you are so handsome omfg

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this guy got me swerving lanes.

How far EXO influences my life
  • Normal people being excited: YEAAAYY!!
  • Me being excited: YEHET!! OHORAT!!
  • Normal people being regret: Oh no :(
  • Me being regret: Oh kkaebsong :(
  • Normal people calling moms: Mommy~
  • Me calling mom: Mama~ Mama~ Mama~ MAMA!
  • Normal people hearing wolf's howl: Scary!
  • Me hearing wolf's howl: /singing/ Chogiwa~ Danbeone neukkyeo~
  • Normal people eating fried chicken: Hm yum!
  • Me eating fried chicken: /talk to it/ Jongin, let's have a french kiss /unglamourly eat it out/
  • Normal people seeing panda: Awhh its so cute!
  • Me seeing panda: Ew Tao why you so fat
  • Normal people seeing Kris Wu: Omfg he's the most handsome man I've ever seen!
  • Me seeing Kris Wu: HAHAHAHA pffttt you ain't no my style bruh go away /fart rainbows/ /still stanning Kris tho/