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dystopiansushi  asked:

i'm in love with your beauty and the beast au? I keep picturing the scene where victor will teach yuuri to dance, and when Yuuri transforms back into a human and victor sees the most beautiful man he's ever seen? also christophe is gaston but! Plot twist! Everyone wants him to be with victor but in fact he doesn't want this, he has his eyes set on someone else (Cue chris's mystery man) and just... struggles of bisexual stud chris who just wants vic's friendship but doesnt know how to go about it

aaaaaaaahhhhhh thank you so much, i’m super duper pumped for it!!!

the dancing scene is going to be soooo great and sweet and heartwarming, but. i think i’m still excited for Yuuri rescuing Viktor and Makkachin from the wolves…it’s the turning point in their relationship that helps them bridge the gap and opens each of them to understanding each other more, so i love it.

and the transformation scene will be really funny, because after Viktor realizes it’s Yuuri, he just pauses. like, “Oh. I thought you would be…fatter.” because the portrait Viktor would have as his only reference of human Yuuri would have been from at least ten years ago, and Yuuri was a pretty chubby kid lmao. also, Yuuri shrinks considerably, to be shorter than Viktor, and Viktor is like…well i’m surprised, but i can work with this.

hahahahaha, i considered Chris very briefly for Gaston, but Chris definitely fits Lumiere much more, so he had to be cast there. (bonus: the mysetery man as the maid Lumiere is always flirting with) I even considered Yuri Plisetsky for a platonic Gaston, but i really like him as a sassy, angry Chip instead. I’m kind of settled on JJ being Gaston, and Isabella being a hot version of LeFou, and there’s no death, and they go off to have their own happy ending, but you know? Georgi could fit as a dramatic Gaston too. though i’m not sure who LeFou would be in that situation…

also, you should listen to evermore from the new remake’s soundtrack, sung by Josh Groban! Ingrid recommended it to me today, and i haven’t stopped listening to it since.


Don’t be so jelly  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

wowza that’s a lot of people Σ░(꒪◊꒪ ))))

Normally I don’t like making a fuss about these things but I really have to say thank you. This is my first time being part of an online community (and fandom) and you guys have made it an AWESOME experience! I wouldn’t have been able meet so many crazy amazing talented people without all of you and I definitely wouldn’t have rediscovered my passion for art or video games. I feel like I’m re-vibing with myself from 10 years ago which is kinda cool!

So, thank you everyone for your love and support! I am just so grateful! You’ve quite literally opened my eyes to a whole new world and I couldn’t be having more fun! JELLY LOVES YOU ALL!! MWAH ♡

Wedding Sentence Starters

“I’ll give you ten cents to stick your finger in the cake”

“I’m really excited to marry you, we’re going to get so many TAX BENEFITS”

“Should we go for cocoa or brûlée for the color of the napkins? No- they are not the same color!! No-no listen-”

“I’m so ready to spend the rest of my life with you”

“After this- let’s go get ten mcdoubles and sell this big ass dress”

“This ring his beautiful- but not as beautiful as you”

“I can’t believe I just married the BEST person in the world, I’m so lucky!!!”

“Will you be the peanut butter to my jelly? No- I won’t stop- CAUSE YOU’RE THE LIGHT TO MY BULB”

“Now we’re stuck together forever, and I’ve never been happier”

Dating Draco Would Include

• Him being extremly protective
• “Draco you can let go now”
• “No”
• No one cares to pick on you because of this
• Him opening up to you and showing his nicer, more vulnerable side
• Tons of compliments all the time
• Forehead kisses 4 days
• Midnight chats
• “What do you plan to do when you leave hogwarts Draco”
• “Marry you sweetheart”
• Taking care of him while he is ill
• Vise versa
• Secret kisses
• Draco’s parents absolutely adore you
• Him getting extremly jealous of other guys
• “Draco! Why would you punch him”
• “He was flirting with you”
• “You’re so cute when your jelly”
• *blushes* “oh shut up (y/n)”
• His mother telling him to marry you while his father nods in agreement
• Being the “IT” couple

star---dust  asked:

Ah a P&P AU sounds incredible!!! You need to watch the BBC version it is truly special Landscaper AU question tho, or rather a comment, the last chapter from Yuuri's POV was amazing and will we see more of it? Im loving it and can't wait to see more!!! :-) ~~

SO I’VE BEEN TOLD but honestly idk where to watch it…is it available online, or do i need to steal a friend’s netflix account to see it?

and awww, i’m really happy to hear you liked part 3 of landscaper AU! it seems like Yuuri’s pov is a favorite, judging from the comments i’ve received…well, i like writing both perspectives! Yuuri’s pov was needed to show that the pining (and thirst) is definitely mutual!

anyway, the answer to your question is–yes! i’m not too sure if we’ll end up with an even split, but the pov changes depending on what part of their relationship the fic explores. so there is going to be some switching ((。•̀ᴗ-)✧) going on in this series!

i have this series outlined at something a little under 30 fics, and 95% of them have the pov decided on. depending on whether we’re going through a specific character/relationship arc, there may be the same pov for multiple fics. i know that there’s at least three fics in a row that are from Yuuri’s pov (but those come much later).

thanks for reading and following the landscaper AU series, it means a lot to me!!! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。