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↑ Rising Signs ↑

Aries: You’re bold, and tend to speak loudly. You usually stick out and make your presence unforgettable. You speak the truth, whether it’s good or bad. I admire how you’re not afraid to stand up to someone. You’re also very funny too.

Taurus: You’re seen as someone easy to approach. You have a calming aura around you, which tends to attract people to you. You also have this studious presence. At times, you may be awkward at socializing, but you warm up quickly. 

Gemini: It’s all about the talking to you. You’re very talkative, and able to adapt in the environment quickly. People love you because you have this ability to make it seem like you and the other person were old friends that just met. You also have a witty sense of humor. 

Cancer: You’re very quiet around strangers. You have a tendency to fade in the background and observe the people around you. Because of this, many people may not notice you. Once they get to actually know you, you’re very sweet and caring. 

Leo: Like Aries, you’re very bold, and you make people laugh. You stand out and shine brightly, which makes a lot of people attracted to you and envy you. You can hit up a conversation with anyone, and make them feel special. 

Virgo: Like Cancer, you tend to not speak and observe instead. You love helping people out, and try to make them realize their own potential. People flock to you when they need your assistance on something important because you always seem like you know what you’re doing.

Libra: People adore you because of your sweet and generous personality. You make everyone feel like they’re home, and that you’re always ready to take care of them. Libra risings attract a lot of people because their habit of giving. Though be careful because people will most likely try to take advantage of you!

Scorpio: You’re seen as someone eccentric. You can be super closed off at times, and maybe even mysterious. But beneath that cold exterior, you’re so kind and pleasant to be around with. People may find you a hassle at first, but in the end, it’s worth it when you get to warm up to them.

Sagittarius: You have such a charismatic personality. You’re funny, easy to socialize with, and most of all, such fun to be around with. You make everyone feel like they were originally friends with you. Because of this, a lot of people want to talk to you and hang out with you. Though you can be a tad annoying, you’re the best one to have around when everyone needs a little cheer up.

Capricorn: You give off such a mature aura to people. You know how to overcome your obstacles, and you don’t like it when things are in the way of achieving your goal. People see you as someone very logical and ready to accomplish anything.

Aquarius: Because of your hilarious and popular personality, you draw so much attention to you. People love you because of you’re ability to stand out without even trying to. You’re so amusing to talk to because you always have something to say. You’re also able to make a joke out of anything. 

Pisces: You have such a warm and delightful personality. Many people go to you because of you’re ability to make everything feel right. You’re like a cute animal that everyone wants to pet because you just make everything feel so dreamy and ideal. 


I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem

But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

“The eternal rose will reflect the color of the soul of whom which the receiver is in love with.”

I’ll be starting a new fic very soon!! It’ll be called Hollow Dreams. It will be my own version of a Klance Sleeping Beauty AU. These are some doodles from the story, and what you can expect to see.

Y’all have such depressing outlooks on love. You don’t wanna do shit for your partner, don’t want to put any time into your relationships, but you want this dreamy romance? Ugliness. Stupidity. No wonder you all are so unhappy and have these shitty friendships! Y’all are mean and nasty, ew?


requested — dreamies teasing you about your crush on haechan + him getting jealous about you hanging out with mark and accidentally confessing 


Oops this is another Descendants imagine lol
I’m almost done with the Peter Parker one I mentioned, but it’s like 2,000+ words so I have a lot to work on!

Title: Intentions
Pairing: Harry Hook x reader
Summary: Harry intends to find out what your type is, but you play along with his game, pushing his intentions aside.
Word Count: 1,523
Warnings: none 

Your name: submit What is this?

           "Benjamin, that is just about the-“

           "Stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?” Ben finishes for you. There’s a flicker of hurt on his face as he speaks. “They still deserve a second chance, Y/N.”

           Your features soften, frustration fading. Ben was facing a lot of scrutiny as king, and he needed all the support he could get if he was going to allow Uma, Gil, and Harry to come to Auradon. As his best friend, you owed him some faith in his actions.

           "I guess,“ you finally answer. Ben cracks a smile. "But don’t expect me to be best friends with them.”

           Ben pauses, smile dipping just enough for you to notice. You groan as a look of sheepish charm washes over Ben’s face.

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lazy sunday with jungkook! moodboard

I was tagged by @rmsgirl to make a mood board with your own pictures or not and your bias. thank you so much!! 

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none of these photos are mine or the gifs! 

My Fake boyfriend Part 7

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2273


A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

credits to the gif owner

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Bucky gets off of the bench, offering you his hand. You accept gladly smiling at him, but his mind can’t focus on anything now. Would you let him kiss you? Would you be mad at him for asking? Maybe you would just politely decline; he wouldn’t blame you for not being attracted to him.

In the dinner room everybody is already sitting waiting for the two of you, including an old couple that he assumes to be Lucas’ parents and the way they are looking at you leaves him no doubts.

He sits by your side on the table watching as you smile at him and he kisses your hand. It is a small gesture, sure real couples do this all the time but it was also a way for him to say that things were alright between you two.

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Uptown Girl [6]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: i honestly love this story so much and i had such a blast writing it i’ll definitely miss writing it :( i have new ideas for song inspired fics like this i can’t guarantee that they’ll all have multiple parts like uptown girl bec school is coming up again and i just don’t have the time to commit to something like that lol so thank you again and see you in my next fic! :)

you might want to listen to this for the road lmao


Peter Parker x Reader

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I gaped at my best friend sitting by my windowsill. Peter was clad in the now iconic red and blue suit.

“Y-you’re S-spider-Man.” I breathed out.

“Yeah.” He swung his legs over the windowsill and walked towards me. I looked at his face and his suit, trying to absorb this new information. Peter looked worried that I was so quiet. “Please say something.”

Suddenly everything made sense. The mysterious bruises he would get. His disappearances coinciding with Spider-Man’s appearances on the news. Oh my god. My best friend’s Spider-Man.

Peter chuckled. Did I say that out loud?

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In bed with... Johnny


Anon: Helloooo~ thank you for the making out with Johnny it was 😍😭👌👏👏 and i kind of went ⚰ But now I came in to ask if you please could do “in bed with… Johnny” too (i love killing my friend 😊) Thaanks in advance! ❤ Ps i still worship your blog

Everyone is so thirsty over Johnny I’m S H O O K but then again i really understand lol. Please don’t expect something like Hansol’s though, that was freaky as fuck and it was a special thing for my bIAS BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING ON HIM AND I WANTED TO SWERVE PEOPLE

But yes, I hope y’all like it, this kind of style is going to be what the rest of them are like, smutty but not too explicit💟💟💟pls tell me if there are any typos bc i never proof read these and y’all are sometimes too nice you don’t tell me

In bed with… series:

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have 3 gifs of johnny bc he slayed this era and well yes it is johnny so treat yourself sorry this is actually crap thoough

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How often do you fall in love?
Once a day? Twice a week?
Each stranger you meet on the street?
How long do you remain in love?
For an instant?
An hour?
Until next time you have a shower?

Will you fall in love with me?
Will you stay in love with me?

—  Soft words that flow from a Sunday afternoon, February, 2017
Childhood Crush // Carl Gallagher x Reader

*not my gif 
Summary: You and Carl have been best friends ever since you guys just little kids. The two of you became best of friends that you couldn’t live a day without Carl. And when you and Carl finally grew up as a teenager, you then found out Carl is falling for you.
A/N: Sorry!! I know was suppose to post this story a few days ago! but here it is now! Thank you so much for being so patient and reading all my stories. Your feedbacks make me so happy! Hugs and kisses xo P.S this one is a request! :) 

It’s summer vacation and Y/N is at Gallagher’s household to have a mini pool party. Y/N is at their house every single day. However, the family didn’t really care because they treat Y/N as a family since Carl and Y/N are best friends. The two have known each other since they were just 8. “Who wants burgers?” Kevin shouted as he flips some patties on the grill, “We do!” Everyone said, smiling as they have so much fun. “Here you go, burgers for everyone.” Kevin smiled, giving them their food. “Thanks, Kev.” Y/N smiled, giving it a big bite. Y/N gave out a sigh on how amazing the burger tasted, “This is a-okay, dude!” Y/N said with her mouth full.

 "Of course, I made it. And this last burger is for Carl. But where is he?“ Kevin asked, "Oh, his inside the bathroom.” Lip said, standing up from his seat, “I’ll go get him, just wait for a sec.” He then walks inside his house from the back door and knocked on the bathroom. “Hey, your burger is waiting for you, pal,” Lip said, putting his hands on his hips. “I can’t fucking do it,” Carl said, behind the door. “What do you mean you can’t?” Lip asked. “I can’t tell Y/N that I like her.” Carl sighed as he opened up the door. 

Lip saw how disappointed Carl is to himself, he knew how Carl felt because when Lip was in love with Karen, he was so scared to admit to her or to anyone. He was at the same position as Carl when he was just 16. “Man up, dude. Or just don’t tell her yet, keep it to yourself for awhile if you think today is not the right time.” Lip said, playfully pushing his little brother’s shoulder. Carl then had a smile appeared on his face, pushing Lip back and started to playfully punch each other as they leave the house, laughing. “There he is!” Fiona chuffed. “Your burger is cold now,” Kevin said. 

“It’s alright, I could eat this little shit face’s burger.” Carl joked as he took Y/N’s burger and ate it all. “Says the dickwad himself.” Y/N said punching his arm as Carl laughed at her. Veronica awed and admired Y/N and Carl’s relationship as best friends. Carl and Y/N looked at Veronica looking all dreamy, “What?” Carl asked. “You guys grew up so quickly.” She said. 

“We did but we still feel like we’re just some two little kids doing dumb things.” Y/N explained as she looked at Carl. Carl became so speechless when his crush looked at him like that. He started to think how beautiful and amazing Y/N is. “Have you guys ever thought about of dating?” Fiona joked, making Carl so serious and looked at Fiona. 
“Yeah, like have a little picnic at the park! Oh, and star gazing!” Debbie squealed, making everybody laugh.

“No way. I would never date Y/N, this fuckface can never have all of this!” Carl said as he touched his whole body. Y/N rolled her eyes at him and laughed, “It’s true! I would never have that body because I don’t go for guys like Carl.” Y/N laughed, Carl lost his smile on his face and he felt his heart crushed into tiny little pieces. “I’m kidding, whenever I’m with Carl, I always feel like I’m on a date with him.” Y/N smiled. 

“So right now?” Carl asked. Y/N nod her head at him and laughed. “That’s so gay!” Carl laughed harder making Y/N very annoyed.“I was just being nice, Carl Gallagher.” Y/N said, rolling her eyes again. 

“So how about that one time, you can’t stop talking about Y/N during dinner?” Kevin asked. Carl quickly looked at Kevin and widen his eyes, signing him to stop it. “Yeah, and the day when I was working out, you came up to me for some advice on love and you even said you ‘kinda’ have a girlfriend. Was that Y/N?” Ian asked him. 

Carl then started to feel so embarrassed and he became very red. “And you came inside my room saying you miss Y/N so much,” Fiona said, mocking Carl. “Isn’t it right, Carl?” Fiona laughed.

Carl became angry, making everyone quiet. “Fuck you guys,” he said, walking out in front of them and walking straight to the house. “Carl…” Fiona said, frowning. Carl slammed the door, walking back up in his room.

“We should’ve done that, I’m sorry Y/N for doing something childish.” Kevin apologized, as she just nods her head at him. “I better talk to Carl.” Y/N said standing up and walked to Gallagher’s house.

As Y/N entered the room, she started to call out Carl, walking up the stairs. “Carl?” She said, opening the door to his room. She saw Carl in bed, with headphones and his eyes closed. “Carl.” Y/N called out once again. Carl ignored her. 

She then walked towards Carl, taking off his headphones. His eyes opened just to see Y/N in front of him. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be with them?” Carl asked her, standing up from his bed. “Yeah, but I wanted to be with you.” Y/N said, brushing her arm with her hand. “But it’s boring here, you should go back outside,” Carl said, as he walks towards his drawer to get some comfortable clothes for him to wear in bed. “Hey, Carl.” Y/N quietly said. 


“I like you too.” Y/N said as she looked down to her fingers. Carl’s eyes widen and turned around to look at her. “What did you just said?” Carl asked again. “I said I like you…” She said quietly again. Carl started to smile and he once again pretended not to hear it. “I really can’t hear you, shitface.” Carl smiled. 

Y/N looked up at him and had a grin on her face. “I said I fucking like you too.” Y/N said, smiling. Carl grabbed Y/N’s face and kissed her and Y/N put her hands on Carl’s head. “You don’t even know how long I wanted to this to you, Y/N” Carl said, looking down at her lips. “This is probably the first time you called me by my name.” Y/N laughed. 

“Well, I think I should do that more often now that you’re officaly mine now,” Carl said, grabbing her waist.