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I’ve been gathering these like pokemon for a while and I think it’s time to set them free. Thank you guys for being so dang sweet ♥
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Now for the actual content… let’s see if I can meet this horribly difficult challenge. Here are some things I like about myself, in no particular order.

1. I have nice hair. It’s very thick and dark and evenly pigmented (that’s what the hairdressers say anyway). In a related point, I also have fairly thick eyebrows because I’m a hairy fucker and will also most likely grow a nice beard soon so that’s cool.

2. I like my ability to do the art. I’ll never be perfect because my standards are unfair and inhuman but I’ll never stop trying and sometimes I’m even proud of what I make.

3. Hyperfocus to the max. Once I start on a task that I’m invested in and care about, nothing can stop me. I like how passionate I get about things. “Giving up” isn’t part of my vocabulary.

4. I’m very chill in general but also in times of crisis. I mean sure, not so much in social situations–even a simple phone call will fucking obliterate me–but I always stay calm on the outside at least. Well, I guess crying and going nonverbal doesn’t really count but never mind that. Otherwise I very very rarely lose my shit.

5. I’m INCREDIBLY QUEER and I love that. Sure, the random hand of fate dealt me the gay cards but I’m pretty pleased with what I’m managing to do with them.

It’s really hard to do these without spinning them into something negative but I’ll resist for the sake of positivity. Mostly.

So you like those anime pirates

I was looking through someone’s blog to try and find the one piece ask meme they reblogged, but it was too far back and i’m impatient so i just made my own ‘cause i’m a literal trash can. so have these one piece asks in no particular order

copy/paste these emojis into the ask box of your local resident of anime pirate hell and watch them slowly disintegrate as they’re forced to choose between things they love. fun for the whole family

⛵️ - Fave pirate ship? (like boat ship)
🔫 - Fave canon arc?
🚽 - Least favorite canon arc?
💩 - Least favorite character? (in general)
🙅 - Least favorite Straw Hat?
😀 - Most favorite Straw Hat?
😍 - OTP?
💀 - NOTP?
🙇 - A headcanon about <insert character>
☠ - Fave pirate symbol?
🏰 - Fave marine?
❌ - Least fave marine?
👾 - Fave villain?
🎾 - Fave battle?
😭 - Saddest scene?
😆 - Funniest scene?
😜 - Funniest character?
😳 - Any crushes?
👌 - Fave character design?
🃏 - Who has the Best Hat? (the true question)
🖍 - Fave filler arc?
🗡 - Least fave filler arc?
🆚 - Sub or dub?
☯️ - Anime or manga?
⏰ - How long have you been into One Piece?
🍎 - Fave Devil Fruit power?
🍏 - Would you eat a Devil Fruit if you had the chance to?
🐼 - Fave side character?
☔️ - Scene that made you cry the most? (not necessarily the saddest scene)
🌧 - Saddest backstory?
😎 - Funniest joke?
😱 - Most attractive character?
😐 - Most annoying character?
😕 - Scariest character?
👍 - Most powerful Devil Fruit power?
🗣 - Got any theories for how it’s all gonna end?
👏 - Fave techniques of <insert character>
🙏 - Favorite episode?
😏 - Favorite scene?
👂 - Favorite quote?
🙌 - Are you up to date?
❓ - What unanswered questions do you have related to One Piece?
▶️ - Fave opening?
🔙 Least fave opening?
👀 - Fave eyecatcher?
🏝 - Fave country/island visited?
🎆 - Something you can’t wait for??!!
🔝 - “One Piece is better than <insert something else you also like>”
🔍 - What do you think the One Piece is?
🔪 - A character who fills you with frustration?
💓 - Which character do you relate to the most?
™️ - How has One Piece changed you?

have fun answering these dumb questions and feel free to add your own if your heart so desires

listen. sometimes it’s going to be so hard you’re going to come home, cry, and question your entire being. you’re going to let yourself down. it’s going to feel absolutely crushing.

and then time will move it all under the carpet. you’re going to drink some water, get more sleep. you’ll pet a dog and laugh at a dumb joke your friend tell you. these small moments will be your saviour. catch them in the palm of your hands and hold them like the most precious thing you own.

just give it some time, my love. give it a little bit more time.

kidsxuisine  asked:

Some of my family laughs at me when I mention being upset due to the death of my dog, Socks. He died last month and I still cry every night, because he actually helped me through depression and anxiety, and he was like my best friend. I'm kind of questioning whether or not my sadness is justified. They say 'it's just a dumb dog'. Have you ever lost a pet, and if so, do you feel the same way?

OK, so I don’t want to say your family members are being total shits, buuuuut … well, let me tell you a story.

I am 32 years old. I still think about my first cat, Pansy, who I got in third grade after earning S’s for Satisfactory six weeks in a row on my handwriting. She was the most wonderful cat — a big, beautiful Maine Coon with a quiet “Plrrrrp!” sound that she would always greet you with. She liked to follow me around the house, let me carry her like a baby and was, everyone in the family agreed, the best cat that ever existed. My mom called her “The Little Furry Goddess” because she was always so serene and happy. 

She died when I was in 8th grade; we suspected, though could never prove, that the kid next door killed her. At the time, I was undergoing constant bullying in school, with no friends. I sobbed relentlessly. When we gave her a funeral in the backyard, I saw my dad wipe away tears, something I’ve only witnessed one time in the two decades since. 

Yes, she was just a cat. She cost maybe $10 at the pound. She weighed 15 pounds and had a brain the size of a walnut*. Those things are true, but so are these: She was my best friend. She was one of the only good things in that shitty, shitty time in my life. She has been dead 20 years and I can still feel so sad and miss her. Because she was fucking great. Because she brought me so much joy and comfort when I really needed it. Because I spent more time with her than with any human.

And now, I’m a grown-ass woman and I still love that cat who was only part of my life for four years. But in the intervening years, I’ve had other cats, and now Eleanor. Marigny and Eleanor in particular have brought me so much joy and happiness. I refuse to believe that either of them are mortal.

Which is a very, very longwinded way of saying that you never, ever need to feel dumb for being sad over a pet. I think they’re little lumps of God that live with us. They make things better. I hope you feel better soon, too.

  • Izzy: Come on, Alec, it can't have been that bad. What happened?
  • Alec: Magnus was flirting with me and I wanted to flirt back, but I'm not good at flirting, you know that, and I really messed up Izzy
  • Izzy: you stuttered? Forgot what you were going to say? Said something embarrassing? Cheesy? Dumb?
  • Alec: No, Izzy. I said 'are you a demon because I want to take you out.'
  • Izzy:
  • Alec:
  • <p> <b>Delirious:</b> Luke! Are you okay?!<p/><b>Cartoonz:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>Delirious:</b> you sent me a text saying we needed to talk. Is something wrong!?<p/><b>Cartoonz, grabs Delirious by his shoulders:</b> I'm fine, everything is better than fine.<p/><b>Delirious:</b> well, what did you need to walk about?<p/><b>Cartoonz:</b> if I tell you, you got to promise to be chill about it.<p/><b>Delirious:</b> this is me we are talking about. I'm nothing but chill.<p/><b>Cartoonz, stares at Del for a second:</b> I'm dating Ohm.<p/><b>Delirious:</b> [blank face]<p/><b></b> -five minutes later-<p/><b>Delirious, laying in Cartoonz lap:</b> [crying] BUT YOURE MINE!<p/><b>Cartoonz:</b> [petting Delirious's head] obviously!<p/><b>Delirious:</b> I just don't want to lose you!<p/><b>Cartoonz:</b> Don't be dumb!<p/><b>Delirious, looks up with teary eyes:</b> you still love me the most, right?<p/><b>Cartoonz, about to cry:</b> ALWAYS!<p/><b>Delirious:</b> We're still Soulmates?<p/><b>Cartoonz, hugs Delirious:</b> Of course!!!<p/></p>
the loser’s club as falsettos

ben: “don’t ask me questions, i’m frightened of questions.”

bill: “let’s fight! you may be trained in karate, but i’m best when i cheat.”

eddie: “you ask me if it’s fun to cry over nothing? IT IS.”

richie: “hello to my house, so good of you to travel on account of my unraveling, now let’s eat some food.”

stan: “how am i confused by our happiness?”

bev: “here’s the good part: at least death means i’ll never be scared about dying again.”

mike: “i cooked for some 200 guests. we number not that many. actually we’re…seven.”

  • "You've seem to replace your brain with your heart"
  • "Everyone thinks that we're perfect"
  • "Smile for the picture"
  • "Go back to being plastic"
  • "Kids are still depressed when you dress them up"
  • "He doesn't think I'm that fucking dumb, does he?"
  • "You call that ass your own, we call that silicone"
  • "All the makeup in the world won't make you less insecure"
  • "It's all fun and games 'til somebody falls in love"
  • "You already bought a ticket and there's no turning back now"
  • "Mr. Houdini, you're a freakshow"
  • "You build me up like building blocks just so you can bring me down"
  • "Fuck your degree"
  • "You think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry"
  • "Why do I always spill?"
  • "God, I wish I never spoke"
  • "I'm sick of all the games I have to play"
  • "I love when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do"
  • "It's not like I'm asking to be your wife!"
  • "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
  • "I'll cry until the candles burn down this place"
  • "I'll cry until my pity party's in flames"
  • "He chased me and he wouldn't stop!"
  • "Tag, you're it!"
  • "I'm fucking crazy"
  • "Do you like my cookies? They're made just for you"
  • "A little pit of sugar and lots of poison, too!"
  • "Honey, do you want me now?"
  • "Someone told me 'stay away from things that aren't yours' but was he yours if he wanted me so bad?"
  • "Pacify her! She's getting on my nerves"
  • "You don't love her, stop lying with those words!"
  • "Loving her seems tiring"
  • "Don't be dramatic, it's only some plastic"
  • "No one will love you if you're unattractive!"
  • "Is it true that pain is beauty?"
  • "Will a pretty face make it better?"
  • "Do you swear you'll stay forever?"
  • "Baby soft skin turns into leather"
  • "We paint white roses red, each shade from a different person's head"
  • "This dream is a killer!"
  • "I really hate being safe"
  • "The normals, they make me afraid"
  • "The crazies, they make me feel sane"
  • "I'm not! Baby, I'm mad!"
  • "So what if I'm crazy? The best people are!"
  • "Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong"
  • "You like me best when I'm off my rocker"
  • "All the best people are crazy"

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  • Papyrus: Sans, can I share something with you from earlier today?
  • Sans: What is it, Pap?
  • Papyrus: Well, I sent you a text early in the morning. Because I have to go out of town for one weekend.
  • Sans: Yeah.
  • Papyrus: So I said "do you have any preference whether I go this weekend or next?"
  • Sans: Yeah?
  • Papyrus: Your response.
  • Papyrus: At 9:30 in the morning.
  • Papyrus: "motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg JESUS Christ fuck dude mother fucking Facebook movie bullshit JESUS can you fucking believe this shit".
  • Papyrus: No punctuation.
  • Papyrus: Random capitalization.
  • Sans: *laughing hysterically*
  • Papyrus: So I respond "I have no idea what we're talking about right now".
  • Papyrus: 45 minutes pass, I get a text from you.
  • Papyrus: "God damn created Facebook then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking winkle boss twins God damn rowing the boat God damn this shit I can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man"
  • Sans: *now crying from laughing so hard*
  • Papyrus: I respond "Sans, you're scaring me". An hour passes.
  • Papyrus: You respond " motherfucking Spider-Man Spider-Man you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking build shit with his bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg"
  • Papyrus: "i'm very tired"
  • Papyrus: I just said "No problem, I'll tell your dumb jokes for you today".
  • Papyrus: IMMEDIATE response, like five seconds later, "no man I’ll just talk about the facebook movie all day shit man you must be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched the year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man man he fucked over Spider-Man and crazy winkleboss twins rowing"
  • Papyrus: "Trent resin or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented facebook I don’t like dying I can’t think of who the fuck invented Facebook all I can think is the guy who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook"
  • Sans: *rolling on the floor dying of laughter*
  • Papyrus: And then, in all capital letters, two hours later,
  • Papyrus: "MARK ZUCKERBERG"

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This is really dumb but I'm in a lot of pain so can I have tfp Megatron Starscream Soundwave Predaking and Ratchet headcanons for when their s/o is going through that time of the month. Avoiding them/ laying in weird ways to get the pain away/ randomly crying/ demanding strange food requests and such.

No, it’s not dumb. My menstrual cycle puts me through hell, too. I hope you’re feeling better, now, though! <3


-Why are you crying? Shut up! Quite whining! No one has done anything to you! You cry harder, and apologize for being a pain in the ass. You’re on your period. It happens. You have to explain to him the basics of the human reproductive system. He admits, it’s just a tad interesting.

-So, your body wants you to push another human out of your vagina? That sucks. How would that even work?

-He expertly maneuvers your cravings and mood swings as precisely as he can. Every craving is attended to, and every emotional urge you get is indulged. 

-He’s glad when it’s finally over. He never has to do this again! Right?


-Oh my God, shut up! You’ve been crying all day! No one cares about your petty problems! 

-His comments, of course, cause a major scream fest between the two of you. Suddenly you shout “Shut the hell up, you dick! I’m on my period!” He has no idea what that is.

-You tell him, and he’s utterly grossed out and disturbed. But yeah, fine. He’ll take care of you.

-He’s willing to indulge all of your weird cravings, but if you yell at him, he’ll yell right back.


-V-E+F=… Human, are you okay? You’ve been switching sitting positions for hours now.

-You inform him why you’re being like you are, and he looks it up, himself. Oh, fleshie. He’s so sorry. He had no idea. 

-Of course he’ll rub you’re belly. Like this? Is this okay?

-He still has to work, but he’ll do his best to take care of you.


-Love of his life! Why are you crying? Who has displeased you? He’ll tear them limb from limb! He’ll destroy everything they love! He’ll ravage- what’s a period?

-You explain to him, as best you can, the human reproductive system, and he is a little concerned. You bleed out of your crotch so you can go through agony for nine months? As long as it’s normal, he guesses.

-He’ll do anything you’d like. You want to cuddle? He’s got you. Don’t want to be touched at all? Message received.

-He treats you no different than before, catering to your every wish. Only difference is, there’s more of them, now.


-Must you sob so loud? Don’t you tell him to shut up! He’ll squish you like a bug!

-He’s not too familiar with these kinds of things. Much like Starscream, you’ll have to insult him to get his attention.

-After you tell him what’s going on with your body, he becomes much more understanding of your situation. He won’t say a dammed word against it.

-He talks out your moods, and bitches with you. You wind up having a lo of fun being a wacked-out, angry crack pot.

Do you ever think about what went through Anakin’s mind when Luke showed up in Return of the Jedi and looked right at him and declared that he knew there was still good in him?

Nobody had probably said anything remotely like this to Vader since Padme and Obi-Wan had tried to talk sense into his dumb doofus brain 20+ years before. Since then he’s just been yelled at by Sheev, largely regarded as a terrifying creature by his other coworkers, and had to sleep in a cold Vader Pod or a bacta tank. And now here’s Sweet Little Space Peanut Luke in his Jedi Knight Couture – this boy Anakin knows Obi-Wan looked after and protected, the one he knows is Padme’s son, the one who Anakin knows has ZERO logical reason to believe that Vader is anything but evil in there – that kid is here, saying this to him

And given the way things went down in this movie, somewhere in there, some teeny tiny part of Anakin must have known he was right. I’ve always sort of thought of Anakin’s Return as not solely a thing that happened just in that last moment before he chucks Sidious into the abyss. I love the idea of Vader having been tormented to one extent or another by all of this shit for decades, even if he was solidly committed to evil – being haunted by his terrible choices and Padme and Obi-Wan and Ahsoka and on and on and on – and then the final thing that breaks the dam is this sweet, good-hearted boy who embodies so many of the things that made Anakin good once upon a time. 

Waylon, on the phone with Miles: Did you do the dishes while I was at work?

Miles: Yes, baby, I did the dishes. You don’t have to worry. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of the house while you’re-

Waylon: And did you make yourself a proper dinner, or have you just been eating junk food all day?

Miles: Way, what the shit in hell? Who the fuck do you think I am? I’m an adult, I know what a balanced, nutritious meal looks like. Christ’s sake, Waylon, what the fuck kinda question is that?

Also Miles, to the Walrider: 

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Hey! I'm not sure if you're still doing these, but #2 with Grayson? Thank you xx

I got multiple requests for this one, so I hope you all enjoy. I also combined it with 23 because I thought it was cute! I’ve never seen an imagine with this storyline, so I’m not sure if it’s dumb or not. I kinda feel like it sucks, but whatever! Feel free to send me more requests! 

2. Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry.

23. We’ll get through this, I promise.

“Y/N, wake up!” Grayson yelled, shaking your shoulders violently. You groaned, rolling over to face your boyfriend.
“Whyyyy,” you yelled back dramatically.

“Babe, I don’t even know how to tell you this…” he responded, standing up and pacing around the room, running his hands through his hair.

“Grayson, what the fuck! Are you okay?” You instantly sat up. You could feel anxiety building in your chest. Grayson continued pacing around the room, mumbling to himself.

“Spit it out! I’m about to have a heart attack, Gray, what is going on?” You said breathlessly. Tears were starting to form in your eyes. What awful thing had happened that had Grayson so worked up? He turned to face you, his facial expression was the most serious you’d ever seen it.

“Your iCloud got hacked, and well…” he sighed, “some of those pictures you sent me are like, leaked” he said awkwardly. You instantly thought back to his April Fool’s video, where he played the same prank on Ethan. Relief washed over your body. You laid back down on the bed, shaking your head.

“Very funny, asshole. Where are the cameras?” You laughed, looking around. “Come back to bed, dummie. Nice try.”

“Y/N, I’m not kidding, check twitter!” His voice was serious. You were convinced this was a sick joke, but you reached for your phone anyway. As soon as you opened your Twitter app, you saw it. There was a photo of you, standing in front of the full length mirror in your closet, wearing just a thong, your arms crossed over your chest to hide the fact you weren’t wearing a shirt. Your jaw dropped. You scrolled down your timeline, only to find more photos of yourself wearing very little to no clothing. You had always been a very modest person. Prior to the release of these photos, the only person that had ever seen you like that was Grayson, and it took you a long time to even be comfortable with him. You had never even posted a photo in a bikini before. Your mind felt like it was going a hundred miles per hour.

“Oh my god, what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to leave the house knowing everybody has seen me like this? Your fans are going crazy. Grayson, your brother is going to hate me for doing this to your reputation. Oh my god, your parents! My parents! What are they gonna say? God, I’m such a slut, what’s wrong with me?” you cried, throwing your phone across the room. You looked over at Grayson to see him holding back tears, his eyebrows knitted together closely with his head in his hands. He reached over and grabbed your hand, rubbing his thumb over yours.

“You’re not a slut, and you know it. I don’t ever want to hear that come out of your mouth again.” He looked deep into your eyes. Seeing the pain behind them broke you. You broke down sobbing, bringing your knees to your chest and wrapping yourself into a ball. Your heart rate picked up, your vision went blurry, and it felt like your breath was being stolen straight from your lungs. You were no stranger to anxiety attacks, but it had been awhile since you’d had one this severe.

You felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around your waist, pulling you closer. You nuzzled your face into his neck, and clenched his t shirt in your fist. He ran his fingers down your back lovingly. “Please don’t cry, baby. I can’t stand to see you cry.” Grayson whispered in your ear. You tried to calm yourself down, but it was impossible. Grayson sat there, holding you in his arms, kissing your forehead, doing everything he could to comfort you. Once your anxiety subsided, you pulled yourself out of Grayson’s grip and grabbed both of his hands, refusing to make eye contact.

“I love you. I’m so sorry this happened,” you managed to mumble. He removed one hand from your grip, and moved it to your cheek, forcing you to look into his eyes.

“This isn’t your fault, don’t be sorry. I love you more than you know, and I’m going to be here for you, no matter what.” Grayson said, one tear running down his face.

“But what are we going to do?” you whispered. He shook his head.

“I honestly don’t know. But I do know we’ll figure it out, together. We’ll get through this, I promise.” he assured you. As those words left his mouth, you felt your heart melt. You look up to meet his gaze, your eyes gleaming in admiration. How did he always know the right thing to say? It was in that moment that you realized how unconditional your love for eachother was. It would be easy for Grayson to remove himself from the situation, and act like he had nothing to do with it. Instead, he selflessly stayed true to you and your relationship. Right then, you realized that you would get do whatever it took to get through this, whatever “this” turned out to be, for the rest of your lives.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm so sad powerless got canceled. the show was diverse. it was funny. the cast was all so talented. the jokes didn't dumb themselves down for you. the show never laughed at the audience but always wanted you to laugh with them. it was uplifting and not mean spirited. it's the kind of tv show you crave in a world where - especially shows based in a superhero setting - are always so dark. and it was canceled.

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Ummm this may be dumb but I just thought of this: Lance keeps track of the days so that he knows when it's around Christmas time and for 12 days leave Keith little presents from the song so like on the first day a pear and a feather or something like that. And Keith having been deprived of hokiday festivities due to his rough childhood moving around all the time doesn't get it. And then Lance has to explain it and the song says "TRUE love" and Keith is like "am... am i your true love?" -Pumpkin

and then lance is flustered so he sarcastically responds like “nooo of course you’re not that’s not why I’ve been giving you all these gifts at ALL” to which keith kinda deflates like oh but then lance is like SHIT WAIT NO I WAS KIDDING YES YOU’RE MY TRUE LOVE and then keith looks up at him all hopeful but doubtful and then mistletoe or something