you are sitting on a throne of lies

my conscience: don’t trust these rumors you’ve been tricked before.. they're just bringing up old rumors from 2k15 it’s all lies don't let yourself be deceived again


my conscience:….d-don’t believe it istg don’t if you fuckin let this get in you’re head I’m leaving you I swear I’ll-

me: fuck i can’t wait to see my kings sitting on thrones… deep breath 2.0 bitchessssss 


the sultanate of women: Mihrimah Sultan 

Patron of pious foundations, protector of the state, and the world, and the faith, the Princess - may God the Almighty dedicate her to an abundance of benevolence - daughter of the Khan of the Khans of the Orient and the Occident, sultan of the sultans of the lands where the sun rises and sets, […] Sultan Süleyman Khan.


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You were scared out of your wits. From all the girls they had offered Khal Drogo as a bride, why did he have to pick you? You weren’t even that beautiful, sure you weren’t ugly but still. This was the worst thing ever happening to you and you could only imagine the horrors that were yet to come.

Your protest hadn’t been of any use. How could they? These men weren’t going to risk a war with the Dothraki over one little girl.

You were surprised to see people treating you with respect since you hadn’t expected it in the slightest. You were the bride of a Khal, Dothraki or not and it seemed like that was what mattered to them.

Living here honestly wasn’t as bad as you had believed at first. The only thing that continuously kept bothering you was that you weren’t able to understand anyone. There wasn’t anyone around you could talk to and you felt lonely, spending most of your time alone. Drogo kept visiting you at night but the last thing on his mind was talking to you. You couldn’t even blame him, there wouldn’t have been any way for you to talk anyway.

You had enough and decided that if no one was going to teach you, you’d just had to learn it on your own. You chose a busy corner of the camp and sat down, listening to the people talking around you. There was no sure way to tell that what you were guessing they were saying was right but after a few weeks you thought you got a basic understanding of the language. Only one way to be sure, your skills had to be put to the test.

“Are you leaving already?” You ask Drogo when he gets up and puts his clothes back on.

He turns around, looking at you with a mixture of confusion and something else, “You speak my language?”

“I tried to learn it…did I say something wrong?”

“No…” He answers, sitting back down next to you, “You speak it very well.” He shows you a small smile before turning back to his usual cold stare.

“Thanks.” You say and smile as well, a little proud of yourself.

Drogo lies back down, pulling you with him and letting your head rest on his chest, “Do you like it here?”

“I think I do…”

“I think a large amount of my dislike for QiTN Sansa stems from two things,

The first and main reason is that a lot of the time when I’m seeing ideas revolving around QiTN Sansa, a lot of these ideas erase both Arya and Bran. Both characters who have an incredibly strong and powerful connection to Winterfell are pushed aside. Bran most often depicted as turning into the weirwood or Arya serving her sister as the Commander of KG or just gone. There is an immediate erasure of both Bran and Arya, two very important characters and yet they are pushed aside.

However, it is more than just that. A lot of the time, when I see an argument about QUiTN Sansa, it is connected to her knowledge of politics but the thing is, it’s Southern politics that Sansa has knowledge of and it has been consistently highlighted that the North and South are two very different areas. They are no way in the same and so Sansa’s ability to do politics in one area is not only potentially useless but also perhaps even debilitating. The Northerners at this moment in time are wary of anything to do with the South and while Sansa is no Southerner or Lannister, she has spent a huge portion of her time not only in the South but married to a Lannister. 

This isn’t something that will just go away. She was disinherited (more specifically pushed down the inheritance line) by Robb because of this very reason.

“Young, and a king,” he said. “A king must have an heir. If I should die in my next battle, the kingdom must not die with me. By law Sansa is next in line of succession, so Winterfell and the north would pass to her.” His mouth tightened. “To her, and her lord husband. Tyrion Lannister. I cannot allow that. I will not allow that. That dwarf must never have the north.”

While we have seen no mention of Robb’s will, it is very likely that it is something that will once more pop up. One does not just bring in a will that dictates the future of a hugely important region such as the North and not use it. Robb’s will is a Chekhov gun hanging on the wall and it something that is certain to come into play. Especially when we take into account Littlefinger and his intentions. 

When they come together for his wedding, and you come out with your long auburn hair, clad in a maiden’s cloak of white and grey with a direwolf emblazoned on the back … why, every knight in the Vale will pledge his sword to win you back your birthright.

We as readers know LF’s plans will fail. We know he won’t win so why therefore would we believe that he could place Sansa on the throne when we have Robb’s will – Robb who was an obvious hero – that throws LF’s plan into confusion and stands as an obvious adversary to Littlefinger’s desires. 

There is also what Sansa wants. A lot of the queenly motifs within Sansa stories are things forced upon her by other people. They aren’t her desires specifically. Even in GOT when queenhood was within her future, it was never so much the concept of power and being a queen that seemed to excite her but rather the possibility of having a prince, of having Joffrey. Sansa has not shown any interest in being queen and I think this is clearly demonstrated here. 

She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.

When Sansa realises that being queen is no longer a possibility, she does not mourn that loss or even seem to care and when she is presented with Willas, it is not the concept of power and ruling that she focuses on but rather on domesticity and family and home. Sansa has absolutely no desire to rule at all. 

The most important thing that stands within this is that Winterfell is more than politics, it’s rulership is about more than games and politics. It is a place that was built to withstand the Others, a place that has magic woven into its walls. It is strange to outsiders and otherworldly. It buries its kings underground and thrives in the dark.  This concept and idea of darkness, of the security it offers, is something seen in the Stark chapters, most overtly Bran’s. 

“ Never fear the darkness, Bran. The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth. Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mother’s milk. Darkness will make you strong.”

It is through darkness that Bran thrives and gathers strength. When Winterfell is being attacked, it is in the crypts that Bran gathers strength and survives. Darkness is a safe place and such a Stark, kingly concept. 

“The stone is strong. Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained.

The Northern Kings root Winterfell. Darkness is where Winterfell’s true strength lies. More than that, I don’t think it’s a mistake that we have Bran who is learning and growing in a place that is underneath the weirwood roots, who knows and sees Winterfell better than anyone and who has so many connections to Brandon the Builder, the founder of the Starks. Bran just like the Kings of Winter is heavily connected to darkness and roots in a way that has never happened with Sansa before. His connection to Winterfell exists on a whole different level and he knows it better than anyone else.

Bran could see all of Winterfell in a glance. He liked the way it looked, spread out beneath him, only birds wheeling over his head while all the life of the castle went on below… It made him feel like he was lord of the castle, in a way even Robb would never know.

Curse poetry

Although this is written to help me cope with something deeply personal that I have been living with my entire life, feel free to use this or any part of this poem for spellwork if you like it. Please give me credit if you do.

Your eyes are hollow; your conscience is dead.
I will never believe a word you’ve said.

Your forked tongue speaks twisted lies.
The last shred of dignity within you dies.

Sitting on a throne of arrogance with your undeserved crown.
The kingdom you’ve created is about to come crumbling down.

Spreading your misery and hatred like a disease.
You smile and slink away with confident ease.

I know what you are and what you will be.
A void, a black hole, dead to me.

No more will I allow for your existence to impact me.
The door has been shut and I’ve thrown away the key.

The time has come for justice to strike.
Like a vampire’s heart with a wooden spike.

I refuse to be silence now.
I have survived your abuse somehow.

May you see the hate you cause when you close your eyes.
May you go deaf from your dying soul’s cries.

May you be plagued with nightmares of torment and pain.
May any last sense of hope finally drain.

May you choke on your words before your speak.
May the weight of your apathy make you weak.

Do not dare cry or plead with fate.
The charade is over now; it is too late.

- Marsol
Soul (Jimin x Reader)

You’ve never really had angelic tendencies, and Jimin’s never really encouraged them; he is, after all, a demon.

a collab with @taesthetes and @zephyoongist

SummaryYoongi | Hoseok | Taehyung | Jin | Jungkook | Namjoon (M)

fluff, 2.5k words, jimin/reader, angel + demon au

You first meet Jimin when you’re five years old, your white wings barely functional; carefully, cautiously, you try to lower yourself onto the ground, and manage to accidentally land in a pile of…deer…poop. You wince and gag.

Jimin, who had been chasing flitting shadows and stretching his ebony wings nearby, witnesses the incident and laughs, (unbearably) loudly.

“Shut up,” you growl, clenching your fists. “Mind your own business, damn demon.

He only laughs harder, as if set on pissing you off. Thoroughly annoyed, you bend down, grab a handful of the literal shit, and chuck it straight at his face.

He doesn’t laugh at you for a good few years after that.

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drawing lots with his eyes closed,
drunk on nectar and ambrosia,
laughing out may we live forever’s
in the shallow yellow dawn.

with the short straw. with the
hollow ground. with the quiet.
with the stone-cold throne and
endless echoes. the lopsided
crown, the dusty aching dark.

giving in to half-lies. to
sunken rumors, red-ripe tales.

she casts your crown aside.
curls herself like morning mist
upon your throne. you
sit on the floor between her legs
and she braids your hair. twists
and smiles and yes, maybe, yes,
the darkness, too,
can be soft. if you let it.

you are terrible and unknown.
you cannot wear those flowers
in your hair. you cannot
like you have seen the sun.

you are a god. you last. outlast.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot love
a softer thing.

you cannot be
a softer thing.
MTVS Epic Rewatch #157

BTVS 6x08 Tabula Rasa

obligatory soundtrack to accompany your reading

Stray thoughts

1) Writing the follow-up act for OMWF couldn’t have been an easy feat, and yet the writers came up with one of the most memorable and quintessential Buffy episodes. OMWF was damn perfect, but we can hardly say it’s an episode that betokens the classic feel of the show. It was a Very Special Episode, and while at its core it had all the ingredients that make the show what it is (witty dialogue and one-liners, funny moments, character development, emotional resonance) I would hardly recommend it as the episode a new viewer should watch to get hooked on the show, you know? Tabula Rasa, on the other hand, is an A+ prototypical Buffy episode. There’s conflict between the characters, a memorable monster of the week (although he is only a plot device more than a key player in the narrative), an original gimmick, comic relief,  meta-jokes, plot advancement, good music, and a lot of tears. Like, A LOT. I love this episode!

2) The episode starts with Spike following Buffy around, as per usual, and asking her to have The Talk about The Kiss. It’s not every day that you make out with your former-number-one-enemy-turned-ally-turned-kind-of-friend-turned-confidant. Buffy chooses a very non-Buffy way to deal with the Spike-kissage: she dismisses the whole thing and downplays it. 

SPIKE: We kissed, Buffy.


SPIKE: We… we kissed, you and me. All Gone With The Wind, with the rising music, and the rising … music, and what was that, Buffy?

BUFFY: A spell?

SPIKE: Oh, don’t get all prim and proper with me.I know what kind of girl you really are. Don’t I.

BUFFY: What we did is done. But I will never kiss you, Spike. Never touch you ever, *ever* again.

I get that Buffy wasn’t really Buffy yet, but this is a really mild reaction compared to the last time she had kissed Spike…

If Buffy hadn’t enjoyed their kiss or if she hadn’t been considering giving it another shot, she would’ve had a much more visceral reaction to his questioning. (I can totally imagine her saying something like: “what we did is disgusting” or “I’m disgusted at myself”) Yet she chooses to not make a big deal of it, and only when Spike insists on pushing the issue she states that she will never kiss or touch him again. Which is what she thinks she has to say more than what she actually feels since at this point she’s still fighting her attraction towards Spike. 


I will never kiss you, Spike. Never touch you ever, ever again.

*literally one second later*

For whatever reason, she just can’t let him die, can she? 

4) BTVS is probably one of the few shows which can get away with having an actual shark play a loan shark. And how awesome is that?

And I absolutely love the fact that Teeth (that’s the shark’s name according to the script, btw) keeps calling Spike “Mr. Spike.” So very gentlemanly of him! 

5) One of favorite lines in the whole show, tbh:

SPIKE: I just need a little more time.
SHARK DEMON: Time, time, time! Is what turns kittens into cats!

6) While Buffy is patrolling, the rest of the Scoobies are gathered at Xander’s discussing Buffy’s revelation that they had torn her out of heaven. This is an odd writing choice. Considering the weight of the revelation, as a viewer I was expecting to witness the actual moment in which the Scoobies and Buffy hash this out. It seemed like a pivotal moment in Buffy’s arc this season, yet it never came? My question is: did the writers purposefully chose not to write that key scene to continue driving a wedge between Buffy and her Scoobies and furthering the season’s plot of isolation, desolation, and self-destruction? or did they choose not to write it because it was too difficult a scene to write purely from a writing perspective? (did they chicken out?) 

7) Anywho, what they did write is the Scoobies trying to come to terms with what they’d done to their friend. And before I dissect the scene in point, let me take you back a few episodes to “Flooded”…

WILLOW: I brought her back! (…)  I did what I had to do. I did what nobody else could do. (…) I brought Buffy back into this world, and maybe the word you should be looking for is “congratulations.” (…) I wasn’t lucky. I was amazing. (…) The magicks I used are very powerful. Im very powerful.

You see it, right? Willow is taking full responsibility for bringing Buffy back. There’s no doubt in her mind that she alone carried this out. 

Now let’s analyse Willow’s discourse after realizing she had actually done something wrong, she had unexpectedly failed. 

TARA: All we know is that… it was a good place and she was happy there.
WILLOW: And we took her away from that. We wrecked it for her.
XANDER: We didn’t wreck. We didn’t know.
WILLOW: We didn’t wanna know. We were so selfish. I was so selfish.

It’s very clear that she does not feel comfortable taking full responsibility for bringing Buffy back now that she knows it made her miserable. When she thought having brought Buffy back made her a hero, she really didn’t feel like sharing the accolades…

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loving her was red

Read on Ao3 

Summary: Piper’s relationship with Annabeth was like heaven. She’d never in her life dreamed of something as great as them. But as all good things must come to an end, the two were violently separated. Piper can’t take it. She reminisces on the good, the bad, and the ugly of her and the blonde that stole her heart. Losing her was blue. Missing her was dark gray. But loving her was red.

Words: 14,686

Notes: Here’s my fic for @pjofemslashminibang!! I worked pretty hard on this and I’m quite proud of it. My partner was @gaynalypso, check out her edit! I hope you enjoy <3 

Thoughts. Piper tried to not let the thoughts consume her mind. She was fairly well trained at it. The mind could be easily distracted. Give it some insignificant task to complete and it’ll drop whatever was plaguing its thoughts and numb everything. But there was only so many things to do to distract yourself. The thing is, what you weren’t trying to think about always came back in some way. The more you try not to think of something, the more you can’t stop thinking about it. No matter how much Piper tried to erase her mind, no matter how desperately she craved for nothing to remain, it was always back.

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Hi there! Just a little progress update. I started with the maps on July, but I was redoing them again and again until the team was satisfied. I think we’re ready to conclude with the Prologue maps and focus on the programming. (Demo is Prologue and Chapter 1 btw!)

This is the Execution Room, where the souls are judged. Also this is the last Underworld map I’ll be showing. 

Also….do you recognize the little guy sitting in the throne? He’s from my first character teaser. Now that I reached 200+ followers, I guess it’s alright to present him, right? 

“If you can prove it, I’ll let you live. But if you lied to me and you really are the murderer…you’ll definitely regret it~”

His name is Bel, the Underworld’s judge. I won’t be giving him as much information for the time being. While not a suspect, he plays an important role in the story, but everything about him is a mystery. You’ll learn more about him and (maybe) his real identity when you play the finished game.

SHE’S NO SAVIOUR / NO REDEMPTION.  do you like tragic heroes that would make shakespeare weep? do you like Smol Angry Blondes™ that try to justify poor decision-making? do you like space princesses that sit on a throne of lies? do you like writers that drag their own characters with mile long meta / head-canons / replies, and take the time to fully explore muse dimensionality? how about figure skating, three am memes, and having a good Laff? or maybe you just like pokémon and want to catch a ‘parsons’ for your pokédex ice / faerie type ; super rare, practically a legendary :’) !  ). if so, then look no further! this is an independent, private, and plot-based  dark kermit a.k.a. clarke griffin  of cw’s the 100. multi-everything and original character friendly! readily awaiting her death in the season finale. give this a like or a reblog to support your writers, or if you wanna to catch pokémon and see some Dank Memes. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Tehe since Lily didn't make it a fanfic....
  • Cal: *strolls in, sits on the throne opens a bottle of vintage champagne and starts drinking straight from the bottle while Mare tackles Maven and he screams like a little girl* <br>
  • Maven: *on the ground with Mare on his back pulling his arm behind his back and he’s sobbing*
  • Cameron: *sitting on Ptolemus’ corpes eating popcorn and throwning it* “PULL HIS ARM OUT IT’S SOCKET ALREADY!"
  • BBG @lilyharvord