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150501 타쿠야-이재준 전화연결♡

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phone call mission: you must choose a sentence and the one who you called must speak that sentence for the mission to be success

takuya: “I will buy you something to eat” (literally meaning “i will buy you rice” which means “i will buy you something to eat” without saying specific what. but it’s food, so it can mean “i will buy you lunch/dinner”) sounds the easiest! so i will call to hyungnim (-nim indicates respect) that i know.

shin: hyungnim that takuya likes! who is he?

takuya: the one who i am living with~ to jaejoon hyung

shin: aaaahhhh! do you think he will answer the phone?

jaejoon: hello

takuya: oh! he answered! hello! hyung~ it’s takuya~ i’m ah… very hungry~ do you have time, hyung?

jaejoon: where are you right now?

takuya: right now uh~ i will come over to hyung’s house (this instant)! 

jaejoon: okay, then come over (to my house)~ hyung will buy you something to eat. 

takuya: uh!!! hyung, hyung… what did you say?

jaejoon: (i’ll) buy you something to eat. come over (to my house)~

takuya: isn’t this success?

everybody: success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

takuya: hyung~ 

jaejoon: uh?

takuya: this is~ japan~ program that is called “韩ON Fighting” where i am MC of. say hello to the viewers~

jaejoon: ah hello! i’m lee jaejoon who is living together with takuya. 

takuya: thank you, hyung~

jaejoon: i heard cross gene, that takuya is part of, is (currently) working. i would be thankful if (you) give this album a lot of love. takuya, fighting.

everybody: waaaaaaa

takuya: thank you, hyung~


okay so in the tumblr tag 3 when they’re watching the rap, at 9:54, see dan’s cheeky grin + finger bite before the “blocking out the ericas” part? yeah guess what was before that part in the rap? which caused the cute reaction in dan? well see for yourself, the part starts at 1:21 in the dil howlter rap…

So this is the first character i designed for UnderMotivated, of course it’s Sans because he is so easy to draw in my chibi drawing style xD so Um!Sans or Umi (as he has been lovingly nicknamed by multiple people).

I will post more about UnderMotivated later in a separate text post, but enjoy Umi’s cute little face~

~Laa (also known as Faa)


Tsukikane week day one: Confessions (feat my awful handwriting)

In which Tsukiyama hasn’t confessed to anyone since kindergarten and still uses the same method since he’s a dork.

You deserve to smile.
You deserve to be happy.
Let the sun shine through your heart.

A quick doodle break from doujin work. Dedicated to friends who’s having a hard time. Please don’t forget there are people who’s there for you! Don’t forget to smile. Smile for yourself, for your friends.