you are so dumb i could listen to you talk all day

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okay so one of my bffs has been annoying me lately bc i just started talking to this guy a couple weeks ago and she never listens to me when i wanna talk about it , like i always ask her how things are going with her guy(s) and listen to her talk about a guy all day but she never ask me how i'm doing and even if i bring it up she'll just change the conversation. i know this sounds kinda dumb but idk it's pretty serious with this boy and then i feel like the annoying one when i only bring him up

Nah. You’re allowed to talk about whatever you care about to a friend. It’s their job to lend you an ear when they can you know? I used to have the same problems, I had friends that made sure things revolved around them. Now maybe your friend might not realize that she’s doing this. You could point it out to her, tell her that this guy really interests you and you want her thoughts.

Or do what I did, find friends who love hearing about you and love sharing about themselves 🤷‍♀️

the signs as nmtd/lolilo fandom things
  • aries: listening to an ode and crying (regardless of pedrazar's status at the time of listening)
  • taurus: jake's part in that one power rangers episode
  • gemini: overanalyzing end-of-day photos/snapchats from the candle wicks
  • cancer: an undying love of daniel mcbride
  • virgo: when the entire cast is more aesthetic than you can ever dream of being
  • libra: watching white man behind a desk/listening to sheep dog and wolf just bc of lolilo
  • scorpio: frequently googling "what time is it in new zealand"
  • sagittarius: the way reuben says "kickstarter"
  • capricorn: hypable interviews and chill
  • aquarius: staying up to ungodly hours for new eps (even though tcws want you to sleep)
  • pisces: wondering how the design student's doing