you are so damn flawless

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Guuuuurl, your Headcanons are... SOME GOOD SHIT LIKE AHHHH YOU ARE GOALS~! Anyway Lololol How would the RFA members react to the MC wearing their clothes??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author’s note: omGGGG thank you so much!!!!! enjoy ;)


  • you probably had to change bc the poor child spilled coffee on your shirt
  • when you walked out in his “LOLOL is not just a game, it’s a way of LIFE” shirt he spit out his drink
  • honestly he would just stare at you as you walked over to him
  • before you could ever say a word he was PULL you on to his lap
  • “You can keep that shirt, it looks much better on you.”


  • it was was a really bad idea to walk to Zen’s in the rain
  • so when you went into his house he INSISTED you change and kept on going on and on about how you could catch a cold
  • as soon as you walked out in one of his big t-shirts and a clean pair of his boxers on he almost fainted
  • no I’m not kidding he had to sit down
  • when you walked over to him to ask if he was okay he stood up and kissed you
  • like
  • kissed you
  • -he could not contain the beast within


  • there goes her self esteem
  • like you looked so beautful in her skirt she couldn’t help but smile
  • she just has to kiss you
  • she needs to kiss you
  • you’re just sO DAMN PRETTY 
  • “You look… flawless.”


  • since he was late coming home from work AGAIN you decided to try on one of his button downs
  • you were gonna put on his pants too and pretend to be him when his bedroom door opened
  • you turned around to see Jumin smirking anD OH GOD HIS SMIRK
  • he slowly walked over to you and kissed you on the lips
  • when you two parted you picked up your shirt to change back
  • “Keep it on… ” was all he said before leaving the room
  • at first you were like ??? but then you also knew there were some fun things planned for you ahead ;)))


  • he dead
  • you walked out in just underwear and his zipped up jacket
  • and he dead
  • like his face is so red
  • his glasses have disintegrated
  • to save the moment he takes a picture just for himself and no one else
  • he tried to come up with something clever bUT OH GOD HE’S NOT EVEN SAYING REAL WORDS
  • “Y-you, icantspeak. I-I mean t-that isjustwow”  
Bath & Bubble

Request: “ahh hello, I love your writing could I request something? like newt or credence x reader and she is like super self conscious about her body cos she is like overweight / chubby? and like is super self conscious of her breasts and like vagina and stuff? I am sorry if this is super weird!” + “credence smut please? i don’t care what the situation is tbh, anything you write i’m going to love, thank you”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1872

Warnings: self-loathing, weight issues, etc.

A/n: this is so horrible and not that smutty I’m so sorry idk why this was so hard to write (maybe bc i’ve had problems w my body in the past??) anyway, if any of u reading this are self-conscious about ur weight or how your body looks I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU and keep doing you, because you are a star and a valuable part of of the universe <3

Your face twisted in disgust as you gazed regretfully at the figure in the mirror. Bringing a hand to pinch at your sides, you sighed at the amount of fat you could pull from your body. You were dressed in a racy set of red lingerie, but you felt anything except sexy.

“(Y/n)? Are you home?” You heard Credence call as you could hear the front door close.

The jingling of keys coming closer to your bedroom made you lunge towards the wardrobe, sinking down behind the hanging clothing and closing the mirror door quickly. Your breathing was muffled by the closed space, but you could hear your heart beating rapidly in your tight chest. You grimaced at the thought of your boyfriend seeing you in your state, even though earlier today when you had bought the new underwear you had been far more confident. Once the reality set in, you were just not ready for Credence to see you like this.

Today marked 6 months of being together, and you had wanted to do something special for him. He had been so kind, understanding, and loving, but you were afraid that he was unsatisfied with your sex life. Every time his breath would hitch, or his pants would tighten, you were quick to recoil. It wasn’t because you weren’t ready; you had actually had many sexual encounters with him. You did your best to please him, but refused to let him touch you. You were just too scared that he would want to break up if he saw the lousy state of your body in its naked form.

“(Y/n)?” His voice sounded from inside the bedroom. You squeezed your knees to your chest, feeling your belly roll up as it was constricted against your thighs. Credence pulled back the door, finding you cowering in the dark. “What are you doing?” He asked concernedly, crouching down and placing a hand on your knee.

“Just… looking for something to wear.” You croaked. Tears had started to well in your eyes as embarrassment gripped your insides. The waterfall of emotion came crashing down, and you ducked your head into your knees. “Can you please close your eyes.”

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More than words

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Buckle up for long smut 


You called curiously through the empty house as you entered your best friends home with the spare key he had given you when he moved in. There was no reply, making you even more worried as you hadn’t heard from him for a while. It was strange not speaking to him and you couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t been in contact with you. As far as you knew, he was still very active with SHINee and other friends so the fact he hadn’t even texted you was odd. The last time you’d spoken to him, he sounded rather solitary . Deep down, you knew he was lonely. Living with Roo didn’t seem to be enough for him. He wanted someone by his side. In your dreams, you wished it would be you but he’d never even mentioned anything romantic or flirtatious to you. The thought made you sigh out loud. 


You called again, just to check again if anyone was home. Roo ran to your feet, her tail swinging swifty side to side, happy to see you. With a warm smile, you bent down to pet her. 

“Where’s your daddy?” 

You asked her in a high pitched voice, like she would answer you. Suddenly, she ran upstairs, her little legs moving adorably, looking back at you as if she wanted you to follow her. You knew you shouldn’t be going through Jonghyun’s house when he wasn’t home but you knew it couldn’t hurt anything. Chasing Roo up the stairs, you followed her in to Jonghyun’s bedroom. 

His room smelled of his musky, sensual cologne that reminded you of him whenever the scent wafted by your nose. His bed wasn’t made yet and there were a few bits of paper, pens and pencils scattered all over his desk where Roo ran to, her tail still wagging playfully. 

“What are you showing me Roo? What’s all of this?”

You asked rhetorically as your eyes scanned the paper. There were a mixture of titles on top of the sheets; titles such as: My secret love, Her sweet behind, Tasting the cherry, A drink of her wine. Most of them hinting that they were sexual. Jonghyun had been writing sexy poems. Instantly, your cheeks blushed a deep red as you picked one of them up. It was intrusive to read his private thoughts but you just couldn’t help yourself.

‘My gorgeous (Y/N) with her face so fine, hips so curvy with a perky behind. I can’t help but wonder how you taste, to kiss your lips in a loving embrace…’

You clasped your hand over your mouth in shock; your heart began to race as you picked up one poem after the other, discovering he had romantic and sexual feelings towards you. After finding it out, it made sense why he’d been distancing himself from you. Falling back on his bed with one of the poems in your hand, your palms began to sweat with a tingling warmth spreading through your core, thinking about the sexual things he wrote; the things he wanted to do to you. 


You heard Jonghyun’s voice from downstairs. In a panic, you didn’t know what to do. You didn’t know if you should hide the poems, confront him about them, throw yourself at him; your heart began to race as you heard his footsteps getting louder. Giving you no time to act, he opened the door. 

“Oh it’s you. I thought someone had burg…shit!” His eyes widened as he saw the piece of paper in your hand. The man darted for the poetry on the desk in a hurry before stopping himself. 

“Please tell me you haven’t looked at this?!” 

He cried in fear, drops of sweat appearing on his forehead. 

You gulped anxiously, not knowing if you should tell him the truth or not. 

“So you wanna taste my sweet juices huh?” 

You teased in the most innocent way you could.


He yelled in frustration, his whole face turning a tomato red. After a moment, he placed his hand on his head, lolling it back with stress. 

“Yes. I can’t lie to you anymore. I’ve fallen in love with you. I’m sorry. I should go…”

 He uttered, his voice filled with sorrow.

“It’s your apartment.” 

You replied, not being able to believe that he couldn’t see you loved him too.

“I know, but I can’t throw you out.”

He couldn’t bring himself to look at you as he slumped on to his computer chair, his face tense with stress.

“I don’t want to go.” 

You told him. He told you the truth; it was time for you to tell yours.

He finally looked at you with his beautiful, glossy eyes.

“You don’t?”

 He questioned, raising his brows in surprise.

Getting off the bed, you walked over to him, his eyes gazing at you in awe. You weren’t quite sure what to say, so you did what you wanted to do which was to climb on top of him and straddle him. His eyes nearly popped out of his skull; his body stilled, not knowing how to react to the contact. 

“Wow, look at you Jonghyun. You’re so damn flawless, talented, and sexy.” 

Gently, you brought your hands up and brushed your fingers through his soft hair. He licked his lips in anticipation yet he still couldn’t move; his body was in disbelief. 

“Touch me.” 

You whispered in to his ear, immediately making him stiffen beneath you. 


He asked gently. The poor man was so afraid of going too far with you. You wished he could see how much you wanted him just as much as he craved you.

Biting your lip, you took his hands and placed them on your breasts, allowing him to rub through the material of your shirt. Rolling your head back with pleasure, Jonghyun got a little more confident, finding your nipples and playing with that area. 

“That’s it Jonghyun, make it more than words.” 

You encouraged him to go further with you. You wanted to witness everything he wrote down on paper. As he carried on experimenting, you couldn’t believe how turned on he was making you just by massaging your breasts. 

“How does it feel?”

He asked attentively, gazing in to your eyes. 

“It’s amazing, don’t stop.” 

His fingers trailed slowly from your chest down to the bottom of your shirt, giving you goosebumps as you gasped.

“Can I?” 

Jonghyun was so cautious, making sure every move he made was okay with you; you found it adorable.Whispering yes, you lifted your arms so Jonghyun could remove the material from your body. Once again, his eyes widened, seeing your lacy white bra; it made him gulp like he was starving for your body.

“You’re so beautiful. Your body is so perfect. Every curve you have, your soft skin. I had to distance myself so I wouldn’t go crazy about you.” 

His confession made your heart melt and your desire increase more than you thought was humanely possible. His hands gently ran over your covered boobs and the curve of your waist, admiring you, drinking you in. You were leaning in to his sweet smelling neck to kiss it when he let out a strong sigh. 

“What’s wrong?”

 You asked him, concerned, wondering what was going on in his creative mind.

With insecurity in his puppy dog eyes, he ran his fingers through your hair, caressing you lovingly.

“We better stop now Jagiya. If we go any further, I’m not sure I can control myself.” 

His words made your skin heat up. He had the affect of caffeine; making your body go in to overdrive, making you alert and awake. Jonghyun may have had self control but when it came to the divine, sexy man, you didn’t. Ignoring his words, you grabbed the collar of his shirt forwards so you could claim his godly lips which seemed to like yours so much. You felt his body let go and free itself of the strain. He needed you badly. Jonghyun deepened the kiss, grabbing your behind as his tongue played with yours and his teeth gently pulled at your lower lip, making you moan loudly. 

From the seat, he stood up and began walking to the double bed, his hands lifting you up from your behind. Seductively, he laid you down on the bed before taking your feet in his hands and removing the sock from each foot. It was like he was making each move painfully slow on purpose, like he was enjoying the groans of impatience from you; you could see the twinkle of mischief in his eyes. From your feet, his hands moved up your legs, causing all of the hairs on your body to stand up as you shivered. You watched in crippling anticipation as Jonghyun unzipped your jeans and began to slide them down your legs, moving forward to kiss you as the jeans hit the floor. Heatedly, your lips caressed and moved with each others. Your hand rested on Jonghyun’s sharp jaw line as you indulged in the taste of his mouth. He kissed you so passionately and so sensually, soft and delicately but needy and dominant at the same time; you couldn’t get enough. Causing you to groan, Jonghyun pulled away from your lips and kneeled between your legs. The sex god took the bottom of his white shirt and peeled it up and off his body, flexing his muscles and showing off his smooth, perfect skin. Your mouth dropped in awe as you stared at him. Your pussy reacted to it, physically aching to be touched and loved. You had no time to bask in the beauty that was Jonghyun’s body as his fingertips were already running up your sensitive thighs and hooking around the band of your innocent panties. Worry crossed your mind as they were your cute, baby pink ones with pandas on, hardly sexy. You didn’t know that you’d be making love with the man of your dreams that morning so you threw on the first pair you saw. Jonghyun saw that you felt slightly uncomfortable and laughed dreamily, flashing his stunning straight pearl white teeth. 

“Don’t worry jagi, I think they’re adorable, like you.” 

He bit his bottom lip as he moved them down your legs, almost holding his breath like he was unwrapping a gift on Christmas day. When he laid his eyes on the most sacred part of you, all of the blood rushed to his head and his manhood. His lustful eyes met yours and suddenly, he grabbed your ankles and spread your legs wide open, exposing you to him and making you gasp. The entirety of your body tingled and vibrated as he placed his lips on the crevice of your groin, the top of your pubic mound, the outside skin of your pussy. 


You panted his name, squirming so much that Jonghyun had to hold your hips to keep you still. His warm breath was so close to your needy clit that you could almost feel his mouth on you. Getting closer and closer to your pleasure spot, he took his time to kiss and caress the not so obvious areas of your pussy, making you physically drip. Finally, Jonghyun ran his talented tongue from the bottom of your pussy, through your folds and up to your hardened clit. Instantly, the sensation made you grab his light pink hair tightly. He moaned at the taste of you, arousing you even more and as he suckled on your throbbing clit. You could have possibly hurt him by the way you were tugging aggressively on his locks. Each lick he made you crazier and moan louder. He made you feel so good that beads of sweat appeared on your forehead and your lip began to sting from how hard you were biting down on it. Jonghyun held your thighs and moaned deeply whilst he tasted and drank the juices that came from you, truly savoring you like he wrote down on paper. It wasn’t just words; it was a fantasy of his. Your hands moved from his hair and on to his shoulder blades, accidentally digging your nails in hard as he took your wet labia in to his mouth, licking, kissing, sucking on your lips like he’d never get another chance to. Whenever he looked at you, you could see in his face that he could get lost in you; he was in his own world by pleasuring you. Reluctantly, he moved away from your pussy and began to lift your hips to the side, hinting to you that he wanted you to get on all fours for him. On the bed, you looked behind you to see Jonghyun ridding himself of his tight black jeans. You gawked at him, seeing the huge bulge in his boxer shorts and your face got neon red all over again, making Jonghyun chuckle warmly as he climbed back on the bed behind you. Jonghyun’s smooth hand ran over your butt cheeks, making your spine tingle. You let out a sigh, enjoying the feel of him admiring your curvy back side. Surprising you, Jonghyun slapped your ass cheek playfully. The funny part was that it felt good; you giggled, beginning to feel more comfortable. Jonghyun’s lips kissed your behind whilst his hands reached up and unclasped your bra, making you entirely naked before him. Your breasts fell free but it wasn’t long before Jonghyun’s hands were back on them, rubbing them, taking your nipples between his fingers and making them harden with his touch. Jonghyun’s pecks began to move downwards. Gently, he pushed your back down, making you back your behind up. Like a primal animal, Jonghyun licked his lips before plunging his tongue back in to your pussy, making you cry out in pleasure. Roughly, Jonghyun held your ass cheeks as he worked his tongue in and out of your pussy, making sure he wasn’t missing a spot. You couldn’t help whimpering like a puppy; the feel of his mouth and tongue was incredible. You were already so close to an orgasm even though he hadn’t started making love to you yet. The thought of taking his dick crossed your mind. Desperately, you wanted to feel his manhood inside you. You wanted to gaze in to his breath taking eyes, to take him in your arms, to taste his delectable lips for the whole night. 

“Baby. I want you.”

You panted, your chest heaving and that was all the encouragement Jonghyun needed to flip you on your back, to hold you in his strong arms and to slowly ease himself inside your wet core, claiming you as his girl. Jonghyun made love the same way he ate your pussy, passionately, lovingly with a burning desire to please you. There was something about the way he held you romantically that was mind blowing. The deepness and the intimacy made your eyes water from the intensity as you wrapped your legs around him tightly. It was the look in his eyes that was the most bewildering. He had a true, honest look of love in them and when he held your hands, sliding his fingers between yours, he took your breath away. It was like your two souls connected as one. The both of you were completely infatuated with each other, wanting, needing to know each other on a more spiritual, heavenly level. 

It was daylight when the two of you let go and embraced each other. By the time you were both spent, it was beautiful sunset. On the back porch, you rested your head on Jonghyun’s shoulder, watching the bright yellow sun go down, turning the sky a mixture of fuchsia, orange and purple. Sweetly, Jonghyun kissed your forehead, smiling contently. 


You said, snuggling in to the nape of his neck.

“Yes jagi?” 

He replied, rubbing your lower back, soothing you.

“The next time you wanna write dirty stuff about me, just show me.” 

Jonghyun laughed before shaking his head.

“Then we better get some sleep before I start feeling the need to write something.”

You could tell you weren’t going to be deprived of loving as Jonghyun’s girlfriend and that night, the two of you slept soundly as the work that Jonghyun did became more than words. 

some nerve you have, to break up my loneliness

this is the first fic I ever wrote! I found it in my drafts and revised it (there was a lot of cringing involved) but it turned out pretty okay, so I decided to share it with you guys. (in the original, there were a LOT of inaccuracies and some pretty bad dialogue… i mostly fixed it). yes, it’s a soulmate AU. yes, those are played out. give me a break. I was learning.

Baz doesn’t want a soulmate. Simon wants one desperately. They meet in a bathroom. (TW: swearing, mentions of homophobia)

Simon Snow wanted a soulmate desperately. His tattoo, written in neat, bold cursive scrawl, had begun to fade in when he was about twelve. And now he was seventeen, and he’d been waiting five years to hear those words (although, in truth, they weren’t very romantic words at all. His soulmate sounded like kind of a jerk).

Still, his life now didn’t hold much to look forward to other than the soulmate and his eighteenth birthday, when he could finally get the hell out of dodge. But that wasn’t for months, and his soulmate could come any day. It was far more exciting to wake up every day and think ’today could be it! ’ than to wait tirelessly for a day that seemed eons away.

It was on the inside of his wrist, so he always wore long sleeved shirts or bracelets to cover it up. It had always felt like his little secret. While the other children at school were eagerly pulling up their shirts to show tattoos half-formed on their ribcage and wearing shorts only to show the letters on the backs of their knees, Simon was hiding his. It showed up one letter at a time, and not in order. The first letter was a ‘W’, and he fantasized that it would be a gutsy girl, seeing him for the first time, falling in love with him immediately, and asking him in a rushed voice, “Will you go out with me?” But as more letters appeared, all jumbled (an F, then two Os on either side of it, then a C and so on) it became clear that his soulmate was… well… less than polite.

The whole tattoo spelled “Oh, fuck off, will you?”.

Simon didn’t care. He could not care one bit less that his soulmate was, apparently, an asshole. Whoever she was, she had the neatest, most old fashioned handwriting he’d ever seen, beautiful, calligraphy-like letters all looping together like a fine ribbon. He imagined her to look something like Agatha Wellbelove, the prettiest girl he’d seen to date, but it couldn’t have been her (first because her first words to him were, “You smell like cinnamon”, and second, because she didn’t have a tattoo. It happened sometimes, that people didn’t have soulmates. She cried about it often). Agatha had warm, brown doe eyes and long hair like corn silk. She and Simon were alright friends, but she was a grade above him and had just graduated, and it was getting difficult to stay in touch.

The alarm went off, and Simon sat up out of his bed, groaning. Simon knew he had the morning to himself- his father hadn’t heard the alarm, and he never got up to make sure Simon went to school anyway. He decided that he’d much rather walk around and feel the sunshine on his back than lounge around and suffer through math class. Running a brush through his hair and grabbing some money, he left, thinking he would head down to the bakery and grab some scones, maybe eat them in the park. Today was no different than any other day. He wondered if he’d meet his soulmate. He probably wouldn’t.


Baz Pitch dreaded the day he met his soulmate. One, because he sounded like a twat, (“Hey, you can’t smoke in here”), two, because his handwriting was shit, and three, because he really didn’t want one. He didn’t want to fall in love. He’d had enough of love. He loved his mother, and she died. He loved his father (in a twisted kind of way), and they hadn’t spoken in almost three months (“Dad, I’m gay.” “Get out of my house.”). He loved his sister, Mordelia, and he couldn’t do anything to help her when their father would go into fits of rage, smashing plates and windows (and sometimes Baz’s face) and she would hide under the bed, her small body racked with sobs for hours. Now that he’d moved out, he could do even less for her. But he’d given her a number, in case she ever needed his help. He’d kill Malcolm if he ever laid a finger on Mordi.

She hadn’t called.

As far as Baz was concerned, life could go so much better if you just didn’t care. About anything. People, yourself, whatever. Love ended in disaster of some sort, every time. And even though he’d never experienced romantic love, he figured that it’d be just as bad, if not worse, and he wanted to do everything in his power to avoid it.

It was just an innocent visit to the coffee shop. He wanted a cocoa (was that a crime?). The morning bright but chilly, and he figured a hot chocolate would warm him right up. He’d never been to this shop, but it looked approachable and friendly, with a cutesy sign on the door that said ’We’re open, come on in!“ He walked in. The scent of baked goods practically smacked him in the face, and he smiled a little.

But his smile quickly fell.



Malcolm. In the coffee shop. Two people in front of him. Ordering a coffee, and Baz knew exactly how he wanted it (black). Looking tall and mean and awful. Looking like Baz really shouldn’t have left Mordi with him, no matter how hard it would have been to take her away.

He was about to turn, and Baz was still contemplating what to do. Fight or flight.

Baz flew.


The smell of smoke assaulted Simon when he entered the bathroom. Who the hell was smoking in here? It was a public building, there was a no smoking sign two feet from the goddamned door. Christ, could people not read? He looked around for the culprit, but there didn’t seem to be anyone in the bathroom.

He heard a faint hum from one of the two stalls.

“Hey,” he said, a little irritated. “You can’t smoke in here.”

Baz took a sharp breath.

“I said, you can’t fucking smoke in here. Did you not see the sign? Hello?” Baz needed to find the quickest possible way to get rid of him. Jesus. Fuck. What a day. It wasn’t even nine yet and already he’d been inadvertently chased away by his dick father and (sort of) met his soulmate. His idiot soulmate, whose voice was just like his dumb handwriting- inviting, but rough around the edges.

“Oh, fuck off, will you?”

Simon froze. What? What the hell was his soulmate doing in a boys’ bathroom? And the voice… Not exactly deep, but throaty and smooth and impossibly not-belonging-to-a-female. He didn’t know what to say, and so he didn’t say anything.

Instead, he went into the stall next to the guy (it was a guy), clambered clumsily onto the back of the toilet, and peered over the side. Perhaps not the most intelligent decision, but Simon had never prided himself on common sense.

Gorgeous. That was the only word that registered in Simon’s mind for a whole thirty seconds. The boy (definitely, definitely a boy) had thick, shoulder length hair, pitch black, and reddish-gold skin. He was sitting on the back of the toilet, legs crossed, with a lit cigarette hanging casually from his lips. He was exotic. He was beautiful. He looked up. He was pissed.

“What the actual fuck are you doing?” He snapped. Simon could see he’d been crying. His eyes, a stunning grey-green, were rimmed with red and shining. “Get away from me, you prick.”

Simon found his voice. “No. I’m not going to get away from you. Not until I figure out a few things.”


“Let me see your tattoo.” Simon demanded.

"And why, exactly, would I want to do that?”

"Because… Because just do it, okay?” He looked at the boy pleadingly.

Baz didn’t want to. He wasn’t going to. He wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction, this boy who had the guts, who had the gall to just look over the fucking stall at him when this was a place for privacy-

"Please?” Desperation had crept it’s way into Simon’s voice. His eyes were big and blue and honest.

Baz pulled the hair away from the back of his neck and showed the beautiful boy his tattoo.

God damn you, Baz thought. He was so flawless. He was glowing, like the sun was trapped inside of him, shining out through his curly bronze hair and his lovely golden skin and his bright eyes and his honey-coated voice.

"Oh.” It was soft. He sounded defeated. “So I guess…”

"We’re soulmates,” Baz finished for him. “What’s that face for? You disappointed?” He wiped the tears from his cheeks.

"No, no-” Simon interrupted quickly. “It’s not that at all. No.”

"Then what is it? Because you look like you just found out that all your Christmas presents were underwear.” Baz studied him for a second. “And that none of them fit. And they may or may not be used.”

Simon suppressed a laugh. He spoke slowly, chose his words carefully. “I just… didn’t think… that I liked guys. And it’s surprising, to say the least.”

"Good. So go away.”

"No.” Simon had waited this long for his soulmate, and just because he was a he didn’t mean Simon was going to let him slip between his fingers. “We’re going out on a date. Right now. I need to figure this out.”

"That’s how you ask someone out? You didn’t even actually ask.” Baz shook his head, but dropped the cigarette, grinding it into the tile floor to put it out. He ignored Simon’s disparaging look, swinging the stall door open and following him out of the bathroom.

"This is some crazy shit,” Simon muttered, just loud enough for Baz to hear. Baz nodded in agreement. “Where do you want to go?”

"Anywhere. Anywhere but here.” Baz paused. “And don’t expect this to be like… a date. I’m not ready for a date. I don’t even…”

"Whatever, it doesn’t have to be a date. How does a walk in the park sound? I’m Simon, by the way. And you’re a git. Who introduces themselves with ‘Fuck off’? You do realize I have that permanently tattooed on my body, right?”

Simon. Simon who talked way too fast, all his words running together into one big long word, barely intelligible. “I-” Baz began, but Simon held up a finger.

"Shhhhhh. We’re going to the park.” They walked in silence for a while, Baz a step behind Simon, studying him. He was shining. He was even more beautiful in the summer sun. Clad in basketball-type shorts and a muscle shirt, Baz could see that he had dozens of moles scattered all over his body. Simon looked back, like he was checking if Baz was still there, and Baz saw that on his face was a sweep of freckles across the bridge of his nose and the apples of his cheeks. He was substantially shorter than Baz, probably by three or four inches, but then again, Baz was tall. The kind of tall that makes people stop you in the street and say “Wow, you’re tall.” Little kids looked at him and whispered to their mothers in awe, “Look, it’s a giant!”.

"How old are you?” Baz asked, a feeble attempt at conversation. He felt awkward in the quiet, with just the light breeze whispering in his ears. He wondered how Simon wasn’t cold, as scantily clad as he was.

"I’m a senior in high school,” Simon replied in a pleasant tone.

"Oh. Um, I just graduated.” Usually, Baz was fantastic with words. He could spin poems out of his head like woven silk and his wit was quick and sharp, throwing insults and jabs left and right, comebacks falling from his mouth with ease. He was a good conversationalist, too, but that was mostly because he couldn’t tolerate small talk. It bored the hell out of him. Life was short, he figured, so why waste it on discussion of the weather? But this boy… He was stealing everything. Baz’s words, his breath, and apparently his free will, because every step towards the park he knew he should turn around, wanted to- but didn’t.

"What’s your name?” Simon asked, glancing back for just a moment. Just long enough to catch Baz’s eyes and bring a soft blush to his cheeks.

"Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch,” Baz said, as casually as he could manage. “But you can call me Baz.”

"Baz.” He considered it for a moment. “I like it. It suits you. Dark. Mysterious. Straight out of a romance novel.”

They reached the park and suddenly neither of them knew what to do. It was awkward and the sun was too bright, so they were both sweaty and squinting and trying too hard not to look too long at the other one. Was this how it was supposed to be? Weren’t you supposed to fall right into your soulmate, and everything was supposed to feel right, like it had just clicked into place? Because it didn’t feel that way, not at all. It felt strange and a little bit empty and very, very stilted. Their conversation wasn’t going anywhere. There was no conversation, neither of them were even speaking.

"I play the violin,” Baz said, a little too loud. It was a stupid thing to say, a total non-sequitur, but he said it because he wanted to know if Simon played an instrument. He could picture him jamming out on a bass guitar or banging on a drum set.

"I always wanted to learn to play the violin.” He spoke in a wistful tone. “But we could never afford music lessons.”

"Oh.” Baz replied, his face bright red.

"Okay, this is getting ridiculous,” Simon sighed, leaning forward towards Baz. “I feel like I’m at a middle school dance. Just tell me something about yourself, something you wouldn’t tell anybody else.”

"Um…” Baz began, not sure what to say next. “I- I just met you. Why would I-”

"Because I’m your soulmate, you fuckwad.” Simon sounded exasperated now. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “Don’t you think I should know things about you?”

"Point taken,” Baz admitted. “It’s just that… I’ve never really wanted a soulmate.”

Simon looked hurt. “Well it’s not like you have a fucking choice,” he spat. “It’s not like I have one.”

The end of his sentence was so tender that Baz couldn’t help but give in. “Alright. I’ll tell you something, I suppose. Um… I guess… I like to watch Disney movies sometimes. When I’m alone.”

Simon brightened immediately. “Alright, good! Good. My turn.” He furrowed his eyebrows, bit his bottom lip. Baz swallowed hard. “Sorry, this is kind of a question- what the hell do you put in your hair to make it so smooth? It’s absolutely gorgeous. Mine is a rat’s nest, and I’ve tried everything on God’s green earth. Nothing tames it.” He grinned, sheepish.

Baz giggled and Simon’s insides were on fire. Here was this beautiful, regal boy, and he was making him laugh. Making him giggle, even.

"I don’t put anything in it, really. Conditioner. I grow it long to hide my tattoo.” He paused. Simon nodded and took off his rubber bracelets. Baz recognized them as the ones all the young girls wore nowadays, the ones in his sister’s class. They were shaped like animals and food and things. Simon had one that looked like a slice of pizza, a butterfly, and the state of Texas (at least, that’s what Baz thought it was.)

"My tattoo is on my wrist. I don’t like people to see it either.” Baz reached out, an instinctive move, and ran his fingers over the soft skin of Simon’s wrist. Sure enough, his meticulous handwriting was written on Simon’s wrist. He felt almost bad about what the words said.

"I apologize for swearing at you,” Baz started, unsure where he was going with this. “You know, my little sister’s tattoo says something similar. I think it’s "shut the hell up”, or something.“ He felt a blush come to his cheeks, and cursed himself. He hadn’t blushed this much in months. "I miss her very much.” It was almost a whisper.

"I miss my mother very much. She died when I was ten.”

"Oh, my sister isn’t dead. I just haven’t seen her in a long time.” It seemed an inadequate addition. A sad smile crossed Baz’s face, the smile of those remembering what they’ve lost. “My mother died, too. When I was seven. And as far as my father’s concerned, I died about three months ago, when I told him I was gay. He’s got Mordi- that’s my sister.”

And then Simon had his fingers intertwined with Baz’s, and Baz didn’t want to pull away. “I suppose this means I’ll have to tell my father about the whole ‘gay’ thing,” he fretted, his worried tone only half a joke.

"No offense, but how didn’t you know before? I’ve known since I was five.”

Simon frowned. “I just never thought about it, I guess. But I think you’re lovely, and funny, and I like you. So I guess that’s what matters, in the end.” Simon beamed, his dimpled cheeks overtaking his sky-blue eyes.

Feeling wanted wasn’t something Baz was used to. “Oh,” he replied. But then it hit. The complete, oh-wow-I’ve-been-waiting-my-whole-life-for-this-don’t-let-it-stop, heart warming, mind shaking feeling of finally finding your soulmate. How could he not have wanted this? Baz took Simon’s other hand and faced him.

"Oh.” Simon let his fingers slip into Baz’s.

For once, Baz didn’t need to be good with words. He didn’t need to say a thing. All he needed to do was lean over and press his lips ever-so-light against Simon’s temple. Then his nose. Then his lips. He was warm and he tasted like scones and cinnamon and everything good in the world, how could anything be this lovely, this good.


Hope you enjoyed! It’s about ten billion times better as a reboot than it was when I posted it on my ao3- to anyone who read that…. I’m so sorry. Originally titled "Oh.” (Creative, I know). current title taken from "I’m Yours” by Alessia Cara, which I listened to on repeat as I edited this. Check it out if you haven’t heard it! ^-^

When I see you,
I’m reminded of a damn good cup of coffee on a cold morning—
and how delicious and exciting that cup can be.
Shit. It’s so fucking good to be. Awake.
—and how good a cold beer can taste.

When I see you,
I want to dance in snake shoes (or not)
And coach a soccer team, make some kale soup, shake some shit up, eat some goat balls
and say “hit that” instead of grace,
Like it’s my religion.
But who needs religion when you’ve got. This.

I think of hurricanes. And running in shoes that don’t fit.
And listening to you sing. Reading your emails again and again.
Just. To. Laugh.

I think of bikes—
And your shorts (perfect short shorts for 20 miles…huh?)
Hit. That.

Fuck, at the end of the bike ride, lord knows there will be a good swiss chard salad from a food truck.
And a good bike ride always ends with a night cap—and probably the A-Train home.
With deli sandwiches in hand.
And even shit in the train won’t smell too bad. Cause the company is that. Good.

Let me be clear, I don’t want to Thomas Crown Affair this—
I want to “Notebook” this ending (so I should probably stop talking about shit in this goddamn train)
Put me in a boat with you and a towel (cause that’s all you need, right?)
and we might get covered in grease.

but there is always grape seed oil and a razor
on the other. side.
I think of winter hats and you reading Nietzsche.
Fuck, you could read. anything.
I would listen.

When I see you,
I think of cream in oats topped with cranberries
And how good that moose sweater would feel when the weather starts getting cold.
I’d curl up. and listen.
Especially if you pick the playlist.
Lay. It. Down.

When I see you,
I want you on the couch.
And I know you know what that means
’cause you wrote it.

I want to laugh at how much I love how you do it—sardines, yams, saltines, games, “programs.”
And you do it. So. well.
Bow down bitches.

I’m reminded of a damn good cup of coffee.
and how good a cold beer can taste.
I want to dance in snake shoes (or not) and
say “hit that” instead of grace.
Like it’s my religion.
But who needs religion when you’ve got. This.
I think of that song you put on. In the mornings. That one that makes the pain of last night’s bottle-pass, well, less. treacherous.
You are the Michael Jordan of this jam. From the couch I’m on.

Bow down bitches.
And I want to whip my hair back and forth. If you remind me.

Now, it’s my turn to be relentless.
I might ask you to explain to me that a zebra without a name is just a striped horse.
But this striped horse—
It’s just. Love.
The kind that makes that coffee want to linger and that cold beer never taste
so good
and these slippers just became my snake shoes. For the night.

When I see you,
You make me want to write. And dream.
Now it’s my time to be relentless.
I want you to talk to me.
Read with me.
Cry on the subway with me when this shit breaks our hearts. In the best. way.

I can’t tell you what the hell the water is,
But man, I wish you were in it. with me.

—  Sarah Fishstorm

dimdaisy  asked:

I would like to know more about your skincare routine bc you're so damn flawless like oh girl! I cant even stop looking at your pics and wondering how can you be so beautiful and flawless. I wanna be like you tho. Much love for you 😘💋❤

thank u!!!!!! it took me awhile to get my skin where it is today just takes time & trying different things💓🍒

Kisses for Natsu

I’m starting up a new series. It’s just a bunch of one shots in which Natsu gets kissed by various characters in Fairy Tail because the boy needs more love.

I bet you can’t guess who he’ll be kissing first yes you can I am such trash

Gray Fullbuster

Gray sits at the bar of his favourite club, fingers idly tapping the counter as the music pounds.

“Cheer up,” Loke insists yet again. “Your resting bitch face is scaring all the sexy people away.”

“I told you I didn’t wanna come out tonight,” Gray says defensively. Loke tuts, blowing stray bangs out of his face.

Gray shrugs. It’s not like he wasn’t warned.

It is odd, though. He normally loves coming here. The drinks are cheap, the music is right up his alley, the crowd is always interesting. The sweaty grind of bodies and bass rocking in his ears simply isn’t intriguing him tonight.

“Oooh, I know what will cheer you up,” Loke hums in his ear. “Pink hair, 5 o'clock.”

Gray slowly turns on his bar stool, eyes flitting over the dance floor until they land on the man Loke’s currently eye-fucking.

Not that Gray’s faring any better. He can’t help it, the man’s gorgeous. Pink hair, bright green eyes, muscular build, flawless skin. He’s so damn– “Beautiful.”

“You say something?” Loke half shouts over the music.

Gray shakes his head, turning his attention back to his drink. Loke continues to stare, unabashed. “You’re shameless,” Gray calls. He gets a feral grin in return.

“Can you blame me?” Loke asks.

Gray turns to look at him once more. “I suppose not.”

Green Eyes turns to them, smile gracing his face. Loke enthusiastically waves him over.

Loke looks Gray dead in the eyes. “Dibs!”

“Like hell!” Gray snarls.

“Fine then, Code K,” Loke rushes out as the man saunters up.

Gray stifles a pout. Code K. Whoever kisses him first gets his chance. Gray isn’t half as outgoing as Loke, this shit rarely ever works out in his favour. In fact Loke’s success ratio compared to his is… Gray shakes his head. He doesn’t want to think about it. It’s borderline depressing.

Gray rolls his eyes as Loke starts laying down the charm. Loke shakes his hand, leaning in close to talk in his ear. His tanned hands fist in the scarf wrapped around his neck. He laughs at whatever Loke says, the sound is barely audible over the music but it pits a burning jealousy deep in Gray’s gut, wishing it were him leaning his head against pink hair.

But this man’s even more stunning up close, maybe even breathtaking. Prettier than anyone Gray’s ever seen and something about this is so damn unfair it makes his heart sink. Maybe it’s that Gray doesn’t stand a chance with someone so radiant. Loke’s definitely more his type, just has to be.

Who knows? If Gray just tries… He snorts at himself. No. Better to quit while he’s ahead. Not that knowing that will stop him from brooding into his drink.

Gray learns his name is Natsu from the bits and pieces he can hear of their conversation. He smiles. Summer.

“And what about you?” Natsu gazes up at him expectantly. Gray blinks at him. “What’s your name?”


Natsu smiles, nothing short of awe inspiring even if the smell of tequila hangs on his breath a little. “Did you parents name you that ‘cause of your eye colour?” He steps in closer, face inches away. “But I guess they’re more dark blue than grey aren’t they?”

Gray can’t answer, is too occupied trying to calm the roar of blood in his ears and the fire spreading in his veins.

Natsu grins at him again, backing off to take a long sip of Gray’s beer. Natsu’s eyes glimmer. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Normally yes, but watching his tongue peek out to lap up the excess on his lips– fuck. “Not at all.”

Natsu stares a moment longer, pearly teeth digging into his lip. His very, very pouty lip. Gray’s throat feels tight. He wants to say something, anything. He just wants to let Natsu know he’s never seen anyone like him before.

“You have a lot of fans tonight,” Loke comments, nodding to a man pushing his way through the crowd, eyes focused on Natsu.

“Shit, that’s my ex,” Natsu groans. “Quick, make out with me!”

Gray sighs, slowly turning in his seat to give Loke room, who’s gearing up to help Natsu out. This is the last thing he wants to watch. Maybe he should leave.

Natsu turns a moment, cheeks burning red and muttering to himself. Gray sees Loke reach for him and squeezes his eyes shut. Definitely time to leave.

Except there are warm fingers wrapping around his arm and yanking him close.

“Huh?” Gray nearly yelps, eyes flying open.

Natsu’s lips crash against his own. Eyes fluttering closed and lashes resting against cheeks adorned with a handful of freckles.

“Holy shit,” Gray manages against his mouth. Natsu pulls back, confusion flashing in his eyes. “You kissed me,” Gray breathes.

“Yeah,” Natsu purrs, “and I’d love to do it again.”

Gray doesn’t care that he said that so his ex could hear. He tugs Natsu between his legs and captures his lips. His fingers tangle in that pink hair, he cranes his neck, finding a better angle to let his tongue fuck into Natsu’s mouth.

Natsu gasps, warm breath fanning across Gray’s lips. Gray’s nails dig into Natsu’s scalp and he can hear the faintest moan rip from the man’s throat. Natsu grabs onto his shirt, pushing closer, closer, closer.

“You guys,” Loke laughs. “He’s gone.”

Natsu breaks away first, face flushed as he stammers out a thank you. He reaches to pull Gray into a hug, only succeeding in knocking his beer off the bar.

Gray chuckles. “Looks like you owe me a drink.”

“Yeah, well, you owe me a proper first kiss,” Natsu retorts haughtily as if making out weren’t his idea.

“How about a dance first?”


Do, do, do, do, do, do
(Coming down, dripping candy on the ground)

It stay Yoncé, your Yoncé in that lingerie
On that chardonnay, scoring touch down like a runway
I’m Texas forever like Bombay, and I’m redboned yo
Billion Ring like Donjae, I’m camo in here yo
These thots can’t clock me nowadays
You wish I was your pound cake
Boy you know I look good as fuck
You wish I was your babymomma
Want me to come around and give you good karma, but no
We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators
Of course sometimes shit go down
When it’s a billion dollars on an elevator
Of course sometimes shit go down
When it’s a billion dollars on an elevator
(Ha, ha, God damn, God damn, God damn)

Momma taught me good home training
My Daddy taught me how to love my haters
My sister told me I should speak my mind
My man made me feel so God damn fine (I’m flawless!)

You wake up, flawless
Post up, flawless
Ridin’ round in it, flawless
Flossin’ on that, flawless
This diamond, flawless
My diamond, flawless
This rock, flawless
My Roc, flawless
I woke up like this, I woke up like this
We flawless, ladies tell ‘em
I woke up like this, I woke up like this
We flawless, ladies tell 'em
Say “I look so good tonight”
God damn, God damn
Say “I look so good tonight”
God damn, God damn, God damn

I wake up looking this good
And I wouldn’t change it if I could
(If I could, if I, if I, could)
And you can say what you want
I’m the shit (what you want I’m the shit)
I’m the shit, I’m the shit, I’m the shit
I want everyone to feel like this, tonight
God damn, God damn, God damn

[Nicki Minaj:]
Looking Trinidadian, Japanese and Indian
Got Malaysian, got that yaki, that wavy Brazilian

(Them bitches thirsty, I’m Hungarian
Nicki, Bey, be eatin’ diamond fangs, barbarian, ah)

[Nicki Minaj:]
Yo, like MJ doctor, they killing me
Propofol, I know they hope I fall
But tell 'em winning is my motherfuckin’ protocol
'Cause I score before I ever throw the ball
These bitches washed up and ain’t no fuckin’ soap involved, uh
It’s every hood nigga dream, fantasizing about Nicki and Bey
Curvalicious, pussy served delicious
Mayday mayday, earth to bitches
Slap these hoes on they ass like we birthing bitches, uh
The queen of rap, slayin with queen Bey
If you ain’t on the team, you playin’ for team D
'Cause we A-listers, we paid sisters
This watch right here done faced blizzards
I confess, I woke up like this
All this drank in my cup like this
All this ass on that flawless dick
Instagram another flawless pic
Flawless city with these flawless titties
I’ve got all these hundreds, you’ve got all them fifties
I’m with some flawless bitches because they be mobbin’ pretty
'Cause niggas love bad bitches that be on they grizzly
Throw that ass back I be on my frisbee
Princess cut diamonds on my Disney
He want monster Nicki in Sri Lanka
I told 'em meet me at the trump, Ivanka
I said come here let me show you how this cookie tastes
This that yeah, nigga, eat the cookie face


When you say “oh wow you’re so pretty, you shouldn’t wear makeup” you are asking to be hit.

You don’t know what we look like without makeup. Some of us rely on makeup to cover certain things. Makeup is used as an enhancement to make us even more confident.

Yet, when you see us with “natural” makeup you tell us “See, I knew you looked better without makeup”

You are a flawed human being for ever saying these things. Everyone looks better with makeup on when it’s done right.

So if you see us wearing makeup and we look fine, don’t say “You’re so pretty, you shouldn’t wear makeup”. Say “Damn your makeup looks flawless today” (even if someone isn’t wearing makeup and you say the second one you’ll be complimenting them)