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The comfy way of living


Request : Hey there! I wanted to request a peter parker x reader! Can the reader wear glasses and keeps their hair pulled back in a loose ponytail all the time? And one day peter sees her without her glasses and with her hair down? And becomes absolutely smitten with her? (But make sure he loves her even with the glasses though) pretty please write this! Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense! ( @nevaehsuga )

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1400

A/N : Oookay guys, not a new part of the hallway this time. Hope you’ll enjoy it too anyway. Clearly not my best but here it goes !

You never cared about beauty. You weren’t interested in makeup nor dresses. Actually, you lived for natural comfort. All you had in your closet was jean slims and large sweatshirts or t-shirt that you liked to put in your pants. It was your own definition of beauty, in fact. Comfort was the real way of living. You were disappointing your mother on this part, since she was all about girly things, for her a lady had to wear heels everyday, have makeup on her face even if it was just to take the trash out, and smile all day long. But your vans were way more comfy and you couldn’t swap them for some fake Louboutins.

People at school always pointed you out calling you ugly or weird. Fortunately, you weren’t the only one in this position. You made one friend few years back, MJ, who was like you on this point. For both of you, the most important was to be in harmony with your true self. Didn’t matter if this true self didn’t please the others.

You arrived at school with your eternal loose ponytail, and your new glasses you had received yesterday. You went with your friends of the decathlon, MJ, Ned and Peter. They were sat down in the courtyard, so you imitated them.

“Yop.” That was your personal hello. “What’s up people ?”

You caught Peter staring at you, which was kind of embarrassing. He had this power of intimidating you even if he was such a sweet puppy. You blushed a little.

“Don’t you have new glasses ?” Peter asked with an innocent and adorable smile. You were so pleased he noticed this small change.

“Stop looking at me with those amorous eyes.” You giggled.

Peter’s mouth opened on a grand scale, and it seemed that his eyes wanted to quit his orbites. “I just.. I..” He stammered. He couldn’t talk or think properly so he just turned his head, his cheeks getting pink. Michelle was staring at Peter and his reaction. What was that ?

The bell rang and you all went to class.

“My parents aren’t home tonight, anyone wants to come for a movie night ? I don’t feel like being alone.”

Michelle laughed, making fun of you and the fear she knew you had. “Again with that pseudoghosts haunting your apartment, [Y/N] ? There were no response when we tried to communicate last time. Don’t be afraid of something that isn’t there.”

“But I can’t help it ! Told you weird things happen all the time at my house, all these creepy noises.” You folded your arms and pouted. “Stop making a fool out of me please.”

“I’ll come, if you want.” Said Peter wringling his nose. “May invited some friends of the hospital, I was planning on walking down the streets all night.”

“Thank you, Peter.”

Michelle rolled her eyes. “You dumb, it’s just that your apartment is old.” She mutterred.

It was 6 pm and you were already in your pajamas, a large t-shirt you had stolen to your father, waiting for Peter to arrive. You felt a little bit stupid since Michelle pointed out your fear of ghosts, you knew many people didn’t believe in them and you were wondering if Peter was one of this believers.

Knock knock knock.

It was him. Who else could it be after all ? You opened the door, and found a fresh Peter Parker with packages in his hands. Potatoe chips and other salted stuff. While you were focused on the food, Peter was focused on you. You got out of the shower few minutes ago and your face was still slightly red, you had damp hair and didn’t put your glasses back on -actually you never wore them home. He seemed speechless, and you didn’t even noticed. Peter licked his lips, trying to come back from his thoughts. But God he found you so beautiful like that, he wasn’t used to you being such a cutie. You were beautiful everydays, of course, he was always amazed by how soft your traits were, but right now it was… Such a delight.

“You look… Different.” Peter finally said, entering the apartment.

“Oh ? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I didn’t change anything since we saw each other today.”

“Your… I don’t know, it may be your hair. It isn’t in a ponytail, I’ve never seen you with your hair down.” Peter sat down on the couch, his eyes couldn’t stare at anything else but you. “Why don’t you let them like that more often ?”

You shrugged. “I just don’t like to have my hair in front of my face. They fly everywhere and at some point I can’t see anymore. That’s really annoying, you’d understand if you had long hair.” You sat down next to him, checking Netflix. “What do you want to watch first ?”

He would have liked to respond “you” to that question, but that would have seemed really embarrassing. “Something funny. I guess you don’t want to watch horror movies so…”. You immediately blushed and hit his arm. Peter laughed at your reaction. Something was really different now in his heart, he felt that something was going on with him. You both had hanged out many times, but the atmosphere seemed different. Different.

You choose Bruce Almighty, which didn’t surprised Peter because he knew you were such a big fan of Jim Carrey. You talked during the movie, laughed, Peter couldn’t help but glance at you at times. Your hair was now dry and you were more beautiful than ever. He licked his lips each time he saw you laughing.

You noticed that your friend looked at you, but acted as you didn’t. You could feel that it was different between you two too. As if you were closer, as if there were no barreer. Peter was lying on the couch, and so you were half on him, your head on his chest. You never realized how muscled he was until now, but it was maybe because you had never been this close to him. You had never hugged before, but now it seemed like a normal thing. His hand came on your back, he was fondling it through your shirt with his thumb. It was cute, you felt great. Your heart was anormally beating.

Peter was hoping he wasn’t going too fast with this little gesture, but he wasn’t reflecting on it, he just did what he wanted to do, it felt right and you didn’t seem to be against it. On the contrary, you seemed to like it. You grabbed his shirt in your fist and raised your head to reach his jawline you slightly kissed few times. Peter smiled, pulling you closer to him after your lips touched his skin. It was electric. None of you was focusing on the movie anymore, you were too occupied by flirting.

Your heartbeats were dancing on the same rhythm. Peter pulled you closer to him once again, crashing you on his body. Your hair tickled his neck and he was so pleased you didn’t wear a ponytail right now.

“[Y/N]” He whispered. He didn’t really know why, he just wanted to say your name, felt like home.

You raised your head again so your eyes could meet. You both remained silent for some seconds before you took the floor. “Yes, Peter ?” Your fist compressed his shirt even more, he bit his lower lip. There was some kind of connection you never felt before. A magic connection you wanted to last forever.

“I want to kiss you.” He responded, didn’t knowing where he found the courage to tell you. You didn’t wait for him to make a move, you turned a bit to sit on his lap and his hands found your hips under your metallica shirt. You went down until your lips touched his for a magistral kiss you didn’t know you wanted that much. “Please always keep your hair down honey, you’re too sexy.” He told between two kisses.

It wouldn’t be your last movie night, for sure.