you are so hot lord have mercy

At the start, you were sweetly, naturally attracted to me

Trigger warnings: Incubus Taehyung (so sexual powers and to clarify, whilst y/n is clearly affected by meeting him at the beginning, he’s not using his powers until after she has consented to it, non verbally in the club, possibly verbally later on), voice fetishisation, public sex, pet names, Pet/Master dynamic, degradation, cum play, thigh riding, overstimulation, bondage, sensory play in the form of ice play, clit spanking, implied aftercare, cock warming.

I picture Tae, in this fic, looking like how he did for the Korean BST video. I know Incubus Tae is obviously veering into fantasy territory but I do hope you like it.

Playlist for writing this fic: Often by The Weeknd, Mirotic by TVXQ (my original hoe song), Playboy by Jonghyun (at the Agit) {he wrote the song, although Exo’s version is equally worthy hoe-writing material}, Stigma by V and House of Cards by the BTS vocal line (I know these last two songs are very sad but the way they are sung and arranged sounds so sexy) and House of Cards/Playboy MASHUP by Ryuseralover (my ultimate hoe song) (seriously check them out for the most crackiest, most eargasm-y and best kpop mashups of your life).

Bambi x

You were quite frankly bored. No one had excited you. You could very well excite yourself, your left hand and your Hitachi Wand could attest to that, but any recent conquests were dull.

You could very well find the boy “to take home to mum and dad”, your people skills and your endless helpful nature helping you to land the best boyfriend material the market had to offer. However they were all too… vanilla. Their definition of kinky being fucking you doggy style (and whilst you were a fan of doggy style, it didn’t satisfy all your sexual needs).

Surprise would be too weak of a word for your partners’ reactions to you just mentioning the word ‘overstimulation’. God forbid that those that you thought would be understanding ever hear you say the word ‘bondage’, they’d be absolutely flabbergasted.

You never understood why it warranted such an overreaction. Yes, you weren’t a Jessica Rabbit (although you did have the tits, thank you mama), you didn’t see why only the femme fatales of the world could be the only ones to have their sexuality recognised and legitimatised, at least by the men you encountered. In your eyes, it was simple: you could be a civically engaged, friendly and conscientious person and a hypersexual being at the same time. Or as said most eloquently put by Ludacris “we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed”. You just wanted someone for once to take your sexual desires seriously, to see you for the ‘freak’ you were.

So that’s how you ended up in a suffocatingly tight, crimson red bodycon dress, stupidly high stiletto heels (no more jumper dresses and combat boots for you, for at least tonight) and a mug beat for the gods, or at least hopefully beat enough to get you a good dicking down. You would dance, act coy, be brazen yet somehow slightly aloof, doing anything to emulate the bombshells and the vixens who seemed to score the most sensual of men. Your unmet carnal desires demanded it.

Two hours in and you had yet to find any potential suitors, your gut instinct and pure frustration refusing to let you to settle for any mediocre lover. Putting up an act for so long had worn on your patience to the point that all pretences were gone. Little did you know your knight in a skin tight Gucci suit was ready to come and rescue you from Sexual Frustration Land, population: you.

He had been observing you all night, taking note of your try-hard behaviour. He couldn’t fault you, you were really putting in an Olympic effort to score some kinky action tonight. Before any of your antics, he had noticed you, or at least your aura. You seemed like someone he could have a lot of fun with, a lot of sinful fun with. Now he just needed to catch your eye.

You stood up, ready to admit defeat and head home and then you saw him. His eyes caught yours first, the cerulean blue seeming almost unnatural, but suiting an ethereal beauty like him perfectly. Your eyes darted down to him licking his peachy lips, only to rise to see one of his perfectly maintained brows lift up in amusingly accusational way. You had been caught. His even more amused smirk serving as proof of that. Whether you knew it yet or not, from this point on you were screwed, and very soon quite literally.

You’ve fallen for him, he noted, as you turned away. You were seemingly trying to play coy again, whether out of embarrassment or the slickness between your thighs, his heightened senses could already smell, or both. He couldn’t quite tell yet, but he would be damned if he let you go. Why of course, he saw you.

You didn’t know how you felt about this uncomfortably arousing feeling, whether you found it pleasant or even a healthy thing that you were already wet by just looking at a man. But it wasn’t just any man, it was him, or at least that’s what your sexual spidy senses were telling you. And so, you decided to make sure to keep locking your gaze with his from across the room, only looking away to tease him, to test him, to tempt him.

Although, you soon began to get bored of the pretence again, not because it wasn’t working but because you’d rather just cut to the chase.

Before you could make any move, he raised his eyebrow, as if asking for permission. You nodded, presuming he would come over, and then soon felt your body flood with overwhelming pleasure. Your first thought was that you must not get out much if you had already cum, just from some simple eye fucking alone. He then smirked and raised his eyebrow again, as if he knew. When you stared him down, as if challenging him, the second sudden orgasm took you less by surprise. By the third you knew he was the culprit and you were going to make sure he would deliver that pleasure again, but within a much closer proximity.

So as comfortably and calmly as you could manage, whilst wearing soaked panties, you headed towards your knight in a skin tight Gucci suit, the man who has held your gaze for most of the night.

Using your people skills, you decided to take the initiative to introduce yourself first. “I couldn’t help but notice you staring at me all night, so I thought I should come and introduce myself. I’m y/n and you are?” You were already shuddering, feeling another wave ready to burst all through your body as you wait for him to tell you his name.

He gives that same amused smirk from before, and you feel the tension within your stomach tighten, reaching breaking point as you hear his sinful voice for the first time. He steadies your body with one arm around your waist and through the haze of your orgasmic pleasure, the only thing you could make out was his name, Taehyung.

You somehow manage to hold in any sounds as you ride out the waves of pleasure, letting them slowly dissipate from your body. Taehyung, half amused and half impressed, brought your hand to his lips, kissing your hand, a playful smirk painting his face as he pulled away. You had slowly come to realise that Taehyung, this mischievous man, was related to the phantom orgasms you were having, so you smirked and lent in to whisper, hot breath fanning his ear and neck. “This may be very forward of me, but Taehyung, would you like to head back to my place? It’s just that you’ve been eye fucking me all night.”

He was shocked and highly aroused by your bold language (and not just because of his incubus lineage but because no one had been this forward with him from the get go). You were just perfect. He leant forward, to murmur in your ear, his deep voice making you even wetter, if that was humanly possible, “I’ll fuck you right here, if you’re game”.

You led your blonde beauty to the dance floor, the slight hiking up of the hem of your dress serving as an invitation. An invitation he was going to take.

Forever a tease, he began to dance with you, his back to your front, the only indication of his devious intentions being the phantom touch you felt against your glistening lips, spreading your juices. It was an appetiser for the main course.

With all your focus on the phantom hands, you had failed to realise what Taehyung was doing, his cock already freed from the fly of his slacks and the back of the dress hiked up enough for him to enter you. He let you feel him slide your panties to the side, one last non-verbal ask for consent and when you leant back into his touch, he gave you what you wanted.

Whilst his suit was tailored, practically a second skin, you had wondered how it mangaed to hide all he was packing. By God was he packing. He wasn’t uncomfortably big but his size was commendable, definitely bigger than average. You were grateful that you were so wet, needing all the lubrication you could get. And despite all that, all you could feel from the moment your skin made contact with his, the moment your eyes meet across the room, was the most divine of pleasures, of the most sinful kind.

His entrance was just like that, a slow burn and then a raging inferno all at once, all pleasurable but all consuming at the same time. You’d never felt this hot and bothered in your life and it was only the beginning. ‘Oh Lord have mercy’, you thought. ‘Oh if only you knew just how ironic that thought would be’, Taehyung’s thoughts responded in his mind, a smirk playing on his lips. He continued, this time aloud, by your ear, in his deep-ass voice that was practically dripping with sex, ‘I’m not the Lord and I won’t have mercy, but I’m a incubus and I’ll make you feel so good Baby.“

Half surprised and half not, you whisper yelled your response, “I didn’t say that aloud. How did you know how to reply?”

He let out a melodic chuckle before responding in his husky voice, “Sex demons have a lot of powers, as you’ve already… hmm let’s say… experienced. I try not to use them, but sometimes it’s just happens. I don’t like to read minds, its invasive, but yours has been siren, calling me the whole night. I couldn’t help myself even if I tried. Now I know it’s a bit to take in but do you still want me to make you feel good?” When you nodded, he smirked. (He wouldn’t tell you this now but he was also relieved, glad that such an enthralling beauty hadn’t rejected him and so he’d be at your service tonight).

As Taehyung got into a rhythm, you wondered how you both looked like to all the other patrons. Could they even tell that you two were fucking? Their bodies were pressed together, so close, surrounding you both on all sides. Their combined body heat would usually be stifling but Taehyung had already set you alight with his actions. The loud music and drunken haze of your fellow club goers helped to prevent the discovery of your sin.

As a add-on to your earlier note, you soon came to realise that not only was Taehyung hung but he clearly knew how to use it. Whilst there was clearly more to Taehyung than met the eye, he was otherworldly, as you just discovered, you were now too far gone in the throes of passion to care. You took what he gave you, and then some, and what he gave you was a lot. The thrusting wasn’t as harsh as you bet it could be, he could be, but it was deep, so very deep, and assured and all you needed. (Whilst Taehyung had no shame and didn’t care if you two got caught, he didn’t want you both to be kicked out before you had both climaxed at least once.)

You then grinded back against Taehyung, partly to disguise his thrusts, to make it look like you were both dancing, and partly because you wanted to make him feel as good as he made you feel. Yet, to you, the thrill of fucking in public was so incredibly hot, even with the threat of getting caught… especially with the threat of getting caught.

As you discovered from the moment Taehyung entered you, what was even hotter than his voice was his touch. His length was girthy enough to stretch you out exactly the way you’d like. It meant that your velvet walls could feel every throbbing vein in it’s entirety. It was also hotter in a more literal sense, every touch of his skin against yours licking your skin with a flame, leaving a warm tingle in its aftermath and only adding to the fire in your loins.

His length, girth and his deep thrusts not only allowed him to constantly rub against your g-spot, but for him to start touching your cervix. You couldn’t be happier, the obscene knowledge of him being so deep, whilst this fact was unbeknownst to the crowd on the dance floor, practically made you drip.

If you thought of the instant orgasms were torture, this was a slow and painful death. Everything was too much and not enough, the complete manifestation of lust. Or put in better terms, Taehyung was the compete manifestation of lust.

He chuckled lowly, the vibrations going through his body to yours. His delectable voice whispering by your ear, his warm breath raising goosebumps across you skin, “Hmm, you’re such a dirty slut, y/n. Letting me fuck you in a crowd, where anyone could see. It’s making you so wet Baby that you’re dripping all over my cock.“ He paused before he continued, “Hmm, can I call you Kitten, y/n? You’re just such good Kitten material.”

Usually you would tease your paramour, not giving in immediately, you had an interesting relationship with control at the best of times. An ordinary man would have earn such a honour to have you as his Kitten. But Taehyung was no ordinary man, he wasn’t a man full stop. He had you from the get go and for once, for at least tonight, you’d be happy to relinquish some control. “I’d like that Taehyung. Pet names are so fucking hot. They make me weak at the knees. Although I should warn you that I don’t give that honour to the many, so don’t disappoint your Kitten.”

His hands were encasing yours, places on your hips, fingers intertwined. He gave yours a squeeze, a silent sign of his gratitude and commitment to pleasure you like only an incubus could. You smiled at this, commitment acknowledged; your response being to grind harder against him.

Taehyung smirked and thrusted even harder, another important display of the unspoken body language between you two. The booming music of the club allowing him to speak using an indoor voice without getting caught, he finally gave you a verbal repsonse. “Hmm, well Kitten, I bet you could cum from just my cock. But the slut you are, my slut, you’ll always be wanting more. Won’t you Kitten?” And with that you felt your clit being rubbed, Taehyung’s hands still firmly on your hips, his naughty phantom hands coming out to play.

God you were done for. You were so damn close, the pleasure kept on building and building and you were anticipating the crescendo.

Aware of the effect that his voice had on you, Taehyung murmured against your ear, “Cum for me Kitten… Cum all over my cock.“

And that’s all it took, your moans drowned out by the thumping music. You melted into Taehyung’s hold; your legs turnt to jelly from the tsunami of pleasurable waves that came your way. Your clenching walls dragging Taehyung down with you after a couple more deep thrusts.

Once you were sure on your feet again, Taehyung pulled out, his seed surprisingly not dripping down your thighs. Once he had made sure you were both decent he spoke by your ear, in a hushed tone “I’d like to keep you full of my cum until I fuck you again later tonight. Now, I want you to give me a show, so let’s go Kitten.”

Taehyung took your hand, helping you through the crowd of unsuspecting dancers, to lead you to a VIP room. Three of the walls were made up partly by mahogany partition screens, allowing interesting streams of light through the cracks, illuminating a sinful man in a sinful way. It providing a risk of getting caught, just like your previous actions on the dance floor.

Taehyung sat down on an emerald-green deeply buttoned velvet sofa, his legs spread wide, his dark glint in his eyes. “I want you to ride me Kitten,” patting his thigh, his heated gaze never leaving yours.

As you came closer, he tutted. “Take your panties off, leave your dress on Kitten.” So you turned around and bent over, giving Taehyung an eye full, as you peeled off the soaked black lace panties. You then folded them into his jacket pocket, to serve as a reminder of your rendezvous.

Appeased by your actions, Taehyung pulled you down to straddle his left thigh, ready for you to give him a show.

Mind already clouded by lust from all that has happened earlier, you moved your hips with no inhibitions, grinding down hard on to the firm muscle of Taehyung’s thigh. Your unabashed riding turning Taehyung on no end, his pupils blown.

Your juices had already started to drip down onto Taehyung’s black slacks, making them even darker if that was even possible.

The material of his trousers helped to add to the delicious friction against your clit. So you continued to grind down with total abandon, working yourself up to your fifth orgasm of the night.

Taehyung couldn’t help but drink in the obscene sight of you, grinding down on his thigh, a lascivious smirk painting his face. A wink joining it as he flexed his thigh. His actions ripping a moan out of your throat, making you nearly topple over due to the extra stimulation.

Taehyung kept flexing his thigh, helping to add that extra bit of friction that you needed to build up to that sexual nirvana. How close you were was obvious this time, it being painted on your face, showing Taehyung how much he was affecting you. You were giving him the show he wanted.

By the time that the waves of your orgasm came, flooding your system with endorphins, you had practically soaked Taehyung’s trousers, them sticking to him better than any tailor could dream to achieve. His own seed still inside you, giving you that feeling of fullness. You suspected that Taehyung had something to do with that, but you didn’t want to get hung up on the details, as in this case the devil was inside you, beside you and he was too hot to handle.

You were brought back to reality by the sound of Taehyung growling by your ear, his grip on your hips practically bruising, yet oh so pleasurable. “I loved that little show you just gave me Kitten. You’re so dirty but we’re about to get practically filthy. I’m starving and it’s time for dessert.”

Ever the gentleman, he helped you to your feet, helping to smooth down your dress before he transported you back to his so-called ‘humble abode’.

“I wanted to go somewhere with a little more privacy, because I have plans Kitten… indecent plans… sinful plans. Are you down, Kitten?” You nodded, no words needed.

Taehyung was rubbing off on you in more ways than one, your own version of a lascivious smirk painting your face as you noted that he transported you to his bedroom.

“This may be very forward of me, but y/n, would you like to head back to my bed? It’s just that you’ve been cumming for me all night.“

Clearly you had rubbed off on Taehyung too, in more ways than one. The parallels not being lost on you for a second, neither was his intentions. There was only one way to respond.

“I’ll fuck you right here if you’re game”

That infamous smirk came back, the only warning before Taehyung’s lips crashes with yours, his sense of restraint gone out of the window. You had driven him crazy all night and now he was going to do the same to you.

In an moment of sincerity, Taehyung pulled away from the kiss and held you close, as he asked you to pick a safe word, your choice amusing him no end. The word you chose, ‘Lord’.

As the moment had come and gone, Taehyung proceeded to kiss you again, his naughty hands slowly peeled off your dress, leaving an pleasant warmth in their wake. When he pulled back, his smirk got even wider.

“No bra, Kitten? Hmm, you really are perfect Kitten material, prepared for your Master. Well your Master is prepared for you too, Kitten.” With that Taehyung threw you onto the bed and kissed up your arms, another silent ask for consent before tying your wrists to the bed posts.

Taehyung’s plump lips came down, ready to trace down your beautifully bare body. You shivered in anticipation and again when his lips left behind a confusing mixture of hellish heat and a chilling cold in the wake of their path. A little glimmer inbetween his lips giving away the secret to interesting blend of temperature and sensation. An ice cube.

By the third you were practically screaming for more, desperate for more stimulation, desperate to have Taehyung inside you once more. So desperate that you were not below begging. “Master please give me your cock. Please Master fuck me, I’m already so wet for you. Your cum is inside me, imagine how hot and wet a fuck your Kitten would be now.”

By now, Taehyung’s smirk was etched onto his, it a permanent fixture to your obscene actions. His next obscene action causing you to scream out his name, the riding crop being hit across your clit serving as enough to get you to cum again.

Taehyung soothed the pleasurable sting with his lips, kissing his precious Kitten’s clit. Whilst it soothed, Taehyung’s actions also inflamed, his heated touch diving you into the realm of overstimulation.

Just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore, it started to become pleasurable again and the desire for Taehyung’s cock grew (much like his cock did).

“Master, please your Kitten wants, no needs, your throbbing cock. Master, please your Kitten wants to be fucked by you and your throbbing cock. Please fuck me Master.”

Taehyung felt merciful.

His clothes were gone in a flash, giving you little time to wait for Taehyung’s entrance. His cum from your previous activities served as the perfect lube, it allowing him to glide that much more easily in and out of your heavenly pussy.

Taehyung couldn’t help but find the sight of his own cum on his cock a turn on, it driving him closer to the edge than he’d like to be. The only place he preferred it more was inside your cunt, which is why he kept on fucking it into you.

In all fairness though, everything you’d both done since fucking on the dance floor had driven him mad with lust and for a sex demon that’s quite a feat. He knew however that you were too far gone too and that it wouldn’t be long until you both cum again.

Taehyung deep voice commanded you for the last time tonight, “Kitten, look between your legs, looking at where I’m fucking you, how I’m fucking you. Look at how I’m fucking my cum deeper into you, my cum helping me to fuck your wet cunt. Now I want you to cum Kitten, cum from the sight of my cum-covered cock fucking you.”

This time you saw white, the outburst blinding you, robbing you of all your senses for a moment. It was only when you regained your wits that you felt warm seed painting your velvet walls again. The feeling of Taehyung’s cum inside you almost made you cum again, but even a sex-lover like you knew what your limits where.

But he proved himself, he did make you feel good, better than good. He made you feel so good that you felt legless, Taehyung deciding to magically clean you, since you were clearly in no state to leave his bed.

And so you stayed like that, limbs wrapped around each other’s bodies, Taehyung’s cock kept warm inside you, as he played with your hair. His melodic voice singing you a lullaby, sending you to sleep after a night of pure sinful bliss.

anonymous asked:

could we get some hcs of junkrat with a crush on the reader before they date?? like how does The Dirt Boi handle it ? what does he do?? :3 thank you so much if you do this!

  • Lord have mercy on this poor boy
  • Has no idea what to do with these feelings
  • Doesn’t understand why his face gets really hot when you smile at him
  • Will play it cool and try to impress you with cheesy puns and elaborate explosives displays
  • Becomes a flustered mess if you show any signs of reciprocating
  • Cutest lil blush when you laugh at his jokes
  • And if you’re sitting together and your hands touch for a brief moment?
  • Junkrat.exe has stopped working
  • He’ll leave you little presents, usually trinkets made of bits of scrap. Pretends to have no idea what you’re talking about when you ask if he’s the one leaving them (but it’s painfully obvious they’re from him.)
  • Will probably need a shove gentle nudge from Roadhog to finally confess. Is surprisingly sweet going about it but he’s a nervous wreck, stumbling over his words and going beet red
  • When you tell him you feel the same he picks you up in a great big hug and can’t contain his giggles

when the shadowhunters cast is hot but you also really love their personality and its a whole mess;

matthew daddario is the kind of hot that has you shaking your head because hes such a dork and inside youre like dear god i cant fucking believe ive fallen for such a dad like hes literally chasing birds calling himself the bird king mATTHEW and yet he’s the perfect aesthetic of a hot man

Harry shum Jr. is the kind of hot that has you ripping out your hair because quite frankly no one should be allowed to dance like that and have that kind of body???! and on top of it he is a precious bean. he is so generous and his laugh is better than all of us

dom is the kind of hot that is like unbearable and youre like lord have mercy of fucking course he has two different coloured eyes and then two seconds later hes playing with a dog and singing songs and youre crying because what kind of goals

alberto is the kind of hot that you kind of stare at from afar because youre like how can someone so pure exist in a body like that what did i do to deserve this kind of pain and maybe youre sobbing a little when you watch him on tv because he is probably the embodiment of an angel i swear to god hes so nice look at him

david castro is the kind of hot where youre like kicking a wall because buddy??? did we ask?? the answer is no we did not so put on a shirt for the love of god but also please dont and keep uploading videos and never stop lauGHING because its fantastic and hes so humble why

isaiah is literally the kind of hot that makes me want to throw myself into a river like he smiles and youre like oh look lmao its the fucking sun parting the clouds what the fCUK and his eyes are so kind just like his soul and youre like dying because all you want is a peaceful life

emeraude toubia is the kind of hot that makes me want to tear out my eyeballs because listen first off she is An Actual Goddess and she laughs like puppies (is that a thing) and she is so grateful for her life!! i cry because i want her hair to like strangle me idek who i am anymore she changed my life

katherine is the kind of hot that youre literally sobbing over because she looks like a doll????? my mom my princess my angelic little sunflower she is so pure i have never seen anything as pure as her she is a cat, she is a pup, she is a bunny rabbit also her gIGGLE I WANT TO die anyway she raised me

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Maybe a weird experiment has gone wrong in the avengers tower. And Steve is... Lactating?! Like he got the whole a/b/o symptoms. But he is shy to tell anyone. But Bucky finds out anyways, because Steve's pecs ache and he caught Steve messaging them several times with wet patches in his tight t-shirt.... And Bucky is very aroused by that and wants to experiment ********

Lord have mercy. 

Keep reading

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Hello hello, just wanted to say that I really really love your writing especially your 24K fics! ^~^ (especially your changsun fic lord have mercy on me) Anyways, would it be too much to request a Cory smut? One where he's really tired from practice so you give him a massage to help him relax, but it ends up in you giving him a blowjob? Don't worry if you can't get it done right away, take your time. Thank you!! 💕

Coming Home

Genre- Smut

Group- 24K

Member- Cory/ Hong Joohyun

Admin- Aussi

I placed the noodle in my mouth, chewing as I tried to judge it. I grinned, turning off the heat and bringing the noodles over to strain them. My eyes squinted, hot smoke pouring up as I drained the water.

I put a tea towel on the table before setting the strainer down next to the sauce. I hummed, setting the table. It had been a while since Cory came over for date night, he was always too busy. It wasn’t a surprise that he was, I was aware that he would be- they were a fairly new group after all. I was okay with the fact he wasn’t around a lot, I was proud of him for doing it. He worked hard and the others looked up to him.

The opening of the front door shook me out of my thoughts and I beamed, running to him. Cory took his shoes off before stepping in the house and stretching his arms out. I darting into his embrace, hugging him tightly, “I missed you.” I pouted, speech mumbled by his shirt.

“I missed you too.” He said, a hand resting on the back of my head as we rocked back and forth, still hugging. His nose scrunched slightly in confusion, “What’s that smell?” He leaned down to sniff my hair, making me giggle. His brows stayed furrowed, “That’s not it..”

I took hold of his hand, pulling him into the dining room, “Ta-da! I made spaghetti, your favorite.” Cory gave me a small smile, kissing me on the forehead. I frowned at has lack of excitement. He always got super excited when I made spaghetti, “Are you okay?” I asked, concerned.

“I’m okay im just tired. Practice today was intense, im sore and exhausted.” He sighed, placing his hands on his temples and walking into my bedroom.

“Do you want me to give you a massage?” I offered, Cory’s face lighting up as soon as the idea came out of my mouth. I smiled, patting the bed sheets, “Take off your shirt.”

Cory gave a devilish grin, “Ooh, Feisty.” He said, biting the air in my direction. I wacked his shoulder and he laughed, taking his shirt off.

“Just lay down, Dork.” I said, to which he complied. I pulled some essential oil and lotion out of the bedside table. Cory got stressed a lot and I read that these helped relax both the muscles and stress. I put some lotion on his back, putting three drops of the oil in it.

Cory shivered, whining, “It’s cold!” I rolled my eyes at his childish antics.

“It’s only cold for a second, please suffer through it.” I began to rub in the lotion, spreading it evenly, “So what all happened today? You have tons on knots.”

“We were practicing a dance for a new comeback and none of us could get this one move down so we had to keep practicing it- Shit that feels good.” He explained, groaning the last part. I gulped at the sound, tingles running between my legs. I ignored it as he continued, “Everyone’s timing was off too so we had to practice the song over and over again.”

“Ahh, I see.” I said, panting slightly. He kept making noises and it was driving me crazy. I worked the lotion into his hot skin, pressing against the knots. My lips brushed the back of his neck, making him groan again.

“What are you doing sweetheart?” He asked, voice lower that usual. I began kissing down his spine. I whispered against his skin.

“Nothing, just relax.” I resumed kissing up and down his spine. There are 33 vertebrae in a spine and I wanted to give him a kiss for each one of them. I noticed him grinding against the mattress slightly the more kisses he got.

After I finished, I moved up to start sucking on his neck, lightly, so I didn’t leave a mark. Cory pouted dejectedly against the mattress, “I’m too tired for sex, Honey.” I just smiled devilishly against his skin.

“Who said we had to have sex?” Cory made a ‘Oooh!’ noise, grinning widely. He turned his head to capture my lips in a kiss. I pulled away, looking at him mischievously, “Flip over for me.”

Cory turned over, unzipping his pants and pulling them off, underwear following. He wrapped his hand around his cock, pumping it slowly to a full erection.

Once he deemed himself hard enough, he took a hold of my hands, placing it on himself and letting me take over. His dick pulsed happily in my hand as I stroked him, thumb occasionally swiping over the crown to brush away accumulating beads of precum.

I leaned down, the tip of my tongue licking his slit, tangy precum resting on my tongue. Cory bucked up, forcing my lips to wrap around his tip. I let go of it instantly, licking down the side of his cock instead. Moving back up, I pressed my tongue flat against a large vein, sucking on it slightly.

He looked down at me with hooded eyes, biting his lip as I fully engulfed his dick in my mouth. My eyes closed instinctively, enjoying the velvety texture against my lips and the flavor of his salty skin. My cheeks hollowed as I began to bob my head, taking him deep in my mouth. I swallowed around his swollen tip, Cory hissing at the sensation, hands moving to grip my head. I gripped his wrists and pulled away, “No hands.” I tutted before licking around the tip, causing him to jerk in my mouth slightly, desperate for more.

My mouth took him in once again, tongue licking around it as I sucked the burning flesh. My hands cradled his balls, massaging them and urging them. I licked down his hot length, taking his balls into my mouth, hands now stroking him quickly and expertly. He got louder as his dick jerked in my hands.

Sensing his oncoming orgasm I placed a quick kiss on his tip, hands moving fast to help him reach completion. He moaned loudly, cum splaying across my face. I licked my lips, wrinkling my nose slightly at the bitterness. Cory laughed, moving to get a tissue.

He wiped my face clean, moving some of my hair behind my ears, I gave him a small kiss in return. Cory got up, putting on new underwear and a comfortable pair of pajama pants. He hugged me from behind, head resting on my shoulder, “You know what?” He asked.


“Pasta actually sounds great right now.” I placed a kiss on his nose, the two of us smiling lovingly at each other.


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Same gal who asked about the alpha/omega/beta dynamic aND HOLY SHIT SO MUCH WISDOM, and if you get the chance can you write a one shot (or full blown story) cause that would be amazing! Also I'm so fucked up cause the idea of Gaku exploiting Satoru in heat is just LORD HAVE MERCY HOT

(whispers quietly) i am a sinning man and these are my sinning hands. 

Also on AO3 here: [link]

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Certified Sub

Prompt: Hey, since your doing wwe imagine can I request a Enzo smut where he let the reader dominate him?

Pairing: Enzo x Reader

Warning: Sweat Kink(I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, sweat just turns me on), oral(male receiving), sex, Miss/submissive play, and a walk in.

Word Count: 1.6k

P.S: I usually don’t get worked up so my own smuts, but LORD HAVE MERCY, this right here is a dirty ass smut, soooo yeah, enjoy!

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Vernon Dahmer was a civil rights leader in the mid-1960s, when Mississippians were still required to pay a poll tax in order to register to vote. In January 1966, the successful farmer and businessman publicly offered to pay that tax for black people who couldn’t afford it.

That night his house was firebombed by the Ku Klux Klan. His wife and three of his children were at home.

“We didn’t think anybody would bother the children, but we were wrong, they intended to get all of us January the 10th, 1966,” Vernon’s widow, Ellie Dahmer, told their daughter Bettie during a recent visit to StoryCorps.

“That night, when I waked up, the house was on fire, and it was so bright and so hot. You was screaming to the top of your voice, ‘Lord have mercy. We’re going to get burned up in this house alive.’ I raised the windows up, and then your father was handing you out the window to me.”

What One Family Sacrificed To Help Black People Vote In 1966

Photo: StoryCorps
Caption: Ellie Dahmer holds a photo of her late husband, Vernon.


My Girl (Rafinha Alcantara imagine)


“Babe I’m going to go to the store” 

Going into the living room, Rafinha was sitting on the couch as he flipped through the television channels. I sighed, and began walking quietly going towards the door. I was not going to be told to change. 

And lo’ and behold right as my hands touched the magic door-knob where on the other side was the mystical place known as the garage, Rafinha says something, “Great you want me to go-You’re not leaving the house like that” 

I turned to face him, “Rafinha, I am just going to the store that’s right there this is fine to wear” I said

He raised his eyebrow’s, “Oh really so this is okay to wear?” He asks

I nodded, “It’s perfectly fine to wear, it’s hot as hell out there” 

He slowly nodded his head, as if understanding. “Okay, now that you understand I’m going to leave before anything else comes out of your mouth” I said

“Hold up” 

I mentally cursed in my mind, but reluctantly turned around to face him. “Yes” 

“So what are you going to do if someone touches you?” 

I looked at him, “What?” I asked confused

He sighs, “If you go out like that men are bound to stare at you, and then eventually touch you. Am I not correct?” 

I rolled my eyes, “Alright, alright, alright I’ll change lord have mercy on my soul” I said as I walked back on up to the bedroom. 

The next time when I came out, Rafinha was waiting by the door swinging the car keys on his finger. Grabbing them I was about to walk out the door when I stopped him, “Where are you going?” 

He pointed to the car, “Why are you going there?” 

Rafinha chuckled, “Because I’m going with you to the store, so nothing happens” He explained 

I shook my head, “No, you’re going to go back inside and watch tv until I come back I have a lot to do and I can’t do anything when you’re around” I said

“And why’s that?” 

“Cause you’re a distraction” 


“I don’t know him Rafinha” 

“Well why was he looking at you?” He asked

I sighed, “I have no idea, now shh so I can finish” I said

He just huffed and didn’t say anything else. After finding everything I was looking for in the store we headed to the check-out. But you know what today it seemed like the gods didn’t want me to live. 

The person at the check-out was a male, and not just any male an ex-boyfriend male. Going to the check out he didn’t see me at first and I was glad because Rafinha was preoccupied with looking at the magazines while I put the things on the belt. 

“Hello and welcome to-Y/N” 

I stopped moving things, and slowly looked over to him. “Um-hi” I said

He smiled, “It’s been a while how are you?” Garret asked

“She’s fine who are you?” Rafinha asked butting-in 

I sighed rubbing my forehead, “Who are you?” Garret questioned

I placed a hand on Rafinha’s shoulder, and then looked at Garret. “Um yeah, I’m fine. Rafinha this is my ex-boyfriend Garret, Garret this is Rafinha my boyfriend. Now that we have this all settled can I get my bags” I said

But you know men, neither of them paid any attention to me. So as I moved to grab my bags, Rafinha pulled me towards him saying, “This is my girlfriend” 

To which both Garret and I rolled our eyes, “Rafinha I think he understands but I don’t think the people behind us care so can we grab the bags and go please” I said 

Not saying anything he released my arm, and picked up the bags walking out of the store and leaving me standing there. “You sure know how to pick them Y/N” 

I turned to Garret, “That I do” 

Chuckling I followed Rafinha out of the store and too the car, once we were in I placed my hand on his. “Quick question you know before we start driving” I said

He raised an eyebrow, “What?” 

“Where you really jealous back there or where you semi jealous?” I asked jokingly

Rafinha laughed, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” 

I nodded my head, “Sure you don’t “

  • *taehyung arrives*
  • inner jungkook : my goodness taehyungie has arrived he radiates beauty and cuteness how can someone be so hot and adorable i might faint lord please have mercy on my soul
  • taehyung : hi
  • jungkook :
  • jungkook, aggressively : what do you mean ? i'm not whipped for you
  • taehyung : ?
The Different Parts Of Louis Tomlinson

sooo i’m sure there must be about a thousand masterposts on louis but i decided to do just one huge, massive masterpost because i just wanted to get all of louis in one thing. seems impossible bUT LET’S DO THIS!

(this is long as fuck and i’m not even sorry)

(credit to the owners of the pictures and gifs used in this thing; i do not own anything besides the stupid comments, if you want credit to be given to something of yours let me know here!)

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Idk abt real ppl for the ask tag so you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but dan and arin?

(Did you mean this thing? ‘Cause I’m just gonna assume that)

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

They are my holy boys, so precious, pure, and goddamn attractive!

Sex with BTS (Yoongi)

A/N: I’m sorry, I just had to let this out T_T This will be a series with short descriptions of how I think each member would approach sex with their lover. And of course, this is in no way how sex would actually be with them. Just how I imagine it. 

Oops my second bias wrecker is here. Lord have mercy on my soul because this was hot to write. I had to change it so many times cause it kept getting personal and it also came out so long. Shit Yoongi why you do this to me.

Others: Seokjin // Hoseok

Yoongi: You’ll have an amazing, lazy and erotic sexual experience with Yoongi. He would be lying in bed while you slowly strip in front of him. His favourite part would be watching you pleasure yourself, voyeurism being his main kink. He’d study your movements with hooded, lustful eyes, raking down your sensual body. He’d love following your hands as they glide over your neck, breasts, tummy and thighs as you put on an erotic show. He would want you to touch yourself, making you feel confident because of his undistracted gaze piercing through your soul. He wouldn’t be ashamed of openly gazing at every inch of your beautiful body. He’d appreciate it like it was a ravishing piece of sculpture moulded to perfection. Watching you enjoy your body would turn him on so much, you’d find his arm sneaking down to his manhood, slowly caressing it while never breaking eye contact. Both of you slowly masturbating to each other. When you come close to him, he’d pull you by your arm till you’re leaning over him, his lips softly kissing your neck and jaw. He’d gradually bring his fingers down to your panty-laden pussy, massaging it at a leisurely pace, gazing into your eyes, studying each and every expression you make. He’s not much of a kisser and would rather study your face while he pleasures you than distract himself of your beautiful face by kissing. He’d roll you to the side, preferring to hover half his body over you, his face only centimetres away as your voice whines out moan after moan. He doesn’t seem like the type to eat you out, preferring to get you off with his hands instead. His fingers will go fast and slow at random times, denying your orgasm before picking up speed again. His thumb circling your clit slow and hard, while his fingers pump in and out of you at leisurely pace. He’d find it important to rub against your G-spot, wanting to make you feel amazingly good no matter what.  You will be a complete mess under him, clutching onto his arms and hair, grinding against his fingers, when you finally reach your high. His mouth would also slightly open in a silent moan as he’d watch your entire being come undone underneath him. His eyes would rake over your open mouth and closed eyes as you let out a long moan, your pussy twitching around his fingers. He’d give a lazy smirk, once you come off your ecstatic high. He’d also be the kind to enjoy handjobs, and not blowjobs particularly. He’d love to see you tease him by massaging his cock, licking it slightly now and then as you get him more agitated by the second. He’d let out low deep grunts, his eyebrows furring together. Ahh, Aiishh. He’d end up making sharp hissing sounds every time a certain touch or flick of the tongue would hit home, his expression seeming irritated at how long you’re teasing him. Once you mount him to take away his sexual frustration, he’d hold your hips and grind you against him. Hard and slow. Your hands would be on his chest as he’d manoeuvre your hips according to his pleasure. He’d be a passive Dom who’d want you on top, but still control you from the bottom. It will be the same deal with when he got you off with his fingers. He’d love to go slow, enjoying each and every moment of it. Sex being an important soul binding experience for him. Not once will his eyes stray from yours, making the entire act become all the more intense. He would love to hear your moans, loud and needy right next to his ear. The louder you moan, the nearer he gets to cumming. When you both climax, he’d want your face close to him, foreheads touching as both your mouths open in an intense orgasm brought about by a slow building. When you finish, after all the exhaustion you’d thump on the bed next to him, his arm circling your waist and pulling you closer as he snuggles against you and falls fast asleep, breathing softly against your neck. 

"sweeney todd" starters


  • “What happened then?”
  • “You are young. Life has been kind to you.”
  • “There’s no place like London.”
  • “If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be lost at sea.”
  • “Times are hard.”
  • “Wait! What’s your rush?”
  • “I thought you were a ghost!”
  • “I haven’t seen a customer in weeks.”
  • “They all deserve to die.”
  • “Mind you, I can hardly blame them.”
  • “Did you come in for a pie, sir?”
  • “Do forgive me if my head’s a little vague.”
  • “What was that?”
  • “You’d think we had the plague from the way the people keep avoiding.”
  • “Here we are. Hot out of the oven.”
  • “These are desperate times, and desperate measures are called for.”
  • “Pain makes people change.”
  • “I’m your friend, too.”
  • “I lied because I love you!”
  • “There’s little point in dwelling on the past.”
  • “It’s like the good Lord sent you for me.”
  • “Would no one have mercy on her?”
  • “So, it’s you.”
  • “Where is my wife?”
  • “I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t listen to me.”
  • “She poisoned herself with arsenic.”
  • “No, no, I never lied!”
  • “You lied to me.”
  • “You knew she lived.”
  • “No doubt the years have changed me.”
  • “It’s man devouring man, my dear!”
  • “What is that sound?”
  • “Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around.”
  • “Nothing to be afraid of!”
  • “You’re a bloody wonder.”
  • “Have charity towards the world.”
  • “We’ll serve anyone.”
  • “Will I see you again?”
  • “A gentleman knocks before entering a lady’s room!”
  • “My cage is many rooms.”
  • “I don’t have dreams… only nightmares.”
  • “May the Lord have mercy on your soul.”
  • “He’s drinking me out of house and home.”
  • “People think it’s haunted.”
  • “What may I do for you today, sir?”
  • “Years ago, something happened up there. Something not very nice.”
  • “You have a room over the shop, don’t you? If times are so hard, why don’t you rent it out?”
  • “Life is for the alive, my dear.”
  • “Lately all the neighbors’ cats have disappeared.”
  • “What a coarse enterprise!”
  • “Smells like piss.”
  • “This is piss - piss with ink!”
  • “Always had a fondness for you, I did.”
  • “I meant no harm.”
  • “You’ve come home.”
  • “Don’t I know you?”
  • “What have I done?”
  • “What was his crime?”
  • “Think on your sins.”
  • “Leave it to me.”
  • “I will leave this place.”
  • “All she did for months was lie there in bed!”
  • “Do you mean it?”
  • “Come here, my love.”
  • “Could that thing have cared for you like me?”
  • “Can we still be married?”
  • “They never go away.”
  • “Don’t worry, no one will recognize you.”
  • “You’re safe now.”
  • “The way ahead is clear!”
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?”
  • “I’ll steal you…”
  • “Boy’s drinking like a sailor.”
  • “Pity a woman alone.”
  • “Here, drink this. You’ll need it.”
  • “For a minute there I thought you’d lost your marbles.”
  • “Now, we’ve got a body rotting away upstairs. What do you propose we do about that thing?”
  • “We’ve got a nice respectable business now.”
  • “You’re barking mad!”
  • “Ugh! All that blood.”
  • “Well, waste not, want not!”
  • “All this shouting and running about, what’s happened?”
  • “Out. OUT!”
  • “What’s your rush?”
  • “There, there, dear, calm down…”
  • “Anything you say.”
  • “We’ll do wonders, won’t we?”
  • “We’ll be married on Sunday!”

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your tags about roman and seth's angsty eye fucking... so much yes. I love how their relationship evolved from a soft, supportive one (endearing butt slaps and seth saying 'you got him baby' to encourage roman) to angsty eye fucking... lord have mercy, i love seth's not-so-cemented, kinda-burned-the-bridge-maybe-not relationship with dean and (especially) roman rn it's great. i hope seth keeps the bratty&cocky persona forever because for me it's what fuels all this angst and (sexual) tension

yeah, i love when seth and roman team up but i also really love when they’re tearing each other apart (same thing with seth and dean, obviously). seth being an asshole and roman punishing him for it is pretty damn satisfying (and hot). the best part of their matches is that roman really heels it up and he looks like he enjoys hurting seth and seth (usually) deserves it. and their sexual tension is  always off the charts. like, are they gonna try to murder each other?? or are they gonna fuck?? who knows. and i don’t even care, i’m so here for either one.

and it’s really interesting how roman can go from (still) being protective of seth one minute to taking pleasure in his pain the next. it’s a great dynamic. i’m obviously stoked as hell for the shield reunion, but i’d still LOVE to see a longer feud between the two of them some day. i’d probably die from the UST but i’m willing to risk it.

Im just gonna freak out over all my favorite gifs of Chanyeol heh don’t mind me ಥ‿ಥ

 lets start with my favorite gif of him (≧ω≦)

like omg just look at how he starts smiling and the corners of his lips curl up and his eye brows raise a little bit and his cheeks get all round and my favorite thing is those eye wrinkles that form TT_TT 

this gif is just PURE SEX like that hair is crafted specifically to make our lady parts leak -_-


I cry every day about this gif look at his bedhead LOOK AT HIS ARMS ugh he’s so sleepy and cute (╯3╰)






I would sit and play with his ears for hours tbh

Do you ever just tingle down in that area. Thats what happens to me when i look at this.


i hope you all have wet dreams about this man i know i will

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Hi! So, one of your artworks just ambled across my dash, the one with the gorgeous ace guy in suspenders and I would just like to know more about him because oh my god my initial reaction was LORD HAVE MERCY HOT HOT TATER TOT.

klsjf I’m so glad you like him! He’s a character from an original story/comic I’ve been attempting to script- only 10 chapters done so far sobs wEH

Anyway, the ace boy is Larton! He’s one of a whole group of displaced refugees living in a world no longer fit for human survival. He’s quiet. Excellent shot with a pistol! Not… so good with making the words.

Currently outfitted with two bomb-ass prosthetic legs courtesy of his best friend slash big sister figure, who heads the camp.