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Hello! Good morning!! Can you recommend me some beautiful, drama/stress free, positive, loving and kind Harry blogs like yours?? Thank You! Have a Nice(r) Day ! ! ! ! ! ! !

awwww aaaaahhhhhhh good morning to you, too, sunshine anon ☀️🌺🌈💕💚🎀🎊 Thank you so much for your nice words, you’re super sweet!!!! I’m always terribly afraid of forgetting people when I do these things, so I’m just gonna say that if I don’t @ you it’s just because I’m v distracted right now, it’s not because I don’t love you or I don’t think you’re a beautiful blog ok glad we had this chat ahdjasj NOW!!!! Onto the rec! @pinhazpple (my heart) @spaceziall (the other half of my heart) @pinkharold (the third half!!! Yes I have many halves ajsjajs) @lepetitcomte (I love Jules? Yes!!!) @ridinholo (queen of puns!!!!!) @teamlouistommo (I don’t say this enough, but seriously one of the most genuine and loving people I’ve ever met) @henristarrs (OH MY GOD LISTEN IVANA IS AMAZING AND HER BLOG IS THE PUREST) @edwardstyles (so is Amal!!!! So funny and sweet) @stylesinthewild (her posts are so relaxing and lovely) @floweredfeast (same here!!!!! a gorgest person) @harryhateblog (one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet) @daintyharru (too precious for this world, a cinnamon roll) @gryleswedding (sigh.. ajsjajs I’m kidding, the funniest person and my heartner :P) @weddinggryles (yes… they’re two different people lmao And you need both of them in your life) @aintreallygood (keeps me sane on this site, I love jess more than pistachio) @mitchtheguitarist (ajsjajs UNBELIEVABLE AMAZING SPECTACULAR, also her anons are #wild) @heypopstar (follow for awesome dog content and the awesome person she is) @lithographarry (I pretty much have each one of Annie’s posts in my likes) @harrycryingoverstevienicks (I could read Lou’s blog all day every day and never get tired.. wait that’s what I do already eheh) @mitchharry (claims to hate my puns but loves them really and I love LOVE LOVE LOVE lejla, too. I’m gonna get this name tattooed on my heart. I mean, it’s already tattooed on my heart in theory, I just need the actual ink now!!!) @alligatornyc (always finds the right words in every occasion) @styloff (M is for MWONDERFUL) @savage-styles (where do I even start, I love everything about him and his blog) @slytherinbisexual (beautiful in every way!!!!!) @tomlitsons (your favorite ot4 fan and also my favorite ot4 fan :P) @namelesspops (UHM POPS IS THE BEST PERSON, JOT THAT DOWN!!!) @androgynoustyles (the g to my g, I love her more than anything) @habibharry (there aren’t enough words to say how incredible she is so I’m jus gonna AAAAAHHHHHHHHH) @dimpledharry (the sweetest loveliest cherry pie) @sillydreamstar (lovely person, lovely artist!!!!) @aqua-harry (THE LAUGHS!!!!! I love Sarah and the sheet tutorials :P) @lordendsavior (who was I before following this blog? I don’t remember and I don’t even want to!) @writsgrimmyblog (just, how do amazing people like them even exist?!?!) @louistomlinsonmusicdotcom (CHEERS to one of the people in this fandom who always stands up for what’s right 💕) @stardustsharry (gorgeous person inside and out and lovely edits and a even more lovely heart) @lostjams (I would reblogevery post if I could!!!! well technically I can but you know.. ajsjaj) @breadrry (I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly.. having the best time because of her ❤️) @acheappackofcigarettes (WOW just one of the most kindhearted and soft people ever!) @magic-view (what would I do without N, we don’t know!!!) @thereignofsoloharry (I’m literally in love with Ashley not gonna lie!!!) @warriormum (so sweet and positive all the time omg) @harryistyles (me? giving my whole heart to Amal? In this economy? ABSOLUTELY YES HELL YEAH!!!!! she’s the cutest!!!!) @louissgoldchain (painful headcanons aside, a lovely bean :P) @nialilouarry (a wonderful person!!!!!) @sighsofthetimes (KALE OF MY HORT, a born entertainer!) @@harrysayingnympho(if I could marry a blog, this would be it™) @floralharries (what a good, sweet heart!!!!) @harryasfood & @harryasdogs (the most important contents on this website) OK LISTEN hajajska @riselouis (I MEAN, the URL alone would be reason enough to follow buT ALSO LEA IS AMAZING!!!) @hxrry (a lovely sweet flower petal!!!) @rosyharry (a great person who makes great edits and is a great person, did I mention how great she is?) @harrystylesalbum (one day I’m gonna create a blog dedicated to her blog, that’s how good Paige is!) OK LISTEN ahsjasj This is getting too long, if you’re not on here it’s just because I have to go and can’t keep this up lmao I’m sorry, one day I’ll do an extended follow forever or something, I promise!!! All the love 😘😘😘😘😘


1.They can totally remember your stuffies’ names better than anyone else. 

2.They will actually thank you for getting glitter on them.

3.The amount of praise you will get for accomplishing a small task will make you feel like you can take on the world! 

4.When they give you their special sticker. you actually want to cry.

 5.They will sneak you candy when your Caregiver has banned all sugar because they know it’s a sugar emergency! 

 6.Shopping for pacis online together can take hours but you know you will be so satisfied with your purchase. 

7.Getting letters in the mail from your little friend is an instant little space trigger. 

8.They know the best coloring books. 

9.They don’t judge you for slipping into little voice. 

10.Play dates. 

11.Play dates. 

12.Play dates. 

13.Being able to go from little talk to real talk in 0.05 seconds. 

14.When you get a band of littles together, you can actually accomplish anything. 

 15.They can actually be worse than your Caregiver when it comes to bed time and eating because they care so much about your health. 

16.They always have the cutest bandaids for your owwies. 

17.Taking turns reading each other bed time stories when you’re Caregiver-less or your Caregiver is busy is the best. 

18.They are always down to play games. 

 19.They give you courage. 

20.Having a little friend is one of the most special bonds you can ever have with a person. They understand what you’re going through when you’re going through it. From happy to sad to pee-my-pants excited, they are there for you all the way. Whether you are in a relationship or single, they will love you no matter what. They are your little family and are seriously the most precious human beings to ever grace your life. Cherish them like they cherish you!

seventeen as haikyuu!! characters (pt. 1)

my two worlds collide :)))) this isn’t strictly karasuno, just characters in the story that resemble the boys!

warning: spoilers ahead!! and also… i get a little. .…carried….away

S.Coups as Daichi Sawamura

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MY TWO GRANDPAS I’M SO READY. as kind and fair leaders, daichi and seungcheol are inevitably very, very similar. in daichi’s approach with tobio and hinata when they first joined, coupled seungcheol’s way of uniting the boys to talk about their issues as frequently and fervently as possible, these two are the epitome of father material. daichi is never afraid to be vocal with the team on and off the court, and naturally is the voice of the entire team when needed. for seungcheol, despite being the youngest member in his family, was promised to debut with multiple groups time and time again, until finally he was put on hold with the rest of the seventeen boys. what this did was allow him to practice his patience and growth as a person, but as well, grow familiar and as an older brother figure for the boys as years went on. maturity aside, both of these boys are easily excitable and love it when their members are having a great time. with their relationship from their same age friends (suga and asahi, jeonghan and jisoo) to the younger guys on the team, they are an amicable sidekick and company to be around, and although they need to be serious on and off the court/camera for the sake of professionalism and victory, these two “old men” are two very dorky and clumsy guys at heart.

Jeonghan as Koshi Sugawara

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THEY’RE ANGELS AND THEY FUCKING KNOW IT. but don’t be fooled. jeonghan can tend to be a little shit disturber at times cheeky at times (cheating, cheating, and more cheating) and suga sometimes does enjoy joining in on the banter with the second years, thus making them the most innocent (“wait, who me?” puppy eyes) older brothers out there. but with that aside, both are extremely caring towards the rest of the team and are undoubtedly the mother figures. sugawara, being assistant captain, knows each and every one of his teammates’ strengths and weakness, and always, always, has a sense of calm and patience, slowing the game down to his pace. despite losing his starting position to tobio when he came, he never once had a harsh attitude towards him and instead, cheered him on and did his part when he needed to step in. jeonghan is by far, the biggest mom figure in seventeen, and is extremely affectionate with everyone in the group. kind and attentive, he loves to compliment and tease his members “dino nugu aegi” and is enthusiastic in all their projects. he never seems to complain and be in a genuinely bad mood, like, ever. both are extremely reliable and have a bond with all of their members, making them both the soft, angelic, yet fun-loving members of the group. 

Joshua as Asahi Azumane

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i put 95-line as the third years do you hear me sob bi ng ASAHI AND JISOO ARE BOTH SO SOFT, SOFT, SOFT, and are the kings of humility. jisoo is seriously the nicest, most soft-spoken, and easygoing person ever. he will never go out of his way to seriously boast about something nor will he claim a title as his own. we all know he’s a mama’s boy and an extremely soft person, resembling a kitten, almost. he loves to embrace his members and his bond with the 95-line is so, so precious. however, on stage, his demeanour is extremely different. he works so hard with his music and has such a determination to make sure everything is perfect, namely being the one to arrange all the acoustic versions of their songs, and making sure to monitor himself extremely closely after every recording. he works hard on his craft and does his best to benefit the team around him, being the master of humility and is undoubtedly in love with love itself. asahi, on the other hand, and a clear difference between the two, looks extremely different from how he is on the inside. being mistaken for a convict, or a third-year that had to repeat school a couple times, or a gangster, he’s 180 degrees different from his appearnce. like jisoo, he cares extremely how he is on the court and makes sure to do his absolute best to benefit his team. being the ace, he never really claimed that title as his and has a hard time believing in his abilities until the near end. he’s so precious to the team, and with his “glass heart”, he’s literally a child that needs to be protected at ALL TIME. these two are extremely soft and kind, knowing no limits to hard work and dedication at their craft to make sure their team comes out on top. 

Jun as Toru Oikawa 

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pROFESSIONAL PANTY DROPPERS. literally the two biggest shits on the face of the earth. jun was the first person i matched a character with because i had no freaking doubt in my head that he was going to be oikawa. toru is damn fucking good at volleyball–and he knows it. he knows that he’s the grand king and isn’t afraid to walk around like it, even off the court. besides from being a cocky ass little shit though (jks i love my king), he’s such a good captain and is also the king of POSITIVITY. even if he makes a bad set or misplaces a serve, he has no doubt in knowing the next play will be different. you know who else is the king of positivity? WEN JUNHUI. WEN. JUN. HUI. during one fine day, when they were literally all quarantined in an island away from home and forced to give up their personal belongings for a period of time, he was such a trooper and a cheerleader for the rest of the trip there. he never failed in complimenting mingyu and his skills (literally when asked to pick 3 things to bring with him to a deserted island, he chose mingyu, mingyu, and mingyu), always helped out in various things like cooking, making freaking sashimi, starting the fire, and cleaning. but on stage.… BOI. he’s legit a sex machine. like not fucking kidding. he’s fucking hot and he knows it. in 17 project, one of the things the mentor told him was to work on his facial expressions, and this boy fucking did. the way he bites his lips, the way he droops his eyes, the way he walks on stage, his poise and confidence is so prevalent and is, without a doubt, a visual to be reckoned with. with oikawa, despite being one of the best u-18 setters in the country, arguably the best in his prefecture, and having the pressure that comes with it, he carries himself with such poise and confidence knowing that he fully has the ability to help his team and make them amazing. these two are confident, positive, and work extremely hard at what they do to better everyone that is relying on them and are undoubtedly panty wetters havE U SEEN OIKAWA WITH GLASSES IM DECEASED. 

Hoshi as Yu Nishinoya

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NOYA M Y LOVE I LOVE YOU OSM U HC my svt bias wrecker and my haikyuu bias why do i do this to myself ffs. out of all of these matches, i think this one is the most spot-on, personality wise. noya is such a FREAKING FIRECRACKER, and is literally the second loudest character on this entire show despite having such tight competition whaddup bokuto, tanaka. he loves volleyball so. much. i’m literally not surprised if this kid sleeps with his uniform still on. but with that being said, as much as he loves it, his bond and love for his members are unparalleled. in the beginning, he refused to come back as libero if asahi wasn’t going to return, but eventually found himself too connected with volleyball to not be on the team. in every practice, he’s always testing out his moves and giving it nICKNAMES LIEK GFDIJ I LVOE YOU like fucking “ROLLING THUNDER!!!” like what even?? him, tanaka, and hinata love riling shit up and having a good time with what they do. so with soonyoung, you can tell that dance is his entire life. he said one time that he doesn’t know what his life would be without dance. soonyoung legit ALWAYS HAS ENERGY, like the members literally wake him up with “fighting!”. these characters are both extremely boisterous and friendly. noya made extremely quick friends with hinata and still initiates conversations with tsuki and tobio regardless if they’re interested or not. soonyoung, on the other hand as well, LOVES HIS UNIT SO MUCH MY HEART. on one fine day, bc minghao was sick and couldn’t really leave the house, hoshi would find things for him to do like help him peel stuff for dinner or bring him bites of the food they were making outside. chan looks up to him legit like an older brother and him and jun are the same age, making them have a brotherly, best friend-type bond. but with that being said, the second both characters step on their respective stages, everything changes. noya is such a beast, always looking to better his game as a libero, like when he figured out how to set from behind the line, or when he did the thING YOU KNOW THE THING AGAINST SHIRATORIZAWA WHEN USHIJIMA DID THE THING AND THEN NOYA DID THE THING BACK AND THEN HE DID THE THING AGAIN YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKIGN ABOUT and his entire team legitimately depends on him for receiving some of the best players in the entire country’s spikes and he never fails to back them up. with hoshi, he brings a different dynamic to the group. he choreographs everything and admits to making the most mistakes during practice because he has everyone’s dance parts in his head tell me that isn’t the purest fucking thing you’ve ever heard in your life. on stage, he’s so fuc kign h ot have you seen his stage at the boys wish concert goodbye!!!! these two have the most boisterous personalities, with abilities to befriend almost everyone. both love a sense of competition and leading the team with their athletic abilities, all the while having a true, true love for what they do. 

i’m getting so fucking carried away i’m not even sorry

Wonwoo as Tobio Kageyama

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if you began to think i was going crazy, you haven’t even seen my final form cus wonwoo’s my svt bias and tobio is my haikyuu bias wrecker good luck reader my two dark hair, dark eyed beauties. rather than having the exact same personality, i think these two resemble each other in appearance, the way they carry themselves and how they are when the begin to open up. tobio has always been good, exceptional even, at volleyball. named “king of the court” before he even got to high school, he always had an immense amount of pressure on him. however, for him and wonwoo, they both get mistaken as being solely and strictly cold-hearted bastards because of their first impressions and the difficulty they have expressing themselves. kageyama was first portrayed as a cocky and hard-to-get-along-with kind of character, always to engulfed in volleyball, but that’s not the case as the series progresses. no, he doesn’t become an extremely boisterous or outgoing character, but he no longer has such a demeanour around him. you can see him visibly wanting to spend more time around his teammates and he loves. the. game. so. much. he looks to make his game the best it can possibly be every single time and all his life, hasn’t really known anything besides volleyball until karasuno came along im SOBBING. with wonwoo, his sharp features and handsome face gives off the vibe of being the cold, scary pretty face that doesn’t really want to be around others, but when seen around his members, and members like hoshi, miNGYU, jun (members that are very opposite of his shy self and can bring him out more), him and his stupid freaking jokes will always be heard. through variety shows and time spent around the boys, we get to see garden fairy wonwoo, seventeen’s main bgm provider wonwoo, and palryongjung middle school dancing machine wonwoo, and we know he isn’t, and never was the cold-hearted boy we was thought out to be. when they get onto their stages, they’re both extremely charismatic and amazing at what they do. hallucination boy wonwoo has an aura around him with his voICE and the way he feels the rhythm as a rapper that makes him so underrated, until he got a solo freaking stage that he definitely deserved. with tobio, everytime he steps on the court, his walls come down and his focus is insane. everyone fears him on the other side and would much rather have him on theirs, knowing full well how capable he is of being one of the best setters in the country. however, these two boys have a history that they both would like to forget. and although it’s tough to talk about it with wonwoo, they made mistakes in the past and were given a reputation that they would both like override. for wonwoo, it was being someone that was wholesome and capable of hate, and tobio was known to be a horrible teammate and captain, eyes set solely for victory and nothing else. but as time went on, upon meeting their members now, they have the urge to become more than what they were and use the people around them as family, bettering themselves each day as both people and at what they do. 

Woozi as Kenma Kozume

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MY LITTLE KITTENS!! ok these two are also extremely similar in both looks and demeanour. while both seemingly uninterested in a lot of things and not wanting to be outrightly the center of attention, they are both extreme geniuses at what they do. kenma legit never loses his cool and doesn’t often voice his opinions. despite being like this though, he very much draws in friends that are complete??? opposite?? of??? him?? like hinata?? they have such a cute bond shoot me like as quiet, reserved, and uninterested as he may seem, he’s complimented well with people that are different from him and has an extremely kind heart on the inside. with jihoon, he doesn’t seem to care a lot abt stuff cue him beating mingyu up with a guitar cue him plotting cheol’s death everytime he makes him do aegyo but he’s so fucking cute and he DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT. but when they’re put to work with their craft, these two are the best at it. rather than being an amazing volleyball player, and rather than being an exceptional singer, they have incredible overall sports knowledge and musicianship respectively. kenma has amazing volleyball iq and sense of the game that he always knows what he’s supposed to be doing, where he needs to go to receive a ball and how to juggle his play to make the players on his side of the court better, making up for his physique and build. with jihoon, he literally is in charge of seventeen’s success, if you really really think about it. definitely not saying that no one else puts in any work, but jihoon does the most of it when it comes to their title songs and side tracks, putting this immense pressure on him to have to do well and make sure that seventeen succeeds with the songs he writes. 90% of his time is spent in the studio and his hard work has paid off so much. as a musician, he deserves so much praise for his hard work and talent!! like he plays fucking like 52 instruments and can even rap??? like what? stan jihoon guys stan jihoon overall, these two characters, though seemingly bored and tired most of the time, are hardworkers and blend extremely well with their group, all the while being fucking underrated yet TALENTED at what they do. 



Seriously, despite the uptick of snobbery from Loud House fans behaving that sharing a single word makes this show a “ripoff”~ Please give it a chance for yourself. It’s a silly, darling and precious show, (and Molly (the red-haired girl is the cutest thing ever) but more importantly shows like this are what brings independent animation~

It’s super okay if it’s not your thing, but personally I think this show has something special and could lead to more cartoons produced by people most studios wouldn’t give a shot to.

Thank you for reading my impassioned pleas.

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I feel like asking you random questions so: three people you think are really unfailingly sweet??

Oooo damn ONLY THREE?! shoot okay… okay… I GOT THIS…

@melyaliz: hands down the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Will support you no matter what and loves commenting the most hilarious things on your work and did I mention will support you no matter what?

@coffee-randomness: SHE IS A PRECIOUS HUMAN BEING WHO IS TOO SWEET FOR THIS WORLD AND I SHALL CHERISH HER. No but seriously she is incredible and so supportive and always showering me with compliments like I don’t deserve you T^T

@schninner-writes-some-stuff: SWEETEST PERSON EVER. Also the source of my eternal youth. A great friend of mine who like the others on this list is supportive and kind and caring and always ready to comfort others! 

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Casper I love you so much I just wanted to send you this ask because! Like! You are so lovable and precious and you're sweet, you make me feel so safe and I can just be chill with you without being judged and you're everything my soul has ever been searching for I really adore you you're the cutest you're worth more than the universe!!!

OH MY MAE I love you so much too!!! You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and I’m sososo lucky that of all the people in the world it was me you ended up crushing on!!! I seriously can’t even begin to word how much I love you, as you know, my heart is just overflowing with affection for you that will never run out!! My love for you goes beyond anything else in this universe, we are infinite. :D

Dating Jungkook...

I quite like writing these, now that I found my “random” way of writing

x the golden maknae, huh? lucky you

x “high school sweetheart” kind of relationship

x as we all know, he can be awkward around new girls

x but as he got the courage to ask you to be his GF

x his confidence gets such a boost & he’s like a new person¨

x jungkooks the type to keep the PDA low, but still have it there

x like he won’t start making out while in a cashier line

x but he’d hold your hand 24/7 and peck your lips at the most random moments

x you picking out a skirt; peck on the lips

x you doing the dishes; peck on the lips¨

x you laying down watching a kdrama looking like trash; peck on the lips

x speaking of kdramas, he’d love to just chill with you

x and he’d find it so cute when you fangirled over a show

x except for the time when you called Lee Minho “husband material”

x “Am I not husband material enough” + a questioning look

“no, kookie, of course you are i jus- never mind lee minhos still hot”

“i need to start acting like lee minho and start being like him”

“kooKIE STaph”

x i can imagine him being DEAD afraid of meeting your dad 

“what if he thinks i’m not good enough and stares at me intimidatingly” 

“he won’t you’ll be fine”

x but he’d later be really natural around your relatives

x cause he’s just a mamas boy at heart

x he’d invite you to dinner at his parents house so often

x mostly because he misses his mom but also because he can be around the two women he loves

x jungkooks the type to like dates with some activity (not that kind you lil nasty head)

x like bowling or a amusement park

x omg imagine sitting in a carousel eating cotton candy together with him

x kookie isn’t my bias but god he really is the golden maknae

x cooking with this boy would go one of two ways

x you two would actually succeed at making a eatable dinner (VERY RARE)

x or you’d fail and just eat ramen

x which is actually kind of better cause who doesn’t like ramen

x asking him for advice on clothes would be the same as talking to a wall

“Which skirt is better, this, this or this?”

“You look good in everything.”

x “No, really. Tell me!”

“They’re all black and look the same.”

“No they’re not, this one has this cut-”

x chilling at night in bed would be heavenly

x him holding you tight and running his fingers through your hair

x if you ever can’t sleep, he’d seriously sing to you just to help you fall asleep

x i feel like kookie would like doing it in the mornings

x just because everyone had they’re preferences

x and it’ll get ya two ready for the day

x but he’s still a innocent little child at heart SO PLEASE TAKE CARE OF HIM TOO

x so the members would treat you as the most precious person ever

x their kookie loving you so much would make them care too

x like jin is not only they’re mom, he’s no your mom too (congratulations)

x so a group of loving oppas wouldn’t be that bad

x but if one of the guys got too close to you, oh god he’d be protective

x or someone in general tried hitting on you he’d be like;

x “hello i’m jeon jungkook, Y/Ns husband”

x “since when are you my husband?”

“if these people keep on hitting you i’ll seriously have to put a ring on your finger”

x ok kookies perfect argument over


tae, your smile is seriously the most precious thing ever. please don’t listen to the haters. ARMYS will always be here for you. we love you so much tae.

seriously, how can you people hate on him. he’s the most genuine person and seeing him not being himself while winning an award just breaks my heart. don’t take it out on him. he doesn’t deserve any hate. he’s done nothing wrong. if anyone knows anything about BTS, it’s that they love big bang. they adore them. they’re their role models. he was not trying to disrespect them in any way. he was just overexcited for winning their first award. he’s allowed to be excited. he’s allowed to be happy. leave him alone.

we love you alien. please never stop smiling ❤️ 사랑해 ~