you are so hot lord have mercy

when the shadowhunters cast is hot but you also really love their personality and its a whole mess;

matthew daddario is the kind of hot that has you shaking your head because hes such a dork and inside youre like dear god i cant fucking believe ive fallen for such a dad like hes literally chasing birds calling himself the bird king mATTHEW and yet he’s the perfect aesthetic of a hot man

Harry shum Jr. is the kind of hot that has you ripping out your hair because quite frankly no one should be allowed to dance like that and have that kind of body???! and on top of it he is a precious bean. he is so generous and his laugh is better than all of us

dom is the kind of hot that is like unbearable and youre like lord have mercy of fucking course he has two different coloured eyes and then two seconds later hes playing with a dog and singing songs and youre crying because what kind of goals

alberto is the kind of hot that you kind of stare at from afar because youre like how can someone so pure exist in a body like that what did i do to deserve this kind of pain and maybe youre sobbing a little when you watch him on tv because he is probably the embodiment of an angel i swear to god hes so nice look at him

david castro is the kind of hot where youre like kicking a wall because buddy??? did we ask?? the answer is no we did not so put on a shirt for the love of god but also please dont and keep uploading videos and never stop lauGHING because its fantastic and hes so humble why

isaiah is literally the kind of hot that makes me want to throw myself into a river like he smiles and youre like oh look lmao its the fucking sun parting the clouds what the fCUK and his eyes are so kind just like his soul and youre like dying because all you want is a peaceful life

emeraude toubia is the kind of hot that makes me want to tear out my eyeballs because listen first off she is An Actual Goddess and she laughs like puppies (is that a thing) and she is so grateful for her life!! i cry because i want her hair to like strangle me idek who i am anymore she changed my life

katherine is the kind of hot that youre literally sobbing over because she looks like a doll????? my mom my princess my angelic little sunflower she is so pure i have never seen anything as pure as her she is a cat, she is a pup, she is a bunny rabbit also her gIGGLE I WANT TO die anyway she raised me

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tf5 optimus and hot rod 👀

fu cking damn you

tf5 optimus:

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

take over the planet already my gorgeous thigh master 

kay but i didn’t expect him to be so


in 4 and now


hot rod: (im assuming this is bayverse)

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

he’s ok. the accent is different. im still angry they didnt have a flames paintjob on him

i know you did this on purpose you 

Certified Sub

Prompt: Hey, since your doing wwe imagine can I request a Enzo smut where he let the reader dominate him?

Pairing: Enzo x Reader

Warning: Sweat Kink(I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, sweat just turns me on), oral(male receiving), sex, Miss/submissive play, and a walk in.

Word Count: 1.6k

P.S: I usually don’t get worked up so my own smuts, but LORD HAVE MERCY, this right here is a dirty ass smut, soooo yeah, enjoy!

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Vernon Dahmer was a civil rights leader in the mid-1960s, when Mississippians were still required to pay a poll tax in order to register to vote. In January 1966, the successful farmer and businessman publicly offered to pay that tax for black people who couldn’t afford it.

That night his house was firebombed by the Ku Klux Klan. His wife and three of his children were at home.

“We didn’t think anybody would bother the children, but we were wrong, they intended to get all of us January the 10th, 1966,” Vernon’s widow, Ellie Dahmer, told their daughter Bettie during a recent visit to StoryCorps.

“That night, when I waked up, the house was on fire, and it was so bright and so hot. You was screaming to the top of your voice, ‘Lord have mercy. We’re going to get burned up in this house alive.’ I raised the windows up, and then your father was handing you out the window to me.”

What One Family Sacrificed To Help Black People Vote In 1966

Photo: StoryCorps
Caption: Ellie Dahmer holds a photo of her late husband, Vernon.

  • *taehyung arrives*
  • inner jungkook : my goodness taehyungie has arrived he radiates beauty and cuteness how can someone be so hot and adorable i might faint lord please have mercy on my soul
  • taehyung : hi
  • jungkook :
  • jungkook, aggressively : what do you mean ? i'm not whipped for you
  • taehyung : ?

My Girl (Rafinha Alcantara imagine)


“Babe I’m going to go to the store” 

Going into the living room, Rafinha was sitting on the couch as he flipped through the television channels. I sighed, and began walking quietly going towards the door. I was not going to be told to change. 

And lo’ and behold right as my hands touched the magic door-knob where on the other side was the mystical place known as the garage, Rafinha says something, “Great you want me to go-You’re not leaving the house like that” 

I turned to face him, “Rafinha, I am just going to the store that’s right there this is fine to wear” I said

He raised his eyebrow’s, “Oh really so this is okay to wear?” He asks

I nodded, “It’s perfectly fine to wear, it’s hot as hell out there” 

He slowly nodded his head, as if understanding. “Okay, now that you understand I’m going to leave before anything else comes out of your mouth” I said

“Hold up” 

I mentally cursed in my mind, but reluctantly turned around to face him. “Yes” 

“So what are you going to do if someone touches you?” 

I looked at him, “What?” I asked confused

He sighs, “If you go out like that men are bound to stare at you, and then eventually touch you. Am I not correct?” 

I rolled my eyes, “Alright, alright, alright I’ll change lord have mercy on my soul” I said as I walked back on up to the bedroom. 

The next time when I came out, Rafinha was waiting by the door swinging the car keys on his finger. Grabbing them I was about to walk out the door when I stopped him, “Where are you going?” 

He pointed to the car, “Why are you going there?” 

Rafinha chuckled, “Because I’m going with you to the store, so nothing happens” He explained 

I shook my head, “No, you’re going to go back inside and watch tv until I come back I have a lot to do and I can’t do anything when you’re around” I said

“And why’s that?” 

“Cause you’re a distraction” 


“I don’t know him Rafinha” 

“Well why was he looking at you?” He asked

I sighed, “I have no idea, now shh so I can finish” I said

He just huffed and didn’t say anything else. After finding everything I was looking for in the store we headed to the check-out. But you know what today it seemed like the gods didn’t want me to live. 

The person at the check-out was a male, and not just any male an ex-boyfriend male. Going to the check out he didn’t see me at first and I was glad because Rafinha was preoccupied with looking at the magazines while I put the things on the belt. 

“Hello and welcome to-Y/N” 

I stopped moving things, and slowly looked over to him. “Um-hi” I said

He smiled, “It’s been a while how are you?” Garret asked

“She’s fine who are you?” Rafinha asked butting-in 

I sighed rubbing my forehead, “Who are you?” Garret questioned

I placed a hand on Rafinha’s shoulder, and then looked at Garret. “Um yeah, I’m fine. Rafinha this is my ex-boyfriend Garret, Garret this is Rafinha my boyfriend. Now that we have this all settled can I get my bags” I said

But you know men, neither of them paid any attention to me. So as I moved to grab my bags, Rafinha pulled me towards him saying, “This is my girlfriend” 

To which both Garret and I rolled our eyes, “Rafinha I think he understands but I don’t think the people behind us care so can we grab the bags and go please” I said 

Not saying anything he released my arm, and picked up the bags walking out of the store and leaving me standing there. “You sure know how to pick them Y/N” 

I turned to Garret, “That I do” 

Chuckling I followed Rafinha out of the store and too the car, once we were in I placed my hand on his. “Quick question you know before we start driving” I said

He raised an eyebrow, “What?” 

“Where you really jealous back there or where you semi jealous?” I asked jokingly

Rafinha laughed, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” 

I nodded my head, “Sure you don’t “

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(for how hot is that character) L

Send me a character and I’ll rate their hotness! 

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Okay listen I mock him constantly so allow me this have you seen those collarbones alright he’s absolutely awful but I’m weak for him alright shhhhhhh AND HIS M I ND. HIS MIND IS INCREDIBLE

Intelligence is so attractive…

I’ll be. In the shame corner if you want to find me

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Mia Fey for How Hot Is That Character™

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Like…. physically-wise she is gorgeous but personality-wise she is an even broader range, which is=

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


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Ok so about this 'how hot is that character': I'd really like to know what you think about Shaun Hastings.

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Originally posted by paxaun

Shaun isn’t really my type, but he does have that adorable, nerdy look to him. Gotta love the sarcastically sweet Brit.

Sex with BTS (Yoongi)

A/N: I’m sorry, I just had to let this out T_T This will be a series with short descriptions of how I think each member would approach sex with their lover. And of course, this is in no way how sex would actually be with them. Just how I imagine it. 

Oops my second bias wrecker is here. Lord have mercy on my soul because this was hot to write. I had to change it so many times cause it kept getting personal and it also came out so long. Shit Yoongi why you do this to me.

Others: Seokjin // Hoseok

Yoongi: You’ll have an amazing, lazy and erotic sexual experience with Yoongi. He would be lying in bed while you slowly strip in front of him. His favourite part would be watching you pleasure yourself, voyeurism being his main kink. He’d study your movements with hooded, lustful eyes, raking down your sensual body. He’d love following your hands as they glide over your neck, breasts, tummy and thighs as you put on an erotic show. He would want you to touch yourself, making you feel confident because of his undistracted gaze piercing through your soul. He wouldn’t be ashamed of openly gazing at every inch of your beautiful body. He’d appreciate it like it was a ravishing piece of sculpture moulded to perfection. Watching you enjoy your body would turn him on so much, you’d find his arm sneaking down to his manhood, slowly caressing it while never breaking eye contact. Both of you slowly masturbating to each other. When you come close to him, he’d pull you by your arm till you’re leaning over him, his lips softly kissing your neck and jaw. He’d gradually bring his fingers down to your panty-laden pussy, massaging it at a leisurely pace, gazing into your eyes, studying each and every expression you make. He’s not much of a kisser and would rather study your face while he pleasures you than distract himself of your beautiful face by kissing. He’d roll you to the side, preferring to hover half his body over you, his face only centimetres away as your voice whines out moan after moan. He doesn’t seem like the type to eat you out, preferring to get you off with his hands instead. His fingers will go fast and slow at random times, denying your orgasm before picking up speed again. His thumb circling your clit slow and hard, while his fingers pump in and out of you at leisurely pace. He’d find it important to rub against your G-spot, wanting to make you feel amazingly good no matter what.  You will be a complete mess under him, clutching onto his arms and hair, grinding against his fingers, when you finally reach your high. His mouth would also slightly open in a silent moan as he’d watch your entire being come undone underneath him. His eyes would rake over your open mouth and closed eyes as you let out a long moan, your pussy twitching around his fingers. He’d give a lazy smirk, once you come off your ecstatic high. He’d also be the kind to enjoy handjobs, and not blowjobs particularly. He’d love to see you tease him by massaging his cock, licking it slightly now and then as you get him more agitated by the second. He’d let out low deep grunts, his eyebrows furring together. Ahh, Aiishh. He’d end up making sharp hissing sounds every time a certain touch or flick of the tongue would hit home, his expression seeming irritated at how long you’re teasing him. Once you mount him to take away his sexual frustration, he’d hold your hips and grind you against him. Hard and slow. Your hands would be on his chest as he’d manoeuvre your hips according to his pleasure. He’d be a passive Dom who’d want you on top, but still control you from the bottom. It will be the same deal with when he got you off with his fingers. He’d love to go slow, enjoying each and every moment of it. Sex being an important soul binding experience for him. Not once will his eyes stray from yours, making the entire act become all the more intense. He would love to hear your moans, loud and needy right next to his ear. The louder you moan, the nearer he gets to cumming. When you both climax, he’d want your face close to him, foreheads touching as both your mouths open in an intense orgasm brought about by a slow building. When you finish, after all the exhaustion you’d thump on the bed next to him, his arm circling your waist and pulling you closer as he snuggles against you and falls fast asleep, breathing softly against your neck. 

"sweeney todd" starters


  • “What happened then?”
  • “You are young. Life has been kind to you.”
  • “There’s no place like London.”
  • “If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be lost at sea.”
  • “Times are hard.”
  • “Wait! What’s your rush?”
  • “I thought you were a ghost!”
  • “I haven’t seen a customer in weeks.”
  • “They all deserve to die.”
  • “Mind you, I can hardly blame them.”
  • “Did you come in for a pie, sir?”
  • “Do forgive me if my head’s a little vague.”
  • “What was that?”
  • “You’d think we had the plague from the way the people keep avoiding.”
  • “Here we are. Hot out of the oven.”
  • “These are desperate times, and desperate measures are called for.”
  • “Pain makes people change.”
  • “I’m your friend, too.”
  • “I lied because I love you!”
  • “There’s little point in dwelling on the past.”
  • “It’s like the good Lord sent you for me.”
  • “Would no one have mercy on her?”
  • “So, it’s you.”
  • “Where is my wife?”
  • “I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t listen to me.”
  • “She poisoned herself with arsenic.”
  • “No, no, I never lied!”
  • “You lied to me.”
  • “You knew she lived.”
  • “No doubt the years have changed me.”
  • “It’s man devouring man, my dear!”
  • “What is that sound?”
  • “Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around.”
  • “Nothing to be afraid of!”
  • “You’re a bloody wonder.”
  • “Have charity towards the world.”
  • “We’ll serve anyone.”
  • “Will I see you again?”
  • “A gentleman knocks before entering a lady’s room!”
  • “My cage is many rooms.”
  • “I don’t have dreams… only nightmares.”
  • “May the Lord have mercy on your soul.”
  • “He’s drinking me out of house and home.”
  • “People think it’s haunted.”
  • “What may I do for you today, sir?”
  • “Years ago, something happened up there. Something not very nice.”
  • “You have a room over the shop, don’t you? If times are so hard, why don’t you rent it out?”
  • “Life is for the alive, my dear.”
  • “Lately all the neighbors’ cats have disappeared.”
  • “What a coarse enterprise!”
  • “Smells like piss.”
  • “This is piss - piss with ink!”
  • “Always had a fondness for you, I did.”
  • “I meant no harm.”
  • “You’ve come home.”
  • “Don’t I know you?”
  • “What have I done?”
  • “What was his crime?”
  • “Think on your sins.”
  • “Leave it to me.”
  • “I will leave this place.”
  • “All she did for months was lie there in bed!”
  • “Do you mean it?”
  • “Come here, my love.”
  • “Could that thing have cared for you like me?”
  • “Can we still be married?”
  • “They never go away.”
  • “Don’t worry, no one will recognize you.”
  • “You’re safe now.”
  • “The way ahead is clear!”
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?”
  • “I’ll steal you…”
  • “Boy’s drinking like a sailor.”
  • “Pity a woman alone.”
  • “Here, drink this. You’ll need it.”
  • “For a minute there I thought you’d lost your marbles.”
  • “Now, we’ve got a body rotting away upstairs. What do you propose we do about that thing?”
  • “We’ve got a nice respectable business now.”
  • “You’re barking mad!”
  • “Ugh! All that blood.”
  • “Well, waste not, want not!”
  • “All this shouting and running about, what’s happened?”
  • “Out. OUT!”
  • “What’s your rush?”
  • “There, there, dear, calm down…”
  • “Anything you say.”
  • “We’ll do wonders, won’t we?”
  • “We’ll be married on Sunday!”

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Hi! So, one of your artworks just ambled across my dash, the one with the gorgeous ace guy in suspenders and I would just like to know more about him because oh my god my initial reaction was LORD HAVE MERCY HOT HOT TATER TOT.

klsjf I’m so glad you like him! He’s a character from an original story/comic I’ve been attempting to script- only 10 chapters done so far sobs wEH

Anyway, the ace boy is Larton! He’s one of a whole group of displaced refugees living in a world no longer fit for human survival. He’s quiet. Excellent shot with a pistol! Not… so good with making the words.

Currently outfitted with two bomb-ass prosthetic legs courtesy of his best friend slash big sister figure, who heads the camp.

The Different Parts Of Louis Tomlinson

sooo i’m sure there must be about a thousand masterposts on louis but i decided to do just one huge, massive masterpost because i just wanted to get all of louis in one thing. seems impossible bUT LET’S DO THIS!

(this is long as fuck and i’m not even sorry)

(credit to the owners of the pictures and gifs used in this thing; i do not own anything besides the stupid comments, if you want credit to be given to something of yours let me know here!)

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Im just gonna freak out over all my favorite gifs of Chanyeol heh don’t mind me ಥ‿ಥ

 lets start with my favorite gif of him (≧ω≦)

like omg just look at how he starts smiling and the corners of his lips curl up and his eye brows raise a little bit and his cheeks get all round and my favorite thing is those eye wrinkles that form TT_TT 

this gif is just PURE SEX like that hair is crafted specifically to make our lady parts leak -_-


I cry every day about this gif look at his bedhead LOOK AT HIS ARMS ugh he’s so sleepy and cute (╯3╰)






I would sit and play with his ears for hours tbh

Do you ever just tingle down in that area. Thats what happens to me when i look at this.


i hope you all have wet dreams about this man i know i will

The Beautiful One (The Lucky One Prequel)

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4

Chapter o4. Oh Sehun

“_______ah, try this one,” Soobi said holding up a red mini-dress against your body. 

The scar on your right calf throbbed. 

“No.  No.  No.  Definitely not that!” you declined, waving your hands.

“Oh come on!” she whined, dragging you into the bathroom to change. 

Seeing that there was no way out, you grabbed a pair of black tights from her drawer.  They were thin and translucent but enough to hide your flaws.  The red dress accentuated your thin waist and ample bosom, while curving perfectly along your thighs.  For a moment, you wondered if it had been tailor-made for you. 

“Oh Dear Lord, have mercy on the guys tonight.  You are completely smoking hot…and this is coming from a straight female!” Soobi exaggerated as she peeped in through the slit of the door. 

You giggled at her dramatic compliment.  Staring at your reflection, you could barely recognize yourself.  It wasn’t that you thought you were pretty or anything, but it was just so different from the chubby girl who stared back at you four years ago.  This girl…looked radiant and confident. 


Maybe…maybe he’ll be there. 


“Are you ready, ________ah?  The taxi’s outside,” Soobi informed.

With one last look in the mirror, you followed your friend out of the house. 


Now, Soobi was intelligent and hardworking, but she was also a party animal.  That chick could dance for decades and still not be tired.  You danced awkwardly beside her, too uncomfortable with how the skirt of your dress kept riding up your thighs.  To your horror, a few guys came up behind you.  One placed his hands against your thighs and you staggered back in shock. 

“Well, well…who do we have here?  Beautiful, could I buy you a drink?” he smirked, running his hand up against your waist. 

Immediately, your friend turned around and flung his hand away from you. 

“Excuse me, Mister.  There is no groping here under my watch,” Soobi warned, glaring into his eyes. 

He chuckled, “Feisty, I like”.

He leaned in to kiss Soobi but before he could, a hard slap landed across his face.  To seal the deal, your friend took a glass of ice and poured it down the suitor’s pants.  The young man yelped in anguish, retreating to the bathroom and thus leaving you guys alone.  You blinked, stunned by the turn of events.  Soobi was definitely a sassy girl, but that just set her apart in a class of her own.  You internally clapped for your friend. 

“Are you okay?” she asked worriedly, seeing your dazed expression. 

You nodded but then excused yourself, “Hey, I’m a bit wiped out.  I’m going to rest for a bit”.

“Okay, sure!  I’ll be right here if you need me,” she replied. 

Plopping yourself to the nearest sofa, you threw off your heels and massaged your poor ankles.  Yep, partying was not for you.  However, you reminded yourself that you were here for Soobi and only for Soobi…though deep in the back of your mind, you selfishly wished your longing for Sehun could be cured today. 

And just as you thought about it, a familiar reflection appeared on the glass window next to you.  His honey-brown hair, dark crescent moon eyes, and gorgeous sharp jawline stared back at you.  You held your breath as a lone tear cascaded down your cheeks. 

How have you been?

Your lips quivered watching his smile glow brightly against the glittery disco ball lights.  A part of you willed yourself to turn around and greet him…you know just for old times sake, but you couldn’t…because if you fell into the hole again, you weren’t sure you’d be determined to climb back up this time.  And he already had his happiness with Kim Minyoung.  What worth was it for you to intrude in his life now?  He…didn’t need you anymore. 

“______ah,” Soobi called from the dance floor.

Instantly, you wiped away your tears and turned around to see her motioning for you to rejoin the fun.  You shook your head but your extroverted friend was adamant about having you dance with her one last time.  Before you knew it, you were dragged back onto center stage, just inches away from Oh Sehun. 

Your gaze locked with Sehun’s.  So many thoughts ran through you mind, including the intention of dashing away, but Soobi held you still.  In Sehun’s eyes, you saw an overflow of emotions while he stared back into your watery orbs.  In fact, you couldn’t help but notice his eyes roam over you from head to toe.  For that moment, you felt as though you were alone with Sehun in another world. 

“Hey,” he managed to say, breaking the tension, “H-how…have you been?”

You opened your lips to respond but Soobi beat you to it.  Motioning for the group to the tables, she suggested playing some drinking games to cure her boredom.  But neither Sehun nor you moved, still too absorbed in your own little world. 

How have you been?

“______ah,” your crush’s raspy voice called.

“Come on, guys!” Soobi cut in, pulling you to the sofa. 

Reluctantly, you followed her but your head kept turning back to look at the attractive young man.  He trailed behind with his friends.  As you sat down, you scooted over to the right so that Sehun could take the seat next to you.  However, to your dismay, his friend, Chanyeol plopped down in the spot before Sehun could even react.  The two men exchanged death glares as you cleared your throat at the uncomfortable situation.  With a defeated sigh, Sehun took the sit across from you.  You nervously sipped on a glass of ice water. 

“Let’s play Baskin Robins 31!” Soobi suggested and everyone nodded. 

“1, 2, 3,” Soobi began.

The game continued for six rounds and for some reason, you always lucked out causing Chanyeol to be punished with continuous shots.  Guiltily, you bowed to him apologetically.  He groaned as he chugged down another shot.  Across from you, Sehun smirked amusingly. 

“_______ah, since when were you so good at these games?” Sehun teased, causing you to flush red.

“Okay, let’s change games!  I think _______ is cheating!” a semi-tipsy Chanyeol slurred. 

“Fine,” Soobi laughed, rolling her eyes.

“I’m the master of Kai Bai Boh!” Chanyeol informed.

“Pfft…We’re see about that, Big Boy,” Soobi challenged.

Sehun and you giggled at their childishness.  As you sat up straight to play the game, your leg accidentally grazed your crush’s.  Semi-shocked, he looked up and you two locked gazes again.  This time, you were able to immediately break the eye contact before it got too deep.  However, you could still feel his stare burn the side of your face. 

“Kai Bai Boh!” everyone called, with the exception of Sehun, who was still lost in his reverie. 

“Sehun-ah!” one of his friends elbowed him. 

“Oh, sorry,” he apologized.

“Too late.  You lost,” Soobi said, pushing a shot glass to his direction. 

You stared worriedly at him as he downed the drink as if it was water.  Everyone clapped at his manliness but you continued to check on him to make sure he was okay.  And you didn’t understand why you were so worried…Chanyeol had gulped at least three shots and was perfectly fine. 

“Kai Bai Boh!” you heard but due to your staring at Sehun, you totally missed the cue. 

One of Sehun’s friends snorted. 

“Jeez, what’s wrong with you two?” another one chipped in. 

A shot glass slid down the table, stopping in front of you.  With widened eyes, you hesitantly picked it up.  Sehun glared at the glass as if it was some kind of grenade or deadly weapon.  As the touch of glass met your lips, Soobi’s slender fingers pulled the glass from you.  She poured it down her throat and patted her chest.  After six rounds, you looked at your barely conscious friend.  But you just kept losing.  Was this some plan devised by Chanyeol as revenge for beating him in the previous game?  Because no matter what you threw out – scissors, paper, or rock, somehow you always lost. 

With her forehead against the table, Soobi reached for the alcohol in front of you but you stopped her. 

“What?  Are you too cool for alcohol or something?” one of Sehun’s friends teased, putting you in a defensive position.

“No, um…I just…” you stuttered, as you fidgeted with the glass in your hands. 

Before you knew it, a pair of large hands wrapped around the glass.  You gasped as his fingers slightly grazed yours.  The owner gulped down the drink.

“Sehun-ah…” you heard your voice whisper but he gave you a reassuring smile. 

You looked away, blinking back tears that threatened to fall from your watery orbs.

Stop being so good to me. 

“Kai Bai Boh!” every shouted happily. 

Your fist clenched as soon as you realized you were the lone scissor in a sea of rocks.  Sehun’s friend smirked mischievously and mixed a drink before placing it firmly in front of you.  You narrowed your eyes at the deadly cocktail.  Swallowing the lump in your throat, you raised the glass to gulp it down.  As soon as you do, the young man across from you stood up and grabbed the glass, emptying the contents into his stomach.  

“Wow, Sehun-ah.  I don’t know what Minyoung would say to this,” one of his friends joked.

Sehun coughed from the raw alcohol but shot his friend a death glare for bringing the topic up.  You recoiled back in your seat not making a single sound.  Your crush looked at you intently with an incomprehensible expression of mixed pity and frustration.  Perhaps more of pity because it was so evident that you still had feelings for him though fully knowing he wouldn’t be able to return them.  It took every last breath of yours to not burst into tears at that thought. 


You didn’t want to play anymore.  Abruptly, you got up but Chanyeol pulled you back down to sit.  A low growl sounded from Sehun’s direction.  And maybe if he had been so protective of you four years ago, you would have given in but today…you couldn’t.  You really couldn’t handle his pity for you because the more he protected you, the worst it felt.  But no matter what you did, he wouldn’t let you take your own punishment.  So slowly, it became a mental game between the two of you.  Even though you hated alcohol with your entire being, you were stubborn about not accepting his pity.  You didn’t need his love.  It made you already content that he found his happiness.  But it killed you that he was being so good to you.  How were you going to let go what he acted like this? 

Glaring at him through your dark watery orbs, you held the beer mug against your lips but the already drunken Sehun stubbornly took it from your hands.  Some of its contents splashed out onto the table from his brute force.    

“Sehun-ah…” you complained, but you don’t dare make a scene when all of his close friends were present. 

“D-don’t…worry…” he slurred, before collapsing against the sofa.

His cheeks were bright pink betraying his drunken state.  You wiped the traitorous tear the managed to escape from your eye.  Chanyeol hovered over and shook Sehun a few times but he was non-responsive. 

“He’s done for the day,” Chanyeol confirmed. 

You covered your shaking lips with your palms. 

“I am too.  Let’s go, ________ah,” Soobi murmured as you helped her up. 

Helplessly, you watched as two of Sehun’s friends held him up to his feet.  Incoherent words spurted from his lips and with each syllable, you felt your heart drop lower and lower until it reached the core of the earth. 

As his friends piled one by one into taxis you thought that maybe you finally got your answer after ten years of waiting.  He pitied you as a friend; he felt guilty that he couldn’t return his feelings.  And maybe that was all you’d ever be to him…just another fangirl who he needed to protect out of responsibility and not out of love. 

And unknown to you…the next nine months would prove you wrong…     

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