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I want to write probably a million pages of meta because I’ve now spent two months thinking everything through and it’s like it’s starting to make sense to me and I want to share that, but guess whose real life insists on intruding upon my quality time with Sherlock and John.

For now though, just…

I’m on TV. I’m on kids’ TV. I’m The Storyteller. I’m … I’m The Storyteller. It’s on DVD…

(Literally on DVD)

I know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become, because I know who you really are: a junky who solves crimes to get high, and the doctor who never came home from the war.

Can you just imagine Thorin and Sherlock fighting over Bilbo

“You already have one!” Thorin shouts, pulling Bilbo out of Sherlocks grasp.

“But I want another!”

“Is he always like this?” Bilbo asks, looking at John.

“Uh not really no,” Martin says as Sherlock shouts,“I need another one.”

“Oh, fuck off! You tall thin, weasel!”

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Sherlock half waking up from something that wasn’t quite a fully fledged nightmare, but still a bad dream and automatically calling out, “John?”

And John’s hand reaches out in the darkness. “Yeah, hello, shh.”

“John. You’re… you’re here.”

John feels his eyes get misty at that, at just how taken aback Sherlock sounds. He strokes Sherlock’s hair, put’s his other hand on his stomach and feels his breathing becoming steadier and steadier.

“I’m here, ‘course I’m here. You’re not fully awake yet, okay? Just a dream. I’m here.”

“You are here,” Sherlock says.

“That’s right, Sherlock. I’m- go back to sleep. I’m here.”

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Do you find agreeable the idea of a demisexual Sherlock? Feeling sexual attraction only towards someone *coff* John *coff* he formed a strong bond with? Thank you if you answer.

Well… I myself identify as demisexual. I feel attraction to people only when I form a strong bond (which is rare). I think of Sherlock as the same. That doesn’t mean that I hc him as virgin. In my view, he is not (sexual attraction and having sex doesn’t fall in the same category all the time. But that doesn’t mean I think that he fucked half of London.That’s absurd and ooc) . But that’s another topic.

After years only person who came to that close proximity of Sherlock is of course John. And his bond with John is not even debatable. I feel like it is very difficult for Sherlock to like someone for that long. His restless mind. His behaviour. It’s impossible for people to get even close. And it’s more impossible for him to break the wall and let someone in (I relate to him very much, and the roots of my mentality goes back to a childhood trauma, kinda like him ). But John did break the wall , got close, formed an almost unbreakable bond….and I think that’s enough for Sherlock’s sexual attraction to form (Gosh I would fall for John if I was Sherlock).

So yeah, I definitely find the idea of a demisexual homoromantic sherlock agreeable. But that’s my personal opinion of course. :)

The problem with writing historical AUs about BBC Sherlock is that wHeN THE FUCK WOULD YOU FIND NORMAL THE NAME “SHERLOCK”. WHEN.

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Here's a prompt for you if you're interested. Mary tells Sherlock that if anything should happen to her that she would like Molly to be the legal guardian to the Watson's child. (Of course she's just kidding) she tells him that both Molly and John agree to this arrangement. This eventually gets Sherlock in a bad mood because he's been trying to get back on Molly's good side for a while now, but here she is agreeing to be someone else's mother and yet not being in a relationship with him

Wow, this one is even older than some of the other ones I’ve answered. I am so bad at this. ::hangs head in shame:: But after series 4 aired and Sherlock and Molly became the godparents to Rosie, it finally became much easier to answer this. I’m sorry there’s no Molly in this, but I hope you and @morbidmegz (who claimed it) both enjoy it, Nonny!

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A Tiny Bit Of Matchmaking - Mary knows her past is catching up to her, and before it does, she wants to make sure that Sherlock and Molly know at least some of the happiness she has felt…even if it means a little bit of deceit to get Sherlock to realize what’s in front of him.

Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper

Characters: Mary MorstanSherlock Holmes

Additional Tags: POV Mary MorstanMary Ships ItSherlock Series 4 SpoilersLiesMary LiesMatchmakingMatchmaker MaryJealous SherlockSherlock Has A CrushSurprised SherlockSherlock is a Good GodfatherHappy Ending For SherlockEventual Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper

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Something had to be done.

It had been some time since the christening, since Sherlock and Molly had agreed to become Rosie’s godparents. And she knew there was a very good chance that her time in London, with her husband and daughter and all the other people she loved, could be quite short. Her past was catching up to her faster than she would like, and she wasn’t sure she could outrun it, not without the people she had grown to love being hurt in the process, and that was something she absolutely refused to do. Better she leave or die than a hair on any of their heads be harmed.

But she had some time, enough to get things through certain thick skulls that the future was brighter if it was shared with someone you loved, and that a certain someone was in reach if he’d pull his head out of his arse and just look. And Mary Watson thought she had just the idea of how to do that…

Sherlock always took Rosie when he came over. Mary wasn’t even sure if he noticed it, that it was his first move to go to his goddaughter now that he wasn’t on his mobile all the time, but that was the plain truth of it. Oh, he loved this little girl, so this part of the plan was probably going to break his heart.

Still, what needed to be done needed to be done.

“So John and I have been putting our affairs in order,” Mary said, beginning to serve them both tea. She’d made sure there were ginger nuts there but somehow she doubted he would touch them. Or who knew? Maybe he’d eat them all. She wasn’t sure. “It never hurts to be careful.”

“I suppose not,” he said, looking down at Rosie, letting her play with his finger, which she had a good time grasping and trying to gnaw on.

“We’ve decided, while you and Molly are both godparents, it might be best if legal and physical custody went to Molly,” she said, trying to break it as gently as she could. Still, Sherlock’s head snapped up to look at her and his eyes were as wide as he had ever seen them. “With all that room she has the proper space to care for a child, and she can have set hours at her job. She and John have agreed, of course, but we wanted to make sure you knew.”

“She can’t raise Rosie without me,” he said. “As her godfather, I have a say.”

“Of course you do, dear,” Mary said, patting his knee when she set his tea on the table next to him. “I mean, she’ll make the final decisions, of course, but she does value your input. And until she gets engaged again and eventually married and has a husband, I’m sure it will be the most important.”

His eyes narrowed at Mary. “Is Gavin making advances towards her?” he asked.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Mary said, going to the tea service she’d brought out and getting her own tea. “I mean, she has mentioned since the engagement ended and she stopped dressing so cutesy there’s been interest, but I’m sure it’s not going anywhere.” She waved her hand as she sat down. “Not with Greg, I mean, but other men.”

“Who?” he asked. “Names, please.”

“I’m not even sure,” Mary said, taking a sip of tea to hide her smile. “I don’t think it’s serious interest, really. No one she’s told me by name at least. I mean, sometimes there’s extra portions of her food, free coffees, free drinks when she goes out with her friends…things like that.”

He scowled at that. “So I suppose I should bribe her to get back on her good side,” he muttered.

“I don’t think bringing her a coffee every so often would hurt,” Mary said. “Or taking her to lunch for no real reason and you paying for it. Or maybe seeing a film together after a long day?”

“Dates,” he spat out.

“You are interested, Sherlock,” she said, dropping the teasing tone. “It’s plainly written all over your face right now. You’re nearly green with jealousy.”

He pursed his lips together, scowling at Mary, and then he seemed to deflate. “I…care. But I don’t deserve her. She’s done so much, without asking anything in return, and all I do is use her and in the past, I’ve mistreated her as well. I doubt she still cares, not after I ended her engagement.”

Mary raised an eyebrow at that. Oh, she knew the story behind that, of Sherlock using her bedroom as a bolt hole and timing an exit in nothing but his pants while Molly was asleep in the guest bedroom for the full view of Tom. The row that had caused had been extraordinary and had been the death knell of Molly and Tom’s relationship. And yet she also knew Molly may have forgiven him soon afterward if it hadn’t been for Janine’s tabloid story. Things had settled between them since he was allowed his second chance to stay in London, but it was still a bit icy at times. But she knew that through it all, Molly still loved him. And she would admit it, too, if he told her this, simply, with no airs of needing anything from her or wanting anything more than her returned affection.

She set her tea down and went to him, picking Rosie up off his lap. He looked up in surprise. “Molly deserves to hear what you just told me, and when you tell her, if you tell her the same way, I expect you’ll find, in fact, she does still care. A great deal.”

“You’re sure?” Sherlock asked, standing up.

Mary nodded, and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “I may have fibbed about the guardian thing, but on this I’m telling the truth.” He shook his head at her, giving her a small grin as he realized he had been fooled but for a good cause, and went to get his coat. “Tell me how it goes!” she called after him as he left.

The next morning as she was tending to Rosie and making breakfast, her mobile’s text alert went off. She saw it was from Sherlock and opened the message.

Went to Molly’s. Told her. Stayed over. Just left. SH

She smiled at that message and then entered her reply. Same bed?

It didn’t take long for him to answer. Yes. SH

Mary set down her mobile and grinned at her daughter in her high chair. “Well, Rosie dear, looks like your Aunt Molly and Uncle Sherlock might have things taken care of on their own. Hopefully it will stick.” And she hoped it did, just in case she wasn’t there to see it. After all, those two deserved happiness too.



John: Sherlock, you should call y/n. They’re probably concerned about you.

Molly: y/n? Why does this concern them?

John: Oh- uh… I thought you knew, Molly. y/n and Sherlock are dating…

Molly: Dating? *Sherlock rolls his eyes* I find that… hard to believe. 


You Get What You Give

This is for the lovely @thestorywelovebest who was having a rough day past week.

And many thanks to @fireloom for her help :3

Hope you enjoy.

“You don’t have to do this. You know that,” insists Sherlock from his chair, watching Irene finishing her makeup.  A smile spreads on her face.

“Your brother asked nicely. How could I refuse?” She says, rather alluringly.

“You don’t owe him anything. I made the deal for you and already pay it.”

“What is it, Darling? What’s gotten into you?” Asks Irene, acquiescent, leaving her makeup aside to focus on him.

“I don’t know,” he says looking away from her. “I don’t think it’s safe.”

“Are you worried about me, Mr Holmes?” Irene asks with a smirk, walking towards him and sitting on his lap. He blushes only a bit, enough for her to notice. “You know I can handle myself. We’ve worked together, Darling.”

“I know that. It’s just… something doesn’t feel right.”

“Don’t make a scene, jealousy doesn’t fits you, dear.” she warns. “I’m just getting information from Mr. Bateman. I’m not gonna sleep with him,” Irene reassures him.

“It’s not jealousy. It’s…” Sherlock shakes his head clueless. “If anything goes wrong, just… call me… please?”

“Since you asked so nicely.” Irene kisses his cheek, tenderly, and stands to ready herself.

‘Is he always so annoying?’ Irene thinks while Mycroft keeps repeating the plan. She knows what she has to do; attend the business dinner as Mr. Bateman’s escort, go with him to his penthouse, put the drugs in his drink and make him talk. Once she gathered the information, she may take her leave and Mr. Bateman would wake up the next morning hungover and with no memory of the previous evening. The question was: why is Mycroft insisting on repeating the plan over and over again.  

“I know you’d like to repeat this for the ninth time, but we really have to get this going,” She says, interrupting Mycroft before he has the chance to go through it again. “What will I drug him with?”

“This,” Mycroft says, handing her a small box. Inside is a single white capsule. “Pour it in his drink. It’ll make him an easy-talker. After an hour, he’ll fall asleep and you get out. Any questions?”

“Only one capsule?”

“Our experts calculated the dose carefully. It will be enough,” He reassures.

Dinner was delicious. The restaurant; perfect and fancy, the conversation; boring. Irene is glad it’s over. Now, sitting comfortable in the neat penthouse of Mr Bateman, Irene suggests music. Patrick, as he insists she calls him, walks towards the expensive turntable, deciding between Jazz or Opera. He leaves his glass unattended. Taking advantage of this,  Irene pours the content of the pill into his Gin and tonic.

Irene rejoices in the pleasant feeling of accomplishment as she watches Patrick drinks his gin eagerly, over his incessant and boring chatter about opera and Pavarotti. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. She puts on a sweet-looking, fake smile on her face.

After fifteen minutes of painfully waiting, Irene notices the first changes in Patrick. The proud stance of his shoulders is falling and he is notoriously inhibited. Irene tests him with few innocent questions, which he answers quick and true. Deciding is the moment to act, Irene sits next to him as a distraction for his primal instinct while she asks her questions. This prove to be wrong, since Patrick is so Inhibited, he tries to get her by grabbing her leg. Resisting, Irene push him away lightly but the drug is affecting him and instead of backing off, Patrick lost his balance and falls from the couch, unable to stand.

“It hit you hard, didn’t it?” Irene asks, kneeling next to him.

“What…. what is this? What is… happening?” Patrick says in his pitifully drugged state.

“Hush now, Dear. I’ll ask you a few questions and you’re gonna answer them. Is that ok?

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you hated sherlock cause it was such a queerbaiting and you are going to the con? giving them your money???to people who treat us a joke??

221b con is a fan run con about celebrating fandom with fans. you kno like fan fic and fan art. the money goes to getting a bunch of awesome ppl together for having fun. i mean, it doesn’t go to the creators or anything like tht.

plus, i was a Sherlockian before BBC Sherlock and i’ll be one long after it ends!

You Love Me? (Mycroft X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Mycroft X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Flirting, jealousy


Request: Babe, Jealous Mycroft? John and Greg flirting with the reader, Mycroft got mad and confronts them in front ofthe reader and telling the reader that he loves her, and cute fluff and kiss[: but Mycroft style <3 Thankyouverymuch! Youre superrrrrrr

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Mycroft had his eye on you for quite some time now. However he was waiting for the perfect time to ask you out. However people who knew were growing impatient.

“How much longer is he going to drool over her?” Lestrade asked watching as Mycroft chatted with you nicely. Mary, John and Sherlock were watching from the side.

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