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Hi! Please, can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, rap, dance but also play instruments in some performances and some MVs (like AOA)? P.S. their gf is a drummer, dancer and vocalist! :)

A/N: Sure thing! Thank you so much for your request! We hope you enjoy!♡

- ❤ Kat & Sar💖

BTS Reacts To Their Idol Gf’s Different Talents

Jungkook:  Your boyfriend Jungkook and his other members were all on a variety show that you were watching on TV. The hosts pose a questions towards Jungkook. “Jungkook, have you seen (Y/N) and her group’s new performance? They looked really good out there!” Jungkook starts to get shy at the mention of your name. The other members start to hoot and holler, playfully shoving their maknae around. He can’t stop smiling, “Yes, I have. They are all so talented!” The ooh’s and aww’s begin once again, and Jungkook starts to blush. “Kookie! Do an impression of (Y/N) performing!” He blushes and smiles even more as he stands up to imitate you on stage. You start to smile at the sight of your adorable boyfriend on TV. Suddenly, he bursts into dance, shaking his hips and wiggling his butt as he smiles shyly at the camera. You burst out laughing. He switches all of sudden, and starts imitating you on the drums, tapping his feet and rocking out on his imaginary instrument. Tears of laughter form in your eyes at the sight of your boyfriend. The rest of BTS as well as the hosts of the show are all cheering him on, laughing as well. Eventually, Jungkook’s impression comes to a halt. He looks at everyone else as he says, “She does it way better than me.” Earning a laugh from everyone. He sits down once again. “I’m so proud of her.” He says nodding. The chorus of aww’s begin once again, “She’s worked so hard, I hope many good things come to her and the other members of the group.” Jungkook smiles once again, looking at the camera. Everyone else nods in agreement. “(group name) Fighting!” Says Jungkook as he smiles into the camera.

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Jimin: Jimin would be backstage at Inkigayo, preparing for BTS’ turn to perform their stage. But when he sees your group on the TV he just has to stop and watch in awe. Jimin would be unable to stop smiling as he watched you. You’d look so beautiful and passionate and you would make him the proudest mochi in the world. During the whole performance he’d turn to other groups backstage, smiling and pointing at the screen. “That’s my girlfriend! Ah why is she so cute!” He would say this many times along with random shouts from watching you. To others he would look absolutely silly with a giant grin never leaving his face and his giggles filling the air. “Is she done? I need to go hug my amazing girlfriend! She did so well!” He’d say, a light blush dusting his cheeks while the other members just laughed, seeing how in love he was with you.

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Taehyung: You and your group would be at MAMA and BTS would be sitting in the crowd. All the members would be doing their own things when groups came on. Namjoon would be bobbing his head along to the music, Jungkook would either just be watching or passionately singing along. And your boyfriend, Taehyung, would of course be singing and dancing along to the performances, his rectangular smile constantly appearing. But, when it comes time for your group to come on, he freezes. Instead of dancing along enthusiastically, he stops and stares. He would be left breathless watching you, how you just let the music and dance flow through you, the rest of the world disappearing and only you and the stage existed. Taehyung’s eyes would be wide open, and his mouth would hang open just a little, so enraptured by you. When your performance comes to a close, he would snap out of his reverie. Standing up, he would clap and yell the loudest for you. Watching you walk off, he can’t help but thank his lucky stars that you chose him.

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Hoseok: You walk in on your boyfriend on the computer. “What are you doing, Hobi?” You say, teasing him slightly. He was watching one of your performances on Youtube. He giggles, “Look at you! You look so pretty!.” He pauses on a close up of you. You blush, “Stop!” You giggle. “Seriously! And look at this one!” He goes to click on another video and skips to another closeup of you, this time playing the drums. “Wow~! Look at my girlfriend! So pretty~!” He says, fanboying over you. You giggle again, “Am I your bias, then?”  He looks at you, “No, my bias is (another member’s name), you’re my bias wrecker.” You playfully gasp and gently punch him on his shoulder. “What?! I’m not your favorite?! How could you~!” You start to jokingly pout and cry. Hoseok laughs and pulls you onto his lap. “I’m joking! You’re my absolute favorite!” You still pretend to be sad, so he clicks on another video of you singing, “Look, look! Awww~! So pretty!” He scrunches up his faces and dramatically clenches his hand over his heart. You giggle and kiss his cheek. “That’s right. I better be your favorite!” You say, laughing. He kisses you back, “You make me so proud!” He hugs you tight, bringing warmth to your heart and a giant smile to your face. “Hobi~!” You say, hugging him back.

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Namjoon:  You and your group would be preparing for a tour. So, for the past few days you guys hadn’t talked to each other much. He knew that you would be leaving soon, so he decided that he would surprise you by coming to your stage checks. Once he got there, however, he would be the one in for a surprise. He’d never seen you so focused and he would watch how hard you were working to play correctly and hit those hard notes as well as going through the dances with so much energy that it seemed like you guys just started practicing. He watched you in awe, proud of how hardworking you were but still somehow managing to make time for him. Namjoon would smile to himself while continuing to watch you prepare for the tour. When your group was done, he vowed to himself that he would put as much passion into his work as you do before making his way over towards you. He would pull you into a tight hug, not letting go until he was sure you understood how much he loved you.

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Yoongi: You and Yoongi are laying in bed. With your head resting on his chest, you two were watching random videos on Youtube on Yoongi’s phone. You two just finished watching a funny cat video, when he starts to type something into the search engine. Curious as to what he was doing, you watched the screen intently. You realize he’s typing the name of your group’s new MV. You let out a small laugh, “What are you up to, Yoongi?” He taps on the thumbnail, prompting the app to begin playing the video. He begins smiling smugly. “Ah, you’re so talented (Y/N). Look at you.” It cuts to a scene of you playing your drums. “Woah~! That look you gave the camera!” He chuckles, squeezing your shoulders a bit. You hide your face in his chest, embarrassed. There was a another shot of you in the video, looking into the camera as you sang. “Ah! That’s not fair, you know! How dare you! My heart hurts now!” “Stop it!” You say, even though you’re clearly smiling. He kisses your forehead, “Seriously though, I’m proud of you, (Y/N)” “Thank you, Yoongi.” You say, hugging him tightly.

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Seokjin: You and Jin are in the kitchen cooking up dinner for tonight. You are cutting vegetables as he is stirring the food and adding different seasonings. The TV was playing in the background, and suddenly you hear one of your own songs playing. “Ah! This one is my favorite!” He runs to the living room with an apron around his waist and a spatula in his hand. He starts dancing along with you and your group on TV, singing into his spatula microphone. He even sings along to the fan chants the crowd was making. You were staring at him from the kitchen. “Jin, stop!” You scold.  He looks at you, almost a little hurt. You start smiling, walking over to the counter to grab another spatula. “You’re doing it wrong! It’s like this!” You say, walking over to him and showing him the right way. He smiles and laughs, as you two dance your hearts out in your living room.

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On this blog, I’m aware of how thirsty I come across for jungkook…. (it’s a smut blog tho, so I have to let my fantasies and shit out somewhere) but I don’t think y'all realize how much I truly love this human being. When I see a pic of jungkook, my heart literally swells in my chest and skips a beat and my breathing kinda hitches. His smile makes my chest warm and the way his nose scrunches up and eyes crinkle and his cute little laugh (along with his goofy, belly laugh when he finds something extremely funny) makes me so unbelievably happy. It’s amazing, honestly, how seeing a mere photography of someone can cause such a visceral reaction…. I am completely in love with who he is and I’m amazed by him every single day. His love for filming and photographer seriously hit home for me, like seeing that video that he did of jimin made me cry and I’m serious when I say that because I’ve harbored a love for filming ever since I was a kid and just thinking of jungkook sitting in his room (golden closet productions ♡), carefully editing the video and picking the perfect song, etc. made my heart explode. I mean he is a member of like the successful current most popular musical group in the world, yet he still has other goals and ambitions (wanting to be a photographer/film director)… And honestly, don’t even get me started on his gaming because wow, that aspect of him is literally the cherry on top. He is such an incredible person in my eyes, and when people ask why hes my bias, I seriously just look at them like “do you have 2 weeks to spare for me to list every reason?”… He’s sweet, thoughtful, generous, ambitious, caring, talented beyond words, HILARIOUS!! And so fucking weird sometimes, but those moments seriously just the seal the deal even more for me. Jeon jungkook is the damn kpop bias end game for me, I swear to god. My bias wreckers shouldn’t even be called bias wreckers, more like bias pests because no one could ever wreck me enough to make me swerve out of jungkooks lane. I love him so much and in my eyes he deserves every ounce of happiness in the universe ♡♡♡♡♡

My Bias and Bias Wrecker(s) 2ne1 Version

in tribute to the sad disbandment of the queens, i’m doing a female version of this shit. let’s get started.

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my beautiful bias

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my fucking queen

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let me tell you about the wreckers

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In all seriousness.

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2ne1, thank you for always being the queens of kpop

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And showing us that we are the best

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I hope in the future you’re all doing amazing things and you’re continuing to be queens of kpop

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Together or not

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2ne1 are my QUEENS

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EXO Tastes Your Horrible Cooking

contains: fluff / cuteness / a pinch of salt / whoopsie / poker faces

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Minseok

You sat in anticipation, watching him as he took his first bite.  He said it all in his microexpression before he forced a neutral face.

“Oh…”  You looked down at your lap.

“No, no, it’s… it’s full of salt.“

Your eyes widened.

“I think you used salt instead of sugar,” he said.

You were silent for a second, then laughed and shook your head.  “Just when I thought I could get it right…”

He was quick to get up and come to your side.  “Don’t be sad, we can make it again… aside from the mix up, it looks great and I’m sure it would have been perfect.”  He took a drink of water before leading you back to the kitchen.

You spent another hour helping Minseok recreate the recipe while accepting his many kisses.  He was getting a little frisky by the end of the process, hands all over you.  You had to remind him that the dessert was still baking, and you needed to be ready for it… but if he really wanted to touch you, he should take off the oven mitts.

(Minseok and Junmyeon will share a gif)

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// Junmyeon

He was so excited to try it.  You had hyped it up.  You’d had him hyped up.

And the way his eyes widened after putting the first spoonful in his mouth was enough for you to want to put a fork in your leg.

“What.”  You asked, getting up from the table.  “What did I do wrong now?!” you asked, mad not at him but at yourself.  You had followed the recipe to a T, and somehow you still couldn’t make Junmyeon’s favorite Korean dish.

You saw him force the food down and drink some water.  “Jagi…”  He got up, laughing a little.

“I just… I just wanted to cook for you something that would remind you of home…  What good am I if I can’t even follow a recipe?”

He shook his head.  “It tastes just like it would if I had made it!”  He couldn’t cook to save his life either.

Somehow this made you laugh and you rested your face in the crook of Junmyeon’s neck as he rubbed your back.

“Let’s just order something, yeah?” he suggested, and you nodded, excited to forget about having cooked at all.

// Yixing

You cried all the way to the hospital, swearing to yourself you would never touch another stove for as long as you lived.

As they pumped his stomach of the atrocity you had spent three hours making, you cried even harder, wondering if he would have to have a surgery, or go on an expensive medication, or lose his left foot and never dance again, or–

“Baobei?“ you heard.  He had just entered the waiting room.

“Yixing!“  You ran up to him with the intention of hugging him, but you stopped short and bowed instead.  “I’m so, so, so… sor…”  You couldn’t even finish before erupting in yet another a fit and falling on the floor.

He knelt down, wrapped his arms around you, and held you tightly.  “I’m okay… you didn’t know this would happen.”

“I’m so sorry… I’ll never cook again!“

He wiped your tears with his thumb and gave you a long kiss.  “Please don’t cry.  It wasn’t your fault… I should have told you about my allergy sooner.”

All the way home, he wouldn’t let go of you and wouldn’t stop reminding you that he loved you and didn’t blame you one bit.

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// Baekhyun

“What am I supposed to eat now?” he asked, looking at the tray of burnt food.  What a difference five minutes in the oven made.

“I don’t know, you figure it out,“ you snapped, arms folded.

He pretended to think, then said, “I’ll just eat… you!”

Baekhyun began playfully biting you all over, including on your butt!  You giggled and ran away from him but eventually he trapped you in a corner and you two wrestled on the floor for nearly half an hour, working up even more of an appetite than you had before.

“Okay, now I’m starving,” he said, lying on top of you.

“What do you want instead?”

He poked your cheeks.  “Let’s just eat junk food.  I don’t feel like waiting for anything warm.”

And you didn’t feel like trying to make anything else, so that was fine with you.  You joined him on the couch with bags of chocolate chips, crackers, and popcorn.  After finishing them quickly, you found Baekhyun was still in the mood to wrestle, pin you down, and kiss you all over.

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// Jongdae

“Ugh, not again!”  This always happened with fettuccine.  No matter how much water you boiled or how much olive oil you added to the pot, the pasta clumped together and rendered itself inedible.  You instantly regretted voicing your irritation when Jongdae came in and saw you throwing out the ruined food.

“Let’s just order pizza!” you said loudly to drown out his teasing.

“I didn’t know how much pasta noodles could stick together… what a talent you have!“

When it was clear that you weren’t taking his jokes as well as you usually did, he was quick to hug you on the couch as you waited for the pizza.  Jongdae began to sing to you and rub your back, which he always did in lieu of an apology whenever he had annoyed you too much.  His cuddles and his voice were enough for you to slowly forget about the noodles until the doorbell rang.

Half an hour later, you both were on your backs moaning, “I can’t believe we ate the whole thing….”

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// Chanyeol

He was hungry.  Now.  You pulled the food out of the oven a little early, figuring it would still be okay.

It wasn’t.  Neither of you took more than a bite.

“Jagi…“ he began.

“I know!  I know, I screwed up.  Let’s just go out,” you said with a huff.  You went to put on your shoes when Chanyeol stopped you.

“Wait.  It’s cold out,” he said.  “Let’s order takeout, I can wait.“

“Whatever.”  You kicked off your shoes and flopped down on the couch.

He spent the next 45 minutes with you in his lap as he over-snuggled you in front of the TV, trying to cheer you up, whispering that he would have made the same mistake if he had been cooking, that you were good at so many other things, that he liked how your hair looked today, that this was just one meal and it didn’t matter, that he loved you even if you never cooked for him again, that he should be the one cooking for you, that he wished he could go to Disney World with you, that he liked how cute you looked when you ate.

It was only when you two heard ding dong! that he finally released you.  And by then, you’d forgotten all about the failed dish.

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// Kyungsoo

“AH-CHOO!” he went for the tenth time or so.  You had stopped counting, stopped saying “bless you,” and had turned away from him, not wanting to see snot getting all over his hands and face.  He walked to the bathroom and left you to wonder why you thought it would be a good idea to cook one of his favorite dishes and add so much pepper.

You didn’t hear him re-enter the dining room.  Your head was resting on the table until he startled you by petting your hair.

“Jagiya,“ he said softly.  “Don’t be upset.”

“No, I am upset.  I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, it was a surprise…” he laughed.  “Come on, cheer up.  I think it’d be more fun if we cooked together anyway.”

You relaxed your shoulders and followed him into the kitchen.

“I’m going to show you exactly what to do, okay?”

He stood behind you the entire time with his arms around you to help you chop veggies or just to hold you while you stirred everything together.  He always got so affectionate while in the kitchen.

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// Jongin

Homemade fried chicken.  Just batter and fry it.  Easy enough, right?  Nope.  Somehow you had created amorphously-breaded, greasy meatballs on bones.  What.  Even.

You heard laughter coming from the kitchen and you knew Jongin had found the plate of them before you could throw them out.

“Nooo,” you yelled from across the house.  You rushed over and found him holding the plate.

“Jagi, what is this?”

“…Nothing.  Just throw it away,” you said, trying not to have to look at them again.

He obeyed, but then you found yourself tightly in his embrace as he pressed several kisses on your cheeks.  “What did I ever do to deserve such a loving Jagi~?“

For the next few hours, even after you two had a well-prepared meal, he could not stop smiling at you.

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// Sehun

People make their own bubble tea at home.  You looked up a tutorial, and though you followed it as well as you could, the boba ended up feeling like little stones and the matcha just wouldn’t mix properly.  When Sehun found you in the messy kitchen, he shook his head at you.

“Aish, what is this?  Is this what you meant when you said you were going to get us bubble tea?”

You nodded with a sigh, wishing you’d just taken the ten minute walk to the shop instead of trying to get creative.

Next thing you knew, he had grabbed your hand and pulled you toward the door.  “Put on your shoes, quick, there’s still time!”

You ran out of the house and he squeezed your hand.  “I’m sorry, Jagi.  This is my fault.  I shouldn’t have sent you to get the bubble tea alone.”

You smiled a bit, then laughed at how irritated he got when he saw there was a line outside of the bubble tea shop.  “UGHHH, seriously?  Everyone and their brother wants bubble tea right now?  They better not run out of boba because of these people…”

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Y'all be complaining about Jeffrey making people swerve lanes. Y'all be telling him to control that tongue™. Y'all be telling him to stop anything he’s doing because he’s causing your infidelity. Y'all be telling him to stop being a nastie. Y'all be telling him to stop wrecking your bias list. But lemme tell u something: it is NOT Jeffrey’s fault that you are susceptible to bias wreckers. It is NOT his fault when you start feeling something. It is NOT his fault because you have a weak heart. He is not to be blamed when you’re being a hoe™. He is not to be blamed for your unloyalty. Blame yourselves for being unfaithful. Jeffrey’s not at fault. Y'all keep up this slander on my mans and I WILL NEVER STAND IDLY BY. MARK MY WORDS.

In Your Arms Tonight {Taehyung x Reader}

Prompt: Late night talks and cuddles with Taehyung

“Yah! Kim Taehyung, you’re an hour late! Where are you?”

You sighed, brushing a hand through your hair as you heard your boyfriend whine.

“I’m sorry, but I have a perfectly good reason if you open the door!” Right as he said that, you heard a knock on the door. 

With a giddy smile, you practically scurried over to your front door. As you opened the door, your face was met with a bouquet of roses and a plush animal. You stared at the gifts in surprise, taking them each in one hand.

You raised a brow to Taehyung as he just stared at you with a huge smile on his face.

“So, aren’t you going to let me in?” he asked playfully.

You hummed, rolling your eyes as you got close to him, “I don’t know, should I?”

“Let me in! I haven’t seen you in so long, and you’re not going to let me in?!” Taehyung pouted, crossing his arms and giving you those puppy dog eyes that you could never say no to.

“Fine fine, come in.”

You opened the door wider, so Tae can come in. Though, you weren’t expecting to be picked up and twirled around in the air. You latched on to Tae as if your life depended on it, both of you laughing while it’s going on.

“Ah, I missed you so much! Next time, you’re coming with me on tour!” Taehyung had finally placed you on the ground, giving you a kiss.

You only smiled and nodded, giving him a quick kiss before looking for a vase to put the roses in. You and him both knew that you wouldn’t be able to go on tour with him. It was too dangerous. After going public about 2 years ago, the fans did calm down, but it was still hard not to be watched. It’s still hard just to get to your job. And some fans still held grudges against you for stealing their precious “Gucci Tae Tae Oppa” or whatever other names they gave him.

You were so deep in your thoughts that you jumped in surprise as arms circled around your waist, “What are you thinking about? Me, right?”  

You rolled your eyes, “If that’s what you want to think, I won’t complain.” 


You giggled, getting out of his grasp as you scurried to the living room with him right on your tail. You picked up two game controllers, giving one to Taehyung.

“It’s been a while since I kicked your ass in Mario Kart. Wanna play?”

Taehyung pouted and playfully glared at you, “You mean I’m going to kick your ass!”’ 

So, the rest of the evening was spent playing video games and ordering both of your favorite take-out food. Many jokes and pranks were played on the other. Kisses and cuddles were given, and it was just an amazing night for the both of you. 

It wasn’t long after that when you both started getting tired. Changing into your pajamas, both of you layed on your shared bed. 

“I feel so much better with you next to me Jagi.” Taehyung wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him. He caressed his hand against your face and you snuggled up to it.

“You know, I missed you a lot here. It’s always so hard seeing you leave so often.” 

“I know, but I have to go,” Taehyung said.

You sighed, nodding your head, “I know you do, and I’m not complaining about it. I know how much you love what you do. You love the fans, you love the guys. I don’t think I’ve seen you any happier.” 

Taehyung gasped, hitting you slightly on the forehead, “Aish,you really think I’ve been the happiest just with that? I’m the most happiest with you Y/n.” 

You slightly blushed and opened your mouth to talk, but was interrupted by him.

“I love all of our fans, I love the guys, I love singing, I love dancing, I love performing. But I love you most of all,” Taehyung looked into your eyes with a small smile on his lips, “You’ve been with me since the beginning. You’ve seen me cry when I thought I wasn’t able to do it. You pushed me to chase my dreams like how I motivated you to chase yours.  I love you so much (Y/n).”

“Taehyung.” your eyes watered at his words. 

You really didn’t know what to say. Taehyung was quiet for some time, his own eyes watering. He pulled you closer to him, and gently caresses your back. It isn’t very often that Taehyung is serious. He’s usually making jokes and goofing around. Though, you appreciated these small moments of intimacy because it showed you that he trusted you in all situations.

“I love you too, and I’ll always support you in any decision you ever make. Ah, why do you have to make me cry,” you chuckled, tears spilling out of your eyes.

Taehyung was quick to wipe them away and he laughed along with you, “You’re such a crybaby Jagi. Are you that sad that I beat you in Mario Kart?”

“You cheated and you know it!” 

You both stared at each other for a few seconds before bursting out laughing. After calming down, you snuggled about closer to Taehyung, feeling your eyes grow heavier by the second. Taehyung didn’t seem to notice a change as he continued to talk.

“Ah, it feels good to be alone with you again. I love the guys and all, but just being around you is so much better. But Jin’s cooking is still better than yours Jagi. You should take some lessons from him! And als-Jagi?” 

Your body slumped against him as you let sleep overtake you. Taehyung looked at you for a moment before cracking a small smile. He silently chuckled to himself as he draped the blanket of the both of you. He wrapped his arms around you and placed his head next to yours, looking at your sleeping face.

“Such a baby Jagi. And that’s why I love you so much. Goodnight.”

He planted a kiss on your forehead before closing his own eyes, comfortably and happily falling asleep with you by his side.

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I hope you all really liked it! Especially the anon who requested this! Taehyung is seriously becoming a bias wrecker for me, but that’s okay! He’s so talented and very true to himself! It’s almost impossible not to love him (or any of the BTS members for that matter). If you want to request something, don’t be shy and jump right into my ask box! Hope this scenario filled you with joy and happiness!

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anonymous asked:

I love hobi and most ppl think he's my bias or bias wrecker bc of the amount of times I post about him, but in reality he's my best friend you get me? Like he's everything you can ask for, an angel!!! He needs a kidney? Here have both of mine! I WOULD JUMP OFF AN AIRPLANE FOR HIM NO QUESTIONS ASKED


Hobi isn’t my bias either but I seriously love him sooo much, he’s everything good in life ;___; I’d do so much for him ugh


Hobi were also my bias in run era and it was just so painful??? Like how dare he look so good?

I honestly also got into bts because of J-hope haha

Yes I’m the same person^^ 
But I feel you, I don’t even know… I recently decided that Yoongi is my bias and then I’m starting to get wrecked by Jimin, but J-hope is always closely behind and I feel like he could become my bias any day (but like you said lmaooo he’s too nice to wreck anything)

Indeeed lmaoo

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Can you recommend some blogs that write day6 scenarios/imagines/fanfic?? It's okay if you can't! I understand that you might not read any

Hellooooo!! Here are the ones that I know of and that are quite popular in the fandom. 






@cupidbam - Hasn’t written any day6 stuff yet but she’s really sweet, so watch out hayleigh might hopefully upload something soon  <333333

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Can you do a JB as your boyfriend? :) Thank you love

Sorry for the late reply. So many request but I hope you enjoy this. JB as a boyfriend literally will kill someone.

  • Jaebum of course would be the protective boyfriend
  • He’ll constantly worry about you
  • “Jagi were are you?”
  • “I’m out with friends.”
  • “WITHOUT ME!? I’ll be there soon.”
  • Before you could protest he would have already hanged up and was already on his way to be with you.
  • He’ll be having late night practices and you try to stay up as long as you can so you can see him
  • But you be hard core knocked the f out on the couch by the time he’ll get home
  • So when he see you asleep on the couch he’ll just smile at you and pick you up to take you to the bed that you shared
  • He’ll try so hard to be careful carrying you to the bed 
  • but when he’s turning the corner you might hit your head against the doorframe that little shit would probably laugh
  • Random conversations that go like this..
  • “Jagi am I your bias?”
  • “Uhmmm well not at first but you were a bias wrecker.”
  • He would want to spoil you so much because you do so much for him
  • But you don’t want him to do that so he figures out different ways so he can spoil you
  • He was worried if you wouldn’t like the other members or vice versa
  • He’ll laugh at how much you get mad at the other members.
  • “Junior stop TOUCHING MY BOYFRIEND!”
  • “Why y/n? Are you jealous?” and then junior tries to touch JB again but you end up hitting his hand away.
  • You’ll most likely call him JB instead of his name
  • but when you do call him Jaebum you love the stupid smile he gets on his face.
  • He always mentions that he wants another cat because he misses his
  • so one day you’ll surprise him with a cat and he gets super excited,
  • “Oppa are you crying?”
  • “NO there’s just some sweat in my eyes.” 
  • A lot of dates that involve going outdoors
  • Most likely walks, going to gardens, or go have picnics in a nearby forest.
  • He would keep the PDA to a minimum
  • but if there was too many people crowding the both of you he’ll have his arm around your waist so you won’t lose each other.
  • At fan meets when people ask him about you, he’ll be grinning ear to ear
  • He would love to show you off.
  • And brag about you to everyone.
  • “Oh your girlfriend did that? Well I don’t want to brag but mine already did that years ago.”
  • He might be serious to everyone else but for you he’ll be a squishy teddy bear.
  • Most likely you’ll fight over things that have little importance so he’ll just leave for an hour because he got really mad
  • and while he’s gone for that hour he’ll realize he was wrong at that he just wants to be with you
  • At the end of the day your relationship with JB would be a really great one. The time and effort that you both put into the relationship is a reason why other people would want to have what you two have. The two of you  never question about each’s love for one another because you’ll each remind each other that no matter through the little fights, throughout the long tours, late night practices, crazy different schedules, you’ll love each other unconditionally. 
Got7 Turn Up

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Me: Um excuse could you stop-

Mark: Sttt turn up



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baepsae-butterfly  asked:

I think i figured out what type of friends we are to eachother. I am the type that is like *here is your wrecker, look at him, loooooook at hiiiiiiiiim* whereas you are the friend that is like *here is your bias, STAY IN YOUR LANE, DO NOT SWERVE!!* ahaha XD

hahaaha well if that’s the case you are a BAD PERSON! for wrecking me on a daily basis with Jimin!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO TELL MYSELF THAT JIMIN IS NOT MY BIAS!! hahah but seriously I love you a lot!! Thank you for wrecking me….

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reasons to stan got7
  • god bless choi youngjae
  • idk what people think but he’s the best vocalist i’ve ever heard
  • i’m not even kidding god HIS VOCALS ARE A GIFT FROM GOD
  • he’s my mom and coco’s mom
  • pretends to be pure and everyone believes him even me
  • im jaebum is his man….and mark…..everyone’s his man
  • kunpimook bwa–memebam, dabdab,  bamabm you name him
  • probs the biggest meme in the kpop 
  • i would give him a trophy for all the dab he did
  • puberty hit like a f truck in just right era 
  • doesn’t know how to aegyo anymore 
  • he signed a petition to change his name in dabdab 
  • in love with yugyeom and jackson 
  • im jaebum is one of the best leaders bias wrecker ™
  • seriously he’s the dad
  • and the daddy but this is not the point here
  • he loves his members so much tbh he even beats them up 
  • like a real dad. #bestleader2k16
  • he’s heart eyes for youngjae like 90% of time but he’s a hoe 
  • meme faces
  • kim yugyeom 
  • have u seen hit the stage? BOTH EPISODES talented dancer kim yugyeom
  • also has the cutest voice in got7 idc 
  • he likes to pretend he’s cute & sexy dances to chris brown 
  • is in love with jinyoung probably but jinyoung likes to beat him up
  • basically a big baby who likes to dance and kill igot7s
  • PARK JINYOUNG – not Jr. or Junior, he’s the jinyoung
  • not jr
  • salty about members eating meat without him 
  • generally salty &savage
  • he’s auto-proclaimed the mom but he doesn’t cook at all 
  • loves mark, jackson and jaebum more than us 
  • singing half of the album but i don’t mind he’s a god
  • jackson wang, wang puppy, cute x100, not rude, social butterfly
  • “ whoa so chic and sexy “ – jackson wang to jaebum everytime
  • i lied about rudeness - his name is literally “ king” (wang)
  • he’s friend with everyone in kpop - your ult is probs his friend
  • “can u sit here? “ “ yeah ok “ “ this part of my face is prettier”  
  • he’s the dumber in dumb and dumber but he’s actually smart….kinda..i think
  • gives u angsty feelings bc he likes to be funny and he’s hiding when he’s sad - protect him.
  • rap god with tuan, meme son with dabdab, vocal wang with youngjae
  • rude and cute and smol and tol and baby oppa and idk mark tuan
  • is the hyung i don’t believe it either 
  • the dad of coco
  • his dad is all of us
  • skinship. likes to touch member’s butts 
  • doesn’t sing bu t DAYUM SON THE RAP
  • don’t google search his friends
  • “ hard carry he “ part got us killed 
  • we won’t never ever stan got7 as much as got7 stans got7.
  • of hate got7 as much as they do
  • or do whatever as much as got7 makes got7
  • i think jackson and jaebum stan themselves 
  • they love dissing each other 80% of time 

I gotta say, i don’t do bias wrecker, my heart belongs to Jimin and Jimin only.
But Goddammit how fucking sexy is Taehyung seriously?
V’s the kind of guy you cheat on your bf with lol.

anonymous asked:

Ooh, for the idol thingamajig: my man Suga from BTS?

My first impression of him: DAMN BOY ARE YOU A PARKING TICKET CAUSE YOU’VE GOT FINE WRITTEN ALL OVER YOU, i couldn’t stop staring at him kjsad it was the Dope video and he looked sO SERIOUS AND HOT AND DAMN YOONGI COULD YOU CALM THE FUCK DOWN #1 bias wrecker who

What I think his best era was: Fire!! or BS&T?? cause black hair lOOKS SO GOOD ON HIM UGH i honestly hate him

My favourite thing about him: HIS TONGUE TECHNOLOGY ksajh no but seriously, like his voice is just skjak, he can make me feel, and no i’m not just talking about turning me on though he surely does that too, idk man i’m not going to be able to properly explain it but: i love his fucking voice fuck me up min fucking yoongi hjsahd

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Ultimate bias? The lovelyyyy Kang Daesung of BIGBANG

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? The One I Scream About Too Much: Park Sungjin of Day6

Favorite Kpop song? Fxxk It - BIGBANG though I Loved You by Day6 is also up there !
First Kpop Song? It was either Bad Boy - BIGBANG or Wedding Dress - Taeyang…. I can’t remember which one my friend showed me first…
Favourite Kpop Album/Single? I think it’s Day6′s Sunrise album tbh.
Favourite Kpop Ship? BaeRi… though I don’t ship it seriously at all lmao. I just enjoy their dynamic :p
Hard Stan or Soft Stan? Somewhere in the middle I think…. probably closer to soft.
Favourite Kpop company? JYP maybe ?????
Backstory of how you got into Kpop? Short version is that my friends had been showing it to me for a bit, but I never had much interest. I did like Fantastic Baby and Monster though… Then in 2015 BIGBANG came back with MADE and my friends tried once again to get me into them…. they succeeded and now I’m in much deeper than any of them ever were oops.

Taggin: Anyone who wants to do this.

I was tagged by the lovely @uchiha-sasubae to do the Kpop tag!!! Thanks so much my sweet😘😘💖 

Ultimate bias? Min Yoongi! My bae, my precious.

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? J-HOOOOOOOPE!!! But seriously though Jung Hoseok wrecks me so so much icanteven.

Favourite Kpop song(s)? I have toooo many. Pied Piper, Silver Spoon/Baepsae, Coffee, Best of Me, 1!2!3!, Spring Day, Tomorrow, Rain by BTS. Wine, by Suran. Love Story, by Epik High.

First Kpop Song? Error, by VIXX. (That song was my JAM)

Favourite Kpop Album/Single? Mmm, torn between Wings and both parts of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.

Favourite Kpop Ship? Definitely Yoonseok. (I just looooove their friendship omg)

Hard Stan or Soft Stan? Lol both (c’mon who is ever just one or the other?)

Favourite Kpop company? Bighit.

Backstory of how you got into Kpop? What can I say….My sister got into Kpop around 2015. And then dragged me down with her. *sigh*

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What is a bias in B.A.P?

I think it has gotten to the point where I don’t have a bias in B.A.P anymore and from now on, if someone asks me who’s my bias in B.A.P, I’ll be like, “Do you know OT6? Yup he’s my bias.”

Seriously it feels like I have 6 biases and 6 bias wreckers. Is that normal?

kpop tag

i was tagged by @gwangjuhope to do this, thank you 😅 get ready to read useless crap about me

Ultimate bias? Park Jimin, My Universe 💖

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? Seriously, like all of BTS are bias wreckers but my sunshine, Jung Hoseok will always have a special pull on my dancer’s heart, his stage presence is just so incredible and his passion is magnetising; not to mention the cute thing with his ears 😂

Favourite Kpop song(s)?  😵 umm what?! how can i narrow this down… i can’t even pick a favourite BTS song here is my current top 10 (in no particular order):
1. BTS - Go Go
2. BTS - Mic Drop
3. BTS - Save Me
4. Suran - WINE
5. BIG BANG - If You
6. DEAN - D (Half Moon) (Feat. Gaeko)
7. Akdong Musician - 200%
8. GOT7 - You Are
9. MoonMoon - 비행운 (Contrail)
10. BTS - Young Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

First Kpop Song? Haru Haru by Big Bang (this will be my forever jam) ☺️

Favourite Kpop Album/Single? HYYH: Young Forever by BTS 🤗

Favourite Kpop Ship?  In a purely platonic sense, Mini and Moni (NamMin? Jinjoon?) 💞

Hard Stan or Soft Stan?  soft stan always, Jimin gives me heartache like my headstone is gonna read “Death by Jimin’s softness” 💘

Favourite Kpop company? i don’t really follow any companies

Backstory of how you got into Kpop? Get ready…

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I’ve seen a few people stating that, if Suga happens to be your bias, it’s less likely you’ll have a bias wrecker, and to some extent I think it’s true.

**Please note that this is based on my personal experience and is in no way meant to disregard and/or disrespect the other members. I love all of them equally, but I have a soft spot for Min Yoongi.

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Of course there are exceptions, and I’m sure everyone could say the same thing about their own bias, but the thing with him is, you can’t help falling in love every time he does something, and each time is like the first time

Personally, I had no bias in Bangtan ‘til I noticed him, and it took me a while to do so. He doesn’t stand out much, compared to Jimin or Jungkook, especially if you’re completely new to the genre, but when you get to know him, your heart goes… “bangya bangya”and your entire perspective changes.

Jungkook and Tae have been trying so hard to bias wreck me lately, but they never succeded and I don’t think they ever will. The moment I lose focus of Suga, he comes back at me at full speed with his gummy smile, his squishy face during fansigns, his swag, his obsession with holding hands, his sense of humor, “mic mic bungee”, his soft side towards his members, Holly, or just dogs in general [bless Run BTS! EP. 23].

Just being himself gets him a free ticket to my heart, I hate him.

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