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You are so sweet~ taking all these time to answer everyone. Thank you! I was wondering if you have any gif moments of Kookie being shy toward Jm, hesitant to touch him or teasing each other. Thanks~

Honestly it’s no problem at all, I really enjoy answering asks! So thank you for sending me in one! Sadly, i don’t have many jikook gifs saved to my laptop (it’s new) so i hope links to videos suffice haha.

1. that one time when jimin kept calling jungkook hyung, and acting all cute with him and jungkook could only laugh awkwardly and say ‘alright’. (starts around 1:48 and goes till like 3:30)

2. in the behind the scenes for the prologue filming when jungkook out right hesitated to put his arm around jimin’s shoulder and instead bent it awkwardly to rub his head. (i can’t find the video but yeah)

3. recently, when jimin was being all extra and like latching onto jungkook and jungkook got all awkward and kinda ignored jimin and jimin caressed jk’s hand and wow they are in love (starts at like 3:12)

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4. when jk was like “jimin hyung has……. really pretty eyes” and put the sticky note on his eyes and my heart hurt and i cried for 2 days straight. (starts at 3:55ish)

5. when jimin was like “it’s not that i like him, i just think he’s really cute” and jungkook was rubbing his neck all awkwardly and glancing at jimin like he hung the fucking moon. 

6. when jungkook took jimin’s hat off his head and then did the same neck thing as above and haphazardly put it back on jimin’s head. (starts around 22:06) (also the vlive where jk strokes jimins chest while telling everyone else how jm loves brian puspos @ 21:40ish)

7. basically all of this isac, jk was able to touch jm pretty freely since they were together all day, but at the same time he’d get pretty shy when he did touch him. 

8. i guess this is kind of teasing: when jimin and jungkook talked for like 2 minutes straight about how great the others body was. and jungkook legit walked away all shy like when jimin praised his body (around 6:50)

9. when jimin did the neck grab thing and jungkook completely froze up with this kind of half-lidded look on his eyes then stood up and walked around when jimin had finished. (i can’t find a video of him standing afterwards, but here’s the neck grab)

10. jk’s graduation bomb where he acted like a cute shy baby whenever jimin was near him. (honestly probs just bc he was happy to have graduated)

11. basically every 21cg moment lately, jk is always like really shy after jimin does something wild and he like covers his mouth or rubs his nose and it’s just like….. whipped x1000 

12. that one time jikook had a staring competition and jungkook laughed awkwardly and had to break eye contact (this whole v live is gold tho lololol)

13. basically any predebut jikook bomb, jk is really awkward and shy. 


15. when jungkook called jimins toes cute and got all shy because jimin told him to play juliet and he was like “why should i be juliet” (bts seasons greetings 2016 i think, but i can’t find a link)

and of course a lot more but i thought this was getting a little long haha.


Ages ago, when we first played DAO, a friend and I got into a big debate over who was the better candidate for king: Bhelen or Harrowmont. We stopped talking to each other for a good 3 months (a “long time” when you’re 13) because we both thought we were right. She now agrees with me that Harrowmont is a terrible king, even if Bhelen is a turd for betraying his siblings.

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Hey, wise one! :) I've got a question about this famous line: "I am your master, and you are mine." In German, they translated it like "I am your master, and I possess you." ("Ich bin dein Meister, und du gehörst mir.") and I never managed to figure out if Jamie really means it that way or if he means that he is Claire's master - and she is his?

Hi anon,

I’ve always read it as mutual possession. For just as Jamie may possess Claire - Claire possesses *everything* about Jamie.

Which is why he says to her right after that: “Seems I canna possess your soul without losing my own.”

And that’s why Claire doesn’t object to Jamie saying this. She knows the truth, that they possess and own each other - and love each other enough to let go, and trust the other to do the right thing with the precious, precious gift they have shared.

@toosicktoocare : Could you do like a boyf friends first con together one? I’m going to a an anime con and i think it would be cool!

Can I??? I think I can. Especially for you Ki.

-they were planning this shit for weeks. It was the perfect scenario really. A game con and an anime con? Right next to each other?? On the same day? They prayed to nerd god the night they found out

-they honestly had maps of both cons and were planning it out on Jeremy’s wall, where they’d go first and a path and the best time to go where and when they’d con jump.

-Michael isn’t a HUGE anime fan but he does like it, so he wore a goku shirt ironically because he’s one of those kids who are all “it’s too mainstream yknow”

-Michael, looking down at his shirt: I fit in now.

-Jeremy fucking decked out his cardigan with pins that he bought at pretty much any place they sold them. Michael had to start purposefully leading him away from them.

-any time Jeremy saw a pin with the bi flag it was over, it was bought. He has characters he doesn’t even know.

-they bought a little death note book and the first thing Michael did was grab it and write “SQUIP” in it.

-honestly they were really nervous to go. Michael hates crowds and he knows cons can get really bad. He almost chickened out.

-Jeremy took him to all the places with less crowd like a good boyf

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"Then what do you suggest?" Sterek? Please? /best puppy dog eyes

“This is an awful idea.” Scott huffs.

Stiles kicks at his shin. “Then what do you suggest?”

“Oh, I don’t know, why don’t you just tell him like any other normal person?”

“Because that’s not nice enough!” Stiles complains, nudges Scott with his elbow. “Hold it right!”

“Is there a wrong way to hold a poster?” Scott fires back. “This is ridiculous, you owe me so bad, man.”

Stiles turns to glare at him but seeing as they are both wearing otter costumes, it’s impossible to see each others’ faces.

“Oh, like I didn’t help you with your first date with Allison? Or that time I didn’t tell your mom you ate a hotdog even though she said you weren’t supposed to?” Scott huffs. “Yeah,” Stiles says, “suck it up, man.”

“I hate you.” Scott slaps him.

“I hate you, too.” Stiles slaps him back.

Around them people have started staring and laughing, and Stiles regrets doing this with all his might, but it’s too late to back out now. He can’t just admit he was wrong to Scott. And – hey, that’s Lydia taking pictures, yeah, awful idea.

Stiles only hopes this will be worth it, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do if Derek says no. Stiles wouldn’t dress up as a fucking otter and hold a very pink and glittery poster saying ‘I love you’ for just anyone.

He wants to marry the shit out of this guy when they graduate College.

Stiles looks up at the sky, prays to whoever is out there that Derek feels the same.

“Are you freaking out in there?” Scott asks.

“No!” Stiles answers quickly. “Shut up and focus!”

“You focus!”

“You –”

“You two shut up!” Erica yells from somewhere behind them. “My boyfriend is about to play and you’re blocking the view, if you don’t do this I swear to God I will skin you both alive!”

“Well,” Stiles swallows heavily, offers his fist for Scott to bump, “let’s fucking do this.” He watches the players run into the field, waits until Derek turns their way, eyes searching for Stiles in the stands like he always does – he’s so predictable and adorable, Stiles loves him a lot – and takes a deep breath, readying himself to scream like he’s never screamed before. “Hey, Derek!” He yells as Scott holds up his poster. “You’re my significant otter!” The crowd erupts in cheers and Derek hides his face behind his hands.

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They have the perfect opportunity to give Kara and Lena the multi season slowburn that seems to be exclusively reserved for straight couples, like on Bones or Castle. I hope they take it. It's not everyday that a CEO of a multi billion dollar tech company with an infamous psychotic family, and a super powered hero alien that works as a journalist during the day, can walk into a relationship with another person as equals while also balancing each other out.

RIGHT?!?!?!?! RIGHT?!?!?! ITS SOLID GOLD. solid. effing. gold. handed to them on a platter. they barely have to try!!!! which is why i get so frustrated at the idea of it being wasted. its more than just a cute pairing. im like. WHEN DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN? and THEN….extra bonus points for being two [incredibly attractive] women! sigh. this is why i’m in this mess. supercorp, why do you control my life?

up10tion sunyoul and day6 dowoon: the beginnings of a friendship

160512 sukira: when dowoon was shook by sunyoul’s high-pitched voice and sunyoul was shook by dowoon’s deep-ass voice

sunyoul: *sings so chanwhee’s “tears” in original key*

dowoon: “WOAH !!!”

leeteuk: “sunyoul and dowoon are completely different, right?”

dowoon, talking for like the first time: “ah, yes”

sunyoul: “WOAH !!!”

leeteuk: “can you two introduce yourselves to each other?”

dowoon, shyly: “hello”

sunyoul, shookedt: “hello !?!?!1!!”

sunyoul: “i’m sorry but how old are you?”

dowoon: “im 22″

sunyoul: “im 21″

dowoon, smiling: “hello”

*leeteuk looking at both of them like a proud parent*

im sad that nothing really came out of this ??? sunyoul’s said before that he’s shy and finds it hard to talk to people he meets esp. at music shows

i think this broadcast is what caused day6 to decide to write “stuck on you” for up10tion, though, which is really cute… maybe because they thought our main vocals’ voices were nice :)

now that day6 and up10tion are going to be promoting at the same time (i think), i hope we get more interactions!

(and hopefully that sunyoul&dowoon friendship :o)

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SoMa 7u7

💕: who is more likely to make huge declarations of love in front of other people?

Pretty sure this would be both of them. Soul is a dork who tries to be cool and he is but he loves Maka so much he’d be willing to, like, punch anyone who dared to talk flirt with her—and probably announce that he loves her more than he loves himself even though it stains his cool reputation and omg ain’t that the sweetest shit ???

Maka would straight-up splatter other girl’s brains with a Maka-chop if they just  as much dare to ask Soul to be their partner for the millionth time right beside her. Probably kick his ass too if he ever entertained one XD

💓: who initiates most physical contact?

Maka. I mean, can you just


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close ?

Maka holds her hand out for Soul to hold at almost everything they do; weapon form, walking, comforting each other.. Yeesh. The shit I’ll never ever forget is when Maka let Soul hold her hand so he doesn’t get overwhelmed by madness

  even if he still ended up doing so though lol

Oh and also that part where Maka broke down in tears because Medusa was a bitch and Soul just stood to let her cry against him like

I’m not done but I’m reserving all other hand-holding touchy touchy scenes in case someone also asks for this XD

 Maka wins the clingiest meister award and Soul is fine with it okay ???

💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?

…..Tbh I think they barely text because they’re always next to each other, so when Maka’s in her room scrolling through social media shit and Soul is doing the same with his pc I’m just sure they’d send each other memes that remind them of each other… Like actual puns (Soul would mostly send these LOL), cute ass posts, Maka tagging Soul in those “relationship goals” posts either to agree or disagree (Maka once saw this “I’m your damsel in distress” bullshit and Maka would add a “lol @Soul is the damsel in distress” and they’d both laugh),

Also, they’re both huge fandom dorks so Soul would either tag Maka’s name in a picture of a certain book set, or Maka would tag him in a fandom reference post. 

Imagine them being excited for new seasons though.

Heart ask meme here !

two blacks marks on my clean record – two people i loved, now loving each other. his lips tracing across her skin, feeling her freckled constellations instead of my smooth serenity. she can’t meet my eyes in the hallways and he’s done everything possible to forget my name: scrubbed his tongue, cut his hair, torn out the carpet in his room because it still smelled like my perfume. but i’m in both of them like traces of blood at a crime scene: you can hide it but it will come out in the right light. sometimes when he looks at her all he will see is me. and that’s the most i could hope for.

- my best friend and my ex // abby // prompt for anon

Universal Message Of The Day: June 23, 2017

~ Associated with the vibrations of sacred number 444 ~

Take a moment each day to remember that every Soul you meet is of the same order. Light is the connection through each and every Soul that inhabits the Universe. Each and every one of you are Angels in your own right and have perfect control of your wings and where they take you. Choose paths that promote Oneness and Wholeness with the Light and all beings. To choose other paths that promote seperation would inherently be one of the utmost disservices to Oneself because the One is a part of the Collective Whole. Be kind to others for in the end, We are One and One is all, and you wouldn’t want to be unkind to yourself, would you?”

dress me up, buttercup I three (m)

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pairing : hoseok x reader

genre: idol+stylist!au, drama, humor, angst

warning: face sitting, fem dom, dirty talk

word count: 8.1k

summary: There are nearly 1,000 reasons why mixing work and romance is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, Jung Hoseok makes it very hard for you to resist.

chapters: one | two | three

✩ a/n: this was really just an excuse to write whiny, needy hobi….. (゜▽゜;)

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my favorite tumblr feelings
  • when you send someone a nice ask and you get to see how happy it made them feel
  • when you get online and see that someone had a really good day, or had something wonderful happen to them
  • when a user that you respect a lot follows you back
  • when you see people supporting other people who are having a rough time
  • when you see posts that stand up for the rights and happiness of others
  • when you see two users becoming best friends right in front of your eyes, and you get to see all the cute stuff that they tag each other in
  • when you get online and get to talk with one of your favorite mutuals and you cherish it so much because they’re in a drastically different time zone than you
  • when you get to talk to someone online about an interest of yours that isn’t particularly common 
  • when your favorite users get recognition for their awesome art, writings, photos, etc
  • when someone sends you an ask saying that they were thinking about you
  • when you generally just know that you’re never truly alone, and you realize that there are freaking amazing people in this world

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cause of death: your tags under the nose nuzzling gifs

Dear Isi, it’s 11:11 (close your eyes it is), and i’m currently crying, because, not only were Isak and Even would meet each other, but whatever may come between them, they will always find their way back. When Isak read again that one text, he realized something quite simple, life could not be without Even. And when they hugged one another, you know they were holding each other’s entire world right in their arms. In this universe, in every universe, whether the curtains might be orange, or yellow, or green, Even will always be on the blue pillow, Isak on the grey, sleeping peacefully side by side. Arms holding each other. This was home. This is home.

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I was playing on Volskaya (I probably didn't spell that right lmao) last night when I met a super nice McCree! He would ask for healing but it would always be "Darlin if you can get to me I could use a tad healin" and when I healed him he'd usually say "Thank you, beautiful" and he has a thick southern drawl so it made it even funnier because I felt like I was dealing with the real McCree. We added each other after that and now I have a new friend :)




also? i knew my girlfriend for three years before we dated. during that time we dated other people. we saw each other all the time. she was just my cool and beautiful friend, and that was it. the time was all wrong. if we had fallen for each other then it would have been a disaster. it took years of heartbreak and pain for BOTH of us in the end. i think having my heart broken & being manipulated has, in the end, made me a better partner. so.. if any of you out there are going through hell and heartbreak, i just wanna say: keep going. the world has some good surprises for you. maybe even right under your nose.

Getting It Together

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream an imagine where you and Happy have feelings for each other but the both of you we’re going through a difficult time in both of your lives and you dont want to start dating and everything going downhill before you even had a chance. a year later reader finds out happy is dating somebody. the reader looses it and stops wanting to be around Happy. he eventually tells reader he wants her and he messed up not trying to be with the reader

“It just doesn’t make sense for us to start anything right now baby girl…” Happy’s dark eyes studied my face. “The club is crazy right now….”

I closed my eyes, fighting back tears. “I understand, I just got out of a bad relationship last month…I’m not fit for a relationship.” His arms wrapped around me, holding me close. 

 There was no where else I wanted to be, but his arms. Fir so long, he had made me feel safe. I was afraid if I started something now, with Happy;  it would all come crashing down.  That it would never survive, and I wanted something with him.

“We’ll just wait, until things are calm, with the club.” He leaned in to kiss me gently.. “Once things are right with you, we can be together.” He kissed me again, this one, was a little longer and more final. He broke off the kiss and  then he walked away. 


I pulled into the parking lot, of TM I’d just gotten back from being out of the country for the last year. I’d taken a job in London. I was excited to be back, to see Happy again.

We’d talked a couple of times over the past year, but the time difference made it difficult. I walked across the parking lot. towards the clubhouse, spotting Tig out front talking to Chibs.

“Hap inside?” I smile at them. Chibs hugged me welcoming back, kissing me on the cheek.

“He’s inside with his girl doll!” Tig replied.

I pulled back from Chibs, looking at Tig. “What?”

“He’s been dating her for six months…” I spun on my heel, walking towards my car, holding it together. I heard my name being called, in a raspy voice. I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

“Where are you going baby girl?” His mouth was next to ear. 

I jerked away from him. “Home! Go back to your girlfriend…so glad club life calmed down!”

“What are you talking about?”

I shook my head. “I left a year ago, to get right. I thought you wanted something with me, but now I realize it was just a load of shit!” I shook my head. “It was just a way to get rid of me, I should have stayed in London.” 

I tried to get into my car, but his hands were preventing me from opening my door. I tried to shove him away, but he wouldn’t move. “MOVE ASSHOLE!”

“Not until you listen…”  His eyes darkened.

“More lies…” He slid his arms around me, pulling me to him. “Please baby…I didn’t think you were coming back.”

“I told you it was just for a year, if you would just listen..” His lips covered mine.

“I love you (Y/N)….I want you.”

“What about the your girlfriend of the last six months?” I pulled back. 

“I’m not with anyone…”

“That’s not what Tig..”

He rolled his eyes. “Tig is an idiot, you should know that.  Tell me you love me.”

I smiled at him. “I love you Hap….” He picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder carrying me back towards the clubhouse.

“You’re mine!” He growled.


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lmao you really out here shipping stony and thinking they'd be a better romance than pepperony? You did see Steve and Tony arguing, lying to each other, and beating the shit out of each other in the last few films right?

I ship Stony as fantasy, where i love the drama and angst. Not because I in any way think that would be a healthy relationship for the MCU to present as an ideal of romance.

I dislike The Pepper/Tony relationship and find it a very unhealthy idea of what is romantic for a lot of reasons, but not because I want to see Stony happen for real or something.