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I’m not sure my job could get any more fun. Discovered that dwarf mongoose enjoy popping bubbles. 

 This is the first time they received this enrichment- they weren’t sure what to think at first (especially because the machine makes a whirring noise) but then they got into it. Zookeeping win. Obviously mongoose would never see bubbles in the wild but this enrichment provides them with a novel, fun thing to watch and play with!

@aquaristlifeforme pls tell me your otters love bubbles

(Ignore the audio- I took this video in the public area and there’s just general chatter and some snippets of another animal demo in the background)

i love when drama leads are always “this person is rude and loud, and unlike anyone i’ve ever met before. what is this strange feeling?” like, that’s attraction buddy and you’re gonna be so fucking in love with this person in like 5 episodes 

KDrama List Update

This is a list of korean dramas I have finished watching. I’m posting this list so I can keep track of which dramas I start/finish in 2016. 

♦ Boys Over Flowers
♦ Flowerboy Next Door
♦ You’re Beautiful (2015)
♦ Playful Kiss
♦ Baby-faced Beauty
♦ To the Beautiful You
♦ Personal Taste
♦ Coffee Prince (2015)
♦ Prosecutor Princess
♦ Witch’s Romance
♦ Cunning Single Lady (2015)
♦ Master’s Sun (2015)
♦ Heirs (2015)
♦ Birth of a Beauty (2015)
♦ Emergency Couple (2015)
♦ I Hear Your Voice (2015)
♦ Pinocchio (2015)
♦ Healer (2015)
♦ Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)
♦ I Order You (2015)
♦ Hello Monster/I Remember You (2015)
♦ Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2015)
♦ High Society (2015)
♦ Fated to Love You (2015)
♦ The Greatest Love (2015)
♦ It’s Okay That’s Love (2015)
♦ Sensory Couple (2015)
♦ Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go (2015)
♦ She Was Pretty (2015)
♦ Noble, My Love (2015)
♦ Oh My Venus (2016)
♦ The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2016)

The year refers to the year which I finished the drama in. Some dramas don’t have dates as I don’t remember when I watched them. >.<
Either I have a bad memory or 2015 was a good drama year.

anonymous asked:

Not hating but personally i strongly dislike ushioi only bc oikawa and iwachan hate him like why would i want to ship my fave character with his rival lol

Well, strongly disliking something might not equal hating, but sending me this out of the blue.. kinda does. I mean, why did you do that? Okay, UshiOi is not your cup of tea, that’s cool, but it’s mine, you know? Why’d you go out of your way to tell me that? You knew that it would only upset me. 

I might be getting you wrong, but since you put this as a rhetorical question it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re asking me about my opinion on UshiOi in order to understand what’s appealing about it to me. If I’m wrong, correct me, but to me this is not what a friendly ask from a curious anon who’s interested in what I have to say looks like.

Moreover, I’m sorry, but you definitely shouldn’t be allowed to use strong words like “hate” because you clearly can’t handle them. There might be a million parallel universes, but in none of them Oikawa and Iwaizumi actually hate Ushijima. This is a shounen manga; it’s sports and school and comedy and deals with relationships between high school students who are passionate about volleyball. There are friendships and rivalries, jealousy, happiness, euphoria, disappointment, and whatever else, but there isn’t anything that could truly be called hate

A rivalry doesn’t equal hate, and actually having rivals can be a very healthy thing and is also pretty essential for the players’ development in competitive sports. There’s a lot more I could say about this, but I’m sorry, I don’t feel lke you’d care, and this is something that feels so obvious to me, I don’t feel like writing a long text about this.

Also, you do know that the rivals-to-lovers trope is actually a very, very popular one? People ship their favourite characters with their rivals all the time and for a lot of reasons. If you don’t, once again, that’s cool, but please don’t bother anyone who does with your negativity. 

Let’s play a game. It goes like this… Stop stalking and harassing Skam cast when they clearly gave notice they don’t wish to be bothered. Stop waiting for Tarjei and David in front of their school.

Just because Tarjei is smiling doesn’t mean he is comfortable doing it. Do not call him rude or ungrateful and guilt trip him for not wanting to take pictures or talk to you. Today he wanted to leave and he was basically forced into meeting fans??? Do you not see the problem? You actually think it’s not disturbing when you go after him two days in a row? Also I’m sorry but same people waiting for Henrik after he just came back? Not creepy at all?

I know you all get excited when you get new content but please consider the circumstances. And if you already get pictures with them don’t expose them on every fucking social media and encourage people to do the same. That’s chill?

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What did you use to begin learning Korean?

i learnt Hangul through this website - it’s amazing; i learnt Hangul in a day but thats because i find picking up languages easy but anyway, this is site is simple and easy to understand.

for grammar or generally learning Korean i used/use how to study Korean & talk to me in Korean - Personally i find how to study Korean much easier to use (plus it comes with LOTS AND LOTS of vocabulary per lesson; and i find the lessons really enjoyable)

And for other vocabulary/phrases/slang/pronunciation watch K Dramas ; they’re fun, easy to understand (with subs of course) and they’re a good way to pick up words/phrases.

some dramas I’ve watched (and HEAVILY enjoyed) are…

  • The Heirs
  • I remember you
  • Who are you school 2013
  • Who are you school 2015
  • Sassy go go
  • What happens to my family
  • remember
  • cheese in the trap
  • its okay thats love
  • dream high
  • oh my venus

 and a lot more but they’ve gone off the top of my head lmao

When The Clock Strikes 12 [Lafayette/Reader]

Woo! First fic for @hamwriters write-a-thon down! This idea came to me after searching for a ton of different AUs to work with. Now to finish up my GWash/Trans!Reader fic, then work on my femslash fic for the write-a-thon! Please enjoy!

Thank you to my wonderful amazing tumblr budbuds that inspired me to do a good job and inspire me in general! @musicalmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @hamilficsfordays @gunsandfics @boss-headcanons @diggs4life @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza <3 You’re all so kind and amazing and even if I don’t interact with you or chat with you, what you do and how funny/cute/relatable/sweet you all are makes me smile and makes me realize that the Hamilton (more specifically writing) community is such an incredible place to be!

Warnings: Alcohol, some swearing at the end, Lafayette’s full name (like w o a h), and New Years in case anyone has bad experiences with New Years!

Word count: 1514

Grabbing your third glass of cold, cheap champagne for the night, you laugh at a joke that Hercules had just told that wasn’t even funny. He seemed so enthusiastic about it that you couldn’t help it, but even sober, you couldn’t comprehend the punchline or how it was supposed to work out to be as funny as everyone made it sound like it was. You take a sip and walk off, trying to find the person who had dragged you here in the first place, Lafayette. 

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What’s It Like to Get High? (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary:  You and Harry get high together.

Requested: yes, requested as a blurb, turned into imagine

Warnings: drug use, bad boy Harry styles

A/N: It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a Harry Styles imagine, but with the new album out, and getting my album photo album a few days ago, I’m getting all the Harry feels.

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”What It Like to Get High? (Harry Styles Imagine)

“What’s it like to be high?” You ask Harry out of the blue. Harry looks at you with a confused but an amused look at you random question.

“Interested in smoking?” He asks.

“Just curious.” You say shrugging your shoulders. “Never tried it, and always wondered what it was like.”

“Well”, Harry says pulling you closer to his side, resting his head on top of yours, while you are snuggled into his side, “it’s mostly relaxing.  I enjoy it once in a while, you just have to make sure you smoke with the right people at the right time.”

“What do you mean by ‘the right people’ and ‘at the right time’?” You ask sitting up turning to him concerned.

“Well, for example, I’ve found it’s dangerous to smoke when you’re sad, because it mellows you down even more, and thoughts pop into your head.  And, you want to be with good people that if anything does happen, that will take care of you, and who you can trust.  Especially when you’re buying.  You don’t want to buy from someone who will lace it, or screw you over by giving you less for more.”  Harry explains truthfully.

“But” he continues as he sees concern fill your face, “the times I’ve smoked, I’ve had good experiences.  It’s relaxing, and chain smoking is almost like cool to get close with people. But smoking, it’s not for everyone.  If you want to smoke, if you’re careful, then do it, and if you don’t want to smoke, that’s cool too.  You have to do what you really want to do, not what others want you to do.”  He says looking into your eyes knowing you are a people pleaser.

“Can I smoke with you?” You ask.

“Are you smoking because you want to? Or because you know that I like to smoke?” He asks, making sure you really want to do this.

“I want to, I promise, and I want to smoke with you because I trust you. Also, I want to see if I like it.  I stress a lot, so maybe it can relax me.”  You says smiling at him.

“Okay, you stay here, I’ll grab stuff.”  He says getting up, walking into his bedroom in his apartment.

After about two minutes, Harry comes back with a blunt and a lighter. He sits back down on the couch, as you turn and sit crossed legged facing him.

“So, this is a blunt.” Harry explains, holding it up to show.

“Harry, I know what a blunt is, I’ve been to a party, I’ve seen you smoke.” You laugh.

“Okay, sassy.” He says.  “So I’m going to show you what to do. Now I’m telling you, since it’s your first time, you won’t get ‘baked’ but you might feel a bit of a buzz.”

Harry takes the blunt, and places it in his mouth, then takes the lighter to the end of it.  After lighting it, you watch him close his eyes and inhale deeply, and seems to just be lot in absolute bliss for a moment, then exhales, sending the smell of weed toward your way. He opens his eyes, and smiles at you relaxed.  You can’t help to admit, but he looked really hot like that.  Watching him close his eyes in bliss, it was the best sight you’ve seen.

“You ready?” He asks.

You nod your head yes, and he passes over the blunt, and you look up at him.

“So what you’re going to do is inhale deeply.  Just breathe in steady, hold it in your lungs until you can’t inhale anymore, and then exhale.  Don’t rush it, slow and steady, and feel it.  And if you don’t like, you can stop.You do what you’re comfortable with.”

You nod your head taking a deep breath. And bring the blunt up to your mouth. You do exactly as Harry says and did.  You inhale deeply and steady until you feel like you can’t inhale anymore, and the exhale closing your eyes, feeling the smoke leave you lungs.  

“Babe, that was so hot.” Harry says smirking at you, taking the blunt and taking another inhale.  You both smoking back and forth, and after a few smokes and near the end of the blunt, you feel a bit of a buzz, and a bit light headed.

“You’re so sexy baby.”  Harry says coming over close to you.

“Mhm” You say sitting on his lap turning towards him.  “What can I say?” You joke and sloppily wrapping your arms around his neck, and playing with the bottom of his hair.  Harry closes his eyes, and hums at the nice feeling of you playing with his hair.

Even being a bit buzzed, you find Harry incredibly attractive.  Without thinking, you press your lips against his, and wrapping your legs around him.  He wraps his arms around your waist, holding him close to you as you two make out on the couch.  As you two heat up, Harry goes to flip you over that you are under him, but forget that you two are on a couch, and ends up flipping you both over onto the floor.  

“Ow.” You pout rubbing the back of your elbows, but then you both start giggling which turns into hysterical laughing at Harry’s fail.  You both laugh even harder when you try to get up and fall over on Harry accidently head butting him.  
As you rub you head, Harry looks at you with his beautiful, and slightly red, green eyes, and brushes your hair behind you ear.

“You’re so beautiful.  How the hell did I get so lucky?” Harry says. In that moment you are both sober.

“How did I get so lucky?”  You ask smiling down at him, rubbing your thumb against his cheek, lightly pressing a kiss against his lips.

You both don’t get up for a while, you just lay there on top of his chest as he runs his fingers through your hair.  Every time he exhales in, he can smell the scent of weed in your hair, but he likes it.  After a while, Harry can feel that you are asleep, you’re breathing is steady, and your mouth is somewhat open, and he can hear small snore coming from you.  He doesn’t decide to get up, afraid of waking you up, so he continues to lay there kissing your head, and playing with you hair.  No matter how high he could ever get, nothing would compare to what he feels laying there with you.

A/N:  Thank you so much to whoever requested this.  I was actually going to turn this into a smut, but the person who requested it, I don’t know if they are comfortable with smut, or if that’s what they wanted, so if any of you would like. I could write another imagines of getting high with Harry and it turning into smut, what do you guys think? Requests are open on my blog, and also feel free to just talk to me if you’d like!

You’re My Boyfriend

Prompt: combination of Tim Drake X Reader Reader has a family reunion and promised to bring a nonexistent boyfriend, while planning to suddenly not being able to go, only they now HAVE to go with a boyfriend. They call Tim and the first thing they say is “You’re my boyfriend.” AND How about a fic with Tim and reader where both initially hated each other but over time only realised the sort of ‘hate’ they had for each other stemmed from the very thin chances they have of being with one another? Both believe they can never be with the other for whatever reason and that frustration and sadness just vents out as hatred for the other? Sort of like 'if I can’t have you the fuck you’ sort of thing lmao

Requested by: itsdragonfire13, and ANON

           “You’re my boyfriend.”

           Tim raises an eyebrow before closing the door behind you, “And hello to you too.”

           You wag your finger at him, “No, no time to be cute. I need you to be my boyfriend.”

           “That must be the most romantic statement ever, yet it gives me no needed information.”

           You sigh, “Okay sassy pants, look, there’s this stupid family reunion I HAVE to be at, under punishment of hearing about it for the rest of my life. Originally, Jamie said he would go, but his sister got sick and his parents have to work. So, you’re up slugger.”

           Tim crosses his arms, and says, “I still need a bit more.”

           You sigh, “My mother has been trying to set me up for months, to get her off my back, I told her I’m in a relationship with a guy named Mike. Now she’s insisting I bring him with me to this stupid reunion.”

           “Let me make sure I have this straight. First, I’m your boyfriend, now my name is Mike.”

           You nod, “Yes because you owe me.”

           “I owe you?”

           “Yes, I kept Damian busy last week, remember when you had that headache. You owe me. That kid kicked my butt in training.”

           He sighs, “Fine, when is it?”

           “Thirty minutes, grab your coat Mike, I’m driving.”

    “I can’t believe I’m doing  this.”

    You shrug, “Me either.”

    “After all the hell you put me through!”

    “I know, I know. I owe you one.”

    “Try a million, you owe me a million.”

    You roll your eyes as you follow him out. You and Tim had never been on the best of terms. While the two of you had started the team at the same time, you couldn’t have been more different. You were loud, and often times obnoxious. Tim had often been sullen, and grumpy. It had led to more than a few arguments, and several nearly botched missions.

    You had come to a bickering friendship after Conner and Wally had locked the two of you in a chamber for over a day. After that you had teamed up for revenge, and come to a sort of bickering truce.

    More often than not you found yourself near him. On occasion you’d blush. You weren’t really sure what was happening, but you couldn’t help but think you liked it. 

Writing A Musical - Step Three

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

TW: Cursing

Tag List: @starrynerd, @thehamiltonpost, @panacebean, @whiskey-eyed-stilinski, @keikoraventeller, @ihamilhatemyself, @lovebug1313, @superwholockbooknerd526, @moldychxrry , @deltablue202, @sonicscrewdriverandtulips 

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Step Three: Solidify the Character Relationships

“Lin, how many times do I have to tell you to not come to my job unannounced?” You chuckled as he sheepishly stepped through the door frame.

“It’s important this time!”

“That’s what you said last week.”

It’d been a few months since you and Lin started collaborating for this musical. You’d met some of his other theatre friends, Tommy, Alex, and a few others. They all seemed excited, including Lin, but you could definitely tell Lin was being worn out.

He rarely slept, sometimes calling you at three in the morning to clarify a historical point. He was always writing and composing, and when he wasn’t, he was kicking himself for not doing so. You weren’t sure if he ate regularly. And, although you weren’t sure if it was intended, his hair was getting a bit long.

“Lin, when was the last time you ate?”

“This morning.”

“Oh.” You said. “That’s actually-”

“I think it was one.”

“Its two o'clock in the afternoon.”

“I will eat, Y/N, I swear. But I have a question.” He sat backwards in a student’s chair, leaning towards you intently. You crossed your arms as you saw his leg bouncing up at down. You could tell it must be important to the plot. He wouldn’t be so jumpy otherwise.

“I’ll only answer it if we go to the diner this evening so you can eat and take a break.”

“I don’t take breaks, Y/N. That’s like my signature thing-”

“Do you want an answer?”

He sighed and, knowing that you were just as stubborn as he was, nodded in agreement. “Okay fine.”

“You know I only pester you because I care more about your health than this project.” You stated, retrieving another pile of papers to grade. You plopped them on your desk and sighed as Lin nodded. “I know.” He answered. “I just, I can feel Hamilton breathing down my neck. He wants his story told, ya know?”

“And you can’t get it done if you can’t think straight.” You told him.

He nodded towards the stack of papers, “Need help?”

You looked at him, surprised. “What? With grading?”

“No, Sherlock, with washing your car.” He replied sarcastically. You scoffed, a laugh following after, and you handed him a paper. You knew that Lin couldn’t tell Mesopotamian Era from the Industrial Revolution as you spoke while he looked over the paper, “Okay, Mr. Sassy, grade it then.”

After a few minutes of him making faces and muttering (How do you even say that? That can’t be a word.), he gave up. “Look, I just know about the American Revolution. You’re asking too much.”

“I didn’t ask!” You laughed.

“Can I ask my question now?”

“I’m gonna repeat that I didn’t ask anything, but go ahead.”

“So, there’s this letter that Alexander wrote to Angelica.” He explained. “The comma letter I told you about?”

You recalled him texting you, ranting about this comma that Alexander ‘misplaced’. The English teacher in him just poured out of him at four in the morning. “I remember the sleep I lost over it.”

“But the comma, Y/N!”

“Honestly, if Alexander really felt that way, he would’ve just told her.” You shrugged. “You’ve read his letters to Eliza. To Laurens! His letters to Laurens are literally censored.”

“True, but I really wanna include the comma letter. This is a family show. I can’t exactly include Hamilton’s and Laurens’s R-rated content.” He chuckled. “Do you think it’ll work?”

“Well you do have Satisfied, so it makes sense.”

A few of your students started file in signaling the start of the next class. The girls stood near the door giggling and whispering, most likely about Lin. He looked back at them, making them giggle once more before scattering to their seats. As he noticed more kids starting to fill the room, he stood up. “Well, I guess I should let you start teaching, Ms. Y/L/N.”

“Don’t call me that.” You chuckled.

“I’ll see you later, yeah?”

“Four-thirty.” You demanded. “And if I see you with your satchel, I’m gonna throw it in a river.”

“Okay, okay, geez.” He laughed and said goodbye once more before leaving you to your class.

“So,” one of your students, EJ, started, “Is that the ‘hot date’ from a couple months ago?”

“He’s hot.” You heard one of the girl whisper.

“We are not dating.” You announced to the class. “Not that it’s any of your business. I’m helping him with a project.”

“Yeah, sure.” EJ said sarcastically.

You looked at him and chuckled, “Speaking of projects, let’s talk about yours.”

The class immediately erupted in groans, blaming EJ for the new assignment. The day went on slowly, but your students were coming in, asking about Lin. You wondered how they found out so quickly when one girl, Becca, told you, “Oh, there’s a group chat for everything, Ms. Y/L/N.”

After teaching your last lesson of the day, you were grading papers when a familiar face peeked into the classroom. “Knock knock.”

“Haley, oh my god!”

Haley was one of your old students. She did terribly in your class, but you got along with each other like sisters. You didn’t know what it was about her childish and comedic behavior, but after she graduated, you both kept in touch. She had just graduated from UCLA and was coming back to visit you.

“I thought you were in California.” You said as she pulled you into a hug.

“I flew back early for an interview.” She told you.

“An interview? You’re getting a real person job?”

“Funny.” She chuckled sarcastically. She sat on your desk and grinned at you, “I actually just got out of my interview, and I got the job.”

“That’s great! Where are you working?”


You let a little squeal and hugged her again. You were happy that she’d been successful in her academic career. When she left high school, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Now, she was going to start working straight out of college next fall.

“I’ve got some mandatory training classes to go through, but I will be the new AP Calculus in the fall.”

“I’m so proud of you, loser.” You grinned, ruffling her hair.

You lost track of time as you made her tell you every detail about her college life, relationships, and graduation. Soon, she was walking around the classroom, desperate to change the subject. “Enough about me, what’s up with you?” She asked.

“Same old, same old. Nothing’s changed.”

“Really,” She smirked, “Who’s this Lin everyone is talking about?”

You let out a groan as you leaned back in your chair. “Why does everybody think it’s a thing?”

Is it a thing?”

“It’s definitely not a thing.” You deadpanned. “I thought it would be a few months ago, but it’s not, and I’m over it.”

“Well,” Haley shrugged innocently, “Why can’t it be a thing?”

“He’s not looking for a thing. I’m helping him write a musical, and that’s that.” You explained.

She snorted as she tried to hold back a laugh, “You’re helping him write a musical?”

“About Alexander Hamilton.”

“And ya lost me.”

Suddenly, you remembered. Your head snapped to the clock, seeing that you were a half hour late. “Shit.” You stood up hastily. “Shit, shit, shit.”

Haley tried to slow you down as you started gathering your things. “Woah, are you okay?”

“I was supposed to be at the diner a half hour ago. And I have to stop at home to change, oh my god. I have to call Lin.” You said, pulling out your phone. You stood, tapping your foot as the phone rung. You huffed as it went to voicemail and didn’t bother leaving a message. You turned to Haley, “I will tell you everything later, but I really have to go.”

Before you could get out the door, she reached for your wrist. “Hey.” She said. She hesitated before speaking again. “You know you deserve to be happy, right?”

You were confused as to why she wanted to ask you such a meaningful question at that very moment, but you were in a rush. So you told her what she wanted to hear. “Yeah.” You nodded. “Of course.”

After your goodbyes, you raced home to change into something more relaxing. You knew Lin was never going to stop working, no matter how much you wanted him to take a break. So if he was going to work, you were, too. As soon as you slid off your pants, your phone started ringing. You knew Lin was probably wondering where you were, so you answered. “I’ll be there soon, Lin. I got held up.”

“Who’s Lin?”

You froze, one leg inside your joggers, “Dad?”

You were worried. Your father only called you to tell you bad news or to invite you to some stupid family affair. However, you always assumed the worst. “Is Brandon okay?”

“Your brother is fine. Just got into medical school, actually.” He responded proudly.

“That’s great.” You said, a small smile on your face. Your brother actually wanted to be a doctor, so you were happy for him. “Is it Mom?”

“We are all fine, Y/N.” Your dad stressed. “Are you going to answer my question?”

You put your phone on speaker before tossing it to the bed, “What question?”

He scoffed and started going on about how you never listen, which gave you plenty of time to get dressed. You let him drone on as you finished up, sliding a pair of shoes on your feet. “Dad,” You finally said, “Your question?”

“Who is Lin?”

“Oh, just this guy I’m supposed to be meeting at a diner. We’re-”

“So you’ve got a boyfriend now?”

You almost choked as you picked the phone back up. You never talked to your parents about your dating life, and they never bothered to ask. It was a silent, mutually unspoken topic. Your father wouldn’t mention it unless it had something to do with whatever he wanted. “Dad, he’s no-”

“That’s perfect, actually. You coming alone to all these family affairs was starting to get around.”

“So is this about a party?” You asked, attempting to change the subject.

“It’s not a party, dear, it’s a gala.” He corrected. You scoffed under your breath as he continued, “Your mother is hosting a gala for your old high school and it would be wonderful to have recent alumni there.”

“Then have Brandon go.”

“Brandon is starting medical school.” You could practically hear his condescending eye roll. “It has to be you. Oh, bring your boyfriend.”

“Dad, he’s-”

“It’s in two weeks. I’ll send you the details. And please, dear, make him wear a tux. Don’t make us a laughing stock.”

With that, your father hung up, leaving you to groan at nothing. He always did this; called you at the most inconvenient time to make you come to an event you cared nothing about and spend the night listening to them complain about your chosen profession. But this time, it was worse.

They were expecting you to bring someone.

You saw this happen all the time on TV, but you never it actually happened to real people. Yet, here you were, shuffling into the diner where Lin was already waiting (and working), trying to figure how to ask him to go with you to this godforsaken gala.

“You’re supposed to be taking a break.” You told him.

“That is something I’m physically incapable of.”

You gave a light chuckle and sat across from him as he started scribbling again. “What took so long? I was starting to think you stood me up.”

“I am so sorry about that.” You started. “A friend came to visit me at the school and I lost track of time. Then, I had to run home to change and my dad called-”

“Wait.” He stopped you. “Your dad called? Is everything okay?”

“Mostly.” You hesitated. You weren’t ready to ask him yet. You had no plan and you could not go into this blind. “Why do you ask?”

“He never calls unless something is wrong, right?”

“Or if he wants me to make an appearance at some family thing. You actually remembered that.” You said, a smile beginning to form on your lips.

“I can work and listen at the same time.” He grinned, pushing a stray hair from his face. “What thing does he want you to come to?”

You unconsciously began tapping your fingertips on the table, “My mom is donating money to my high school or something. Wants me to be there.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.”

You let out a nervous laugh before biting your lip, “You say that now.” You shook your head, hating that you couldn’t find a way to essentially ask him on a date. You didn’t want to give any wrong ideas. You didn’t expect anything from him. It was just one night that you needed to have him by your side, for support. “So,” You changed the subject, “What are you working on?”

“Uh,” Lin’s brow furrowed as you stared intently at his papers, avoiding looking him in the eye. “Just the Washington-Hamilton dynamic. ‘M thinking I want them to be more like father and son than general and soldier.”

“That’s good.” You commented.

“Yeah, that way,” He spoke slowly, glancing from your still tapping fingertips to your bottom lip that you had yet to stop biting, “When Washington pulls the General card, it has more effect.”

“That’s really great.” You said, almost passively. “That really emphasizes both-”

“What’s up with you?”

Your eyes finally met his. You were surprised to find you had his full attention, his pencils and paper long forgotten. You’d thought he was immersed in his work, giving you time to plan. “You’ve been tapping a hole into table and I’m pretty sure if you keep gnawing on your bottom lip like that, soon you’re only gonna have a top one.”

You didn’t realize Lin paid that much attention to your habits. It was nice to know he cared, even just a little.

“I’m fine.”


“Lin.” You groaned, your fingers at your temples. “Okay. I have to ask you something. And I’m nervous about it.”

“Don’t be.” He shrugged.

“Easier said than done.” You said, clasping your hands together. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes when the words just came flying from your lips. “Long story short, my dad thinks you’re my boyfriend and he wants you to come to the event with me.”

Lin looked taken aback. It seemed he was oblivious to the looks he received and the whispered comments about the two of you when you were together. Just about everyone, even people who didn’t know you, thought you were dating.

Lin might’ve considered the possibility of it months ago, but with a new musical in progress, he didn’t want to put you through the despair of being with a writer that was actually writing. He planned to ask you on a date after this whole writing a musical thing blew over, but you seemed less interested as time went on. So he graciously accepted your friendship. Something was better than nothing, after all.

“Suit or tux?”

“What?” You asked, leaning back in surprise. “Lin, you don’t have to.”

“I want to. I’m here for you. Even if it means going to this super sophisticated party.” He told you sincerely with a small smile on his face.

“It’s called gala, actually.” You correctly playfully as he chuckled. “And thank you.”

Step Three: Complete.

EXO WOLF: Reaction to maknaes being injured by rival pack

Xiumin: *Plans to kill each and every one of them* 

“On the count of three, hit them.”

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Luhan: *gif*

“Well that’s just bs!”

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Kris: *contemplating on how they will pay for the maknaes’ injuries”

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Suho: *Is very worried for the babies*

“Here, let me see the wound… uh… ew”

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Lay: *Tries to make them feel better and takes care of them*

“See? Look!”

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Baekhyun: *getting ready to kick butt*

“Well that just about does it. No one else is getting hurt.”

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Chen: *teases them for not being careful*

“Yah, stop being a crybaby”

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Chanyeol: *Switches from being playful to empathetic*

“Why would they…?”

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D.O: *is not happy*

“Well then, at least I have a better reason to kill them now”

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Tao: *Sehun and Kai start whining to him about how much their injuries hurt and how Tao should’ve been there to washu their rivals* *Tao doesn’t really care*


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Kai: *Is tired and hurt and doesn’t want to move at all whatsoever*

“Every-ow thing-ow hurts”

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Sehun: *sassy maknae mode on*

Members: Sehun, are you okay?

Sehun: You weren’t there to help the baby.

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Hope you liked it!



Characters: Giriboy x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,405
Plot: Siyoung is annoyed that his girlfriend hasn’t contact him while he was working on tour
A/N: I have’t been able to write in months due to college but I hope you all enjoy this, thanks for reading it x


The noise made you jump as you glanced at your clock - 7am? Who would be knocking at your door at this time? Groaning, you rolled out of bed and let your feet crash against the cold wooden floors. Facing the reality that leaving your warm bed came sooner than you hoped. This is when you wished your boyfriend was home and not touring; then he could sacrifice his warm body and get the door for you.

“The sooner summer comes the better,” you mumbled to yourself, frantically looking for a robe to cover your mismatching pyjamas and shivering figure. Though if it’s the mail carrier you were sure they’ve seen worst things in the morning.

Knock! Knock!

“I’m coming!” Tying the robes belt around your waist, quickly walking towards the banging that seemed to be getting louder and louder. Did you order something on Amazon and forget about it?

“I’m going to freeze to death if she can’t get her fat ass out of bed.” Unfortunately the man had decided to whine loud enough for you to hear. Excuse me?! A frown creased your forehead as the flood of insults came to mind. Screwing the key in the lock, you swung open the door ready for the attack of creative comebacks that you had already prepared.

“Well, aren’t you lucky cause this fat ass is-“ You voice left you as stared at him. Big coat, thick glasses, and a mask to hide his lower face. The look in his eyes and the cigarette in his hands confirmed who it was.

“Siyoung!” You grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands made their way around your waist and his nose nuzzled into your neck. He was finally back! Yeah, he had been away for under a week but that didn’t change the fact that you missed his face and waking up to him every morning.

“Yeah, It’s me. Now come on…I’m freezing to death.” Suddenly his grip tightening around you and your body was lifted in the air as he rushed into the house, desperate for the warmth to surround his skin.

“Its not that cold, babe.”

“You try waiting out there for hours.” Fighting the urge to roll your eyes, your fingers gently pinched his facemask and pulled it under his chin, revealing his straight-panned face.

“You’re so dramatic.”

“Not nearly as dramatic as you.”

“Maybe.” Your lips stretched into a grin and leaned forward, capturing his colder lips with your warm ones. Feeling his skin touch yours reminded you how much you had missed him. However, his lips didn’t move. They lay stilled and non-responsive. Holding back a whine you moved your head back and looking at his expression you could tell something was wrong.

“Whats up?” you asked, running your fingers through his hair trying to comfort him.

“What’s up?” His eyebrows raised and mouth slightly open in disbelief. “Oh, nothing is ‘up’.” However, his tone suggested anything but that. Siyoung quickly pecked your forehead and started to remove his jacket as he mumbled under his breath.

What did I do? You frantically thought as your mind started to run through the past few days. You hadn’t done anything that immediately stood out to you. Leaning against the wall your eyes followed him; tense shoulders, puffing like a dragon and his eyes narrowed as if he was struggling to read. Yeah, he was definitely pissed. Nevertheless, you knew he was tired from spending a few days doing venues and clubs, he wouldn’t open up so easily.

Time for the trusty technique.

“Okay,” rubbing your hands together as you pretended to walk towards your shared bedroom. He hated being ignored or left by himself when he was in a mood. “I’m going for a nap so if-“

“Actually there was something!” Smirking, you tried to control your expression as you turned round to face him. This always worked.

“What is it, babe?” Your eyes wide and lips in a straight line, trying to show vulnerability and wonder as to what was wrong, knowing that it would make him open up to you. If you fought back with aggression it would make him clam up…like Jay when you asked him if he skipped leg day when he tried to outsmart you.

“What is it?” He mocked again, good to know he hadn’t lost that acting touch. “I’m just glad you’re still alive after what happened.”

Still alive? What happened?

Now it was your turn to look puzzled as you crossed your arms over your chest. “Babe, get to the point or I’ll be dead before you finish your drama piece.” Your remark made him smirk slightly. If anyone loved your sass it was him.

“You didn’t call or text me for 5 days. I was worried sick!”

“Oh that! Well of course, I didn’t have a phone.”

The room fell silent.

Siyoung looked like he had just seen his potty trained toddler take a dump on the floor. “Babe, you could have wrote. You could have thought of other ways to get in contact with me, you’re smart.” Even when the words left his mouth you knew he was struggling to believe that method himself.

“Wrote a letter?”

“Y-yeah!” Siyoung glanced at the floor, he was crumbling. “And they say romance is dead, huh! I would have treasured that letter.” His voice sounding more wary, “I would have even walked from Seoul to Busan just to deliver that letter in person so you knew I was okay.”

“But you can hardly walk down the street without complaining that your feet-“

“Is that really the point though?” His eyes wide and voice rising, trying to desperately show control in the situation. You could feel your chest tighten as your attempt to avoid the accusation by humour had failed.

“Yeah, you’re right.” His expression softened as you admitted your wrongdoing.

“I should have called you from my friends phone. However, I’m getting a new one tomorrow. Also, I just wanted to give you some space.” Shrugging your shoulders as you looked at the ground, “I didn’t want to seem clingy or like you couldn’t breathe around me. I’ve heard your friends say when they’re on tour or doing their work that their girlfriends blow up their phone or get angry when they don’t respond to them so…” trailing off, your cheeks flushed as you flooded your insecurities in the room.

“…come here.” Siyoung walked towards you, cupping your face with a gentle gesture.

“I’ve never felt that you were ‘too clingy’ towards me and you don’t suffocate me. I was worried. I couldn’t get in contact with you for days and I thought that something had happened. I messaged your friends and they told me you were alright but I wanted to hear it from you.” His fingers stroked your cheeks as he spoke, his voice making you feel calm and loved.

“I’m sorry,” whispering into his chest, happy that you could hide your flustered face. He could be a sassy diva sometimes but he always looked after you.

“It’s okay, we’ll just have to get you an emergency phone now won’t we?” His chest vibrated with laughter as he covered his face with his face, “Gosh I sound like a mum who’s sending their kid to their first sleepover or trip.” His comment made you giggle, already looking forward to snuggling up to him tonight to keep him close.

“Babe, how did you even break your phone in the first place?”

“I was washing it.”…that sounds stupid doesn’t it?

“W-Washing it?” Siyoung pulled his head away to look at you with an expression of horror and disbelief.

“I didn’t fling it in the washing machine! I got some sauce on it so I put the tap on and accidentally dropped it in the sink cause I was scrubbing it too too hard with the soap.”

“I…I…” His shoulders deflated and a warm smile spread across him face, “I love you.” He quickly bent down and kissed your lip, cupping your cheeks as he did so. You giggled into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Actually I think I’ll have to take you on tour with me. Can’t have anymore accidents going on…besides-“ He nuzzled his nose into yours, stroking your hair.

“I dare you to try and be ‘too clingy’, I think I’d enjoy it.” Winking at you with raised eyebrows, causing you to smack his chest.

“ Come back alive, Seaweed Brain. Then we’ll see.”

Getting The Girl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: Swearing, violence.

Summary: Buck’s in love with you, but he cant stand your boyfriend till things between the two of you and go wrong, Buck’s the one that’s saving you.


“I think if you stare any harder, you might just pop a blood vessel.” Sam chuckles setting his glass back on the table. Steve laughs next to him, as they watch Buck moon over (Y/N) and death glare at her boyfriend Adam.

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Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include:

• Meeting her when she came to Riverdale

• Always joking about her and Betty or her and Archie

• “Always thought you’d get with one of them, but thank fuck I was wrong”

• No PDA, other than Veronica’s cheek kisses and hugs, which everyone gets

• Lots of couple things when you’re alone, though

• Nobody except your close friends knowing you were dating

• Until someone saw you and her kissing one day

• Helping Veronica figure out if her dad was involved with Jason

• “Ronnie I promise I will help you…we just have to be smart about this”

• Always going on little dates at Pop’s, sometimes just to see her mom

• “On me- the perks of having my mom work here”

• Always preventing her from buying you expensive things when she was sorry

• “Hey, Ronnie listen. You shouldn’t have to buy me things to apologize, I don’t care if you buy me things, it’s okay”

• Constant little sassy remarks from her

• Comforting her when she thought her dad killed Jason

• “Hey- we still don’t know if he did it…even if he did, you always have me, okay..?”

• Cuddles

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A/N: Hey guys so it took me so long to post this because it deleted! I’m doing more requests now so feel free to request anything from Riverdale, The 100, The Walking Dead, or American Horror Story!