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Old Man (Part 2)

Requests: you can’t break my heart like this with Bruce and Bruce brings his girlfriend at the manor to meet everyone

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“20? Bruce what the fuck?” Jason fumed as his fork feel to the floor and his ears turned into a bright red for the anger that was boiling inside of him.

“What’s wrong with my age?” You blinked at him, demanding an answer, or waiting for him to cover up his offense.

“You’re not even legal to begin with, so shut up!” He spit and Bruce had to hold him back from getting up.

Bruce calmly explained for one more time that your relationship was indeed serious and it that wouldn’t have lasted so long if it wasn’t. Your eyes wandered to everyone on the table and landed in his younger son’s who flinched at your sight. You’d be lying if you said you didnt know why though. With a deep sigh and the tightness in your stomach almost bursting you got up from the table and almost ignored Alfred, who spoke in your defense and got to the bathroom.

Your reflection was a mess, the little make up you had on, had made its way down your face. You couldn’t help but let your body shake uncontrollably as you muffled your sobs. Bruce’s sons were right. You could hear the intense fight. Maybe staying in the shadows would have been the best for Bruce and you. Or maybe, maybe not even getting together in the first place. That’d be the best. This relationship was a mistake, because how could you make something work with someone so much older than you. You were a mistake, or at least you felt like that.

You left the manor secretly, just like you always did. Fortunately you were able to hold back your tears while driving or else you were sure, you’d probably be dead by now. Once home, you took off the run down make up from your face, only because it made your skin stink, had a shower and ordered as much pizza as you could afford. Sitting on your couch, you opened your TV and decided to see the only movie that was just starting. Which would later prove to be a bad idea, because who the hell knew a movie with Liam Nelson could make you cry.

Within the week, the burning desire to share your pain and sin with someone made you finally decide to talk to your best friend amd mother. You hadn’t expected a breakdown to come knocking at your door as you were confessing your actions. You were taken aback though that the two other females didn’t seem surprised. Your mother simply told you she knew you were with someone and you could tell both of them were internally freaking out that this someone was Bruce Wayne. You were also taken aback as you realised the could see the truth behind your tears; you had fallen in love with Bruce Wayne. It wasn’t just about the physical sort of your relationship. You had painfully affectionate feelings for him. But according to your mom, if he indeed felt the same as he had told you that night, he’d have contacted you after all these days.

And he didn’t. Another weeks had passed before you were bombarded with the most shocking news. You had just taken your annual blood test and the results only showed that you were, what you hated to admit; pregnant. For two weeks now.Your doctor wrote you down the number of a good gynecologist you could visit and suggested an immediate ultrasound. She told also warned you about morning sickness.

For the first time you felt the need not to call Bruce. You felt that you could do this on your own. It wasn’t until two days later that Bruce called. His voice was stern and it shook you awake from your deep thinking.

“(Y/n), we can’t see each other anymore.” He simply said and sighed afterwards as if he had done the most difficult thing in the world. You knew this was forced, you knew when he was lying and when he wasn’t but this time you didn’t have any right to speak. Yet your heart throbbed in agony and pain. Your kid would be your own responsibility. You’d have to do it alone. And no one could love a late teenager who thought it was thrilling to fall in love with a man loser than her by at least 15 years and get pregnant.

“I didn’t want it to be that way” he added and now, tears formed in your eyes. Your heart ached.

“Don’t you fucking say that. How can you break my heart like this?” You knew that in any other case, you wouldn’t have cried, or let anyone hear your shaky voice. But now you couldn’t talk about the child you were carrying.

“This is for your own protection. If it was about me I’d never let you go and the boys-”

You threw your phone on the wall with force. He was lying once again. But then again, you were just another girl that had fallen for Bruce Wayne. And the kid inside you was yet another kid of his.

It’s a Bit of Give and Take

Here is a new “Going Down” this time SHINee is in the house! Let’s give it up for Jonghyun! Enjoy 
Once again, not edited… It should be readable, though. I hope.
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“What would you like to try, Babe?” Jonghyun’s voice was distracted. To be honest, you had been distracted all night so you didn’t take any offense.

But because you had been distracted all night, and up most of the night before doing research, you didn’t think before replying.

“I want you to go down on me.”

The waiter dropped his notepad. Jonghyun dropped his menu. Several tables around you went still.

“Oh… You meant… “ You coughed into your sleeve. “Um… yeah. Food.”

Glancing across the table you saw Jonghyun was about as flustered as you had ever seen him. And you had seen him after he walked in on Kibum doing unspeakable things to Taemin at one of Key’s famous New Year’s parties.

Jonghyun had been messed up for days.

You watched him pick up his menu and fumble with it for a second before he told the waiter that he was ready for the check.

“Sir, you haven’t ordered anything?”

“Ah, good. Well then, we’ll just be on our way.” He stood, quickly pulling several bills from his pocket to hand to the server for the inconvenience before helping you stand and leading you from the restaurant, one hand low on your back his fingers sliding up your shirt so he could touch your skin.

The traffic was understandably heavy in the cold, heavy rain. When a cab did appear, Jonghyun slid in after and gave the driver the address to the dorm.

You sent a questioning glance to your boyfriend. SHINee rarely went to the dorm they shared when they had first started out, all of them owning their own apartments and usually only going to the dorm when they were gearing up for another comeback.

“Team building” Onew called it

“Torture” Key frequently joked while staring fake daggers at Minho.

Jonghyun put his hand down on your thigh and squeezed leaning over to whisper in your ear. “I don’t want to wait till we get home to discuss what happened at dinner.” He gave your thigh a firmer squeeze before turning his head enough to bite gently at your earlobe before sitting back in his seat like he didn’t just light your entire world on fire.


The dorm was silent and dark when he opened the door, he gestured you inside before following you in, hitting the lights in the darkness with an accuracy that spoke of all the time he had spent there.

After taking off your shoes and coat, you followed him past the living room toward his old room. He flipped the switch before letting you enter to roam around the room. The bed was still made, some of his clothes were hanging in the closet and some of his shoes neatly lined up on the floor proved that this was Jonghyun’s room. Only the lack of day to day clutter showed that he didn’t spend his time here anymore.

He stood by the door watching you walk around the room. You had only been in the dorm once and it was only for him to pick up something for Taemin, you had only seen his old room from the brief glance from the door as he went on to the other bedrooms.

When you glanced over at him, you saw a man that Jonghyun very rarely became.

Leaning against the frame of the door, Jonghyun was unbuttoning the cuffs of his dress shirt looking as delicious as sin. One eyebrow raised and his soft lips quirked in a smug grin.

You found yourself sitting down on the bed since your legs seemed to have turned to jelly.

Jonghyun was cute. He was sweet and caring. The singer was a dork and was goofy.

But he was always sex on a stick when the mood called for it.

“So, you must have been thinking hard about this to just blurt it out at dinner.” Words failed you as he started on the buttons of his shirt. His golden skin appearing behind the white material inch by glorious inch.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” His voice was whisper soft, but the words hit you as hard a bomb, they gave you the courage to voice your desires.

“I want you to eat me out.”

“We could make that happen. Take off your clothes.”

You jump up from the bed, forgetting that your shaky legs were the reason you had to sit down and the first place and ended up almost falling on your face.

Jonghyun caught you, a light laugh leaving him as he was pushed back into the wall. “No need to throw yourself at me.”

He pulled you up and while clicking his tongue at your excitement set about stripping you of your shirt and skirt. He gave you a quick kiss, one that left you slightly irritated in want of more. Instead of granting you more of his breathtaking kisses, he pulled you to the bed and pushed you to the bed.

“Lay back, I want to try something new too.” Putting all your trust in Jonghyun not to do anything too crazy and knowing he would stop if you told him too, you laid back, your legs still hanging over the edge of the bed and closed your eyes.

The sound of him moving around, turning off the overhead light and turning on a softer bedside lamp seemed to make the pounding of your heart louder. The soft shuffling of his feet against the hardwood floor, followed by the sounds of clothes falling to the floor did little to calm your racing heart so when his hands suddenly pressed apart of your thighs, you jumped.

“Please don’t have a heart attack here. I’ll never hear the end of it from Key.” Jonghyun said, his mouth pressed against the inside of your knee, one hand leaving your thigh to entwine your fingers. “You okay, baby?”

“Yeah, just, you know, nervous.” You couldn’t help the high pitched laugh that seemed to squeak through your tight throat.

Jonghyun answered by pressing another open mouth kiss against the inside of your knee before trailing kisses down your leg. He took his hand from yours and started a massage of your calf that had you starting to relax. He worked the muscles of one calf before moving down, taking your foot and pressing light kisses along the top, around the arch and then stretching your leg up to press a single kiss on the center of the bottom of your foot, his breath washing delicately over your toes before he was gone, gently lowering your leg. His hands working up over your calf again, all the way back up to your knee where he switched over to your other leg.

By the time Jonghyun was massaging your other foot and pressing sweet kisses into the skin, you were melted into the mattress, hands grasping lazily at the covers as he worked back up your thigh to your knee.

For some reason, the knowledge of where he was going to be going next never made it to the forefront of your mind.

“How are you feeling?”


His light laugh brought a smile to your face even as his kisses went past your knee, his hands following not far behind. The massage continued to the top of your thigh, his kisses never veering to the inside of your thigh, going nowhere near where there was a steady buildup of need to have him at.

Jonghyun switched from sweet kisses pressed lovingly against your skin to small sharp nips when he reached your hipbones. His hands shifted to grasp your hips as he slid his body further between your thighs. Jonghyun took every opportunity to worship every part of your body that was in his reach even tracing around your belly button with his tongue. You could feel his smile when the sensation caused you to buck up and giggle, your hands finding their way into his locks at the tickly feeling.

You tried to tug him away by his hair, “Jonghyun, not there, you know I don’t like my stomach.”

He looked up at you, a sincere smile on his face, “I don’t know why it’s perfect.” and without any further talk he went back to loving your body. Jonghyun used his tongue to trace a path up your torso and in between your breasts, his hips settling against firmly against your core, the feeling took your breath away. When his warm mouth found your nipple, sucking on it was long low pulls, you could feel corresponding pulls all the way down in your core. You couldn’t stop your hips from rutting up against him, wanting nothing more to forget all the delicious things you saw in those videos and just feel Jonghyun inside of you.

Jonghyun wasn’t going to make it easy for you, however, instead he pulled and teased one nipple with his mouth, working the bud with his tongue and scratching it with his teeth. He used his hand to toy with the other causing never ending spikes of pleasure to race through your body. His hips rotating against you but never letting himself enter you.

It felt amazing.

It was infuriating.

“Jonghyunie, please. Please.”

Pulling from your nipple with one last firm tug, he quickly kissed your lips and then smoothly slid down your body, dropping quick kisses in some spots while spending time on others working love bites into the skin that were sure to show in the morning.

While Jonghyun sucked and bit at the skin of your lower stomach, he slid a hand in between your thighs, dipping a slender finger into you and then sliding it up to circle your clitoris. He worked a second finger into you the next time, pumping slowly to draw out more of your nectar and then using both fingers to slide the slickness up against you nether lips. He used his slick fingers to rub either side of your clit, the friction eased by the natural lubricant but no less pleasing.

With your head tilted back and eyes shut from the pleasure, you could only feel his movements and the span of time it took for him to replace his fingers with his mouth seem to drag on for what seemed like hours instead of seconds.

At the first trace of his tongue moving against your sensitive flesh time ceased to exist in any form.

Hands quickly found themselves tangled in his hair pulling his head tighter against you and your legs spread without any coaxing from him. The vibrations of his laughter pulled the strings of your body tighter and you couldn’t help but wonder why it took so long to get the nerve to ask him to do this.

Just like everything else he did, Jonghyun put all of his effort into whatever he had his mind set on. His tongue flicked against your clit and delved into your core and then smoothed against every fold before starting again but never in a pattern that you could see coming.

For a brief second, Jonghyun smoothed fingers alongside his tongue but then stilled completely.

“Ah! What? What are you?” You choose to ignore the desperation in your own voice, but he wasn’t listening anyway.

Jonghyun pulled back from you, slapping your thigh, “Get up, I want to try something.”

Your body didn’t feel like it belonged to you, but you forced the confused bunddle of limbs of sexual need off the bed, knees quivering and barely holding you only to turn around and find Jonghyun laying where you just were with his hands under his head.

Looking over his body, his erection looked as good as it always did, but you hadn’t gotten all you wanted of him yet, “You want me to give you head? Now? But…”

“No. I want you to climb on top of me… and, you know.” He took one hand from behind his head and gestured to his face.

The confusion clouding your mind must have been easy to see because Jonghyun turned an adorable shade of pink before finishing quietly, “Come here and sit on my face.”

The imagine appeared with a flash of light as thunder shook your entire being“Oh.”

“Yeah. Oh.”

With limbs that barely held you, you climbed onto the bed, thighs quivering as you placed them on either side of Jonghyun’s body. His hand reached for your hips, he said something but you weren’t really listening as you got closer and closer. The sound of his voice more of a soothing murmur that he was here than anything close to speaking to you.

He quickly angled one of his arms behind your hips as you settled over his face. The other arm reaching up your torso to caress your chest.

You tried to keep as far away from his actual face as you could, but after the first few flicks of his tongue against you, it became hard to think and with one hand pulling your hips down against him, you settled more against him, arching your back and placing one hand on his muscled stomach, the muscles clenching as he worked your body.

He moved his hand down so he could thrust three fingers into your center and you couldn’t stop your body from grinding on him. Jonghyun’s nose bumped against your clit as he moved his mouth and you looked down to make sure he was okay.

Removing wet fingers from you, he gave you an okay sign without stopping his mouth from sucking and licking your nub. You let your head drop back and let him work your body that was nearing the edge of an orgasm that you knew would leave you broken.

Jonghyun pulled you harder against his face as he felt the grinding of your hips start to stutter, curling his fingers to find the right spot and biting just hard enough on your clit to fling you off the cliff and into an orgasm that had your whole body curling in on itself. His fingers not easing their pressure on your g-spot even as he helped you lean to the side, freely letting you settle into the bed with a pleased smile on his face.

Even after the tremors had passed you felt too strung out to move, letting Jonghyun pet your hair and whisper words of praise that had your body feeling a bolt of interest that you couldn’t believe after such a powerful high.

You looked up at him, seeing his slightly damp lips and couldn’t keep yourself from leaning up to taste yourself on him. It wasn’t a bad taste but you would prefer the taste of him instead.

His eyebrow raised in question as you started kissing your way down his body.

“It’s only fair to return the favor, right?”

Jonghyun could only nod as he settled back into the pillows, hands behind his head with a blissed out smile on his face.

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Not you too, please. Don't feed the hate and drama. We don't even know if that sketch reflets the truth, it is knows they aren't always accurate and Kat who was on set when they filmed the au even said it's a big exaggeration. I'm tired of everything spiking hate towards Once. You can stop watching it if you don't enjoy it anymore and can't do nothing but criticize everything that happens (or doesn't).

Or I can continue to do whatever the fuck I want to do on my own blog and tag appropriately (as I did). 

I’m hardly a negative factory against Once. In fact, I give the show a fuckton of leeway and positivity, even as its objective quality sinks. Making a snarky comment here and there makes not a hate troll. If that is so terribly offensive to you, the unfollow button is right there, kitten. 

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Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa


“So uh..that demon there…hes taken quite a liking to you now huh?”

“ :> “

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: after all these years of hardcore analysis of Daniel James Howell, i assumed that he wrote the tweet for several reasons. He's a kinky twink who needs to take it down several notches and also lip balm. I thought I knew him. But. I thought wrong. I've also been analyzing Philip Michael Lester and I've gathered two things about him: he's an angel and he deserves the entire world. I pegged him as a pure soul who is innocent in this world. Little did i know of the sin that lies deep within him as well. He made the tweet? outrageous. offensive. infuriating. So the question is: can you trust anyone? how do you get over betrayal? how do we move forward? is my entire life a lie? what is the truth??? find out on the next episode of: What The Fuck

“cis/hetero demiromantics are queer” how about y'all just admit you don’t care about lgbt people and are willing to ignore our entire history just so you can feel included? in what goddamn realm would you have been called queer? do you really think needing a deep emotional bond to fall in love makes you one of us? shut the fuck up. that is literally so offensive and ignorant

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How would RFA V+Unknown react to an MC that LOVES playing with their hair?? Love your HCs!! <3

thank you!! and no offense but this IS SO CUTE ~


  • he’s seen other couples do it before and was a bit jealous that he didn’t have someone
  • but now that you two are together, he relishes in it everytime you stroke his hair
  • his head is usually in your lap
  • and your soothing touch lulls him to sleep sometimes
  • Yoosung also makes cute little satisfied noises when you’re running your fingers through his hair
  • and you find it extremely adorable when he does


  • one of the best feelings in the world to him
  • like, why not boost his ego even more and tell him that his hair is like silk?
  • you especially like braiding his rat ponytail
  • sometimes, you’ll even look up hair tutorials online for long hair and test them on Zen’s hair
  • normally he wouldn’t let anyone touch his ponytail, but for you, he makes an exception
  • not very subtle when he wants you to play with his hair


  • such a strange concept to her
  • but in the end, she ends up favoring it more than she though she would
  • she has pretty short hair, so she’s not sure how you’d be able to do it
  • somehow you find a way
  • it’s weird at first, but the more you do it, the more she’s literally sinking into you and enjoying the gentle touch from you
  • helps her relax after working especially with Jumin’s cat projects
  • Jaehee also finds that she concentrates better and gets more work done after you play with her hair


  • before dating you, he didn’t see the point when people in relationships played with each other’s hair
  • but boy has he been missing out on some good shit
  • the way you gently run your fingers through his hair has never felt better
  • just the feeling of it tends to help him de-stress or relax after a long day of work
  • you also like playing with his hair because his hair is softer than you thought
  • and seeing a light blush on his face is priceless when you’re playing with his hair
  • he’s literally like a cat! he just wants to be pet and loved by you ok


  • at first he teases you about having a hair fetish
  • and you’re like ???? no???? i just like playing with your hair ok let me live
  • doesn’t deny that the feeling of having your hands run through his luscious locks feels so amazing
  • “You have the hands of a Goddess, MC~”
  • it’s relaxing and he can feel the love when you’re playing with his hair
  • loves making excuses about he’s so stressed out and Vanderwood’s been giving him a hard time about keeping a neat room just so you can run your hands through his hair
  • Seven just wants to feel your loving touch


  • loves it so much????
  • finds it super calming and relaxing
  • he likes it when you do it when he’s reading, though sometimes it ends up distracting him and he falls asleep
  • sometimes if you’re feeling in a silly mood, you’ll put his hair in little pigtails
  • the feeling of having his hair pulled in every which way direction feels weird but if you’re happy, he’s happy
  • obviously he can’t see what they look like on him, but he’s sure that you made him look cuter
  • you also like playing with his hair because it always smells so good? like even from a mile away, the shampoo he uses will still end up wafting around


  • at first he’s like woah what what are you doing with my hair
  • but it really grew on him
  • he loves it more than he will ever admit
  • he acts like it’s a nuisance, but not even a minute later, he’s literally enjoying the feeling of your fingers running through his hair
  • he’s never had this luxury
  • Saeran’s usually lying down on the couch with his head in your lap
  • and you just softly card your fingers through his tomato-red locks
  • it also helps calm his anxiety and the rhythm is extremely soothing to him
  • when you think he’s had enough and stop, he tells you to not stop
  • and you can’t resist because he’s so precious and needs all the love

Can people please stop saying how they are mad at 5sos for rereleasing songs bc they find it to be a money grabbing scheme or something like no offense but why are you so angry at a band for wanting to make money. Other bands come out with greatest hits albums all the time and this isn’t even that it’s all of their extra songs that many fans in some countries maybe haven’t even heard of. Not everyone feels comfortable illegally downloading things either so if you are so put out that they are doing this then just keep it to yourself. No one is forcing you to buy this so if you’re still angry that because you’ve already heard these songs and illegally downloaded them and now they are rereleasing them all in one place for fans in all countries to buy you can be quiet.

llisten.,,, Listen::; I know everyone is dying andor freaking the fuck out and SAME but yuri on ice is my ride or die anime.? Whatever content we get after ep 12 (and like before episode 12 I’m gonna be re watching until the end of time lbr) I’m going to consume the fuck out of and continue to keep supporting Kubo and MPPA until forever. They’ve given me so much hope and life and love ;;


alright no offense but @ Blizzard why did you so blatantly rip off Disney making Junkrat and Roadhog from Timon and Pumbaa?

This is video of how Timon and Pumbaa met. Timon see this big hog, runs away, begs him not to hurt him, then Pumbaa says he won’t hurt him. He the goes off to say that most animals run away from him like Timon, and that he repels other animals. (He also calls him a little guy all alone) Timon sees this as an advantage, of how Timon can protect from other animals. He says “you’re hired!” He hired him as body guard to get him to the rock.

Sounds similar right? Small twink hires big bear to be his bodyguard and protect? Probably just like how Junkrat and Roadhog met??
Y'all still believe Junkrat and Roadhog ain’t from these two?? The first twink and bear in media? Blizzard what’s good.