrists shackled high enough above your head that you were forced to stand on the tips of your toes. The white tank top you wore was in tatters, with blood stains and grime covering what wasn’t torn; the same with your jean shorts.

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I will be Satisfied

Philip Hamilton x Female reader 

 The reader is the older sister of Theodosia Burr and both fall in love with Philip immediately. Theodosias happiness is the most important thing for the reader so she introduces them to each other but after a conversation with Angelica she decides to be selfish for the first time in her life. 

 Words: 3331

 Warnings: Probably that this is my first Hamilton writing and that English isn’t my native language 

 Thanks to @hamiltrashtothemax and @elvndrk who helped me throughout this whole thing! You’re incredibly awesome!

“Please welcome Vicepresident Aaron Burr and his daughters Y/N and Theodosia!”
You flashed a bright smile and walked down the staircase while observing the ball room. Your father was right in front of you but glanced back to make sure you were okay. Theodosia grabbed your arm so you were next to each other. Today was the spring ball, held by the president and his wife. You actually enjoyed these balls very much since you first attended them years ago. It was a chance to meet your friends and have fun. To dance and maybe even finding the right man.
President Washington greeted you and instantly started a conversation with your father. Martha just smiled and kissed you and your sister on the cheek. Since your mother died early Martha cared for you.
“Y/N, Theodosia, it’s good to see you! You’ve only gotten more beautiful!”
Your eyes scanned the room. You knew that your father wanted to look for a suitable man to court you. Nobody caught your eye but the ball room was beautiful. Every free spot was covered in candles, illuminating the room.
“I’m sure the boys are all over you.”
“Yes they are, but no one is suitable or interesting. They have to be special and my heart should go “boom”.“ You chuckled and risked a look at your father, but he wasn’t paying attention to you. It was probably better.
“Many boys who would love to meet you and your father would approve of will be here today. And prince charming will be one of them.”
A glass was handed to you and you took a little sip. The evening would be long.
Martha called a servant to show you your seats and you looked at Theo.
“You know Daddy’s rules. Dancing is okay as long as you act like a proper lady. If something is wrong you go to him or me and we manage everything. Do nothing inappropriate.” You pressed a kiss onto her head.
“I know and I will do everything. Have fun, Y/N.”

“Our next guests are Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton and their children Philip, Angelica and James.”
You looked up and felt breathless. Your heart stumbled and then pumped so hard that you could hear the blood in your body. So many man talked to you already but you never reacted like that, they tried to win you but never succeeded.
Philip Hamilton was a tall boy with long curly hair that he kept in a ponytail. The candlelight accentuated his freckled face as he strode down the long stairs. You were happy that you went to a friend therefore being close to the stairs.
“Y/N? Are you listening to me?”
A shake of your head was the only answer your friend got as you turned around and stared shamelessly at the oldest Hamilton son. And he walked right up to you.
“Hello.” You breathed out, unable to think straight or form a long sentence.
Hazel eyes looked down at you and the small flames of the candles everywhere let his long lashes draw shadows on his face. The hunger in his eyes matched the one from his father but there was more. A hunger for you. You knew the rumors that he walked around town with a different girl every day.
“I’m Philip and who are you?” He bowed down and picked up your hand to kiss the back of it.
“Y/N..” It felt like you couldn’t even remember your name correctly. Your voice sounded far away and the only thing you could sense was your heart, burning in your chest with desire.
“Are you satisfied? You seem to be uncomfortable and your eyes don’t really have a sparkle in them. Whenever I saw you at church you smiled and it reached your eyes.”
“Now I remember you, you’re the boy who goes to church with his mother and always carries a little boy and has another boy at his hand and all your siblings run after you. And your mother has a little baby and she always wears a pink lacy dress and tugs at the hair of your mother. You always sit in the second row on the right side.” A soft smile crossed your features as you remembered every sunday since a long time. “But I don’t know what you mean by satisfied.”
Philip closed his hand around yours and gently pulled you towards a quiet corner. He didn’t seem to be willing to let your hand go. It was slightly calloused from his writing but still soft. As long as your dad didn’t see you everything was fine.
“I’ve heard that your father searches someone who would court you. Someone he approves of so you can’t be satisfied. You’re like me. I’m never satisfied.”
You bit your tongue to prevent yourself from speaking. You could ask if that was the reason why he saw so many different women and girls. Maybe he was just like his father, nothing more than a tomcat.
“My name is Y/N Burr.”
“Philip Hamilton.” He kissed your hand again but this time his lips lingered longer than needed on your skin.
“Doesn’t your family mind that you are talking to a Burr?” You looked around and saw his sister talking to yours. His mother was with Martha, talking so loud that you could hear Elizas laugh even though you were on the other side of the room. You couldn’t see Alexander or your father.
“Unimportant, there are many girls that I’ve talked to.” He said before quietly adding “And a million that I haven’t and you belong to them.”
Your smile faded while you looked at the floor. Many girls and you were one of them or maybe not, you didn’t get what he was talking about. Either way he didn’t see you as an individual, more like one of many. After a mere second you gained your confidence again and focused on the sparkle in his eyes.
You convinced him that he should tell you about his poetry. Two minutes into the conversation and you knew that you’ve fallen for him. Hard. The way the used simple words but made them sound beautiful like the little flower he picked out of a bouquet. He placed it in your hair while you blushed and giggled.

The conversation was interesting. Only a few minutes but he admired the way you thought and talked, he compared it to himself and for the first time you felt like you could talk eye-to-eye to someone about something that wasn’t insignificant. You shared the same opinion and it felt like dancing around each other. He lead the conversation and you followed but without you talking there wouldn’t be talk.
Every move of him was calculated. With his experience he knew what do to or what to say to make a girl weak. You wanted to give him a chance.
“What about your family?”
The question wasn’t even precise but it was enough to make him nervous. Biting down on his list and tugging on a small curl of hair that was too short for his ponytail.
You took your time studying his face as he tried to find words. Philip knew that he was handsome. Everything about him was perfect for him. The freckles, the long lashes, the peach fuzz on his chin.
Grinning, you told him that it was fine and he didn’t needed to answer. With his hand still on yours you turned around and wanted to look for your parents. Dancing with him was what you wanted.

Theodosia was across to you and stared at Philip. If it was possible, her eyes would be replaced with hearts. You knew how Theodosia looked when she had a crush. Exactly like that. Your heart scattered into a million pieces while you made your decision. A last look at Philip, then you pulled him with you and walked towards your little sister.
“Where are we going?” His confused look made him even cuter and you had to fight the urge to cry.
“I’m about to change your life.” Surprisingly steady voice.
“Lead the way.”

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An Unlikely Pair

Originally posted by adamndriver

Request: “Would you be interested in writing a High School or College au where Bad Boy Kylo Ren falls head over heels for sweet, goody two-shoes fem! Reader?”

“would you be interested in doing like a kylo college au of some sort? i’m not good at details but i really like the idea??? maybe”

Summary: Modern College AU Infamous bad boy and lone wolf Kylo Ren starts his next quarter of college, already planning on how he’ll sneak out of each one and get one his friends to cover for him. A new development in his schedule however puts a halt to that plan, and to how he plans his year to go. 

A/N: I friggin love Modern Kylo haha, I’m kinda so-so on whether I like how it turned out or not but I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed as always.

Warning: Language

Rolling his eyes Kylo plopped himself into the plastic chair in the back of the room, throwing his backpack to the side. In his typical fashion, he went all the way to the back of the lecture hall picking the seat that was tucked into the furthest corner. There he could disappear behind the sea of students, after deciding whether he wanted to stay or escape out of the backdoor of the hallway, all depending on just how worthy he deemed the class. 

Running a hand through his raven locks he released a deep breath as he slouched down into his seat, messing with the hood of his black sweatshirt. With it being the first day of the quarter, he had to act as though he enjoyed being on time, enjoyed listening to his classmates list off things about themselves he couldn’t give less of a shit about. To him, it was by far the worst day of each quarter. Reaching down to his black leather backpack he pulled out his laptop, also a sleak black with a single sticker of a red First Order emblem in the middle. Strumming his fingers against the tabletop he waited for it to start up.

“Well, well I had no idea I had class with Gene Simmons.”

Rolling his eyes Kylo turned to his side to see the more than familiar head of flaming red hair taking the seat next to him, his blue eyes squinting from his laughing. As he slouched into the seat next to Kylo, his plaid shirt drifting open slightly with the gust of air. 

“To what do I owe the privilege of sitting next to you Carrot Top?”

Hux huffed, slinging his bag to the floor much like Kylo had when he first entered. 

“Elective. How about you?”

Kylo nodded, “Same.”

“Engineering let you take a breather?”

Kylo huffed out a laugh as he turned to his laptop screen.

“For once yeah. Where’s Phasma?”

Hux shook his head as he released a deep sigh causing Kylo to chuckle. 

“She’s convinced this class is beneath her. As she put it, science majors don’t indulge things as friviolous as mythology.”

Rolling his eyes Kylo shook his head as he logged into his computer. Of course Phasma found their elective class a waste of time. She was far too practical and far too serious about her studies in science to consider even entertaining mythology of the past. Though Hux shared a similar mentality, he was desperate for credits and could find it in him to pretend as though he didn’t find the myths ridiculous. 

“Oh that sounds like her alright. How’s living together going?”

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Flowers and Chocolate

Pairing: hoseok-centric poly!ot7 (Hoseok | Everyone), minor markjinson (Mark | Jinyoung | Jackson)

Trigger Warning: none

Rating: Teen and Up

Genre: Fluff, Mild Smut

For: @joonphases @portscutie @mochirapgod @suga-peaches @bangtans-snail @joonsvalentine i love you guys so much and i know this will probably be us if the chance ever arose. next year, expect flowers on your doorsteps. i love you guys to maxie and back (lol get it). happy valentine’s day to my dearest ot7 and the loves of my life.

Word Count: 3,240


Hoseok hadn’t even known it was Valentine’s Day, but when Mark oh-so-kindly reminded him, he rushed back home with flowers and chocolate and a proposal he wasn’t really sure would be welcomed when he got back to his six boyfriends (but were they really his boyfriends? because he still didn’t know and it’d been six years already so here goes).

Cross-posted on ao3

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Grave and manifold apologies for this witch’s disappearing act! After battling bandicoots and dugbogs for the past year, however, after travailing through the mountains of moribund maladies… I am back! 

As always, your suggestions are highly welcome and highly anticipated. So please send in what you’d like to see next in this strange chimeric world. 

I eagerly await your reply by owl.

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Midsummer Ideas

I’ll be going camping with the fam till mid next week, so I’ll leave you with some Midsummer/Litha celebration ideas for until I get back.

-It’s the longest day of the year, so you can create an altar for light, fire, and/or the sun with candles, a fire bowl, sparklers, stones and herbs associated with the sun, reflective objects, a gold altar cloth, etc.

-If you’re more into night and darkness, wait for sunset and do a little ritual to welcome the returning night, as now for the next six months, the nights will be growing longer and the days shorter. Light a gold candle shortly before sunset and extinguish it when the sun is gone, bury it and replace it with a black or silver one. Leave offerings and prayers for dark deities. 

-The sun enters Cancer this day, which is a water sign, so you can honor that too by swimming, visiting the ocean, pegging water balloons at those who have wronged you, taking a ritual bath/shower…

-Drum circles and other music making. (You can also include making the drums and shakers in your festivities, especially if you have kids).

-Making and leaving treats for the fairies because either a.) you genuinely like them, or b.) to give them a peace offering so they won’t hide your stuff or fuck up your house.

-Do research on sun deities.

-Meditate on the Sun’s energy. (*whispers* work on your tan.)

-This year it’s on the same day as the full moon, so take advantage of this glorious blend of solar and lunar energy. Work magick to promote harmony, healing, bringing much needed motivation, energy, or inspiration into your life, bringing in new relationships, or strengthening already existing bonds. 

-Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 3: Fire, Chapter 13: “The Firebending Masters.” I’m not entirely joking, this episode gives a nice commentary on the properties of fire and the sun.

-Wildly dance around the bonfire like the heathen you are.



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Have fun, ya’ll.

random-blogger-also-a-fangirl  asked:

44 for Jack (welcome back!)

  1. How easy or difficult is it for your character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it?

If I went around telling people that I loved them, nine-tenths of the city would expect me to do them favors for free. So you can see my problem. Saying things you don’t mean can come back to bite you in the ass.

Seeing how some of us aren’t going to be able to sit down for the next hundred years, thanks to all the bite marks we’ve collected, I’ll tell you that I don’t love nobody. Everybody’s welcome to love me, but I can’t love all of them back. Fair’s fair, and I’m nothing if not evenhanded.

Dave says he guesses I don’t know what evenhanded means, but he’s wrong about that. It means I got two hands, and can land a punch with both. 

emmawatson: I had the most amazing day in Malawi today. Thank you President Mutharika for being a #HeForShe Impact Champion and for making gender equality a priority in your Government! Thank you to all the traditional leaders who are implementing President Mutharika’s policies - especially Chief Kachindamoto (she’s in the photo with me, she’s formidable and has been nicknamed “The Terminator”!). She gave me such a warm welcome today. She has implemented the annulment of so many child marriages and restored the futures of these girls. With the help and collaboration of her local chiefs, mothers’ groups and religious leaders she has managed to annul almost 1500 child marriages, sending the girls back to school. President Mutharika has committed to make child marriage a thing of the past in Malawi within the next five years. It was amazing to be on the ground with @UNWomen and Chief Kachindamoto to witness their work!

I’d just like to say happy one year anniversary to one of my absolute favorite groups, the beautiful boys of Astro :) your first year of music and performance matched so well how poetic and perfectly structured you are as a group: you debuted with the fresh excitement and energy of spring, came back with the exploding warmth and sweet adventure of summer, welcomed in autumn with bittersweet nostalgia and mature power, and now, as your debut date comes round again with the passing of the seasons, you celebrate the sparkling, dreamlike beauty of winter. The cycle may be complete now, but I can’t wait to see what you do next 💗

anonymous asked:

I got sick a few days ago and you posted something keroro, and because i had nothing else i could do, i checked it out. And then i spent the next three days just watching the anime and now I'm even thinking about buying merch or maybe some of the manga. i... really love these adorable frog aliens... so uh.. thank you for introducing me!! ;v;

Ahh! You’re very welcome! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. 

Keroro Gunso has been one of my all time favorite things for years, no matter how long I take a break from it I keep coming back to it, it’s just a fun series like that.

But yeah, it’s never too late to join in the Keroro Platoon’s invasion my friend!

I hope you’re feeling better too!!

Top 5 WWE wrestlers of the past year

it’s saturday and i’m bored so i’ve decided make a top 5 list. haha  what’s my criteria you ask?  everything.  matches, promos, character, storyline, anything and everything.  basically what it comes down to is if i see someone on a card or if they are advertised up next am i gonna wanna see them.  also i’m going by the time period of last year’s wrestlemania to now.  i know, i know there’s still one more ppv before wm but probably nothing that happens on there would change my mind.  probably.  so if you wanna write back and add your own picks or debate mine you’re more than welcome to but be warned i am very opinionated.  (especially about wrestling)  (and comics) (and politics)

1. (yes i’m starting at one so you can decide if you wanna keep reading or scroll on)  

1. Chris Jericho -  I have to admit i’m very late getting on board the jericho bandwagon.  actually i couldn’t stand him for the longest time.  i appreciated his in-ring work but his characters always annoyed the hell out of me.  But this storyline with him and KO has been unbelievably good.  they are usually the highlight of the entire show.  But what puts him over owens, in my opinion, are the promos.  i mean “the list” “drink it in man” his scarves have become a running joke.  He has been absolute gold for like the past 6 months. 

2. AJ Styles - Almost the opposite of jericho, i’ve been a huge fan of ajs since the first time i saw him wrestle like 10 years ago.  and i always said if he ever went to wwe, they’d bury him cuz they wouldn’t get what a star he is.  but they proved me wrong.  after the brand split draft, not only did they give him the world title but had him beat john cena to get it!  he’s by far the best in-ring guy on the planet and fueding with cena has tremendously helped his promos and character development.  he’s so over he constantly has to remind all the fans cheering for him that’s he’s supposed to be the bad guy lol  he is quite simply (say it with me) phenomenal.  :)

3. Kevin Owens - much like aj, i’ve been a fan of kos every since i first saw him in roh.  and like aj i always said hell would freeze over before the wwe would ever sign him.  not because he lacked talent, he just doesn’t look the part.  he’s not what the wwe likes.  but once again, i became dumbfounded when he comes to nxt and then debuts on raw and tears down cena  but sticking to the past year, i mean outside of jericho who is better on the mic?  deceptively agilie and a skilled in ring storyteller, he’s good every time out.  very punk-like, he has an ability to make a feud with anyone.  

4. The Miz - i know!  if jericho has been the biggest surprise the miz has to be a close second..  always been decent in the ring, but you kinda felt like they had done all they could do with him.  however bringing in his wife maryse has made all the difference.  he seems more confident and comfortable when she’s out there with him.  he’s taken the brand split opportunity and ran with it.  him vs ziggler has to be up there on the fueds of the year list (which i may do a list on that later on).  and his character.. holy crap is he an amazing heel.  he’s really stepped his game up this year and in my eyes should be in the main event tier.  

5. Charlotte Flair -  while personally i’m more of a fan of bayley and sasha, you can’t deny what a freaking amazing year charlotte has had.  she goes heel on her own father, has a great fued with sasha which is leading into a good one with bayley.  she’s main evented raw what 3 times now?  and no offense to becky lynch (who i’m also a big fan of ) but i feel like charlotte has made the raw belt more legit than the smackdown one.  much like the miz her heel game has improved a lot.  and it was pretty good to start with.  for whatever reason wwe has finally realized women can be just as entertaining performers as the guys and charlotte has been out front leading that charge the whole time. 

so that’s my list for the past year.  tho i do have to mention had finn balor not gotten hurt he probably would have made it on and seth rollins has been very solid as well but just not quite in the top 5 for me.   also the most fun gimmicks/characters had to be the new day.  they’ve slipped a bit here lately but for a while there they owned every arena they walked out to. overall i’d say the brand split has worked very well.  could have gone better here or there sure, but it’s done what it supposed to do and gave opportunities to people who weren’t getting them before.  

bonus:  who do i think is gonna have a big year this upcoming year?  again, i gotta say balor.  when he comes back he’s gonna get huge pops, they’re gonna wanna get the title on him again i’m hoping and he’ll have some of the best matches of the year.  also, if booked right samoa joe might just have a hell of a run too. they just dreamed up this fued with him and sami zayn as a backup to rollins getting hurt and they’ve not even had a match yet but i’m super interested in it.  and in my head, if they are gonna give the belt to goldberg the only guy after lesnar you got that has the credibility to beat him would be joe.  which if that happens you gotta imagine that’d put him in the stratusophere and would setup said balor return and feud perfectly.  so i’m going joe and balor as the two to watch.  thanks for reading! 

REQUEST: High School reunion with Dan

REQUEST: Dan x reader where she loved him in high school but he chose an easier girl over her and now they meet few years later on a reunion and she’s still bitter about it but he wants to prove that he changed. If you write it, thank you <3

I took a bit of a spin on the request but otherwise it stayed pretty much the same. Also Part 12 should be up within the next few days as I’m back home now and am still on break. Again, a massive thank you to everyone who even follows/likes my work it means so much especially when you send me a message. All of your love makes my day!

MASTERLIST (more requests on there and a series) 



Banners constantly regurgitating those words were spread across the school assembly hall that neither 86 of us had been in for a solid 7 years. Walking over to the registration counter, I noticed the woman recording names as Gianna Lynch, one of the people I had done my GCSE biology coursework with on Mitosis and Meiosis along with Dan.

Daniel Howell.

That was someone who I was actually interested to see. To be frank, I had been infatuated with him during 6th form and then a few months of slight Facebook stalking once we had all graduated. He was the only one who had stayed in town really while all of us had moved away either for university or to go travelling.  It’s funny though how the mind works, I attempted to (sometimes successfully and sometimes not) to push away any awkward or embarrassing memory that would resurface from school but the one that just would not go away was when I had told Dan that I loved him.

Of course you must consider that I was 17 at the time and my definition of ‘love’ was one based off novels and American TV shows, so it was probably more a desire for affection to please my teenage hormones. It was a strong desire to say that. I remember we had been at a party, we had been in the same group of friends, and maybe I had had a few too many blackcurrants Smirnoff’s or some other sugar filled alcoholic drink that we had bargained out of any of our friends who were already 18.

“Dan! Chat? Please?” I slurred out, as I held onto one of the pillars outside in our friends garden, leaning my body weight against it and smiling broadly at Dan

“Hah sure, maybe ease up on the drinks? You’ve probably had enough for tonight” he replied with a calm tone. As he put his arms around my shoulders trying to get me to sit down on a footstep off the porch area I blurted out those three words.

I remember briefly him stopping and looking at me with a picture of guilt being painted on his face. He asked if I was really sure or if I was just drunk or messing with him. I was obviously drunk but the later one was not true, whether now at the time I should have just admitted it that way. He then went onto explain that him and a girl I vaguely knew called Jenna had started dating a few weeks back but since I had been sick I hadn’t known.  The good thing though about Dan was that he didn’t make it awkward like others would have, he just brushed it under the table and made sure that I was not going to throw up from all the drinks I had downed earlier.

7 years later and it almost felt as if that party was repeating itself again, but instead of Doritos there were Salmon and caper Canapés and cheap booze was replaced with Chardonnay and Rosé in little plastic flute cups dotted around tables throughout the venue

“Mumma, how long have we got to be here?” Sam pulled a loose part of my skirt to get my attention. Of course brining my beautiful five year old was not ideal, but neither was I able to find any babysitters so I had just gone out on the whim that others had had children and had to bring them. I was right but they were bringing them in strollers, I guess they had made the smart move of actually knowing what contraception was at 20.

“We won’t be here long honey, an hour at the most. I just want to see a few people and then we can get some ice cream on the way home?” as I bent down I pointed out my baby finger to make a pinkie promise. She nodded her head at me and smiled, her way of guaranteeing the promise would be made. I pulled out my phone from my bag and gave it to her, specifically only giving her access to the ‘Pippa Pig’ game she liked so much as she plopped herself down at a table over by the dessert area.


Turning around I saw Dan standing there gripping to an empty plastic cup and reaching out to hug me.

“Hey Dan, nice to see you again” was what I got out of my throat as he hugged me like we used to as teenagers, all giddy and excited.

“I didn’t know you had a kid? She’s adorable though” as he said that we both looked over at Sam intensely focussing on the graphics that were flashing of Peppa pig and her family on my phone’s screen

“Ah yeah sorry I mean I didn’t feel like I had to tell everyone ‘hey I pushed a child out of my vagina when I was 20’ and then post it all over social media but I guess hey that’s just me….Wait sorry no did that come across rude? Oh god that wasn’t meant to come across being mean or anything I just mean you know when people see me with a kid they immediately assume the worst”, I was staring to ramble off now but Dan was just laughing at me now. I wanted to laugh back but I guess hurt feelings still existed after 7 years.

Although we had been friends after the whole incident at the party, it had not been the same. We would only ever hang out in groups and we stopped playing DDR together, only messaging each other our high scores on Myspace with excuses like ‘I’ve got too much homework’ or ‘My boss wants me to work tonight’ became a regular reason why we stopped hanging out completely.  

“And the worse would be?”  He raised an eyebrow at me obviously knowing some sort of idea about what I was going to respond but wanted me to play it out. God was he being annoying.

“I had unprotected drunken sex is that what you wanted to hear Dan? For you to feel some sort of self-satisfaction because when you were 20 you were studying law and I was studying every cheap pregnancy book I could find that emphasised one parent parenting”. The tone in my voice was starting to get more agitated as time went on and I   didn’t want to draw attention especially not to embarrass Sam or to give the wine mums something to snicker about.

“Look can we not talk about anything to do with Sam? Maybe you should just go back to your own wife and your toddler”

As I began to walk over to Sam to let her know we were going to go ahead of time a hand reached over and turned me around facing them.

“Y/n I’m not married. If you’re talking about Jenna, we broke up after exams finished but of course you wouldn’t have known because you locked yourself away from everyone. On everything”

I just ignored him. I processed his words, and stored them as I went over to make sure Sam had her coat and her shoes tied up.

“And now you’re just running away again. The only reason I came tonight was in hope of actually just seeing you and being able to sort out whatever happened 7 years ago”

I hushed to Sam that I would just be a moment as she sneakily continued playing her game, instead doing the buttons on her coat up.

“Can we move on? Dan it was 7 years ago. I had a big ole’ high school crush on you that I’m pretty sure all of our friends knew about but you and then you went and asked Jenna to –“

“y/n I knew you liked me but you were just as difficult as you are now. Whenever things get serious or a bit tough you just runaway and don’t think of telling anyone. You push people aside. Jenna had just suggested we go on a date and I had waited so long for something to actually happen between us, and when nothing was I took Jenna up on it. Jen’s great but I had wished you known that and not know her as the girl that from what I remember Ben saying “a dirty slut who only wants Dan because he’s one of the only Virgin guys in the year” “

Ok this was enough. I took his hand and made him follow me out to the concrete courtyard that had become a makeshift carpark for the night.

“Yeah I probably said that okay but why are you bringing this up now Dan. There’s literally no reason for you too. I know I push people away and of course I want to not be able to do that and actually accept people in but you don’t know how terrifying that was for me as a teenager. I didn’t know who I really was? Does anyone really? But I thought that night well why not I just tell him how I feel what would be the worst that could happen but then you were with Jenna and I felt like a failure. It’s stupid I know looking back on it like that, we were all just being stupid teenagers”

It felt as if a massive weight I didn’t even realise was there had been lifted off my chest. I hadn’t really realised till now how this 7 year old stress had somehow remained with me the whole time growing to a childlike size demanding my energy constantly.

“How about we make it up to each other? I know you’re not going to accept me taking you out for dinner or anything really. So how about we just have drinks somewhere in Reading. I pay for my drinks, you pay for yours”  He looked so hopeful at me that I almost considered taking him up on the offer but Sam. Sam was my priority, she had been for the past 5 years and I couldn’t let Dan change that.

“I’m sorry Dan but no. I want to just leave it behind us, coming back to this wasn’t a good idea for both of us. This school was nothing but toxic to both of us and we shouldn’t have to celebrate our graduation what 7 years later aha”

Part of me wanted to talk to him so badly but the other half, 18 year old y/n, which still existed within me somewhere was constantly saying run

Run away

Don’t stay

It’s not worth it

As I went quickly back inside to get Sam, I picked her up and hurriedly left so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact with anyone else. Dan was still in the carpark, just standing on the edge to avoid getting in anyone’s way just looking down at his phone. I assumed he’d just be ordering an Uber or other taxi service.

Don’t waste your time

y/n look away

The little chants kept going on in my head as I secured Sam into her safety seat. It was as if I was no longer 25 and was now 18 all over again with back acne and an unhealthy obsession with ‘Owl City’. As I put the car into first gear I began to pull out and manoeuvre my way around the courtyard to somehow find a way out. At the obvious exit Dan was still standing there but this times with his hands in pocket looking just looking around with disappointment.

Never look at this place again

Avoid any-

Fuck it.

As I pulled up to Dan, I rolled down the window and shouted his name to grab attention

“Okay we can talk. But at my place, so I can make sure Sam will get to sleep and you cancel your ride and just come with me. It’ll be easier”

Maybe it was right after all to give us another chance.


So I met Gen at Asylum 14 and she was beautiful, kind, sweet and basically amazing. We spoke for about 10/15 minutes about Alway Keep Fighting and she showed us videos of the Tom and Shep. I showed her my tattoo and she took a picture saying it was amazing. I told her it was really great how the cast of supernatural are so lovely and nice and people who are so down to Earth and it’s really rare to find such an attractive, talented group of people that help with their charities and she said, ‘everybody comes from different walks of life but we all arrived here the same way, everybody has their struggles you know? Everybody feels down but we’re a family and we pick each other back up.’ (This isn’t a direct quote, it was just along those lines I can’t remember everything exactly). She also said that everyone had been really lovely and welcoming and she’ll hopefully see us next year. 😊

Frat Calum

Imagine #2


This imagine is inspired by the song Here by Alessia Cara and I really recommend you listen to the song before reading/while reading!

You walked into the party and you already knew it was a bad idea. You had made it the entire first semester of your freshman year never attending a frat party, and you were determined to keep it that way, until your roommate Jordan convinced you to come to this one, Sigma Chi’s annual “Welcome Back From Holiday Break/Let’s Celebrate The Next Semester With Beer” fest. You only agreed to come because Jordan had asked you to attend four parties last semester, and every time you said no she got a little sadder, and she wouldn’t end up going at all, uncomfortable without her dorm mate. So, when she asked again, you said no, and this time she complained that you’re a buzzkill, that she just wanted to go to one party with you, and after about 10 minutes of explaining why you should go, you finally gave in. You knew you were going to have to come to one eventually, and you were hoping this one would be big enough that either you could slip away very easily or the cops would come and break it up before it got too late. But it was ten o’clock, and Jordan worked til 9:30, so she said she would meet you here, which made you more uncomfortable. Now you were forced to wait without her. So, you pushed by sweaty, already-drunk bodies trying to touch one another, and you found a corner where there was only one other boy, who looked too wasted to be coherent, so you sat next to him. You gave him a smile, and yep, barely responsive. He tried to say something to you, but you couldn’t make out a word, so you just nodded and looked the other way. He left you alone.

Ten minutes later, the music was impossibly louder, and you asked why you were even here, why you agreed to meet Jordan instead of coming in with her. Why was it even fair that she guilted you into going to this? Before you got too wrapped up in your thoughts, a figure began approaching you and the drunk boy, and while you hoped it was Jordan, you could tell this person had much more height and testosterone. “Mikey! There you are!” The man shouted at the wasted boy next to you, and you looked away, removing yourself from the situation. “Tina said you took more than a couple shots of Goldschlager. That shit’s toxic man.” The guy laughed, and tried to help his friend up, but he was basically a lump stuck in his chair. Mikey (?) made incoherent noises, then gestured toward you, and the friend looked over at you. You watched out of the corner of your eye as he looked you up and down. “Hello there.” He smiled at you, and you gave a tight smile back. “Did my drunk friend bug ya here? He’s fucking terrible at enjoying parties. Gets shitfaced way too fast. Except, I gotta say, it looks like you’re not trying to get even a little drunk. Where’s the fun in that?” The guy moved closer to you, and you tried to show with your body language that you were quite uncomfortable. “I’m waiting for my friend.” You looked down from his big brown eyes. He was like a puppy, but sexy, but you didn’t care. He was just a frat boy, looking for something to fuck, and you had no intentions to stay. He seemed to not believe you. “Well can I get you a drink? Help entertain you until your friend shows up?” He smiled, and yeah he was really fucking hot, but you were determined not to have any fun at this party. “No thanks but really you’re probably just wasting your time over here.” He looked surprised by your sudden vocality, and he continued to play with you. “And why is that?” You suddenly felt entertained by this boy and his annoying questions, and his wanting to get you drunk so he could do God knows what. “This isn’t my scene. I hate this music. I don’t know anyone here. I came to hang out with one of my friends, and she’s not even here yet. So, I’m just gonna wait right in this spot for her, and if you see her, send her over.” You said this in a matter-of-fact tone, with the intention to send this guy looking for some chick who was already drunk and dancing and willing to do whatever he wanted. He just looked at you, amused. “How dare you say you don’t know anyone here. You know Mikey,” He shoved his friend, who had fallen asleep, “And you know me. I’m Calum.” He stuck out his hand, and you refused to shake it, so he shrugged and stuffed it back in his pocket. “I’ve gotta say, I had no intentions on making any friends tonight.” You smiled, playing his stupid ass game. “No one intends on making friends. You just walk around, find people sitting on couches in the corner of parties who seem pretty cool, and you wonder, what would it be like to talk to that person who looks rather lonely?” He then took the seat next to you so he was no longer the only one standing, and he was now much closer to you and farther from Mikey. “I am not lonely. Just alone. Two different things. But I’m rather quite boring, so I insist that you enjoy your party.” You gestured out at the sea of bodies. “My party? What, am I a typical frat guy? Ouch. I thought I was different. And why would I go back to this sweaty party when I could keep my new friend company? Although, it’s hard to be friends when one party hasn’t even said their name.” He leaned in closer to you, looking from your eyes to your lips, and you leaned back. “(Y/N).” You smiled at him, and he repeated it, raising his eyebrows and leaning back himself to create a friendlier vibe. “So you don’t party often?” You let out a sigh and rolled your eyes. “Nope, first party. Last party.” You tried to look for Jordan again, but nothing. “No way, it’s not your last party. You have to come to all of Sigma Chi’s parties to see your two good friends now. It’s only polite.” You shot him a glare. “Calum, if our friendship is strong enough, you would know that I hate parties, and you wouldn’t force me to come to them.” You face faded into something playful, and his eyes showed lust. “Not forcing, just encouraging. But really, have you even given this party a chance? You’ve just been sitting, not even drinking a soda. You can’t say you hate something that you haven’t even tried.” You let your eyes fall to the floor, wondering what to say back, when you saw a pair of familiar white converse. “Jordan!” You shouted, jumping up to hug your friend. She smiled at you and apologized for being late, hoping you weren’t too mad. Then she asked if you wanted a drink, and you nodded as she took your hand and led you to the kitchen where the drinks were lined up. You turned around to look at Calum one last time, hoping to see a disappointed face, but instead he had a smug smile as he waved to you. And you knew that wasn’t going to be the last you saw of him.

Please send feedback! And don’t worry, the Michael Soulmate AU is coming, I just had sudden inspiration to write this one quickly, so I did :D XX -Caroline


“Well, I’ll say this much, after meeting Taylor Swift there is no doubt in my mind why she has been so successful over the years. I mean, she’s incredible. She was so welcoming to us. We were back in her dressing room and she sort of was telling us the run of the show and how it was all gonna work. She huddles us up and she’s like in the middle doing x’s and o’s. She brings her nail polish out and she’s like, ‘Okay, here I am singing Style. Next, you guys are gonna come out, under stage and the stage is gonna rise up, crowds gonna go crazy and we’re gonna celebrate you guys like the champions you are.’ And everybody was rallied around each other. Abby was like getting so hyped and yeah, it was pretty cool.”

-Heather O’Reilly on the USWNT meeting @taylorswift

give me shelter (show me heart) - Olicity AU

Rating: M
Words: 15,236
Summary: It’s their final year as camp counselors at Victoria Springs and Oliver Queen is ready to move on to college and the next part of his life. So why can’t he stop thinking about last summer?

Excerpt: His throat clearing snapped her eyes back up to his own. “Right, anyways, as a senior counselor, I’ve been appointed to welcome you to the camp beyond the typical orientation. Y’know, show you around, answer any questions you might have. I’m your guy.”

She swallowed, her tongue feeling too big for her mouth as she looked at him in front of her. Being left alone with Oliver Queen sounded dangerous and Felicity Smoak didn’t do dangerous,  impulsive things.

But maybe she was going to start.


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Welcome Home pt. 4 || Jack Gilinsky


A/N: I know, I know – I haven’t been around in forever. I posted part three last June (I’m so damn lame) and I’m sorry for making you wait for over a year. I hope you all still love me. I’m just getting back into the swing of things so please bear with my writing! Also, this is just a something short to help me get back into my writing and is very much a filler, but the next will be very angsty and asdfghjkl. xoxo

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Click here for my masterlist)

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