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When I was over in Japan, a Hong Kong dude started jaywalking across a street to bypass the traffic, but his friend started yelling at him shouting in Cantonese, “Hey, don’t jaywalk! People will think we’re from the mainland!" 

Dangers of A Direct Binding

A direct binding, also called body bindings or soul bindings, is when a spirit/entity is bound/connected  to you by your energy systems or your soul. Direct bindings are extremely dangerous, for many reasons. I and several other spirit workers have heard of many different ways they can and do go wrong, and let me tell you, the number of times they go wrong far outnumber the times they go right. 

Credit to @cloversinthecornfield for helping to verify the info in this post!

You shouldn’t get a direct binding because:

Conjurers not knowing how to undo their direct binding: They can bind, but they don’t know how to un-bind. Not many people know how to undo direct bindings, so if your binding turns out to be bad- you’re outta luck. And this binding is on your own body.

Conjurers not familiar with the energy system: They may know how to bind, they may know how to do spirit work, but they’re not familiar with how energy flows in a human’s system. Energy systems are extremely sensitive, blockages can be picked up rather easily, a problem in one area can affect the entire system, and so on. Any conjurer who knows about how easily energetic systems are affected would not be offering direct bindings in the first place. And I’m talking knowledge of the energetic system that goes past “well you have 7 chakras” like bitch you can google that. But how are blockages formed? How are they let go? How does a block in the heart chakra affect the third eye chakra? Most conjurers that offer direct bindings will not be able to answer those questions. (And before anyone tells me, yes I know chakras are only one example of a way to look at an energy system, but they are one that many people at least know the gist of, for an example in this informational post.)

Harmful Bindings: If the binding is done wrong, it could be a massive drain on your energy, or even a restriction on your energetic system. Both of these could be massively dangerous and the effects could spill into your mundane life, and thus your mundane responsibilities, as well.

  • Massively Draining Bindings: Direct bindings are powered by energy on both sides. However, if the conjurer does not put a constraint on how much energy the binding is allowed to draw, it could drain so much energy that it reaches dangerous potentials. You will be drained of magical energy, and possibly even physical energy you need in daily life in more extreme cases. How are you supposed to have the energy to break the harmful binding if all of your magical energy to do so is constantly being drained away?
  • Restriction on your energy system: So for your direct binding, your conjurer imagined your entity’s strings of energy wrapping around you. However, they unintentionally created a blockage on your heart chakra, because the binding was too tight and ended up creating a restriction on the flow on that point. Now you’re having problems feeling emotions, your depression and anxiety have worsened, and many other problems associated with having a severely blocked heart chakra.

Abusive spirits/abuse potential: You get a direct binding with a spirit, but you have a falling out. It turns out that they were very malicious. However, you cannot undo the binding; you don’t know how. You ask the conjurer- they don’t know how to undo the binding. Additionally, they assure you that you did something to piss off the spirit, that it’s your fault. Then they block you, and you’re out of places to look for help. The abusive spirit is able to bypass any and all connections you put up because of their link to your energy. They can drain you dry of energy anytime. They can attack you at anytime, anywhere, because they are linked to your energy. This will last as long as the binding is still intact.

Irresponsible conjurers that do not inform the entity of the dangers of a direct binding: Do you know how many entities that I’ve talked to where they knew nothing of the direct binding process? Much less the dangers and possible downfalls. Because of course no entity with a brain is going to want one of these when there’s 3 billion downfalls!!

Irresponsible conjurers that did not inform YOU of the dangers: Some conjurers offer this without even telling you what it is, what it does, or how it will affect you! And with that, you are usually not given information on how to break the binding in case the relationship goes badly, either. 

The chance of a binding that you literally cannot break no matter what you do: You’ve went from conjurer to conjurer, energy worker to energy worker in search of how to break the binding. However, none of them are capable of it. It could be because the binding is too strong; as it is directly linked to your energy, the binding is always at full power and thus cannot be weakened without also harming you.

Suffer massive harm if one side dies: If your companion dies you will experience a large amount of pain; physical, and astral body pain, in addition to the emotional pain. Many conjurers do not put some constraint on what will happen if a companion dies; so instead of the binding becoming undone naturally, you are still bound and the binding may attempt to fix itself by draining you.

You could become so dependent on the other spirit that you cannot function in regular life without them/vice versa: Yes, this happens. Oftentimes people and spirits in a direct binding become comfortable with the idea that they are not capable of surviving on their own, and must depend on each other entirely for guidance or even sustenance. That is not a healthy relationship, you should not be dependent on each other just to be able to survive in daily life.

Danger Blowbacks: Your companion does something and pisses off a bunch of spirits. Now the angry spirits have a way to link to your energy so they can find an attack you to. Or vice-versa; you do something dangerous and piss off a bunch of spirits, now they have a link to your companion so they could attack them too.

Hearing each other’s personal thoughts that you didn’t want them to hear: There’s this thing called “personal space”. We all have thoughts we would like to keep to ourselves, and so do entities. Intruding on another’s thoughts is rude, invasive, and potentially abusive- constant monitoring and ignorance of space/personal boundaries is a characteristic of an unhealthy relationship, after all.

Personality/moral changes that are unacceptable to you: You grow similar to those you are close to and those that have an active influence on your energy. If you were bound to a spirit with morals different from ours, would you be okay with waking up one day and not thinking unconsensual sex is bad?

Loss of individuality: You will be emotionally close, yes, but this isn’t Steven Universe. You won’t get a redemption arc, not everything will end up okay. If a binding is too strong, you will start having trouble thinking and feeling on an individual basis.

Not a danger, BUT-

You can get all of the communication benefits that a direct binding offers in a regular or distance vessel binding. You do not need a direct binding to be able to talk to spirits! You do not need a direct binding to be able to hear your spirits clearly! A good vessel attachment can give you those benefits without all of the dangers that direct bindings have. If your conjurer tells you otherwise, then they’re shit at bindings and need to git gud. 

And before anyone asks, NO I will not teach how to bind.

Why? There’s too many people on here who ask for advice, then refuse to take it and also ignore any safety warnings then turn around and preach about safety.

Feel free to reblog with your experiences/stories of direct bindings gone wrong!

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Among all Camren moments, can you list your Top 10 moment that's in your opinion confirmed they were real? My fav is their iconic Ustream moment, but to me it was more like a crush than love.

It was fucking love sweets.

n°1 - This pure look of love moment

n°2 - This pure look of lust moment

n°3 - That fucking hand touch moment

n°4 - This “I’m gonna get laid tonight” look

n°5 - This “fuck I’m already so in love with you” look

n°6 - Possessive Lern

n°7 - Jelly Lern

n°8 - This “we look totally married” convo

n°9 - The “you’re so dope, I’m so in love with you that I’m gonna pretend it’s wednesday and have the balls to sing to you and try to hold your hand in public” moment

n°10 - The butt pinch

There’s so many more moments…

The biggest proof for me isn’t a moment though, it’s a picture :

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On the topic of the rocky mountain oysters, what is the worst food any of the Anglos have forced the others to eat? (Scones don't count.)

In honor of World Jellyfish Day, we bring you the Cephea cephea, a jelly so nice they named it twice. This ocean dweller can reach over 20 inches in diameter and is sometimes called the Cauliflower Jellyfish because of its resemblance to the vegetable thanks to its eight brownish, mouth-arms. (It’s also been dubbed the Crown Jellyfish—which can be confusing, since that name is also used for other species.) Jellies have bodies that are made of two transparent layers: an outer one for protection and an inner one for digesting food. Between the two layers, you’ll find nothing but a watery gel—in fact, their bodies are more than 95% water!

Photo: Derek Keats



Money Money Money Money…MONEY!

Heaven is Hotter Than Hell

Characters: CastielXReader, ft. Sam and Dean Winchester

Word Count: 2200

A/N: Jealous!Cas with a hint of Dom!Cas for extra spice. Public sex. Adult/NSFW/18+ readers only smut warning!!! A little fluffy, because I don’t know how to write Castiel without the fluff. I am not ashamed of this.

Effervescent laughter rose above all else – the din of bar conversation, the clinking of glass, the sloshing of alcohol, and the classic rock humming on repeat from the jukebox. It needled at the patient reserve of the angel isolated in a dimly lit corner. Castiel’s steel-blue eyes smoldered – fixed on the raven-haired man in a well-fitted suit situated at the bar – lids burdened with disdain.

Bouncing hair flirtatiously tossed, teasingly dragging your lower lip through biting teeth, fingers playing with the lapel of the man’s coat, you exuded virility.

The delighted pitch of your giggle pierced the seraph more painfully than any angel blade could – fuel to the flame, his fiery gaze flared, the wrath directed towards this stranger barely contained in tightly wound muscles primed to snap. Cas observed you dance this dance before – the choreography a festering lesion seared into his memory. Next, you would excuse yourself on some pretext to reapply needless makeup and straighten already perfectly mussed hair. Upon returning, you would whisper an offer meant only for the stranger’s ears, yet also perceived by angelic ones – an invitation to call it a night and join you in your motel room. The rare evening such as this one, witnessing you escape the rigors of the hunter life into a stranger’s arms, was nearly overwhelming. The angel seethed with envy, longing for those words to be uttered from your honeyed lips – spoken only for him. But you didn’t look at him that way, and never laughed so freely when he spoke.

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Merciless - (M)

Genre; Smut

Length; 3,300+ words 

Kinks; creampie, degradation, punish fucking, breathplay, impact play, etc

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Hoseok and you always had this love/hate relationship going on; one moment you’d both be super chill, joking around with one another then the next you’d be at each other’s throats. 

This was one of those times. 

“Fuck off..” You muttered as Hoseok called you a bitch while he plopped himself down onto the couch beside you. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes in pure annoyance at the situation you were in; just having to be alone with him pissed you off. 

Hoseok turned to you, “Why are you always like this with me?” He asked, combing his fingers through his parted brunette hair. “I’m always so nice to you, y/n. What makes you wanna be so damn rude all the time?” 

As soon as you heard the false innocence his voice, you scoff in disbelief; Was he really trying to pull that shit with you? 
“Do you really want to fucking know Hoseok?” You practically shouted as you turned to face him. 

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Here have some Poth.. Cause Poth is the best way to celebrate it..

And also the one standing beside Muffin is Jelly…Yes not exactly how I wanted to introduce him but I just couldn’t leave Muffin alone freezing in lonliness over there…. okay, and now for those who doesn’t know here’s a lil info:

1. Gloom and Pibbidy (Swap!Goth and Swap!Palette) belongs to blogthegreatrouge..

2. C!Goth and C!Palette from PJs daycare Au.. belongs to blogthegreatrouge

3. Wolf Goth (belongs to echoiart) and Werewolf Palette from ljh.. belongs to blogthegreatrouge

4. Kid Goth (belongs to nekophy) and Kid Palette (belongs to angexci)

5. Kid F!Goth (nekophy) and Kid F!Palette (angexci)

6. M!Goth and V!Palette belongs to me

7. Muffin and Jelly belongs to me

8. Cupcake and Pudding belongs to me


earlyboysd: i went and came back from suju’s selca event today ~ It was really nice to hold oppas hands and took pictures #selcaevent #imelf #kissylips #areyouenvious #selcaeventwasfun #iwasgonnakeepitformyselfbutimputtingitallout #ㅎㅎㅎ
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Jelly Beans

Summary: A cute little Chris Evans x Reader where you have just one thing missing, and you attempt to make it fall into place to create a picture-perfect life. Who knew having kids with the love of your life would be so perfect?
Warnings: light smut (unprotected sex), lots of fluffiness
Word count: 1165
A/N: I would complain about this whole thing popping into my head during the time where I should be studying but I’d never say no to a cute fluffy fic. This was inspired by one of @emilyevanston​‘s adorable headcanons!

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