you are seriously my bias wrecker

reasons to stan got7
  • god bless choi youngjae
  • idk what people think but he’s the best vocalist i’ve ever heard
  • i’m not even kidding god HIS VOCALS ARE A GIFT FROM GOD
  • he’s my mom and coco’s mom
  • pretends to be pure and everyone believes him even me
  • im jaebum is his man….and mark…..everyone’s his man
  • kunpimook bwa–memebam, dabdab,  bamabm you name him
  • probs the biggest meme in the kpop 
  • i would give him a trophy for all the dab he did
  • puberty hit like a f truck in just right era 
  • doesn’t know how to aegyo anymore 
  • he signed a petition to change his name in dabdab 
  • in love with yugyeom and jackson 
  • im jaebum is one of the best leaders bias wrecker ™
  • seriously he’s the dad
  • and the daddy but this is not the point here
  • he loves his members so much tbh he even beats them up 
  • like a real dad. #bestleader2k16
  • he’s heart eyes for youngjae like 90% of time but he’s a hoe 
  • meme faces
  • kim yugyeom 
  • have u seen hit the stage? BOTH EPISODES talented dancer kim yugyeom
  • also has the cutest voice in got7 idc 
  • he likes to pretend he’s cute & sexy dances to chris brown 
  • is in love with jinyoung probably but jinyoung likes to beat him up
  • basically a big baby who likes to dance and kill igot7s
  • PARK JINYOUNG – not Jr. or Junior, he’s the jinyoung
  • not jr
  • salty about members eating meat without him 
  • generally salty &savage
  • he’s auto-proclaimed the mom but he doesn’t cook at all 
  • loves mark, jackson and jaebum more than us 
  • singing half of the album but i don’t mind he’s a god
  • jackson wang, wang puppy, cute x100, not rude, social butterfly
  • “ whoa so chic and sexy “ – jackson wang to jaebum everytime
  • i lied about rudeness - his name is literally “ king” (wang)
  • he’s friend with everyone in kpop - your ult is probs his friend
  • “can u sit here? “ “ yeah ok “ “ this part of my face is prettier”  
  • he’s the dumber in dumb and dumber but he’s actually smart….kinda..i think
  • gives u angsty feelings bc he likes to be funny and he’s hiding when he’s sad - protect him.
  • rap god with tuan, meme son with dabdab, vocal wang with youngjae
  • rude and cute and smol and tol and baby oppa and idk mark tuan
  • is the hyung i don’t believe it either 
  • the dad of coco
  • his dad is all of us
  • skinship. likes to touch member’s butts 
  • doesn’t sing bu t DAYUM SON THE RAP
  • don’t google search his friends
  • “ hard carry he “ part got us killed 
  • we won’t never ever stan got7 as much as got7 stans got7.
  • of hate got7 as much as they do
  • or do whatever as much as got7 makes got7
  • i think jackson and jaebum stan themselves 
  • they love dissing each other 80% of time 

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I ship her with JONGDAE and this is all I wanted to say. Not because I don't like Baekhyun, he's my bias wrecker, but seriously now, Jongdae and her are kind of soulmates. And now i'm like "Don't you dare to change something." 😂😂 Because I'm fucking really lost in this mini serie. Just please, let Jongdae to make the first move. Again. I wouldn't minf If Baekhyun will love her too but just don't let him to become more than a friend to her. Maybe a small kiss from Jd when he will save her?😀😁


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no need to worry, anon! The end of Guardian is a closely Guard(he he)ed secret. There is much to come. 💕