you are ruining my life and expectations in men

Go For It

Misha x Reader

Warnings: Slight Swearing

Words: 3,176

Request from Anon:  Maybe one where Misha meets the reader at a convention and he sees that she’s not having a great time for whatever reason and he brings her backstage to cheer her up? And maybe they end up becoming really good friends over time and end up together?

Okay, so I was so terrified to this Misha one, because it is my first Misha x Reader where they are in a relationship. It turned out longer than I expected. But hopefully I didn’t ruin it. Anon, I hope you like it. Let me know. Enjoy guys!

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Fall Out Boy...

That band with the teddy bear of a lead singer who loves fedoras and has more musical talent in his little finger than most have in their whole bodies

That band with the bassist who went from being queen of the emos to a purple haired man with two kids, a beautiful partner and some of the most profound lyrics I’ve ever heard

That band with a guitarist who has a fabulous fro who doesn’t give a shit but is funny and has serious talent but seems constantly done with everyone’s shit

That band with a tattooed, bearded weight-lifting drummer who looks like a biker but is one of the cutest fucking men you’ll ever see with a voice higher than you would’ve expected and is straight edge as well as vegan.

In summary: Fall Out Boy is that band with the kindest, most talented men in the business who cares so much about what they do and will never cease to be the greatest band I have had the pleasure to ruin my life over

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the husbands of river song wrecked me for life and the way the doctor looked at river probably ruined my expectations on men forever and no one dare "hello sweetie" me ever unless you want me to melt in an ocean of my own tears but then again no one will ever "hello sweetie" me the way he did her because that level of bittersweet awareness and love and affection and unspoken desire cannot be reached by anyone who isn't fictional /and/ played by peter capaldi whose bravura is incomparable and whose chemistry with alex is believable and real and even age appropriate but will likely never be seen again but even so vile moffat did not have them kiss for reasons only he can possibly know or understand