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A Nino/Alya/Marinette piece I commissioned from @bichatnoir/@sealfarts!!! She was an absolute pleasure and did such a fine job, I highly recommend checking out her other work, too!

Check out her commission info here!

Here is my commission from @gabriel-fucking-agreste​! This was so much fun to do! I’m super thankful that I got to do this incredibly cute prompt. Ugh they’re so precious!

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cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

you know youre whipped af when you smile back at her

Yo, I heard people been mean to you. That’s not cool. Have a badly drawn dog-Quill. 

((((From ask-a-ravager: aldfasdhfkajgdtsg THANK YOU BLESS luckily it’s all sorted out now and there’s No Hard Feelings, but I will always gladly accept a doggo-Quill in my inbox xxx))))

((((And hush, he’s not badly drawn, he’s beautiful and I love him))))

(this is not a headcanon per se.. more like~..i dunno.. a thought? Nway~ i thought it’ll make a nice fic idea~ :p. 

I am in no way ship #malec with anyone else except with each other, okay~)

Warning: Contains spoiler.


Sebastian Morgenstern been taught from small to hate all beings, Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike.. He’d been taught that there is no such thing as love.. that it is just at most, something your brain conjured up to make you feel better at giving in to your lust. Now lust on the other hand~ is a powerful tool that one could utilize to reach one’s objective.

He came to these foolish Shadowhunters with only one goal in mind: destroy them. 

And what better way than to break them apart from inside? 

Sweet sweet Clary, Beautiful feisty Izzy and even the Golden Boy Jace - It’s easy.. honestly, even he himself was surprised at how painfully easy to get these Shadowhunters to trust him implicitly (these are supposed to be NY best team?? How on earth the Institute still standing really?). 

Alec Lightwood though.. is different. 

Oh, Sebastian could see all those chinks in the newly appointed Institute leader stoic front: all those hidden insecurities and doubts, that too-familiar needs to prove himself to his parents and others’ watchful eyes.. 

By all means and purposes, Alec Lightwood should not be any more difficult than his parabatai to get duped by Sebastian’s good guy facade. 

But he is. 

Regardless of the fact that he lets Sebastian in in some of the plans, it was more due to the fact that he trusts Jace and Izzy judgement and not because he trusts Sebastian himself. Everyday the young Shadowhunter seems to grows more in his confidence.. more assured of his worth.. more wary of hidden motives and evil intents.. more aware of bad decisions and unfortunate consequences. 

It’s driving Sebastian crazy and he wonders what possible advantage that Alec Lightwood has going for him.. What could be the source of his endless strength..

And one day Sebastian was introduced to Magnus Bane. he finally met the High Warlock of Brooklyn face to face, famous among the Shadowhunters society first for his powerful magic and promiscuous way of living, and later for corrupting the eldest Lightwood heir to the point he ditched his beautiful fiancee at the altar to kiss a male Downworlder right in front of all The Clave members (tbh, if Sebastian wasn’t so hell bent determined to destroy the Shadowhunters, he imagined he would feel a sense of respect for Alec for his very literal ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude).  

He watches how those beautiful eyes turned from impartial blankness on him to shining brightly when they fell on Alec.. how those pink lips splits into the softest smile when the warlock looks up to Alec.. how that lilting voice gets all gentle and sweet.. how those graceful fingers gently brushed against Alec’s arm fondly every few minutes - as if the owner couldn’t bear to be physically apart from his lover any longer than he should.

He watches how Alec Lightwood seems to blooms under Magnus’s attention: he stands taller, his stance more stable, his entire being radiates self confidence and pride.. 

He watches how Alec’s eyes seems to follow Magnus everywhere he goes, barely suppressing a fond smile each time Magnus tries to be professional and addresses him as Mr Lightwood.

And later, he caught them both having a lone private moment in one of the supposedly empty hallway… .. he watches from the shadow: how Alec gently pulls Magnus by the waist towards him, pure affection shines in his eyes, and how their lips met in a passionate kiss. 

Sebastian never imagines himself having any inclination for another male, let alone a male Downworlder.. but as he watches those pink lips parted and pants softly for breath, the warlock’s beautifully kohl-lined eyes looking up at his lover - all heavy-lidded and sultry gaze.. 

A raging desire like never before courses through him..

He wants.



–> LOOK at him!! Magnus is just so so so pretty~!!  WHO wouldn’t want him for themselves~ seriously..

ANYway~ I don’t think (in the show) Sebastian had met Magnus officially.. and yes, i know Sebastian now looks like an extra crispy chicken that’d been left in the oven for too long.. but but BUT, maybe he will keep on his disguise among the Shadowhunters after this and be Valentine’s spy or something~.. i dunno~.. 

This idea stemmed from Sebastian’s past (if you read the book..or the and how he was abused and never had anyone that loves him.. Even Jocelyn was scared and didn’t want him (she only pretends to be nice mother in front of everyone else). I think he would be fascinated at how total and true and strong Magnus’s love is for Alec.. he would want that for himself too.. 

This was just an idea.. kinda like headcanon but~ not really ^^;;; 

Please forgive my weird headspace~

- Crizz

Person: “I can’t believe the writer(s) did this!”
Me: “Whoa what happened? Did they ruin the continuity?”
Person: “No…”
Me: “Did they turn the story or characters into a cliche?”
Person: “No…”
Me: “Did they kill of a character just to build up another?”
Person: “No…”
Me: “Then what happened?!”
Person: “They sank my ship!!!”

I just love that no matter what these three are doing, they always look like they’re having fun. :D I mean, they’re fighting for the phone here, which I’m sure a lot of us with siblings probably experienced. But LOOK how much they’re enjoying roughhousing each other. XD

organization is super important when it comes to school and your studies, but there are always those little things that don’t fit into a category, the things you need to remember and keep but have no place for; and that is why i present to you… the Everything Book!

what is this book you speak of?

  • the purpose of the Everything Book is to retain whatever information is in our out of your mind for you
  • think of it as a notebook but for anything and everything

okay so how does it work

  • first grab a notebook! literally anything will do, as long as you’re comfortable taking it places and writing in it whenever you find the need
  • this might mean you want a small book, or would rather a larger one; it’s up to you!
  • take this book with you, all the time but especially to school

yeah but what does it do

  • an Everything Book can be your alternative to a journal!
  • forgot your agenda? no problem, just jot down your assignments in your Everything Book
  • if you ever have sudden poetic thoughts, this is a great place for them to go
  • sometimes you just can’t write those practice problems in your actual class notebook, but you know you have to do it somewhere; so use your Everything Book!
  • all those sticky notes you used to take notes with? keep them safe in the book!
  • if you don’t have scratch paper for math problems and all that jazz, it’s the perfect place to go
  • whenever you need to randomly doodle to calm yourself or relieve stress, do it in your Everything Book so you don’t lose any of your precious art
  • there is seriously so much more it can do for you, to put it simply it’s just a book for everything!

is that really all there is to it?

  • yes!!
  • so many people don’t realize that every aspect of their studies doesn’t have to be perfect to the detail
  • it’s okay if things are a little all over the place!
  • the best part about it is that you can keep any disorganization in one place
  • so essentially you’re being organized and disorganized at the same time!

more masterposts!!

i hope this was of help to you!! having an Everything Book has made my life a lot easier and i hope it works out the same way for you if you try it; keep shining like the star you are and don’t forget to be awesome today!


@feather97​: Happy birthday 😀 🎂🎉

thank you so much!!! you seriously didn’t have to do this, but I do appreciate it a ton!!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ it’s such a cute little drawing, and I’m so touched by it ❤︎ love your stuff so much!! this was really nice to see in my inbox!! thank you ❤︎❤︎

Yvonne featured in the Australian Harpers Bazaar.

i just wanted to take a moment and say that, there’s rarely ever any negativity on my dash, and i truly owe it to all the beautiful people that i follow, as well as to all of the amazing people following me, because you’ve shown nothing but kindness and appreciation towards me and my muse, as well as to other fellow rpers, and i can never really thank you guys enough for this.  i know i try to promote positivity on my dash and sure, it feels good, but it’s such a heart-warming feeling to watch the positivity spread.   there’s so much hate and negativity on tumblr, but not on my dash, because all of you here brighten it with love and positivity.  so, this is a huge thank you to everyone following me.  you guys are amazing 🦄🌈