you are so beautiful ok

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous


I wouldn’t want to live this life without my best friend @dinoshade 🤘🏾

Left: both pre T
Right: Kai is 4 months, I’m 8 months


waiting here, for evermore. (x)




kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Seven: Free Day
↳ In Regards to Love ~Agape~ [insp.]

what is it about Gerard Way’s voice that makes me feel like I’m being held in someone’s arms and lulled to sleep while simultaneously being stabbed?


Lost in skies of powdered gold
Caught in clouds of silver ropes

insp:  (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

A little bird dropped by and submitted:

Because sometimes you never know
Where time will take you.

[topic: kid!Jade/present!Jade]

An attempt at drawing something based on everyone’s favorite ball of sarcasm’s character development, inspired by this post.  Ever wondered what kid!Jade will think of ending!Jade…? (・ω・)

Be with someone that look at you the same way Naruto looks at Sasuke. Be with someone that speak of you with such faith and admiration as Naruto does with Sasuke. Be with someone that cares as much as Naruto cares about Sasuke. And please, be with someone that says your name the same way Naruto whispers and yells “Sasuke” with such crude emotion. You deserve that kind of love, my friend.