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Title: VicoDEAN

 Prompt: @percywinchester27:  Fluffy Dean!

 Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

 Summary: Ever wonder what Dean would be like on Vicodin? You never really thought about it until Sam drug Dean into the bunker with a broken leg.

 Warnings: Language. Dean hopped up on drugs.  ***NOTE: I have never been on medication like this, but I have heard stories/witnessed others…so here we go.  

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“What happened?” You cried out as you ran up to your boyfriend and Sam.  The taller brother was hunched over as he helped Dean down the steps.

“The hunt didn’t go as planned.”  He gritted out as Dean shifted.

Dean’s eyes fell on you and he giggled, trying to push Sam away to get to you. “Ana, baby!”

You didn’t know you could move so fast.  Dean began to tumble forward, falling from Sam’s hold when his cast clipped the bottom step.  His broken leg hindered his movement.  You ran forward and wrapped your arms around him, keeping him upright.

Dean smiled as his arms went around your shoulders, taking a deep breath.  “Baby, you smell so good.  Just wanna eat you up.”  He leaned down, putting his face in your neck, giving you playful little nips.

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