you are right for each other


“I didn’t think you were going to show.”

Kaidan slides onto the empty stool next to Joker, who’s staring down at the bar like it’s a nav console, a half-empty glass of something amber at his elbow. There’s another glass in front of the empty stool that’s full. Kaidan doesn’t ask what it is. Doesn’t even say hello before he takes a deep sip. Whiskey. Good. It’s a whiskey kind of day.

He almost hadn’t shown. This wasn’t something he really wanted to commemorate with people, and especially not here. Of all the bars on Arcturus, Joker had to pick this one.

Joker smirks into his glass. “Everyone thought I was being stood up by a date.”

“Got held up in a briefing,” Kaidan replies. He thinks about apologizing, but doesn’t. This is already weird enough.

“Of course you did. The Alliance is actually keeping you busy.”

“Yeah.” Kaidan takes another drink, tries not to look at the booth to his right, almost but not quite out of eyeshot. Feels like a lifetime ago that he was sitting in it, 0600 the morning of a new assignment, his brand new superior office sitting in front of him nursing a bitch of a hangover with another beer.  

The Normandy’s former pilot looks about as bad as Shepard had on that morning five years ago. His uniform hangs on him. Beard hasn’t been trimmed, at least not lately. Even bad lighting and a low-brim hat doesn’t hide the dark circles under his eyes.

Kaidan’s chest tightens. Five years ago he had looked across the table at a soldier in pain and done something about it. But this time he’s tired. So fucking tired. He doesn’t have the energy to rescue anyone, even Joker. In a flash of bitterness he wishes for once that he wasn’t the one who gave a damn. Let someone else care for a change.

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I think I’ve talked about how I hc Rat to have insomnia, but not written anything out for it. And You’re defo not bothering me, love. ♥

•Junkrat also has pretty bad insomnia so you being up late at night don’t really bother him
•Just means that you both have someone to keep you company when neither of you can sleep.
•Although sometimes when you actually can sleep he can be a bit loud and keep you up or wake you up, which generally turns into another night up til 5 am.
•You like to bounce ideas off of each other late at night, the mind is more active and creative at night, right?
•You both are pretty much up until your body gives up and you have to sleep, whether you pass out at the same time or not is a different story.

•McCree loves his beauty rest, to be honest.
•He’s like a literal teddy bear and can probably sleep just about anywhere.
•He tries for you though, he knows you need company late at night when your head is racing, he just can’t keep his eyes open for as long as you by a mile.
•He’ll try to convince you to lay down with him and try to sleep, but mostly this is because he likes to cuddle when he falls asleep and he thinks it would help you too. Not usually the case though. He does mean it from a good place though.
•Sometimes he’ll drink a coffee late to stay up for you a bit, trying to spend more time with you.
•Might suggest a little romp in the sack to get you tired enough to sleep, which generally knocks him out but doesn’t work as well for you.


•Gabe used to have a model soldier’s sleeping schedule, but post fall, he feels restless more often.
•Generally his favorite time spent with you is chatting early in the wee hours of the morning when neither of you can get to sleep, laying in bed together, his arms around you.
•He is more intimate with you in these moments than he is during the day
•If both of you really can’t sleep he will suggest walks outside, He thinks that a bit of exercise will help you both get some sleep. He’ll take you on loooong walks, definitely over a mile and back, but he also knows the kinds of sights you like to see and will make sure they’re featured on your moonlit strolls.

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May I request Michael or Jared proposing with a ring pop(the candy)?

It was the end of senior year, people were in tears crying as they said goodbye to everyone. Even you started getting emotion when you thought of saying goodbye. Suddenly you felt your boyfriend arms around you, Jared’s goofy grin coming into view. Before you ask what was going on he pulled away “hey Y/N… I know we’re going to different collages and it will hard to see each other but I love you, hell I love you a lot so…” your heart froze as he suddenly moved into his knee. Your eyes widened, no way… NO FUCKING WAY! You looked down as you felt something slip on your finger a large purple ring pop standing proud on your hand. You start laughing, tears in your eyes “a ring pop? Your purposing with a ring pop?” Jared just grins and nods happily “well I don’t have a lot of money right now and… you are as sweet as sugar so it makes sense”

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Do you have any more serious headcanons about frostmaster?? I love all your HCs of course!! But I really liked what you said before when you went on that small tangent starting with Loki saying “I think I love you.” Do you have any more HCs, maybe more angsty or even just soft fluffy serious ones involving maybe one or both of them catching a couple feelings for each other lol

you want more angst? y’all are wild I love you. of course I have angst headcanons. strap in kids.

  • okay so the Grandmaster is a telepath, and he knows what people are thinking right? of course he thought it was endearing when Loki was planning to overthrow him, and he caught feelings for him when Loki started emitting remorseful vibes, and the whole “i’m going to seduce and overthrow him” commentary in his head began to vanish. the Grandmaster actually started distancing himself from Loki however when he could feel the other man falling in love. Sure he was in love too, but he didn’t want Loki to fall for him. he may not look old but he feels old, and he could ever wrap his head around why Loki feels anything for him at all. he had his fair share of charm back in the day, but he thought it had faded to a dull roar. to see as well as feel Loki fall head over heels for him scares him immensely. 
  • sakaar isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, not for the Grandmaster anyway. he’d actually love to leave, he’s been yearning to for years. but, he is terrified. he’s immortal on sakaar, and he’s a dictator. he fears that if he leaves he’ll lose all of that, all of what makes him important to his society. when he meets Loki, he’s able to forget about that for a while between their shared stories from the universe, and while they slowly begin to fall for each other, but when Loki leaves, the Grandmaster is more than just broken, it gives him incentive to leave. and he does, he needs to at least get back to Loki and tell him what he couldn’t tell him while he was on sakaar; “I love you.”
  • they definitely talk about their brothers. Grandmaster is surprised at himself because Loki is one of the few people, maybe even the only on left on sakaar that knows who his brother is. Loki had never heard of his brother of course, the Collector wasn’t that well-known on Asgard. Loki gets worked up whenever Grandmaster tells Loki about one of his bad stories with his brother, then Loki tells his. Loki makes sure to mention he doesn’t hold too much against his brother anymore, that it was mostly his father he feels resentment towards, but now that his father is dead there isn’t much resentment left. Grandmaster helps him understand that you don’t need to harbor resentment towards anyone to be a successful soul.
  • the Grandmaster has night terrors, it’s do to the countless years he’s lived, the countless lives he’s takes, and the countless loved one’s he’s lost. Loki isn’t usually much of a comforter, but he knows how to comfort the Grandmaster. He knows he just wants to be held and have his cheek stroked. Loki worries his cold skin isn’t comforting, but Grandmaster always argues otherwise telling him that it wakes him up and that since he himself is usually a furnace, it feels comforting to be cooled down.
  • even though the Grandmaster’s favorite color is blue and he loves Loki’s Jotun form, Loki is still extremely self conscious and gets a little bit distant if he accidentally reveals himself. the Grandmaster and Loki only get into arguments about this one occurrence. Grandmaster keeps telling Loki that he loves it, and once said “maybe even more than I like your regular form” which makes Loki leave him for a day or two out of anger, because he works so hard to make people accept his regular Asgardian-looking form. the Grandmaster apologizes when Loki comes back and tells him he just loves him for who he is, etc.
  • Grandmaster has trouble coping when Loki leaves to go back to Asgard. It becomes his only mission, to find him, wherever he is. he pretty much entirely puts sakaar on the back burner of his issues, because he’s distressed as to why Loki left without a goodbye, and he forces himself to not be angry with Loki, because he remembers what happened when he got resentful towards past lovers. And he cares for Loki more than he cares for…pretty much anything else on the planet. 

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The Kira game? What is it about? Is it good? *wakuwaku*

The Kira game! 

The premise of the game is that all the DN characters are playing a role playing game where people are randomly assigned one of 3 roles: L, Kira, 2nd Kira. As the player, you pick a character from the available options, then pick whether you’d like to play the Kira role or the L role.  

If you choose the Kira role, then your objective is to work out which of the characters is L in order to win. If you play the L role, you’re trying to work out who Kira is in order to win. As I said this is randomized and an in-game roleplay so it’s not like Light will always be Kira, L will always be L, etc. But on top of that, you also have to convince the other characters that your beliefs are right because each character gets a vote for who they think is Kira and if you do not have the majority of characters convinced, you lose. 

So to recap: as the Kira role, you ideally want to work out who L is and get everyone to believe L is KIra and vote for that character to be arrested. As the L role, you want to work out who Kira is and get everyone else to vote on their arrest. Ah – and ofc, I forgot to mention! The Kira character will get to eliminate one character at the end of each round, so if you’re L you gotta try and make sure you don’t come off like too much of a threat and as the Kira character, you’re hoping to off L with your death note. 

The game is a little similar to the Ace Attorney series in that it’s set up so that you can interact with the other characters to try and determine what role they are, but it’s also more complicated and works like a Mafia type of game, haha. The in game mechanic they use is a proposal meter, a suspicion meter and a trust meter that all vary according to your interactions in the game.

The proposal function allows you to make the argument that you think char x is either innocent or Kira, and whether or not the others agree or disagree with your proposed argument is dependent on your suspicion or trust meter at the time. Trust can be earned by proposing another character’s innocence, suspicion is earned when someone else proposes your character’s guilt. The second Kira role comes into play here as the character who has this role will be deliberately misleading and directing attention away from the person they think is playing the Kira role. 

Additionally each character has some unique character skill that takes up a certain amount of proposal points – so for example, if you play Light, his character skill is to reduce his suspicion meter down to zero. 

…This game is really hard to explain and I’m not sure I’m doing a good job of it. But yes, I’ve heard it’s pretty entertaining. 

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Not a question, just want to say how much I love your meta! I agree with almost all of it and I’m really impressed with how insightful you are into the show’s themes and structures. You get how each character, good or bad, plays into the show and don’t try to put one of them down in order to raise any others up. Your positivity is a beam of sunshine in the fandom so thank you and please never change. You’re sure you’re not Dabb right?;)

Thank you so much nonny I really appreciate this!

Those of use who love ALL of TFW seem to get targeted by the stans for not wanting the other two well away from one, it’s nuts. The show clearly portrays them as better together, they freaking SAY IT OUT LOUD that they’re better together, they’re family, they love each other! None wants to be apart from the other two!

I love them all too :)

Thank you!!!

Lucifer VS Asmodeus

You know what? I knew it. I knew that Lucifer and Asmodeus hated each other right from the start. Because first, Asmodeus did not show up until he knew Lucifer is gone. Luci did not call on him either to protect his son. The sealing factor is that if it takes someone to be beaten like that to encourage loyalty, as Asmodeus recalled, it’s more likely that they’re going to betray you for revenge once you turn your back on them. And I was right on that.

Now I just want to be right about Lucifer actually not wanting to use Jack for evil. I imagine he just didn’t know what to do with life when God/Chuck left him again so his daddy issues went out of control and he thought it would be a great idea to be a father to someone instead of waiting for his own to return. It’s a bonus that Jack is a nephilim who happens to be stronger than any human or angel and a tabboo at that. Luci probably thought “My son is perfect unlike yours, dad! Come here and look at my creation!”.

And Chuck will just look at Lucifer from toes to wings and say blankly, “My creations are always faulty, true.”

I also thought it would be great if Asmodeus is this season’s big bad because he wants to use Jack to rule hell and Lucifer will team up with the Winchesters and Castiel to save Jack. Lucifer would be their strongest ally BUT human Lucifer would be a great plot device to pass. If human Metatron could appreciate something about humanity, how about human Lucifer??????

For the ones who don’t care

If you are one of the people who don’t care about net neutrality, think about this.

Everything you do, say, and see, will be tracked an noted if NN is taken away.

All information will be controlled by companies like AT&T or Verizon, which could result in the forced silence of majorities who need a voice.

Net Neutrality allows us free speech and total access to uncontrolled knowledge!


Imagine how devastating this could be! So many people could be silenced when they rely on an open internet to be heard. People of color, the LGBTQ+ Community, Indigenous People, People of Religious Minorities.

It is our right to communicate with each other and learn for free with no interference. It is our right, to be heard, and to have a voice. It is our right to grow and prosper in innovation and knowledge. DON’T let Ajit Pai destroy that.



General Studies Aizawa

Is what happened. And I’m not saying that because of his quirk or shipping or anything - no, what I have here is cold, hard proof. And you don’t have to look any closer than what can be seen from this photo right here…

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Do you ever think about how Aelin and Rowan finally do it on the same sands that Celeana and Sam started to like each other? That Aelin melted the beach with their combined love at the place that would’ve reminded her of Sam because I think about it a lot. 

Assassin’s Blade: “Sam stared at her long enough for heat to flood her cheeks, as if he could see right inside of her - see everything. The fact that he didn’t turn away from whatever he saw made her blood thrum in her veins.”

Empire of Storms: “She wondered if there was any other male in the world who would be so naked and prone with a woman on fire, who would not look at those flames with any ounce of fear.”

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HELLO!! I LOVE THE CHRONICLES SERIES!! I really like how they are y/n in their respective fics but then their own name in others... I'm really bad with names, could you maybe make a little chart saying which o/c is related to each member??? Ok ily byeeee

Hello dear!

I know, right??? I’m sorry I forgot to add them!  I have a specific folder just with their names and other details so I remember who is who — ^^;;

Chanyeol (92) - Jimin (93)
Jongdae (92) - Haerin (95)
Minseok (90) - Haneul (90)
Kris (90) - Bom (90)
Luhan (90) - Soomi (91)
Yixing (91) - Yijie (91)
Kyungsoo (93) - Subin (93)
Tao (93) - Bora (93)
Jongin (94) - Yunyoung (95)
Junmyeon (91) - Miyoung (95)

The numbers in the brackets are the age differences! Although the werewolves are much, much older, their physical age if compared to their mates would be born in that year! Wolves stop aging at a specific time of maturing, and they only start once they find their mates! ♥

-Nia ♥

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i’ll never forget this one video where l & elk were on a pap walk in some store & there were fans around & that person filming was shaking & shouting with others ‘kiss her louis, kiss each other!’. like what the fuck, and it’s us forcing shit.

plus they care more about her presence than louis’ but we’re the ones who are ‘bad and fake fans’ 

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Is it true that if someone loved you before, they can love you again?

Yes, absolutely - sometimes love doesn’t work out at one point in time because the circumstances just aren’t right, or sometimes people love each other but it doesn’t work out because they aren’t quite compatible, and then they might grow as people and give it another try and find their relationship works better the second time around. 

However, just because they can, doesn’t mean they will. Sometimes, people just stop feeling the same way, and although it hurts, there’s nothing you can do to force them to feel the way they used to, and the best thing you can do is let them go and try to move on with your life. 

I hope you feel better soon 💖

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Pass the happy! 💛 When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications!

Hello, friend!! 

1. First is you and all of our Tumblr friends!! I love the little ways we are all there for each other in the bad times and good and the ordinary daily moments. 

2. I love all of our fic writers and fan art creators so much. Special shoutout to @aneclipsedhabitue@doctor-who-hears-a-horton@perfectlyrose@travelingrose@lizann5869@blueboxesandtrafficcones​ and @jemsauce​ for their high-quality contributions to fandom life here that may not always get a thousand notes but definitely deserve them and so many more that I couldn’t even name all of you. 

3. It is Christmas season starting today and I’m excited!! I will be putting up the tree and decorating this weekend, starting after some shopping later today. 

4. Music is a pretty huge part of my life that you all don’t always see. I don’t have as much time to devote to playlist curation as I would like, but i’m always adding stuff to my YouTube playlists, so always feel free to check those out here: And @soundtrackofthesky and my 8tracks

5. Sunshine! It is a beautiful day out there today. I am so grateful. 

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It’s almost my birthday,
and all I want is for both of us to take the day off so I can lick ice cream cake off the tip of your fingers.
And though I’m lactose intolerant
I got a bottle full of dairy pills waiting to be cracked open right in my backpack.

I want a piñata shaped like an X, 
and I want to break it in half and hold up one side while I stand on top of a pile of candy below me and say: “We, are now greater than any one you think of when I say the word ex.”
You are not an ex …yet.
Which means we still got time to fuck up!
Or we still got time for you to fuck me up?
Or we can just spend all this time fucking each other …up?
But until then I’ll keep grabbing your hand every time your too afraid to make the first move.
I’ll pull you up beside me
as we look out onto our kingdom of fallen candy,
and amidst all the hubba bubba and kit Kat’s
I’ll turn to you and say:
“I wish to one day be the first one you tell your secrets to.”
And as if your hair is the fire on my birthday candles
Destined to fulfill all my desires, I wish again
That my ear earns the right to hear all your late night thoughts while the rest of me sleeps.
I hope you continue to laugh every time I point out the wall that lies between us, and when I feel you resisting it.
I know your tough face like you know mine when I’m about to call you out,
but you think its cute when I scrape at the concrete hoping to one day make a hole big enough for me to crawl into.
I know it keeps you warm in there,
I can feel it burning through the masonry onto the palm of my hand.
I know it keeps you warm in there, because it’s keeping me warm too.

—  You May. whenthefuturearrives