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Recently I’ve been finding the genuine (we get many wanna-be imitations) honey butter chips being sold in more stores~ Usually my favourite go-to chips are a honey and cheese flavour~ GAH! It’s like a flavour combo from the heavens! After finding HBC at the grocery store I decided to betray my honey cheese chips to try it…I was a little sceptical that it wouldn’t live up to the hype but I WAS WRONG. Hear that, Seven?! They’re so super yum that I cry rainbow tears! So in conclusion to this chip battle, my tastebuds call a draw!

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

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today is the met gala! if ya feelin peachy and up to it, would you write a wee lil drabble about our friends from hmc there?

this is a continuation of this drabble, kinda. don’t ask what the gala theme is it’s some weird combination of 2015′s through the looking glass and this year’s art of the in-between lolol. and yes, i’m making kubo a designer that gets her own met gala solo show in honor of kawakubo bc their names sound alike O K

12 hours to open

The Victor from four hours ago is gone, neatly tucked away like one of his silk ties or a pair of ankle socks. Folded and hidden into one of the several drawers of Victor Nikiforov’s wardrobe of a personality. Yuuri wonders if he’s glimpsed into a good amount of those drawers, but considering Victor’s actual wardrobe drawers have their own MUJI brand compartments inside of them, it is entirely likely that he’s missing even smaller facets of Victor; his drawers have drawers, his secrets have secrets.

Yuuri watches him now as he scrutinizes each display of the exhibit, murmuring with the curator and periodically adjusting the garments on the mannequins. Victor looks up briefly and gives a small smile—in the way that Victor only ever gives smiles, small and subtle but brilliant, still, and Yuuri mentally adds that to his collection of memories of Victor to lose sleep over.

Yuuri smiles back (hesitant and timid and awkward, he’s sure).

4 hours to open

“Oh my god, what are you wearing?” Georgi asks in horror.

Yuuri looks down at his outfit, still in the sweats he’d slipped into in his rush to get to the Met at half past three in the morning. Around them, preparations for the gala are in full-swing, museum officials and staff bustling around the venue as the ticking clock winds down.


"I’ve got it.” Victor’s voice, soft but clear, calls from Yuuri’s left and when Yuuri turns he stops breathing. Victor’s changed, and he’s still in a suit, of course, but it’s stunning. Custom-made by Kubo herself, the designer being celebrated for that evening. Half of the suit is lined with icy blue crystals, tiny sparkling things that glint where the sunlight catches on them. The other half is a more muted blue, calm but compelling and homey. It divides in a diagonal across Victor’s front, and the stark contrast of the suit’s design is jarring, but—so’s it’s owner.

Yuuri doesn’t notice the garment bag hanging over Victor’s arm until he steps in front of him. “I don’t know if you already had something picked out,” Victor tells him. Yuuri remembers to breathe, can’t decide whether to look up into Victor’s eyes or to the matching blue of the bright part of his suit. “Sorry for having dragged you here, though, you’ve been here all morning and all night—”

"It’s okay,” Yuuri says quickly.

Victor pauses, gives his small smile. He holds out his arm, pushes the garment bag over to Yuuri. “How about you go change, then?” His voice lowers. “Before Georgi gets an aneurysm. And before Michele arrives,” he adds, teasing.

Yuuri shudders. “Michele.” He takes it from Victor gratefully. “Thank you.”

"Of course.”

2 hours to open

"Where the fuck are you?” Mila hisses into her phone. “They’re rolling out the carpet.”

Whatever JJ says on the other end, it only mollifies Mila slightly. She sighs as staff members around her iron down the red carpet, making it smooth and impeccable for the star-studded guests who would arrive later in the evening.

Sara rubs Mila’s shoulder soothingly as she clicks off. “It’s gonna be okay. Look, Otabek’s running the livetweets right now,” she says.

Mila rolls her eyes. “Please tell me that—”

"Leo and Guang are helping,” Sara says quickly.

"Thank god.”

Open - Gala Stage

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,” Victor says grandly behind the podium on stage. He flashes a wide smile as the crowd applauds, but it doesn’t sit right with Yuuri, not really. He watches from off the side of the stage, standing with Mila, who’s busy typing away on her phone.

"Georgi says Kubo’s not ready yet,” she stage-whispers, looking at Yuuri with wide eyes. "She’s got some, I don’t know, there’s some drama with the—”

“What?” He glances at his watch. “But the schedule—”

"Fuck the schedule, we need to—”


"Okay? Yuuri, we need to—Yuuri, wait, what are you—”

Victor’s voice booms from the speakers around them. “And now, may I present our—uh… Yuuri Katsuki?”

Two hours after close

Yuuri finds Victor by one of the displays, looking thoughtfully at the satin train of a Renaissance-themed dress. He’s shed his suit jacket, loosened the tie around his neck. He still looks flawless.

"I hope that was okay,” Yuuri says quietly.

Victor doesn’t startle, as if he’d expected Yuuri to come to him all along. He’s quiet for a bit, before turning to face him. He speaks, breathless, even though he hasn’t moved from his spot since he’d been there after the last of the guests had left.

"That was amazing,” he tells Yuuri meaningfully.

It’s too much. Yuuri tears his eyes away. “Roughly amazing,” he says jokingly. Deflects.

There’s the small smile again. “Roughly amazing,” Victor agrees. He gazes back at the mannequin on display, and that’s where Mila finds them later, when she tells them the car’s waiting.

i want someone to write a musical where the characters (not the actors, the actual characters in the story) realize that they’re fictional and in a show. and they “go off script” trying to get out of the show to be real and make their own stories, but the music and dance cues keep following the “original story,” so they keep getting dragged into musical numbers that don’t make sense in the new context. and they’re just baffled the whole time like what the fuck am i singing what was supposed to happen here?? and their asides are written into the music as they try to break free. and there’s this big dance break in the middle of an angsty scene and they’re all just like oh for fucks sake not again just get it over with.

am i the only one who thinks this would be hilarious?

Someone added the tag ‘silly homorobos’ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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Some appearance hcs for y’all
  • Victoire has a little dark mole on her left cheek. James lways called her Marilyn Monroe for that.
  • She also used to have a lot of freckles as a kid but outgrew most of them.
  • Teddy doesn’t change his features (asides from hair and sometimes making freckles appear/disappear) when he’s a grown up, but as a ten, he’d want to look like his godparents to try and fit in. He let it go when they reminded him he’d always be their son at heart, no matter what he looked like.
  • Dom is an actual metamorphmagus but likes dying her hair the old fashioned way.
  • Louis is the one with the most Veela gens in him and he’s definetly beautiful.
  • But he’s also the one that looks the scariest when angry.
  • Rose has a squishy tummy and thick thights and she’s very much okay with that, thank you very much.
  • She’s not so okay with her glasses but she looks cute in them anyways.
  • Molly used to hate her freckles but when somebody offered her a potion to make them disappear she shattered the bottle in a billion pieces. Her mom loved them and she’d lerarn to do the same.
  • Al’s always been skinny but he has a baby face with slightly chhubby cheeks and everyone thinks it’s adorable.
  • Lucy has a button nose and her face looks like it’s made of porcelain.
  • Her eyes wrinkle a lot when she smiles really hard tho and you can see the Weasley in her in those moments more than any other.
  • Roxanne used to have really long hair and she’d straighten it so it’d reach her hips. The she let it curl and cut it to her shoulders, the she let it reach her waist, then she cut it under her ears It was always the same lovey reddish brown shade, through.
  • James is an actual model but he’s also the most insecure when it comes to his appearance, and he hates his smile and his acne scars (luckly the freckles cover them) and really overworks hismelf trying to get the “perfect” body.
  • Lily is very pretty, not outsdandingly pretty, but the kind of beauty you will notice even if it’s not right away.
  • She has really weird hands tho. Like, they’re short and her fingers are too long for it and her nails are a complete ruin from how much she bites them.
  • Hugo Neville Longbottoed through puberty, but he never outgrew the big ears. they were quite charming, some say.
  • He’s also very pale. Not only his skin is a pale white that barely has any tint to it, but his freckles are fadded, his hair is a pastel orange and not fiery like his sister’s at all, and his eyes aren’t sapphire like, they’re the cool and calm icy blue of an old blue sweater.
  • Lysander’s teeth are slightly crooked but not enough for him to use braces to fix it.
  • Fred has such liquid looking eyes it’s hard to look straight at them, it’s like you’re staring into a river of onyx.
  • Lorcan and Jake have abs show-off competitions and they’re ridiculous but the people of Hogwarts don’t mind the spectacle.
  • Anne has a natural blondish highlight to her red hair. She plays with it so much it never stay the way she styled it for long.

“Everyone was teasing Jotaro relentlessly yesterday callin’ him cute. Meanwhile a bunch of customers yesterday where more or less saying mun was cute. I feel like you guys are on a timer or somethin’ ”

Does this say ‘weird’?

You asked me not to let go

hanging from the top of the building, 

where you let me bleed the night before

The blood in my arms still hasn’t dried

from the scars you left behind,

but this time I put up a fight;

the only thing you taught me.

This time you want my help,

but how can I give it to you?

This time you hold on to my arm,

and this time I let you go.

stereotypical views of the signs based on people i know
  • Aries: literally wants to fight everybody. very protective but sometimes too protective. cocky as hell. gets offended easily and doesnt take jokes very well. they know how to party tho ayy lmao
  • Taurus: very lazy. says "but i'm fat" every time you ask them to do something. the definition of stubborn; if you dont agree then youre wrong. if you ask them what theyre doing theyre probably eating. would probably glue themselves to their bed if they havent tried already.
  • Gemini: very very very hypocritical. probably talks bad about you behind your back. talks about really weird shit dude wtf are you on. funny asf tho.
  • Cancer: very whiny. goofs off a lot. really enjoys music and probably cries to it in their room at 2am. seems very kind but is sort of a bitch.
  • Leo: rude as hell. thinks theyre the queen/king. theyre prettier than you and nothing you can say will change their mind on that. flirting pros 101. usually never shuts the hell up. knows like everybody, they probably friends with beyonce.
  • Virgo: geeky nerd who makes good grades and always knows the answer in class. pretty shy and awkward at first. can get really deep if they trust you like whoa man. very interesting people to talk to. seems innocent but they dirty as hellll oh shiiiit.
  • Libra: very sweet. kind of an emotional mess thats going to breakdown any moment now. usually very happy though and knows just how to make you smile. good at making you feel guilty oh my god why would you ever do that??! cute as can be tho. HYPED ASF
  • Scorpio: probably thinkin bout bendin u over/gettin bent over in the middle of class. hotter than the bottom of their laptop after watching hours of porn. very secretive and mysterious they dont let many people in. usually have a really addictive voice. smile will make you melt.
  • Sagittarius: uses "lol" a lot. extremely goofy and sometimes childish. energetic and seems very friendly. kind of an asshole once you get to know them. likes to do fun and creative things that you wouldnt think of everyday. daredevils. HUGE FLIRTS
  • Capricorn: theyre always right and youre always wrong. they think theyre the shit but i mean they probably are. bad temper. funny and fun to be around if theyre in a good mood but if one thing goes wrong they spawn into satan himself. holds grudges for a while. very smart and good with words.
  • Aquarius: seem like theyre on drugs cause theyre so chill half the time while the other half theyre bouncing off the walls. loves coming up with things and likes telling people about these things. gets bootyhurt a lot. laughs really loud oh m ygod
  • Pisces: quiet at first. very sweet when you are friends. but dont mistake their kindness for weakness cause they can turn on you in a heartbeat lol better watch out. creative and doodles on the desk sometimes. listens to music a lot and has some deep connections with it. daydreams and sleeps a lot.

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10 and 44 for the ask thing

10. Want any piercings?
Not really, no
Idk maybe i’d get my ears pierced if i didn’t look so girly, so like if i had earrings they’d have to seem like a masculine thing
(i am basically The Definition of fragile masulinity)

44. A random fact about anything
the duck has a corkscrew penis. female ducks have a corkscrew vagina.
which corkscrews the OPPOSITE way to the penis.

anyway you probably didnt want to know that

(for real tho ducks have really weird dicks u should google it)

thanks for sending + send in more questions if you want? i’m feeling lonely