you are so hot i am angry

Ladies and gentleman, could we take a minute to admire how awesome and attractive Chuuya was in this episode?

He was so cute looking like that

This smirk is like telling you: YOU. ME. Bedroom. NOW.

Protect this smol angry cinnamon roll-chan ♥

btw Serious Ranpo  is hot as hell too

Anyway, am I the only one that was disappointed that they had cut out the “Mr Fancy hat” scene?

Utter Idiot (Leto Joker x Reader)

AN; Oh my lord. This one is SUPER LONG and i’m sorry and it started off with me trying to write something hot but I just had so much fun with this. I am such Leto Joker trash and I don’t even care. I hope you guys like this!

Warnings; Swearing, blood, biting?, guns, mention of murder, mention of drugs, mention of abuse, mentions of torture. I think that’s everything..?

Summary; Reader gets bored waiting for Mr J to get out of Arkham so decides to visit him.

WORD COUNT; 4221     I know please forgive me

The sounds of angry threats and maniacal laughter echoed around the dark and gloomy building. Shifting nervously in the damp corridor, your eyes constantly flitting and focusing on something new in an attempt to familiarise yourself with the place. One of the guards escorting you sent a glare your way, one meant to fill you with unease, but you disregard it quickly.
Coming to a sudden halt outside of a heavy metal looking door you are herded in to quite possibly the filthiest room you had ever seen. They’ve gone all out I see. You thought bitterly.
Not allowing them the satisfaction of your distaste you turned to the main guard, Officer Michaels. It was only then you noticed you were alone in the room.
Confusedly you started towards the man about to question him when he leered; ‘Get comfortable sweetheart’ and with a wink the door was slammed shut in your face.
So this is it huh? You thought to yourself as you perched on the disgusting table in the middle of the room. You had been in some questionable places but this just might take the cake. Arkham Asylum, home to the worst of the worst, and now here I am. Harmless little me. You smirked to yourself.
You tried to recall when your life got so complicated and quickly became lost in thought. Your whole life had been a bit of a shit storm, so a trip to Arkham wasn’t that out of the blue. Although completely avoidable in this instance you seethed inwardly.
Getting more comfortable on the table you impatiently made a list of the people who would inevitably pay for your little trip here today. ‘God help them’ you smirked to yourself, still staring off in to space.
You were broken out of your thoughts by the sound of footsteps approaching the hole Michaels had left you in. Readying yourself, you stood throwing back your shoulders and donning a look of indifference and boredom.
Battle ready, you looked towards the door as it swung open. Michaels stepping in first; ‘You have half an hour, no more, as required by law this room has no cameras or listening devices. If you need us..’ he trailed off eyeing your body ‘..scream’ he smirked. Rolling your eyes at his idiocy, you added him to the list you had made earlier.
Laughter brought your attention to the centre of the mass of guards. A laugh that sent shivers down your spine and brought a sudden heat between your legs.
You devoured the green haired maniac in front of you forgetting where you were for a second. He hadn’t yet noticed you too preoccupied taunting the perverted guard.
‘Sexually harassing a lawyer now Officer? You surely should know better?! Besides I never took you for a lover of dick, explains why you just can’t stay away!’ his signature cackle you loved so much met your ears and you had to physically stop yourself from releasing a giggle of your own, grinding your teeth together in your efforts.
He’s expecting Frost, Shit. He’s going to be so pissed.
You didn’t want to interrupt him, you knew better than to interrupt one of his pissing contests, but you couldn’t allow the guard to have the upper hand.
‘Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered! It just explains your penchant for cavity searches’ J’s cackle brought out laughter from one of the younger guards, Michaels hand shot out clipping the kid around the head.
Clearing your throat and adjusting your glasses, you smiled towards the pale clown who was still cackling madly. ‘I can take it from here boys’ you stated as confidently as you could, tilting your head daring them to eat in to any more of your time.
The laughter ended abruptly. Ever so slowly the Jokers eyes turned to meet yours. To the guards leaving you alone with the ‘Clown Prince of Crime’ himself, they probably thought he was sizing you up like a predator does its prey, assessing your armour of tight skirt, revealing blouse. But you knew better.
His icy blues where furious.
You silently prayed he’d be more pissed at the guard for his comments now that he realised they were about you, than at your presence but kept your face as stoic as possible.
You took the silence as an opportunity to take him in. He was a hot mess, his hair unkempt and falling around his face. Straightjacket on, limiting how intimidating he could be towards you, although you would never voice that. And blue ‘Arkham’ bottoms hanging low on his hips. Always low on the hips you groaned hungrily to yourself.
You felt the desire for him starting to bloom, and saw a slight smirk grace his lips as he caught your obvious ogling.
You didn’t care much, he knew he would only have to raise a non-existent eyebrow and you would be stripped bare, ready and waiting to do his bidding. That’s just how you both liked it, and even if he wouldn’t admit it you had nearly the same amount of power over the Kingpin himself.

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listen not that I object to zodiac memes but would you fuckers stop typecasting pisces as gentle pastel ocean fairies in flowercrowns who love all things soft? I am an Angry Hot Mess whose devotional aesthetic is Clothes That Are Too Dirty For The Cupboard And Too Clean For The Basket. yesterday I yelled at Netflix for not having Doom. like yes I am absolutely a procrastinating chaotic dork who frequently forgets what day it is, but I also might as well have Fight Me stamped on my forehead. pisces is the dolphin sign but dolphins are belligerent assholes when they’re not posing for national geographic, SO 


So Aladdin finally makes the connection between Sinbad and what has been happening with the rukh and confronts him together with Alibaba.

If my beginner japanese skills are correct he asks if Aladdin is going to deny that this world is an unreasonable one. I just LOVE Aladdin’s reaction to Sinbad. He is so angry…(and hot gosh I am sorry)

Aladdin is so done with Sinbad’s shit like any of us. He can’t even believe it.

But this impresses me the most. My favorite page besides the AliAla art at the beginning. The way he immediately stands up, getting into fighting position. He will defend the world his father created by his own will…

Alibaba now is asked to choose a side by Sinbad. I hope his rukh is not manipulated…

To summarize: I am so satisfied about Aladdin, happy about his angry reaction and will to fight. I am still done with Sinbad’s shit and if he lays a finger on Aladdin I hope he dies for good. Alibaba better decides well and doesn’t get influenced by Sinbad to choose Sinbad’s?

Sam Looking Fine as Hell.

Requested by @memyselfandi707fan

I am 100% excited about writing how hot Sam is and I am fully prepared for this.

Let’s get started!

Okay so, Sam is the third oldest incubi brother and he’s considered the brute and harsh and blah blah blah.

But if you really get to know him and know what makes him angry and what makes him smile and cry, he’s actually a pretty great guy.

Now, everyone also says that looks aren’t important, but to an incubus, that’s the most important thing to them.

If they are low on energy and don’t have much to use on mind control to make their vicitims fully wanting to kiss him, looks play a very important part.

But Mika Anderson never fully looked at Sam the way she is now.

It was a day warm in Chicago, one of the more pleasent times of the year for the normally cold city.

Sam was leaning against the wall of the house in the front yard, enjoying the cool breeze running through his hair. He closed his eyes, leaning his head against the wall.

Mika was dressed in normal summer clothes, glad for her city to finally stop being cold so she could enjoy the sun and the breeze.

Wanting to feel the breeze on her face, she opened the front door, expecting to see no one outside, but when she turned her head to the side she stiffled a gasp of surprise when she saw Sam.

She didn’t want to disrupt him for he looked so calm and relaxed, so different from the way he acted around his brothers.

Mika found his calm demeanour quite attractive.

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Request from anon: An imagine when the guys are talking about how hot y/n is and Sammy over here’s and gets angry? You can make it a smut someway if ya want😊👍🏽

Sammy’s POV

“Why am I doing this again?” Y/N asked, putting on her dress. “Because.” I responded. “Because?” I just sighed, “When you go to the party, I want to see what the guys think about you physically. And then have them meet you so they can judge you as you, not Sam’s girlfriend.” She just looked at me with a wtf face. “Please, it’s for me to know that they like you because of who you are, and not because you are my girlfriend.” I grab her hands, pulling her on my lap. “It’s time to stop hiding you in the shadows, especially to my boys. But they need to get to know you, as you.” “Ok but what if they hit on me instead…” “Then, stop flirting with them!” “No promises. What if I go, and I meet them, and realize I got the ugly friend..” She says with the straightest face then cracks a smile. “Oh I’m the ugly friend huh?” I start tickling her. 

Later that night at the party, I kept looking at the sliding doors, waiting for Y/N to walk into the backyard. “Are you waiting for someone?” Nash asked me, looking back and forth at the door and me. “Nah, just debating whether I should go get another beer or not.” “I got you bro.” Nash pats my shoulder, getting up and walking inside to grab me a beer. I started talking to the Jacks to keep my mind occupied when Johnson points, “Who is Nash talking to?” I turn my head to the house and saw him talking to Y/N and her friends. I bit the bottom of my lip, then turn to the guys, staring at them. “DAAAAAMMMNN!” Rupp yells out. “DAAAAAMMMNN who are those girls?!” Swazz asks. “Any of you guys know them?” Nate looks at us, but we all just shook our heads no. “Damn, I want the one in the black.” Rupp says. “Yo I was eyeing her too!” Swazz high fives him. “Who else loving the girl in the black?” Nate asks and all the guys raise their hands. Shit, I thought to myself. All of them want her. I started getting fidgety in my chair, uncomfortable about the thought of one of them trying to get with her right in front of my eyes. My face started getting hotter at the thought of one of them trying to grab her ass. 

“Yo, there’s 5 of them. And you just want the girl in the black?” I asked, my teeth grinding together. “I mean, don’t get us wrong, the other girls are fine as fuck too, but black dress looking fire right now.” “Welp, game on boys. Here they come.” Johnson hushing us as we watched them walk up to us with Nash. “Guys, welcome the newbies. This is Jessica, Erika, Briana, Tai, and Y/N. Newbies, this is Nate, Swazz, Rupp, Skeez, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Hayes, Tez, Kyle, and Sam.” The girls shook their hands in order. Y/N was last in the lien to shake our hands. She stuck out her hand to me, smiling as we shook hands for a little. “I like your shirt.” She secretly winks at me as I chuckle as she complimented the shirt she bought for me. “There is a seat saved just for you black dress.” Rupp says, patting the seat next to him and Nate. 

After of them trying to get at Y/N and impressing her, she went to the bathroom with her friends, and the guys started talking about her. The way she looked, the way she talks, the way she looks at each of them. “Bro her boobs are PERFECT shape. And her ass is so,” Swazz cupped his hands as if he was holding onto her ass. “Her thighs so thick, my heart hurt…” Kyle held onto his chest as if he was having a heart attack. I felt my blood boiling as they were only talking about her body. “Why don’t you guys get to know her personality? It’s not that hard.” I gave a little attitude, crossing my arms. “Ok, Mr. cranky, you get to know her personality. Show me how easy it is to pay attention to her face and not her body.” Rupp challenges me. I look at my phone and read my messages from Y/N, “Your friends are kind of creepy right now. I can see steam coming out from your ears. Relax ok? I’m yours. Not theirs. Relax.” I smile at her message to calm me down. 

The girls started walking back to us, “Your turn Wilkinson. If you can get her to kiss you, I will be your bitch for a month.” Rupp bets. “Bet.” “Bet.” We shook hands before the girls approached. The girls took new seats, Y/N standing there looking for a place to sit. “Hey Y/N, you look beautiful tonight. That’s a nice dress. Where did you get it?” I asked. She looks me in the eyes, smiling, “Oh, I got this at this small boutique store downtown.” She straightens her dress as I complimented her. “So, Y/N, what do you do for a living?” “I’m actually an art major.” “Oh you paint, draw, sketch, all that?” “Yeah, want to see a picture?” “Sure.” She walks up to me, bends down in front of me, showing me a picture on her phone. She shows the painting she has given to me, “I made this for someone special. Nice isn’t it?” “Beautiful.” I smiled, looking straight in her eyes. “Are your feet hurting?” “Kind of.” She says. I pat my lap, “Take a seat.” She rolls her eyes at me, but sits on my lap. I see all the guys get jealous at me, as she pulls the bottom of her dress down a little so it’s not too revealing. My arm wraps around her waist and a hand lies on her thigh. 

I look at the boys again, jaws clenching me, jealous. I looked at Rupp in his eyes, remembering the bet we made. Y/N leans into my ear, “Why do some of the guys look mad?” she whispers. “Don’t worry about it. They are just jealous.” I whisper in her ear, kissing it. She giggles. The boys decide to start talking to the other girls, but constantly looking back at Y/N and I. Y/N and I were just having our own, quiet conversation so no one can hear us. “So much for them getting to know you for you. They just want to get with you. That’s why they are jealous and looking mad.” “Mmmm, I told you.” “You really do look beautiful by the way.” I tell her. Her arm wraps around my neck, leaning on my body, “Thank you. And you look pretty handsome tonight also.” Our face inches away from each other, as i crash our lips together, forgetting there was people around us. We parted looking at everyone, all the boys looking shocked. “Y-you guys…” Rupp stuttered. “I’m guessing you told them?” Y/N smiles gently. “Tell us what?” Johnson says. 

“Uh,” I adjusted my position, sitting straight up, holding onto Y/N tighter, “Guys, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” “You guys known each other for 10 minutes and you are already dating?!” Skeez yelled confused. “No, Y/N and I have been dating for about 6 months now.” “You’re fucking lying..” Rupp said. “No,” Y/N said, “We’ve been dating for a while now. He’s just been hiding me from you guys because he wanted to make sure we were serious.” She tells them. All the boys still looking shocked. “Why didn’t you just tell us that then? Why were you pretending you didn’t know her?” Gilinsky asked. “I wanted you guys to get to know her as her not as my girlfriend. But that didn’t work out cause all you guys wanted to do was bone her.” I say to them. All the boys just drooped their eyes, disappointed at themselves. “I thought you guys were better than that. But, I guess tonight you were a little extra thirsty.” I joked. “Just a little.” Nate said. “Hey, Y/N, we’re sorry for acting like that. We usually don’t act like that, thirsty, i mean. It’s nice to meet someone who makes our Sammy happy.” Nate says to her. “It’s ok.” She smiles. 

“Good. Everyone good? Yes? Good. Now, about that bet Rupp.” I pointed at him. “What bet?” Y/N asks. “No bro, that bet is invalid. YOU’RE DATING HER!” “What bet?” I hear her ask again, “SO! A bet is a bet! Still valid!” “You KNEW she’d do it because she’s your freaking girlfriend! THAT’S CHEATING!” “What bet?” Y/N asks again. “It’s not cheating. it’s called strategic thinking.” I pointed to my head. “WHAT BET?!” Y/N yells for everyone to look at her. “Rupp and Sam made a bet. Bet was that if Sam could make you kiss him, Rupp would be his bitch for a month.” Johnson tells her. “Nope, don’t count because you’re dating. It’s cheating. Back me up here, Y/N.” We look at each other, “It is cheating.” She says, “HA!” Rupp yells, “But, it is using his resources.” “HA!” I yell at him. “How about instead of for a month, 2 weeks.” She compromises for us. “Deal.” We said at the same time. “Dang, you had them agree fast.” Nate said surprised. “Good to have you in the fam now Y/N.” 

Hold Me (JB One Shot)

Requested by:  ANON ~~ I hope you like this.  If ever this is not something that you’re expecting, let me know so that I can write another one :)

Characters:  JB (GOT7) x You (Reader/OC)

Genre:  Super Angsty :D, Fluff, AU, Suggestive 

Beware of:  Angry and hot-tempered JB which is hot AF

Length:  3193 words (UGH so long lol)




“Fuck.”  You cursed under your breath upon checking the clock.  You stood up from the couch and walk around the living room.

It has been six hours since your husband should’ve gone off of work and this has been going on for the last few weeks.  If you will ask him why he’s always late, he will just tell you that he needs to work extra hours to meet quotas, attend to meetings, etc.

At the first few instances, you didn’t really mind, because maybe it was true that his job suddenly became demanding than before.  However, as the days and weeks progresses, it has become a habit, and you’re like a burning candle that might die soon if this continues.

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Promise Me (ReaderxCas)

Request: Yo! Love your work! You’re lacking some Cas works i see! Could you do one where Cas and reader have angry hot sex? Maybe reader almost dies and that brings out the dominant side of Cas! ;)

Warnings: rough smut, smut, spanking, dom!cas, light bondage

Words: 1307

Note: YAS CAS. I really am lacking Cas one shots, but since this is my first one…I am open to criticism and would love to know what you all think! 

You and Cas are in an established relationship… 

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Master List as of January 2016

Klaus Mikaelson:

Kol Mikaelson:

Damon Salvatore:

Elijah Mikaelson:

Request for whomever you’d like :) And Good luck this year, I hope these imagines will help you relax.

Brendan Gallagher/Brad Marchand Imagine •Requested•

I am driving to the Bell Centre with my boyfriend Brendan because he has a game today. Normally I would be pumped about cheering him on at his games, but there is a slight problem today. My brother Brad is in town but to my delight he and his team are playing against the Habs tonight. I hate games like this. The rivalry between the Bruins and the Canadiens is so intense. Games when I have to choose whom to root for, my beloved brother or my dorky lovable boyfriend. You could sense the tension a mile away in the car, only because I am wearing my Marchand jersey. Brendan’s knuckles are white from gripping the steering wheel out of rage, and his jaw is clenched. Angry Brendan is my favorite Brendan, he looks so hot. Once we arrive at the Bell Centre and reach the locker rooms I grab Brendan’s hand and say, “I love you, Bren. Just because I’m not wearing your jersey doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for you”. With the smallest smile that I’ve seen on him he says, “I know, (y/n), try not to get murdered in the crowd”, he says with a sly smirk. As he walks into the locker room I take the time to walk down to the visitor’s locker room in search of my brother. Once I reach the room I knock before entering, I have had bad experiences with walking into a room with barely dressed men. Tuukka opens the door and greets me with a large smile and a bear hug while saying, “(y/n), it is so good to see you! I’m guessing that you’re here for Marchy”. I nod enthusiastically and answer, “It’s great to see you as well Tuukks, and yes of course I’m here to see him”. He opens the door wider to allow me in and I walk straight to my brother, Brad is too busy sitting in his stall to notice me walking towards him. “Bradley”, I yell out to him. He quickly picks his head up and a big bright smile hits his face and gives me a tight hug. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed him, I moved out of Boston to be with Brendan in Montréal. After spending quite a while with Brad I head towards the ice level of the arena to my seat. I normally sit in the box but since this is going to be such a rough game I take a seat behind the Habs bench. So far Brendan scored a goal and Brad had an assist, thankfully there were no altercations between the two. Brad suddenly trips Bren into the Bruins net. All of a sudden both, small and immature, men drop their gloves and begin to punch each other. I quickly stand up with my face full of horror as I watch both the men I love and deeply care for beating each other, finally the linesman pulls them apart and sends them both to the box. The rest of the game was a blur, the Habs ended up winning in overtime; thanks to Brendan’s goal. I make my way down to the Habs locker room to wait for Brendan. Once he comes out instead of giving him our usual kiss and hug I grab him by his ear and pull him to the visiting team’s locker room. “Ow, ow, ow! (Y/n) can you please let go, that hurts”, he pathetically exclaims. Seething with anger I snap at him, “No, now quit being a baby”. I pull him into the locker room, let go of his ear as he rubs it, and march straight to Brad and smack him over the head. “Ouch, what the heck, (y/n)”, he painfully says. “What is wrong with you two? How many times do I have to tell you guys not to fight? I am so upset with the both of you”. I point my finger at Brad while saying, “You especially. Why would you trip him into the net? Do you know how dangerous that is” I rant to him. Both men are looking ashamed in them and mutter an apology to me saying, “We’re sorry, (y/n)”. While in the car driving home with Brendan I start teasing him by saying, “So, B, how come you gave up after one punch” He chuckles and playfully scoffs while saying, “Come on, (y/n), I couldn’t take a penalty when it’s my job to kill them now can I? And I knew you were going to be pissed so I might as well laid off a bit”. With a smile on my face I grab Brendan’s free hand and say, “I love you, B. Just don’t pull that again”.

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Inevitable Reminder

Part 6 of A+ Secrets

Summary:  That phone call you got at the end of the last part put you in a really bad mood. Dean doesn’t know how to handle angry Y/N.  

Word Count: 2380

Warnings: Implied Smut

A/N: I am having an amazing day, so here’s part 6!! Enjoy the angst and hot scene at the end!!! I know I enjoyed writing it ;)

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

Dean paused before knocking on your apartment door, taking off his tie and stuffing it into his pocket. He had to deliver a message to Jo from his mom and could have just called, but decided to deliver it in person. After all, it wasn’t like he was there to specifically see you. You couldn’t get mad about that.

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First Day of School // E.D.

Storyline: It’s your first day at a new school at popular, hot, jock, Ethan, hits on you.

Requested: Yes

Character Count: 1673

Pairing: Ethan x Reader

*set in NJ*

When my parents told me we were moving to New Jersey I was angry. I didn’t wanna leave all my friends to go to some lame place in New Jersey. I didn’t exactly have a choice, so I picked my things up and here I am, in the car on my way to my new school. I hated the feeling of being the new girl. We pulled up and I got out of the car and my mom drove away. I could already tell this school was exclusive. The nerds, with the nerds, the drama geeks stayed with the drama geeks, the smart kids stayed with the smart kids, and all the rich, popular, jocks stayed together. I took a deep breath and walked across the courtyard, getting stared at and made my way to the school. Once I got inside, I went to the office where I was going to get my schedule and locked number. Once I got the two papers, I tried navigating my way to my locker. I was looking down at the paper, trying to find my way when I collided into another person. The person grabbed my forearm to stop me from falling. I looked up and was met with a pair of brown eyes.

“sorry.” I said tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

“don’t worry about it. I’m Ethan.” he said smiling.

“hi, I’m Y/N.” I said.

“you must be new.” he said.

“why do you say that?” I asked.

“because I’d remember meeting you.”

I blushed. “yeah I am, and I’m lost.”

“here, let me see,” he said taking the paper out of hands and looking at it.

“your locker’s only a few away from mine, I can show you.” he said leading the way.

part 2 soon!!!


Before I really begin, disclaimer: I am not coming at this from a shipping standpoint. This is a storytelling standpoint. I will at no point say “and then they kissed,” I will not try to say Bruce/Tony is canon. The best movie bromances are really romances: Nick and Danny from Hot Fuzz; Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin from Master and Commander; and Holmes and Watson from the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes (SO WE ALREADY KNOW RDJ IS DOWN). Tony and Bruce could have been the bromance this movie desperately needed.

The first Avengers set up Science Bros. In Age of Ultron the writing insists that that exact relationship is not just as strong as it was, but that it has grown. Since we didn’t see any of that, it doesn’t make any sense and a lot of people complained that Bruce wouldn’t really just do the things he did, and neither would he do the same thing twice. 

But he absolutely would have if we saw this relationship begin to strengthen and become more meaningful from the beginning of the movie. We do that by replacing anything out of character that Natasha did in that romance with Tony doing the same thing.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite fics that have minimal smut?


The Predictability of I Told You So’s by crossroadswrite

“Erica,” he calls, patiently waiting until she deigns to turn his way. “It’s the fifth time in two weeks. I didn’t order this. You know it. I know it. Hot Angry Hale knows it, and I’d really like to get to work without any significant maiming so could you please, give me my order.”

Erica pouts, “You’re no fun, Stilinski.”

“You know what I am though? Hungry-“

“For dick?” Erica grins lewdly, cocking her head.

Something crashes loudly behind them and they both turn to see Derek staring mournfully at the glass of orange juice he just broke, the tips of his ears red. He looks like he’s regretting all of his life decisions.

Erica starts cackling.

Thank You For This Dance by matildajones

Derek picks up another glass of champagne, and that’s when he sees him. A man stands at the edge of the room, chewing his lip and staring at the dance floor longingly.

Every person walks past him. Derek must have done it a hundred times this evening.

Derek is not one for dancing, but at a ball he meets Stiles, an orphan, and he becomes quickly attached. He does not care what other people think about Stiles’ wealth and status, but it’s a lot harder for Stiles to ignore the comments that have haunted him his whole life.

It’s even harder to convince Stiles that Derek’s feelings are genuine.

all the kissing by wearing_tearing

“Hi, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Stiles, Derek’s husband. Now would you kindly take your hands off of him?”

Of Rolos, Texts, and Bad Sex Jokes by randomquixen

The text messages between

Something I’m Not Seeing by HaleHole (SweetFanfics)

There’s a world of a difference between Derek’s past and present self. To the point that Stiles pretty much considers them to be two different people who just happen to have the same name.

Entirely on accident, the pack brings teenage!Derek forward in time, to the present. While struggling to find a way to send him back, the boy notices some lingering looks and tension between his future self, and a certain human. Without the burden of the things adult!Derek has seen and done in his life, teenage!Derek is a lot more straightforward about the whole thing.

(won’t you please) be my little baby by stilesinwonderland

Twenty minutes after his dad drives off to the store to buy milk, Stiles answers the door wearing wooly Batman pajama pants and a ratty t-shirt, only to find a baby seated on his front porch.

“Oh no.”

Illuminated by ZainClaw

“Because I’m falling in love with you and it’s scaring the hell out of me.”

Actual Puppy Derek Hale by tylerfucklin (zimothy)

Derek didn’t know what was worse: the hunters, being trapped as a wolf, being hit by a car, or the fact that he had somehow become some kid’s pet dog for the unforeseeable future.

Enjoy, sweet anon!

(Psssst, if you are ever looking for more amazing fics with no smut, @crossroadswrite is my favourite go to author for this <3)

  • Xiuhan: Luhan is so thirst y
  • Baekyeol: best bros. bros that do everything together. a lil gay and dumb sometimes but still best bros.
  • Kaisoo: protective jongin and squishy soo = the gayest of the gays
  • Taohun: bros who are gay together but not with each other u feel me?? like they're both super homo but they aren't necessarily gay for each other
  • Chansoo: angry penguin murders giraffe
  • Xiuchen: Greasy
  • Sutao: mom ily
  • Layhan: my bro. brother. ily so much. let's go burn down a building together. yea bro.- a quote from layhan
  • Taoris: ;-; ge ge notice me - wtf get off me im not showerin with you = a classic "Senpai-notice-me" tale.
  • Krisho: used to be like "Aww mom and dad !!" now it's like "BITCH U LEFT ME I WILL SHOW U HOW HOT I AM EAT MY ASS YIFAN"
  • Sekai: bro. ily. ur the best.
  • Hunhan: luhan had a couple one night stands with his biggest fan oh sehun in 2012
  • Suchen: ayy mamacita naega ayayayaya
  • Chankai: used to be like taoris but now it's kinda just sad bc Chanyeol hates everyone now
  • Sexing: kiss kiss fall in gay
  • Baekxing: naega jail ja naga
  • Baeksoo: angry penguin successfully rids the world of the most annoying person ever born
  • Kray: Ge gE~
  • Krisyeol: omg hai- pcy
  • Baekmin: annoying turtle cowers from ab man
  • Baektao: annoying turtle cowers from ab man: The Sequel (*BONUS: turtle's ass is whooped for the second time, but ab man has a weakness: anything with more than four legs!*)
  • Chanhun: wut
  • Kaixing: you seem familiar do i know u ???
  • Xiusoo: angry penguin befriends friendly ab man
  • Chanxing: ears. just ears.
  • Krisoo: the most adorable. angry penguin is adopted by friendly giant
  • Krishun: dad teach me how to dougie
  • Sulay: who are you
  • Baekchen: u wanna go pull suho's pants down? - byun b. bro. are u my soulmate - kim jongdae probably
  • Lukai: cool bros. NOT BDSM DADDY!KAI STOP THIS
  • Taokai: beautiful roasted marshmallow meets beautiful cinnamon bun
  • Chantao: the weather's nice up here LMAO
  • Baekris: dad how do u masturbate
  • Krischen: lol dad ur lame ily
  • Laytao: bros with the deepest connection u feel me
  • Suhun: MOM

anonymous asked:

Cory is getting hotter and hotter every time he appears I have to swear at the screen because I am so happy but also angry how come this is happening to someone who is already super hot

I fucking know right. 

He’s gone from this

to this, ugh

to this *sniff*



to this, I mean come on Cory HOW ARE YOU POSSIBLE





  • Aaron “why are you people like this” Minyard.
  • Dan “ take no shit from no man” Wilds.
  • Renee “cute but will cut you in a second” Walker.
  • Andrew “why am I so small and angry” Minyard.
  • Allison “ I am more than my parents money ” Reynolds
  • Matt “ the muscles” Boyd
  • Nicky “I just want everyone to be friends” Hemmick.
  • Kevin “I’m gonna be a queen” Day.
  • Neil “I’m fine” Josten.
  • Seth “Im in a room full of freaks” Gordon
  • David “I can’t with you people” Wymack
  • Abby “stop hurting my children” Winfield
  • Betsy “hot cocoa” Dobson