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Thank you. thank you for all of this. thanks to you I can daydream about my favorite characters half of the day , and feel like I'm high without using drugs. it's a beautiful experience :')


when you re-watch the beginning of Mulan and realize you’re actually…low-key Mulan. 

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I X Y zach dempsey

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

It depends on how you’re both feeling, if you want to go slow then he’ll take hours exploring your body but if you’re both in a “need you right now” moment then he won’t care where you are, he’ll just take you right there.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Okay, I’ve thought about this a lot and I’m thinking that Zach is probably about a 6 or 7 but that boy is thick as fuck.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

So fucking high. When it comes to you, he is ready to go whenever and wherever.

Cedar/Cerise - High School AU (Art Project Arc)


ive just been so tired lately…. too tired to write good things but HERE’S A REQUEST AND EVERYTHING!!!

This is from @jashtah!!! This was an AU from an ask meme, ‘you broke my heart! no really you broke the heart sculpture/model i was making for art class that’s due tomorrow KILL ME NOW! AU’! I decided that it would fit in well with the high school AU canon for these gals, sooooo I’m finally getting around to continuing that AU!!!

More High School AU Here!

Brief Summary: Cedar really needs to be more careful when she’s walking down the hallway.

Word Count: 613

Fic requests are open!!  -  Or you could ask me things from this writing meme!

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anon said : Can you do a secret admirer jongin ?

  • okay so you had become friends with Jongin your first year of high school and you’d gotten really close to him freshman and sophomore year
  • and then, at the beginning of junior year you began to receive notes in your locker or tucked away in your books
  • cute and encouraging notes like
  • “You’ll do well on that test! I believe in you :)”
  • “I enjoy your company”
  • “Thank you for always being so kind”
  • and they’re always signed “lots of love”
  • no name, written sloppily on a corner of notebook paper, always there to greet you each day
  • you’d told Jongin about it and he’d simply smiled at you like “well who wouldn’t want to send you nice things?”
  • the thing is… he’d be really sneaky about it
  • he’d get to school really early or stay really late in order to slip the notes into your locker or your books
  • sometimes he’d tape your favorite chocolate to your locker
  • and he’d always act surprised whenever you received something new
  • lots of exclamations like “oh wow! that’s really nice” or “who do you think is doing this?”
  • but he’d never be hinting at himself, he’d be acting genuinely curious because he wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship or cross any lines
  • just seeing your face light up would be enough for him
  • if you ever asked him if he knew who the person leaving notes was he’d offer to help you find out
  • not to deceive you or anything
  • to him there’s nothing wrong with listening to your ideas of who it may be but he’d stop you from ever confronting anyone
  • okay but… one thing
  • the entire time you were positive the handwriting was familiar, you just couldn’t figure out whose it was
  • until one day in English when Jongin was writing on the board with his sloppy handwriting
  • *click*
  • it all made sense
  • you’d ask him about it at the end of the day and he’d shyly confess to you, saying he understood if you didn’t feel the same way but that seeing you happy always made his day
  • when you said you’d love to go out with him, his eyes would go wide and he wouldn’t be able to wipe the smitten grin off of his face for at least four hours

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To be honest, while you've written many memorable moments, when I think about your body of work as a whole, I think of lushness and intensity of prose, and sensory and emotional detail.

CLIO. <3

This is such high praise coming from you! Thank you so much! 

That’s all down to personal preference – we all write what we want to read, in the end, and I always want MORE MORE MORE when it comes to emotional/sensory detail. So the world gets lots of it from me. :D 

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Because sometimes overlining looks cute on other people and it boosts their self esteem, it just how people are idk why you have the NEED to say it when you have issues with urself too. Just like how you wanna be japanese/korean so bad with your overly-high pitched voice and literally drawn straight thick eyebrows

this is such a funny msg 2 me i dont even know where to start . . im not feeling the whole overlined lips look because the majority of people who do it r the same ones who either mocks or have mocked black people ( for years ) for having fuller lips, making them feel shitty & ugly from a very young age . . thats it ! like when will people admit that they like fuller lips . . when they arent on a black persons face lol . . also it just looks plain awful in my ONION

i dont know how 2 respond to the last part ? im laughing so much as im typing but im also so confused cos what do you want me to do about that ? i cant help that my voice is very high i mean ? all i see is someone pulling the “all japanese/korean girls have “overly-high pitched” voices” stereotype which is . . uh

also hmmnnn my eyebrows look rather thick sometimes actually but all i do is draw my shape & fill them in ! i do go 4 the straight look yeah ! it suits the shape of my face a lot more but i am in no way trying 2 look like something that im not hehhhh

anyway buhboi 

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I hope this isn't offensive or a weird question, but how did you think of that swing scene in "I'll tell you when I feel high"? I love it so much. I can picture it in a film, slow motion, and I'm trying to think of something that's just as contrastingly violent and graceful as that (to write for now and hopefully shoot when I get the resources)

Not offensive at all! Thank you for the kind words :-)

My boyfriend and I often like to go to the park at night and hammock, so the beginning is a memory from my actual life, and that’s also when I got the idea for the scene you’re referring to. I’ve got a habit of filtering moments in my life through a camera lens so that is where a lot of my inspiration stems.

I also really appreciate the way you described it- the contrast of violence and grace. I suffer from intrusive thoughts because of my anxiety, so it can be difficult to live in a moment of beauty without that persistent feeling of panic creeping in.

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Hi, thank you for your updates and summaries, I'm having very mixed feelings for this last chapter, have you read it? Was it good? Wish I'd know Japanese :'(


I’m gonna post this ask in public because I may be answering some people’s questions.

Yuup, I have the final chapter and I’ve already read it. As far as I’m concerned, the other members in our team haven’t read it yet.

First of all, “knowing Japanese” has always proven to be relative when it takes to Uraboku. Some parts in Uraboku are really hard to read so, if you are like me, so if you know Japanese but your Japanese isn’t high level, you’ll be reading and being like “Is it? Is it not? Is it kinda?” and this final chapter was the greatest example of that.

I don’t want to spoil, so I’m going to say this final chapter has 20 pages total and it’s divided onto 2 different parts of 10 pages each. The first part, which was the last revelation and shocking stuff and blah blah blah was really confusing for someone like me whose Japanese is low level. About the rest… It depends on what you’d like the end to be or not. So i can’t say if it’s “good” or not. What may be good for me, may be awful for you and so on.

If you want me to let you know, there are unanswered questions and, even though that end included stuff I’ve wanted to see for years, so I personally liked it, reading that chapter felt like playing a visual novel and ending up on a certain end while you’re halfway through the plot and you really wanted to know the whole thing.

This is the less spoilerish thing I can say about the final chapter.

– Hydra

randlebaby replied to your photoset “so, on the subject of fish I dont fuckign know guys”

Are you fucking high

bommie20 replied to your photoset “so, on the subject of fish I dont fuckign know guys”

Is op ok?

take a wild, wild guess both of you

FP X Alice Cooper

“FP, as captain of the neighbourhood watch I am obligated to ask what you are doing on this side of town.” Alice strolled towards the man she thought she would never lay eyes on again.

“Don’t act like you’re so high and mighty Alice, you may not live on the south side anymore…you may not dress like you’re from the south side…but we both know the truth. Snake don’t shed their skin so easily.”

“Good night FP, now get the hell out of my neighbourhood.”

“You’re still hot Alice, too bad you’re a stick in the mud” getting in his truck he took one last glance at the woman he loved so many years ago.

FP was awoken to a loud banging on his front door, “I heard you the first 10 times cut it ou-, Alice? What are you doing here it is 6 in the morning.”

“Well maybe you can’t afford an alarm clock over here on the south side but us normal functioning people of society like to get and start the day before lunch time.” Alice snaps back whilst pushing past FP into his sorry excuse of a living room.

“I’m almost certain you didn’t come here for a catch up like old times so why are you here Alice?” Alice swallowed and looked down towards her feet.

“why did you leave me, without any explanation, without any reason I loved you FP and I know it’s been over 20 years but seeing you last night just reminded me of how broken I was I deserve an explanation and I came here to get it. She looked up her hand were trembling FP pretended not to notice but he did and it broke his heart you see FP loved Alice he loved her more than anything on this god forsaken earth but when Hal Coopers father threatened to have FP’s mother killed if he didn’t give Alice up he didn’t have a choice he had to let her go.

“Alice I’m not doing this the past is in the past move on go back to your perfect life with your perfect husband.” FP rolled his eyes as he pushed past her angrily walking out the front door.

“So that’s it then huh you can’t even tell me why everyone told me I would only end up getting hurt, I should have listened!” Alice yelled out to FP stopping him in his tracks.

“You know what Alice fine, if you really want to know here it is, your snotty jackass of a husband got his dad to threating to kill my mother if I didn’t leave you alone, you wanted the truth you got it!” FP’s voice turned into almost a whisper.

“Don’t you dare lie to me”

“You don’t have to believe me…Alice just know that you were my world, you meant everything to me and choosing to leave you, that was the hardest decision of my life. Why do you think I’m a no good drunk yeah I found someone else but it was never the same I never stopped loving you Alice, I will never stop loving you.” FP slowly walked towards Alice tears brimming in his eyes.

“Why didn’t you just tell me you knew how I felt about you at least if I had to stop seeing you I wouldn’t have hated you for all these years.”

“Alice, we both know you wouldn’t have ever given up on us, it just wouldn’t have been fair to either of us.”

“I can’t believe I wasted all of my time with that, that monster. I feel so stupid. FP I’m so sorry it must have been heart breaking seeing me end up with him. I am so unbelievably stupid.” FP Quickly walked over to Alice and wrapped his arms around her.

“Don’t ever say again, you are not stupid you didn’t know I am the stupid one I should have never let such and amazing woman out of my life, but actions have consequences and I have to live with mine every day.” Alice looked up slowly she pulled FP’s face down towards hers’ as their lips touched she remembered everything she ever felt for FP. The kiss deepened as both Alice and FP had tears streaming down their face only know realising how much they have missed each other and how much they desperately needed each other back.

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Im curious now about reasons for dating all of bts like you did for vkook, if that isn't too much?

Sure, so like the same scenario? Bumming about town for a day, walking and exploring? 

Okay, so I think you’d have a lot of fun with Jin, but you wouldn’t do very much if you know what I mean. He’s quite pokey and would probably spend a long time meandering around a small area, but you’d also find all the good nooks and crannies, the little shops you might overlook otherwise, the street vendor with the most amazing food. He also seems like he’d make most of the decisions. He would ask if you wanted to go there, but only after he’d already swerved in that direction. So if you’re high energy and want a more adventurous date or a little more input, he might not be your speed. Fortunately, I’m old, and that sounds just my speed.

Yoongi would ask you what you wanted to do first, but he’d be secretly hoping that you want to do what he wants to do. He’ll go along with whatever you decide ‘cause he’s kinda passive, but he won’t be as energetic about it. I think left to his own devices, he’d be the type to want to wander about in nature, so going on an easy hike would probably be ideal. Plenty of time for you guys to talk or not talk, take pictures, and sit out in the sunshine. I think this would also be a pretty nice hangout, tbh. I like hiking (insert Iliza Schlesinger hiking skit here) as long as it’s not like a straight vertical climb. So…walking, basically; I like walking. 

Hoseok would be gung-ho, but have no idea what to do. You’d spend the majority of your time debating like those couples who can’t figure out which restaurant to eat at, and he’d try and put the decisions entirely on you because he’s a people-pleaser. If you’re like me, and are a more dominant personality, that might work out well because you get to tailor the day to your specifications. If you’re uncomfortable with making decisions for others, you may find yourself frustrated. 

Namjoon would be the type to have lots of ideas on what you could do in the area, and he’d lay them all out there in a kind of disorganized fashion–a collection of pamphlets from the hotel lobby, recs from TripAdvisor, thoughts he had while going through the area the night before–and ask for your opinion. You’d probably make up an itinerary that’s too packed for the day because you both want to see as much as you can, and then realize halfway through the day that you’ve only made it to two things on your list and wind up scrapping it because there’s just no way. So ultimately you’d wind up wandering aimlessly until it was dinnertime. If you’re me, this imaginary vacation is taking place in Europe, so after dinner you buy cheap wine and drink it out of the bottle as you meander the streets and try to find your hotel by memory alone. I mean, what? I’m totally not drawing Namjoon into my lush-fueled European fantasy vacation, noooooo. Namjoon, please be my friend; I crei.

And last but not least, Jimin: tbh, I think Namjoon and Jimin are my ultimate vacation buddies. Jimin is like Jin with regard to being slow af. Like no matter what you’re doing, you’ll be doing it at your own pace cuz that’s just how Jimin rolls. He’d have less ideas for things to do than Namjoon, so you’d have to take some initiative there (again, me, a more dominant personality, is totally fine with this) but would have opinions about everything; you’d negotiate what you want to do fairly and amicably. The nice thing about Jimin is that he can do both more strenuous activities and be lazy (although it might take him a bit to relax). When I think of Jimin, I think of flexibility and not just the wink-wink kind. Like Hoseok, he’s a bit of a people-pleaser, so his top priority is going to be making sure you’re happy. If that means (goat noises) hiking, then he’ll go hiking. If that means shopping and exploring the city, he’s up for it. Museums? Excellent. Tours? Why not? Finding a gorgeous park and laying under the sunshine while you nap and talk? He can do that too. Also, you know Jimin is like lowkey a bit of a lush, so he’d be down for that evening wine adventure too.

Wow, okay, I’m sad now. When will anybody ever be this perfect? I mean, all of these scenarios, btw. They’re all perfect. I want to hang out with BTS so bad, you guys. I think we’d have so much fun.