you are so cute it should be a crime

27/01 Happy birthday to the prettiest flower: Hanamaki!!

Reasons why you should love Makki (How could you not?!)

He is so underrated it’s A CRIME!

He is a wing spiker that is fantastic at recieves:

F L A W L E S S i tell you

Strong with his serves:

Hello? He can toss as well!

And be an awesome senpai when you do great, btw:

Want more cute things? How about Makki being an Iwaizumi fangirl? (Who isn’t, anyway?)


He is the master of teasing at Seijou (With his boyfriend as well)

And, just if you need one more extra reason.. he is a bae: 

Fierce and flawless. NOW GO AND LOVE HIM FOREVER!! 

Shin/Ran Anniversary Doujinshi [Megro111]

Somebody, stop me from saving everything from Megro-san’s twitter. I. Just. Can’t .Stop.



  • R: Really… That Shinichi. On such day, he could’ve made it home without stopping somewhere else.
  • S: Sorry, Ran. I have some place to go, so you go on ahead of me.
  • R: I hope it’s not a crime… Although it’s possible…
  • R: This place* feels more comfortable than the living room. 

TN: Reading room. The artist used kanjis for reading room but used the word ‘here’ to determine the meaning.

  • R: Am I starting to resemble Shinichi? That’s annoying…

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Imagine having a date with Sherlock, it is the second one. After the first one was somehow fantastic (he took you to a crime scene and dinner afterwards) he promised you would do something you choose, something a little more.. ‘normal’! So you decided to meet in a park, walk around a little and then drink a coffe in a cute little cafè 5 minutes distance. Surely you are too late, you first couldn’t decide if you would wear a dress or trousers, and should you put on makeup? What will he deduce out of your outfit? And if this dress says “I fell in love with you!” too much? So many decisions, so little time!
Five minutes too late you rush into the park where you wanted to meet, stoping shortly before the meeting point to rearange your hair as you see Sherlock. This gorgous, tall, pale, dark haired man stands in front of a sea, looks into it and goes though his hair, making it messy, then he runs though it again to arrange it. He silently shakes his head, going with his hands through those thick curls to make them look messy again. You laugh, it seems like Sherlock is just as nervous as you.

RED White and Blue

Steve x Fem!reader

Request: omg this is so weird but you should do a Steve x reader when the reader is in her period. where Steve like takes care of her and becomes so overprotective and stuff you know fluffy stufff. I’ve seen some of those around and their pretty darn cute and fluffy chu know and plus we are girls so why not.. I mean you don’t have to. just a suggestion. -little-mermaid-megan

There was so much blood, it looked like a crime scene. You could say being on your period was a crime. You knew that you were going to get it soon, but why did the monthly visit from hell have to happen today? You were supposed to be going on a mission, but the cramps hurt so much that you couldn’t stand without falling over soon afterwards. Being the stubborn person that you are, you tried to get up again, only causing you to let out a cry of pain from inside the bathroom you were in. After that, you couldn’t hold back your tears anymore.

A certain American hero happened to be walking by the bathroom and heard you crying. Concerned for you, he knocked on the door, “Y/n, are you okay?” Steve asked gently from the other side. All you could do was start crying louder, embarrassed by the fact Steve had found you in this condition.

“Steve can you please leave me be? I’m having… girl problems.” You told him, hoping he understood. Steve’s eyes widened, realizing your problem. He stood outside the bathroom door and pondered over what he should do.

“I’m going to reassign our tasks for the mission to other members of the team. I’ll stay here and take care of you.” Steve said, not even letting you have a chance to argue with the choice. “Y/n can you please unlock the door now?” He asked. You were already by the door so you shuffled a little and managed to unlock the door. Steve opened the door for you, making sure not to hit you with it. He stepped around you before carefully picking you up, carrying you bridal style out of the bathroom and to your room, where he placed you on your bed.

Steve tucked you in and sat on the end of the bed, giving you a smile. “Would you like me to get you anything?” He asked. You nodded and asked him if he could get you something to eat. Steve left and you were now alone again. You shut your eyes and tried to rest a bit.

Next thing you knew, Steve was waking you up. You opened your eyes and smiled, seeing him here made you feel better. “Good morning sleeping beauty.” Steve started, then he pulled out a grocery bag, “I went out and bought you a few things.” He stated. You questioned how long you had been asleep when he emptied the bag out.

“I got you some snacks and a lot of chocolate, because you’re probably craving something sweet. I also got some soda, when I was younger my mom said caffeine helped with headaches.” he explained. You were shocked by how much money Steve had spent on you.

“Thank you… for taking care of me. You didn’t have to go through all of the trouble.” You said, feeling slightly guilty you had taken his attention away from the mission. Though part of you was relieved that you could have someone, especially Steve, here for you.

Steve shook his head, “There wasn’t a bother really, I want to help you. It makes me feel terrible knowing you are in pain.” he said. You barely heard the last bit of it because Steve had said it so softly. You felt your cheek start to heat up. Knowing you were blushing now, you took one of your pillows and quickly hid your face with it.

Steve was a gentleman and always so caring, especially towards you. Ever since you had joined the team, Steve treated you with respect. He made you feel queasy whenever he was around. The way he smiled at you was breathtaking. If you were in a room with the rest of the Avengers, Steve would always go out of his way to make sure he talked to you first. Maybe it was just your emotional state, but you were starting to think he liked you back.

Your thoughts of Steve were interrupted by the man himself. Steve removed the pillow from your face slowly. The way he treated you made it seem like with the smallest touch he would break you. You stared up at Steve, who was closer to you now since he had taken away the fluffy lump of protection that had hidden the blush still plastered on your face.

Gaining some courage you decided to test your theory, “Steve do you like me?” you asked. He didn’t hesitate when he answered your question, “Of course I like you Y/n.” He said. You nodded and thought about what you should do next, you should have phrased that differently.

He was right there, so close to your face. You slowly got closer to him, before filling the space and kissing him on the lips quickly. When you pulled away, you noticed Steve’s face was completely red. “Oh… that’s what you meant.” he said as he looked at you.

You apologized, realizing that you had made things awkward. Steve shook his head, “No, please don’t apologize. Y/n what I should have said earlier is that I don’t just like you… I love you.” He confessed, face still red.

All you could do was smile. Steve smiled back at you. You laid back down on your bed, patting the space next to you. “Can we cuddle?” You asked, giving him puppy-dog eyes. Steve couldn’t say no to that. He laid down next to you and you immediately wrapped your arms around him. You closed your eyes, feeling completely relaxed as he wrapped one of his arms around you. Steve started to play with your hair as well. Steve watched as you fell asleep next to him. The only thing he could think of was how he was so lucky to have someone as beautiful as you loving him back.

I hoped you liked it. This was so much fun to write! Periods are a pain, but at least Steve makes it better. - Admin Akane

EXO’s Reaction to You Hogging the Blanket

None of the gifs belong to me!!! (and i’m so sorry for taking so long to do your BTS requests) Enjoy~~~ <3


“Fine. Have the blanket.” -.-

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“How am I supposed to sleep like this?”

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*laughs at you cause you look so adorable all cuddled up*

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+ Bonus +


Suho: …but I can’t help it…she’s too cute…

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*stares at you in amazement* She looks like an egg…

see what i did there

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*brings Sehun and Chen to the crime scene*

Baekhyun: What should I do, guys? I don’t want to disturb her.

Chen: Wait, this situation’s too hot for me to handle. *sip*

Sehun: She’s a lunatic. Ditch her.

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I’ll let you off the hook this time, jagi-ya…

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“Do you want me to freeze to death, huh?”

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*wakes you up*

D.O.: Share the blanket.

Y/N: Oh, sorry, jagi.

D.O.: Apology unaccepted. *goes back to sleep*

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She doesn’t know that I spilled crumbs on that blanket… }:)

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*jealously watches you sleep all warm and cozy* *he loves you too much to take the blanket away from you*

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This game is for two players… *gif*

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happytimdrake  asked:

i'm so fuckin pissed i'm p sure like 79% sure that someone of Gotham has said at LEAST ONCE on Halloween to Bruce Wayne and Dick "hey you guys should dress up as batman and robin it'd be cute" and NO ONE even blinked or thought of an obvious possibility of these two rich fuckfaces being the genuine night-terror of Gotham


bet you over in metropolis people are like “cindy honey, aunt claudia from gotham is coming over for thanksgiving in two weeks, please remember to refrain from talking about batman this year too” “they still don’t know he’s bruce wayne do they” “sweetie, you know all the chemicals that get thrown in that awful river”

Adrien Agreste! It should be a sin and a crime against nature to look that good!

Look at those freaking bedroom eyes! How dare you Adrien!

So I watched part 2 of Origins and I cannot with those two. 

That final scene with Marinette and Adrien. The way how they looked at each other. The way how he said, ‘ami’. That ending! I cannot. I am done with this series. I am 200% done with this show! No!
Cannot anymore. This show is too much for me. My heart  cannot take this much cuteness! I do not know what else to say about this episode. I mean, sorry for the spoilers but….oh my god!

This episode!

This scene!

These TWO!

And what Master Fu said in the end about them being made for each other, I’m done!

Leave me for I am now a puddle of ladynoir shipping goo! DONE!

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)

We should do a tag thing: Name an idea you had as a child for a book, but scrapped. (I was 10 when I had this one:)

I had lots and lots of shitty ones. But I had this decent one about a group of runaway teens with Superpowers, who had to pretend to the Police that they committed a crime, so that the Police would confirm they are running because they broke the law, and not because they’re super-humans, so they wouldn’t get experimented on. 

That was my only good one lmao: Everyone on Tumblr should do this because this could be so cute!

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