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So I want to send moneys so you all can buy manga. Is there somewhere i can do that. I'm not old enough yet to help making scanlation but I wanna help someway plz thx


Thank you so so much for your offer to support us!!! We do have a donation page on our tumblr, but you said that you’re not old enough to help with scanlations, so apparrently you’re pretty yound and I would feel like the worst person ever if I would be like “sure, send us your pocket money!”. No no no. Save your pocket money and when you’re old enough, go and buy ALL the yaoi manga to support the mangaka ^^
We’re really thankful tho (╯3╰)♥


boyfriend! Wonwoo

Anon requested: “Can you do boyfriend wonwoo plz?”

  • okay so, you and Wonwoo met at a book store one day
  • it was pretty chill, you were looking for a book that a friend recommended
  • he was there flipping through some other book
  • and you were struggling to reach the book on the shelf
  • and he casually gets it down for you, noticing you struggle
  • but he reads the title
  • at first you thought he looked a bit cold, but his face broke out into the warmest smile you’ve ever seen
  • “this is a really good book!” he says quietly turning to you
  • and you’re kind of like ‘!!!’
  • because he’s really cute
  • and you kind of just blush and take the book from him
  • and he’s just as flustered now
  • because he thinks you’re beautiful
  • you’re both too shy to say much else
  • so you say “thank you” feeling your cheeks get warm
  • and he, looking everywhere but you, mutters “you’re welcome”
  • and you both go your separate ways
  • he doesn’t believe in love at first sight, and neither did you
  • but you guys sure as hell wanted to know each other
  • you go to the book store everyday to just read
  • and you see Wonwoo there often too
  • for a couple of weeks you both just say hi and occasionally talk about the latest book you’ve read
  • and after a month of just talking to him about books
  • he asks if you want to get coffee with him
  • at this point you don’t know how to breathe
  • you say something along the lines of “sure okay”
  • and the rest is history
  • he was really quiet and shy when first meeting you
  • but the book talks and seeing you everyday in the book store
  • that was it for him
  • he started liking you, and you started liking him
  • you both like walking in this park by his dorm
  • watching little kids run past
  • it’s so peaceful and beautiful
  • and your arms brush each other as you walk
  • so he just takes your hand
  • movie nights are terrifying
  • since he likes horror movies
  • you always have a firm grasp on his arm for dear life through the whole thing
  • and every five minutes or so he looks over to make sure you’re okay
  • he laughs whenever he does that though
  • bc you’re so damn cute
  • on days where he has breaks
  • you both lie out a picnic blanket under the shade of a tree
  • he sits and reads with you laying on his stomach reading your own book
  • and like you both love reading
  • but damn, he thinks you’re so pretty and it’s hella distracting
  • so he just ends up staring at you with your eyes tracing each word
  • a small smile on his face as he plays with your hair
  • until you finally look up from your book and he quickly looks away
  • “what are you doing?”
  • “nothing, just, you look beautiful when you were reading so…”
  • you both lightly laugh
  • walking back to the dorm you spot a puppy
  • and Wonwoo hides behind you, the guy is scared of dogs
  • you laugh omg he’s too cute
  • late nights playing video games
  • you’re both not too competitive and he lets you win
  • though if you ever ask, he’ll deny it
  • “why would I let you win? I accidentally pressed the wrong button is all…”
  • when you watch “Miracle in Cell No. 7” together, he cries more than you
  • so you’re both staring at the tv with tears down your faces and a tissue box in between you
  • he always leaves a sweatshirt or jersey around, purposely or not
  • and you put your arms through the sleeves, playing with how big it is on you
  • you’re often texting each other for the most random reasons when you’re not together
  • late night phone conversations about love, life, and fate
  • “like what if I didn’t have a break that day?”
  • “what if some other person had gotten that book for you?” 
  • you don’t really know how to answer
  • “I mean, I’d assume we would have still met eventually” he continues
  • your heart melts with his words
  • skinship is a bit shy at first
  • the only thing that really happened is holding hands on the couch or your head leaning on his shoulder
  • and the first time in front of the members, it was basically nonexistent
  • now you both have become more comfortable and bolder
  • his arms wrap around you in greeting
  • you turn your head around and he leans down for a kiss
  • after not seeing him for a while, you’ll jump on him wrapping yourself around him
  • while he’s working on lyrics, you’ll come place your head on his shoulder saying something like “i made dinner”
  • when you guys are cuddling, your head is on his chest and legs touching
  • you’ll read books together, his arms wrapping around you to turn the page
  • sweater paw twins
  • waiting to read books together always
  • sheltering you from mingyu who likes to tease wonwoo by stealing you from him
  • you deciding to wear his circle glasses all the time
  • fights barely ever occur because you guys like to talk everything out calmly
  • lazy days when there’s time
  • dates consist of, reading a book, watching the movie, complaining how the movie didn’t live up to the book, LOTS of cuddles and food
  • seventeen trying to get a reaction out of wonwoo 24/7 lmao 
  • “yahhhh y/n” hoshi swinging his arm around you, seventeen watching you and wonwoo like hawks
  • your just like “hello soonyoung” and take your hand and slowly move his arm
  • wonwoo just looks at you and cracks up
  • him now wrapping his arm around your shoulder
  • “babe let’s go to the studio”
  • seungkwan being extra like ”ALONE???”
  • your both laughing, you decide to mess with them and wink
  • alone.”

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Dance instructor!Kai

omg ok I’m so excited to write this one aaaa thank you for the angel anon who send this requested, ily

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  • teaches kids
  • his class is the 4 to 8 years old
  • picture him being like Viktor Nikiforov for this au
  • gray hair and all !!!!
  • sometimes appears on class with a flower crown on top of his head
  • the lil kids just look at his like ???? what are you doing
  • then he give a crown to everyone
  • “today we will learn a new choreography, the concept is Tangled“
  • all the kids screaming
  • “guys, listen here. I’ll be the cupid”
  • starts dancing like he’s dizzy
  • all the kids starts to giggle
  • in his class you can always hear giggles
  • a l l   d a y
  • if it’s not his, then it’s from the kids
  • biggest goofball
  • so soft for his bbys
  • sometimes show up with his dogs
  • “class, these are my children!!!!”
  • almost cries when the shiest baby come to pet one of his dogs
  • has a file with at least 500 pics of his students with his dogs
  • you two meet when you sign for a ballet class
  • but somehow you end up in his classroom
  • you got lost in the school
  • Kai offer to drop you by your class
  • “so, you have ballet classes for how long?”
  • “actually, today is my first day”
  • then he just start to question you about everything
  • I genuinely think he is curious about people he feel some type of attraction
  • that’s when he discovered about the things you have in common
  • you start to meet up for you lunch break
  • you talk about everything
  • one time he even showed some pics of his class
  • you became *heart eyes*
  • bc he’s so passionate about dancing and his babies
  • if you didn’t have a crush on him until now…………
  • well, now you have
  • he’s so intense when he’s practicing
  • you can feel the way he feels just looking at his dance moves
  • one day you was waiting for his class to finish so you guys can have lunch together
  • and a lil girl just came to you like
  •  "Hi are you teacher Jongin’s boy/girlfriend?“
  • "no!!!!!!!! wait, did he said that?”
  • “no, i just assumed you were bc you’re pretty”
  • when you look up Kai is looking at you and smiling so big 
  • and you can feel like you’re melting bc he’s so warm and it feel so good to see his smile
  • you’re so whipped
  • but don’t stress
  • he likes you too

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Medieval au fluff any member plz sorry

I went with Jun! medieval AU is a broad concept so I hope you like this mess..? 😘 ♥ bullet points just because I can. 

  • right so you’re a part of the nobility and your parents work for the royals in such positions that you, along with your siblings, live in the castle
  • you’d honestly be pretty good friends with the princesses and other nobles like yourself, and generally everyone in the castle has taken a liking to you, especially the ones who have seen you grow up from a 2-year-old toddler into a gorgeous young lady
  • when you were younger you probably didn’t pay that much attention to all the people in the castle, especially those of a lower class than yours because that was how you were brought up
  • but then comes the day you’re out with two of your fellow nobles, walking in the courtyard, and see a handsome young man chopping wood
  • his hair is dark brown and a bit messy, and his upper body was toned from likely years of physical work, which you could tell all too obviously with him wearing no shirt
  • you’re barely able to hold your tongue when you’re already asking, “Who is he?”
  • one of your friends smiles at you and places a hand on your arm
  • “I think his name is Junhui? He’s a new hire, who does practically anything, I’ve heard. He may be handsome, but… that’s about all I know, my dear.”
  • you find yourself nodding, but there’s something about Junhui that really piques your interest, and it’s not just the playful look he gives you when he wipes sweat off his forehead and notices that you’re staring at him
  • while you hadn’t noticed him before that - part of it being because he was indeed new - after the first sight, you were unable to not see him
  • it felt like every time you as much as looked out of the window of the hallway, he was there, doing whatever work he could get his hands on
  • and even when you went outside, you felt like you always ended up where he was working
  • it’s not that you minded, really, but it only made it so much more difficult to ignore him
  • he’d get a lot of praise from practically everyone for his great work ethics and amicable personality, and every now and then you’d hear snippets of stories about him
  • most of the time you’d find yourself smiling a little as you listened to those, because the more you heard, the more he seemed like a good guy
  • unless it was one of the older noble ladies expressing their desire for him, which never failed to make you feel ill
  • one day you’re seated on a bench in the courtyard with a cross-stitch on your lap, trying to focus on it more than the fact that Junhui is approaching your direction with a large tub in his hands
  • however, when he’s about to pass by, you put your work down and stand up
  • “E-excuse me,” you begin, your heart beating rapidly in your chest, and it definitely doesn’t calm down when Junhui turns around and gives you a sweet smile with a playful glint in his eyes. “I was just…”
  • “Is there something you need, milady?”
  • you feel so intimidated, so exposed under his mischievous stare, but somehow manage to blurt out, “I was thinking if you could… uh, teach me about the garden sometime. I’m interested in the flowers.”
  • Junhui quirks his eyebrows and takes the smallest step closer to you. “A noblewoman who wants to learn about gardening?”
  • you give him a quick nod, at which he chuckles
  • “As you wish, milady. I’ll see you around, lady..?”
  • “Y/N,” you say quickly, your cheeks undoubtedly heating up, and force a smile
  • Junhui nods and with a quick wave, continues his way to the shore, where he’s already got a big pile of laundry to wash
  • and it’s just that much more difficult to focus on your cross-stitch when you’ve got a drenched, handsome young man like him nearby
  • it only gets worse when he takes off his shirt and your eyes just happen to be aimed at him a lot more often than on your work
  • it’s at that point that you decide to move back into the castle, so that you could both finish your work (and before your thoughts could go any further)
  • Junhui would’ve noticed approximately all of the glances you threw at him, because he was stealing some at you, too, and so when you left, you left behind a widely grinning, jolly worker who still had many hours of laundry ahead of him
  • but those hours in all honesty go by faster than he expected, because he spends most of that time thinking about you
  • one of the next days, you’d finally spot him in the garden and, without much of a second thought, join him there
  • “You really came,” Junhui says almost incredulously when he notices you, and turns to you
  • “Of course I did, I take pride in keeping my word,” you say a bit defensively, which earns you a chuckle from Junhui
  • “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry if I upset you, milady,” he says, his voice a bit softer than earlier, and you find your heart melting just a little
  • “You didn’t,” you say hurriedly and avoid his gaze because how is it so piercing?
  • he proceeds to lead you further into the garden, and you listen in fascination as he tells you little facts about each plant and flower while tending them
  • there’s something about his voice and the way he smiles every now and then that really gets to you, and you honestly never thought you’d be as eager to hear about flowers as you are then
  • you’ve gone through maybe half of the garden when Junhui stops and turns to you, smiling
  • “Should you really be spending this much time with someone like me, milady?”
  • you blush a little and turn your attention to the flowers
  • “I don’t… see it as a problem. I like learning.”
  • he chuckles and turns to the flowers, too. “But really. A noblewoman spending hours in the garden with a worker? Do you know how many eyes are on us at this very moment?”
  • your eyes widen at that, because he has a point, and you should’ve realized it all much earlier
  • and yet there is no denying that there was something about him that has caught your interest inevitably badly, and you don’t want to simply stay away from him
  • as you remain silent, unable to say anything, Junhui chuckles and carefully cuts a rose from the bush in front of you, bright red in color
  • “This is for you. Consider it a gift of gratitude for keeping me company. It’s been a great pleasure, Lady Y/N.”
  • your eyes slowly move from the flower to Junhui’s eyes, and you’re met with an amount of warmth you were definitely not expecting
  • “T-thank you, Junhui,” you manage to say and begin to leave the garden
  • he follows you with his gaze, and the smallest of smiles plays on his lips
  • there’s definitely something about you
  • after that, the two of you spend more time together - much more than a noblewoman like you should be spending with someone like him
  • but you enjoy his company, so you defy all the judging glances
  • besides, you have assured your parents nothing would happen between the two of you, so in the end your conscience is clear, even if they still don’t approve
  • you’d often be doing your own work while he did his, and you’d talk about a bit of this and that, little by little getting to know each other
  • sometimes you discuss your lives, with Junhui sharing the hardships he’s come past and you sharing some of your experiences in the court, but sometimes you discussed something much less serious, such as court gossip or what you were looking forward to when seasons changed
  • the more you learn about him and his past, the more fondly you think of him, and the more he learns about you, the more he finds himself looking forward to being with you
  • needless to say, you’re at your most distracted whenever Junhui does something physical, because that was exactly when your eyes couldn’t help but move up and down his body, observing the way his muscles move
  • Junhui chuckles every time
  • “You might want to be a bit more subtle, milady, as flattering as your stare is.”
  • you blush furiously, and through your stammering Junhui’s only able to make out “I didn’t”, which he laughs off, because yes you did
  • your promise to your parents is on some very thin ice, because the more time you spend with Junhui, the more you wish something did happen between the two of you
  • and your heart only beats more for him at the times when you enter your room and see a bouquet of flowers on your desk, beautiful yet simple, with a note from Junhui that either had a small poem or a short message
  • even if the voice at the back of your head nags about how you’re supposed to marry well
  • it’s early spring when you join Junhui for a trip to the village
  • you take a horse, with you sitting in front of him, and it’s quite likely the most exciting yet nerve-wrecking time of your life when you practically have his arms around you
  • you buy some essentials he needs for his work, and you give in and give some money to some poor families, which Junhui observes in curiosity
  • before you leave the village, Junhui takes you between two buildings and, bolder than ever, takes a hold of your hand
  • “Junhui?” you ask, your heart hammering inside of your chest, as you look into his unreadable eyes, closer to yours than they had ever been
  • “I have a problem,” he starts, his voice sounding thick, and there’s a sad hint to his smile. “Milady, I’m afraid I feel more for you than I should.”
  • and you honestly feel like your heart stops in that very moment
  • you’re about to say that he’s not alone with that issue, but Junhui lets go of your hand and gently brings his forefinger close to your lips, not daring to touch them
  • “Don’t say anything.”
  • so you don’t say anything
  • and instead wrap your arms around him and hide your face in his chest

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I’ve had these asks in my inbox a while ago. I wanted to reply but I kinda didn’t have the time and now I am busy with studying and… well… i’m sorry for taking so long. I’m super busy with university stuff right now and despite not having any lectures, I have to study a lot. I’ve written 31 pages to summarize the math script of this semester within the past 4 days and my handwriting is really small, so… eh. ;w;


@kagamin3ko thank you so much! I really don’t consider myself a senpai, but some people kept calling me senpai and I’m… just not used to people looking up to me like that. I appreciate it a lot ;w;

@space-star-kitten OMG your 2nd favorite?! That probably changed by now, considering how long I took to reply, ehehehe…? But I’m happy you think so, thank you <3

@sapphirescarletta123 OMG you are so lovely! I am sorry I haven’t drawn much lately, I hope I can draw some more ErrorInk and a lot of other things soon again! I have so many things I wanna draw, yet there’s no time… also your art is pretty cute as well! Keep it up plz! 

And of course, I am feeling hugged, dear anon! Thank you so much. I wanna hug all of you guys in return. qwq


Thanks to everyone for following me, all of you really! I’d love to make something cool to celebrate that I’ve recently hit 2k followers but… once again, I’m too busy and I’d hate to make promises I can’t keep. But I’ll think of something. I hope .w.

Kyungsoo being gay cute -because that anon asked for it!-

we all have seen this

how he rest his head in jongin’s shoulder

how he seems to be


a little puppy

the maknae like kyungoo hyung so much

So gay… errr… CUTE, even with the couple rings *3*


helping pretty Luge

hugged by Luge


xingxing the real namja strikes again





man!! they are not girls! just in case you didn’t know! you are so gay!! i mean… cute!!

he knows they aren’t girls…

he knows

nobody can resist Do Kyungsoo


well Donghae did it!! he resisted!

but… the squishy is too much

it’s an overdose♪ -of squishyness(?)-

favorite hyung forevahh


Kyungsoo is THE CUTEST OF CUTEST!! SOrry u_U everybody loves him! <3


Reverse Idol (Jin)

Now it is time for our next series, to start us off as he always does is the amazing oldest member, one half of Namjin, an absolute cutie whose eating shows are so fucking cute like I love seeing his lil face light up when he bites into something really yummy and that lil noise he makes, Kim Seokjin aka Jin (also the MV came out while I was writing this, I wasn’t expecting that at all I forgot it was coming out today it was so aesthetic I have no clue what the hidden meanings are bc I’m not smart like that but if anyone has any theories plz come talk to me about them bc I’m !!! but the boys looked so good and the song was really pretty like oh woW)

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (Jin’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • I am gonna throw in a tiny bit of youtuber!Jin (here) to sum it up he has a food channel with cooking videos, mukbangs, etc.
  • Okay but fanboy!Jin is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet
  • Jin is a very caring person, we all know how much he loves BTS and how much he loves to take care of them like can you imagine how hard it must be to make a meal for 7+ people
  • No matter how rare it is for him to cook for all of them, that’s a pretty big task for someone as busy as Jin is, you’ve gotta love those people a whole lot to be willing to spend your day off cooking for them and I don’t think fanboy!Jin is any different
  • He’s the type of make homemade meals, to buy lots of presents, to come to every show and fansign he possibly can
  • Jin is already BTS’s promoter/fanboy, I mean his whole “do you know ~” has become another meme at this point and fanboy!Jin is forever promoting your group to his friends
  • All of the boys know your groups and have to listened to all of the songs at least once purely bc of Jin
  • He’s never shy about it either like the boys will be playfully teasing him about it but he just shrugs and tells them that “I enjoy the music and personalities and them in general so why not spread the message about them”
  • He’s got all of the albums and he has a poster up on his wall, he’s of course got that lil light stick and he’s just really really supportive
  • There’s this one video of Jin reaction to Red Velvet performing Ice Cream Cake and that’s honestly just fan!Jin, he’s a king of reactions tbh
  • He got so hyped up and his jaw literally dropped and he was dancing along the entire time and it was so precious bc you could tell he was so happy and happy!Jin is my aesthetic
  • He’s been to quite a few fan signs, he’s always really really polite and funny and Jin is the type of person that you just fall in love with instantly like he’s got that beautiful face but then the personality is just woW
  • Like he’s kinda goofy, he’s got the dad jokes and the cute lil laugh and he’s s o sweet he’s so thoughtful and he’s just so easy to talk to like I feel like Jin if one of those people that you could talk to for hours and not get bored he’s just so interesting to me
  • So you’re automatically all heart eyes for him bc he’s so cute and he’s a gentleman too like at one point while you’re talking to him, your pen rolls off the table and he’s so quick to grab it and he helps you put on the lil headband and he gets this huge smile bc he thinks you look adorable 
  • He’s just really happy to be talking to you bc crush alert
  • Okay but I have a head canon and in my head it sounds really really cute
  • Jin has his youtube channel right, he’s got the cooking videos and the mukbangs and all of that yummy stuff and he’s mentioned your group on there before
  • In a couple of his videos, he mentions that he’s really really excited for the music video or how his experience at the fansign/concert/music show was and it’s v v known among his fans that he’s a huge fan of your group
  • So they start tweeting at your group to get you to watch one of his videos bc he mentioned you specifically and said you were his bias for so many reasons, there was the talent of course but then there was the fact that you were so kind to him when he met you and that you seemed really down to earth
  • You get curious bc you do remember someone named Jin mentioning something about a youtube channel but you don’t know it’s him for sure until you watch the video they’re all linking you to and then there he is, all cute with his lil chef’s hat looking all boyfriend in his sweater and his new bangs that are super super cute (I’m loving the look anything Jin is automatically cute)
  • You message him on Twitter and thank him for all of the support and tell him that you remember him from the signing and would love to try the dish that he made (you had to throw in a lil flirty line bc he’s so cute and you two have met quite a few times and you wanna get to know him better)
  • Another head canon that he’s doing a live stream when you message him and he’s casually eating some pizza and answering questions and then he just screams when he reads the message (also nearly falls out of his seat in the process) 
  • You know Jin’s “shook” face that’s what happens bc he’s so ?!?!?!?! like what’s going on what’s happening is that really you or is someone just pretending to be you he’s got so many thoughts running through his head
  • He messages back pretty quickly after getting confirmation that is you and he’s so nervous and excited and happy bc he’s had a crush on you for so long and now you’re talking to him what is even happenING
  • “You know it’s really easy to make, maybe when you’re done with practice, you can come over and we can make it together??”
  • “I’ll be there at 5:)”

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I thought you could like add aliens to your household in the sims 4... You know like why wait? Let's have a cute little cheese loving alien and a green flower child just magically appear one day ya know... *waggled eyebrows and slips $20 bill* (All jokes aside I'm actually wondering if you could do that in the game I really wanna know plz and thanks)

I can add toddlers to an active household, so we’d have to skip the (honestly boring) baby stage. Im pretty hype to have tikki and plagg so I might just do it!

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Hello )) I just read all your Zelink's Modern AU fics and they're awesome!!! Please write more( if you can ofcourse) And can you recomend me some zelink modern AU fics plz? I really like modern zelink au....😶😶 Anyway thank your for your art!!! Love from Korea :))

Oh my goodness, you are just the sweetest!

Originally posted by zimina-rp

I’m gonna go back to writing Before the Storm and my Apartment AUs just as soon as I finish my Zelink Week Master Quest story, Of Love and War. So don’t worry friend, the modern AUs are just on hiatus.

As for recommendations:

Zelda’s Legend by the ever amazing @kobaltwolf
It’s a super cute college AU where Zelda is a writer so it’s pretty much my favorite.

Eau so Fresh by @fanfictionkind  aka SirJoshizzle on FFN and AO3 
A retail AU where Zelda is a department store worker and Link is a super hot GI.

Mister Playboy also by @fanfictionkind
In which Link is an ass, but a lovable ass. And he has a dog!

Friend Zone again by @fanfictionkind 
Link thinks he’s in the friend zone with Zelda, the poor guy.

Sweet Chocolate by (surprise) @fanfictionkind (this guy writes great modern aus tbh just read them all)
Zelda really hates Valentine’s Day, but for Link she can make an exception.

Four Cups of Bitter Tea and One that Wasn’t Bitter at All by SaintPellegrino
coffee shop au Cute Coffee Shop AU FREAKIN ADORABLE COFFEE SHOP AU!!!

Lost, then Found by SaintPellegrino
Zelda meets and interesting Captain while waiting on her luggage at the airport

Only in Hyrule by CrazygurlMadness
Hyrule is moving back to a monarchy, but they need to elect their next ruler first. Will Zelda, with the help of her hot publicist, Link, be able to triumph over Ganondorf in the election? (this is a pretty long fic but iT’S SO GOOD)

Photoshoot by CrazygurlMadness
Neither Link nor Zelda are very happy when Link’s swimsuit shoot ends up on a billboard.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got fic wise. All of these authors write amazing fics if you’re ever in a non-modern AU mood as well. Have fun reading friend :)

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You like watching cartoons, do you?)Well, have you ever heard about Miraculous Ladybug? I just have an idea to make TR and Ladybug crossover. I think, that some traits are the same. So, could you, please, draw it (if you can of course)?

“Like” watching cartoons stands short to the love I have for them ♥♥♥
I managed to watch a few episodes of M. Ladybug when it aired on Nick. I’d certainly like to go back and watch it properly for sure!

*Whisper* Plz help me, when drawing his ears I randomly spouted out loud “Damn this is a nice furry”

Recently @buchichu has also drawn this concept, you should check it out, it’s pretty much better made than mine! [X]

Thanks for the Submit Anon!

EXO being gay cute, part two! because exo interactions are soooo precious *u*


guys plz (i see you Jongin)

plz stop. NO.

they are looking a tao’s sexy hairy chest like “dayummmm”

omg look at baek’s face wtf man you have a gf, but you are so homo you know

kyungsoo likes tall men



baek molesting the maknae -as always-

being cuties

WHAT?Xingxing the real namja what are you doing with jongin?

sehun has a thing for sniffing exo members, specially tao

man, these maknaes have a reeeally intimate relationship

this is so cute *w* you can tell chanhun relationship is them fighting or dorking with each other, but they support and love each other

these two are just toooo squishy, this is not good for my mental health 

owwww maknae and xingxing :333

tao plz close your mouth dear

sorry i just love this moment hahah

just kiss already

petition for jongin or kyungsoo to create an insta account and post selcas like these

look at kyungsoo sitting in jongin’s lap 7u7

Double jealousness(?)

kyungsoo likes sitting in men’s lap

joonma was all cute when he was with kris lol

taobaby being kissed by baek kaebsong

“hey lil mama let me whispah in ya ear~”

maknaes being subtle

OH OH!! this is some +19 thing omg whattttttt??? real namja Xingxing can you and your friend Jongin STOP??? asdasjhdadla *q*

“baozi so cute i wanna bite him”


i don’t even know what’s going on here

sesoo is… so cute ;n;

… man really? i miss chanlu T_T

nothing to watch here, just chenchen hugging the pretty maknae

chenchen hugging the cold baozi

let’s pretend we didnt notice kaibaek holding hands 

so close their D’s were touching

jongin plz 

sehun’s sniffing thing

can’t stop laughing at suho’s face

hugging mama


nope, no homo


just touching yeol’s lips

jong bros being lovely

i told you kyungsoo likes sitting in men’s lap, plus tall men

i dare you tell me this isn’t cute

Yeol likes xing’s weak point look at baek’s face at the back

chuuu~ <33

subtly touching the bae

“baozi is mine”

PART 1 PART 3 / kyungsoo ver. chanbaek ver.  suchen ver.

can everyone plz chill

#1 everyone plz chill 
#2 charges on weed vary depending on circumstances like
#3 what do you use it for, distribution, amount 
#4 which is prolly why they raided his house
#5 I dont think tabi possesses or distribute any weed so
#6 he should be pretty safe.. at max a fine? 
#7 he is also a first time offender(by the law lol)
#8 also dont forget he has the backing of yg; like it or not connections help wherever you are in the world 
#9 so plz everyone keep calm because
#10 i dont think yg will abandon big bang anytime soon 

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Can I have some Freud x Mercedes plz? It's my favorite ship and makes me giggle like a fangirl on the inside :)))))

I really recommend you to look up “프리메르” on google and twitter if you like them and haven’t yet, I have a feeling that they are a hugely underrated ship in the english side but they’re like, one of the most popular ships in maple??????? or so I feel

I really appreciate their bond and friendship and it’s implied and hinted that they were pretty close but like allll the ships in the game… orz

Btw the new opening song for some type of maplestory mobile game is sung from mercerdes’s perspective! In the lyrics she sings that she longs for someone and she will go meet that someone… I think the one she means is freud but it isn’t really specified

Werewolf!Jungkook as a Father

And to finish the series off, as he always does, is our cute lil bunny, the other half of the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie aka can I take a solid moment to discuss Jungkook’s thighs bc this needs to be talked about have you seen how beautiful they are like his legs in general are fucking 1000/10 but the th ighs I’m a thigh girl (thnx to tae for that) and his thighs are so fucking nice ?? like why bighit plz explain what’re you feeding these kids how are they all so pretty

  • Original werewolf!Jungkook here (part two here)
  • On the topic of pregnancy, all of the father related posts are here
  • Jungkook is another person I could see having kids before marriage
  • Similar to Yoongi, he’s gonna need a while before he’s ready to tie the knot
  • I see him taking like around 5 or 6 years maybe??
  • Of course if you do want to wait until after marriage to have the bbys, he’s totally okay with that, he just wants you to enjoy the relationship as much as he does
  • It takes him like a year to get used to being called your boyfriend so the thought of being called a husband is nice but that’s gonna take a whi le to build up to
  • He stills squeal a bit on the inside whenever you’re like yeah this is my bf kook bc wait that’s me I’m the bf holy shit
  • Side note the first time you do call him your husband he loses his shit and starts blushing and is all flustered
  • Stutters whenever you call him babe
  • It’s really amusing though bc normally he’s the one making you blush with all of the eyebrow wiggles and lil hand hearts like don’t worry kookie can be flirty once he gets comfortable
  • But to see that completely flip around and see him get completely and totally flustered like has to avoid eye contact and has no idea how to respond to anything bc his brain lowkey stops working is kinda endearing
  • Kook is really shy about affection and just the relationship in general at first
  • Like he doesn’t know if he’s allowed to hold your hand, can he kiss you without asking, is it alright with you if he gives you a goodbye hug ??
  • Of course you two have been dating for a month or two so you’re pretty chill with him holding your hand but he still asks before he does it bc he doesn’t want to scare you away by moving too quickly
  • Once he gets comfortable though, he’s pretty good
  • A relationship with kookie is pretty much like dating your best friend tbh
  • Once all those walls have come down and you two are really serious, it’s all chill
  • Late night adventures that normally end in breathless laughter and inside jokes that no one else understands
  • Playing video games together during the day and cuddling the entire time bc why not combine those two
  • He can turn anything into a competition
  • “Yeah you’re pretty good with folding and shit but I bet I can fold more clothes in 10 minutes than you can”
  • “Your ice cream’s good and all but I bet mine’s better, let’s ask the boys”
  • “You say you have 500 photos of me on your phone but guess what I’ve got 501 of you”
  • “Did you seriously just take a singular picture of me to be able to say that”
  • “fiGHT ME”
  • The boys are constantly teasing you two, lovingly of course
  • Kook can go into this mood where he’s just really really affectionate and needs your attention the entire day
  • That’s like prime time for the boys
  • Bc kook does the thing where he’ll be okay with sharing your attention for a bit BUT he needs to be giving you a lil back hug the entire time
  • He won’t need to be in the conversation, you can pretend he isn’t even there tbh
  • He just wants to rest his chin on top of your head, even if you’re taller than he is, he’ll reach up don’t worry he can tip toe
  • The entire time he’s just chilling out, counting down the seconds until he gets your attention again, the boys are just plotting
  • The second they get him alone, oh boy
  • In the background, you can see Yoongi and Taehyung reenacting your lil cuddle session and you can only imagine the glare kookie’s giving them
  • Similar to the husband thing, it’ll take kook a while to build up to having kids
  • He actually tears up a bit when you tell him you’re gonna have a lil bby Jeon waddling around
  • Okay but hold on before I continue that thought, I just gotta put this out there
  • A tiny itty bitty version of Jungkook waddling around after his father and giggling the entire time and clinging onto his legs bc “daddy hi hi do you see me I’m here”
  • Continuing on, kook does get a few tears going
  • He just can’t believe that he’s gonna have his own lil bby, like most of the boys have had their kids by now and he’s seen how amazing fatherhood is
  • He’s watched their bbys grow up and how quickly they do grow, he’s seen the looks of love all of the boys get when they see their lil mini bbys run up to them
  • And now he’s gonna have that, his own version of it where he gets to have someone super tiny to cuddle all day long and he can hold the bby as much as he wants and feed them and love them and spoil them with attention !!!!
  • Bc another side note, kook’s a total softie
  • If his bby comes up to him and is like ik I just had dessert but can I get an extra cookie plz he’s not gonna be able to say no
  • How can he say no when there’s this chubby cheeked, giggling smol version of him looking up at him with those big puppy dog eyes HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO SAY NO
  • And their voice is so small and quiet bc they’re trying to be as cute as possible so they get that extra cookie
  • And then you tell him it’s twin and he just about faints
  • He gets lowkey protective while the pregnancy is happening
  • He tries to be downplay it and be like meh it’s ight if you touch the bump I don’t mind
  • But at the same time, he’s watching them like a hawk and if they apply just a lil bit more pressure than he’s okay with it’s “hey no that’s a no no, you don’t get to touch anymore my bby are you okay”
  • Kook being genuinely confused at the store
  • “Why do they have so many different colors of everything?? It’s the same shirt why do I need it in pink and red isn’t that the same thing”
  • “Pink’s not red, pink’s pink”
  • “Do we just get both then am I supposed to pick will my bby honestly care if she’s wearing a pink or a red shirt”
  • The boys give him two tiny pairs of the boots he loves to wear at the baby shower and his heart melts bc it’s so small his bbys are gonna be that small
  • He puts them next to his pair and just about cries bc of the size difference
  • He likes to just have his hand on the bby bump at all times
  • He just likes to make sure you’re safe and comfy that’s his top priority

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Oh my gosh I saw the poly relationship b/w Namjoon and Suga and it's so cute! Can you do one b/w V and Suga please and thank you!

Originally posted by staycute1234

Admin Maddi and I talked about this for a bit and it got kinda long bc I got excited

  • okay so taehyung is a lot lot more outgoing than Yoongi
  • and he gets excited pretty easily
  • so Yoongi would probably be the best person to bring him down to earth whenever he got out of hand
  • and you would be right in the middle of these two
  • so if they ever got in an argument, you would be a definite mediator
  • tae would be the one that’s all for cuddling
  • and he would basically throw himself over you and Yoongi and cling to the two of you like a little monkey
  • and half the time Yoongi is just like kid plz calm down
  • “hyung can you-“
  • “No.”
  • “But you don’t even know what I was gonna ask!!!”
  • “Don’t care. Ask (Y/N).”
  • like that’s literally the relationship “Ask Y/N”
  • the three of you would go one dates
  • and Yoongi would probably complain a bit about being dragged around by the two of you
  • but he’d love being out with you and would end up having a good time
  • and tae would be really smug like
  • “see hyung I told you it’d be great!”
  • “yeah yeah…”
  • so much cuddling like seriously guys tae would love both of you so much
  • and Yoongi is probably really shy because tae is super greasy
  • and probably spends a good bit of time complimenting you
  • and when he sees that Yoongi is getting a little pouty tae starts showering him in compliments too
  • and you join and Yoongi just gets really blushy and gives that gummy smile
  • the two of them would love you so much
  • and I feel like Yoongi would be a more quiet love while tae is confessing like all the time
  • and he’d kiss you a lot and maybe sneak a peck onto Yoongi’s cheek

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Black watch Genji 6 plz with a lil hugging so it's not as sad lmfao ( side note: you're pretty spicy today buddy keep up the great life)

His arms hugged you tightly and you could feel the wires and the metall on his body. 
“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”
Your head hurt like hell and you couldn’t quite remember what happened. Sparring with Genji was the last thing you were able to recall. What was going on?!
“Please, wake up!” 
You opened your eyes, blinking a few times to see clearly. 
He sighed, visibly relieved that you were awake. 
“I landed a pretty hard hit on you.”, he said and his hug got even tighter. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s ok… I guess.”, you answered and showed a weak smile. “I’ll be fine.”

Help Heretic Pay Her Bills!!

Okay, so, here’s the deal.

I got absolutely fucked financially this month between taxes, unexpected bills, expected bills,veterinary bills, and a work schedule that seems intent on stuffing its foot up my ass, plus a $170 purchase that I did not want to make that really tipped my finances over the edge and dropped them like Mufasa.

Long story short, I am not making enough money between my two jobs to pay all of my bills this month and I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to pay the nasty late fees. As of right now, I have 9 days before those late fees kick my ass. That said, I could use your help. I draw shit. I draw shit fairly well, some people think, and I am happy to draw you things that grace your walls or backgrounds or whatever. A good sampling of my art can be found HERE. I work with traditional mediums- watercolor, ink, colored pencil, and marker. Subject-wise, I am partial to drawing plants and animals, original characters, plus moderate guro/gore and nudity.

My pricing is negotiable- any little bit you can afford will help me out, but my basics are here:

Black and white or monochrome drawing of a head and shoulders bust or simple design/single object (like a succulent)- $10

Black and white or monochrome full body or multiple object drawing- $15

Full color drawing/watercolor of single object or character- $25

Full color drawing/watercolor of multiple subjects or characters- $35

Please keep in mind that these drawings can and will take me some time to complete, but I will give you an estimated time of completion once I get your request. If you would like me to send you the physical copy of the commission, please tell me so I can mail it to you.

Please message me for my Paypal address (or if you are just a super awesome person who wants to donate some money.)



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Headcannons of the RFA (saeran & V too plz) reacting to a MC that gets injured easily and ends up laughing while also in pain? Thanks much. ^-^ (I just dislocated my leg and popped it back a few hours ago. And I need the support lol) plz and thank.

Ahh, I hope you and your leg are doing okay! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since you sent this in ^^; 
also fun fact: I’ve never actually been injured in a serious way? so sorry I’m probably not the best at this lmao. And a summary of this entire post is just “they all have no chill”


  • Every time is just immenSELY CONCERNED??
  • Like it’s great that you can laugh but why aren’t you concerned too??
  • ?????
  • And when you tell him that it happens pretty easily it does not help
  • okay maybe it explains why you’re laughing but stILL
  • He’s doting on you like crazy, even if you say you’re fine 


  • He’s so damn worried
  • chill boy you’re not the injured one here?
  • And it doesn’t matter what you say, he’s gonna want to check if you’re okay
  • Literally any time you get hurt he’s freaking out and it probably takes like 10 years off of his life
  • You keep thining maybe he’ll get better but he nEVER DOES??
  • CHILL??


  • Yeah there’s no way you’re getting out of this
  • It doesn’t matter what’s happened, he’s going to go and get you help
  • And he’s concerned when you say that you get injured easily
  • 100% will get that checked out
  • Like if it’s down to clumsiness he’ll try to help you out
  • But if there’s anything that can be done medically he’s going to find a way to help


  • On the outside, she was pretty calm
  • But still she really wants you to be okay but if you keep getting injured then hOW CAN SHE MAKE SURE OF THIS??
  • Ofc she managed to stay level headed
  • And it helps that you’re so calm about it too
  • She’s still super worried when you say that it happens a lot
  • mother unleashed once again


  • You do anything, he’s already in the room
  • Sweeping you off of your feet and carrying you to the closest surface you can sit down on to check you out
  • usually just prescribes an extra 5 doses of tickle fights and kisses
  • Inside though he’s lost all chill
  • Like this isn’t okay?? Idc if this happens a lot you can’t keep getting hurt??
  • It makes him feel better that you can laugh about it but still
  • His jokes will never falter though, you can be sure of that


  • What
  • What are you doing
  • Why are you laughing??
  • You fell down the stairs whY ARE YOU LAUGHING??
  • Literally does not understand if this is an appropriate way to react to getting injured
  • He’s freaking out and you’re just finding it hysterical you can’t confuse him like this stop


  • He?? didn’t really realise at first?
  • The first time you got hurt was when he was in a different room
  • So you just hobbled in and told him you’ve twisted your ankle
  • Then burst into hysterics??
  • Meanwhile it’s just processing that wHAT YOU’RE HURT????
  • From then on he’s insisting that you let him know whenever you get hurt
  • And you especially don’t make your way to him when you’re struggling to walk wth