you are really trying to kill me

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Are you still trying to help the girl who asked for you to email her? How is she? p.s (everybody should be pitching in!!)

As it turns out the girl in question was not actually going to kill her self. This was all part of some kind of “psychological experiment” she was conducting to see if people online are really who they say they are. She picked me because I am an easy target. I spent up till three in the morning talking to her thinking she was in real danger, which she convinced me of. I am horrified at my kindness and my own mental health being manipulated this way, and it took me saying I was going to the police because I thought her life was in eminent danger for her confession to come forth. Please be careful online everyone. There are people out there who will use you for their own agenda.

Edit: I’m really sorry but this incident has made me shut down anon for a few weeks. 

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i love your lion theories! some questions: 1) ulaz says that zarkon has located blue on earth and shiro has to get there first; do you think ulaz knew blue was there all along, possibly via keith’s mom as a fellow blade? and 2) if ulaz was telling the truth and not just giving shiro a motive, how did zarkon locate blue? did haggar sense the energy just like keith did (could keith even have made it stronger)? it seems odd to me that they didn't try to get to blue faster, if they really knew

My first impression here is that Ulaz, as little as we saw of him, seems to be honest even when it doesn’t particularly help his case (“If I’d wanted to kill you, you already would’ve been dead” for example). He has a sense of subterfuge, obviously, or he never would’ve operated as a covert agent, but that doesn’t seem to be his personality.

He also doesn’t have a reason to lie to Shiro, and a lot to lose potentially from it- especially because the reason why he frees Shiro is that he knows Shiro is not someone who is easily manipulated. Bringing up Earth is a motivator, and not a particularly delicate one, but it’s a bit like how Ulaz hit Shiro in the stomach to keep him from losing consciousness. It was effective.

So from here it raises two kind of questions, taking it as a given Ulaz was being honest with Shiro: How does Ulaz know, and how does Zarkon know? After all, if Zarkon was mobilizing forces to find the Blue Lion, he wouldn’t likely send Ulaz, who is a surgeon. So I doubt it would come through imperial command.

If Zarkon knows, it’s fair to assume Thace was already in place on the main fleet at this point. We’ve heard a lot of people talking up the main fleet as apparently a high honor- Morvok, a commander, was apparently not good enough for the main fleet. So for Thace to hit that level of infiltration he likely had to have been working towards that for years- he was likely already in place by the time Shiro escaped. 

In that sense, a likely candidate is Thace. He and Ulaz are members of the same organization, after all, so it’d be easy for Thace to notify Ulaz via whatever untraceable means of communication Thace was using to send updates to the rest of the Blade- it’d also be possible Thace sent a report to Kolivan, who then chose to mobilize Ulaz. The information could also have come from other spies- it’s heavily implied Thace is the only one on Zarkon’s flagship, but that doesn’t mean there might not be other ears in place.

As for how Zarkon himself knows, Haggar is a potential candidate, but, if her sense is that good, one would’ve expected that the empire would’ve found most of the Lions. I think her sense of Blue returning to Arus was because Blue was already alive and on the move- otherwise, I feel like Haggar would’ve had to have been on the same planet as Blue, like Keith was.

But Hunk points out that Voltron can be tracked mechanically, and he even gets the Fraunhofer line from Pidge eavesdropping on Galra communications. So it’s more likely the empire was gradually scanning planets and solar systems to try and pick out traces of that unknown element (presumably, whatever was in the meteor) which explains why they only found one of the Lions- they’ve had to take it solar system by solar system. This also explains why the same captain that captured Shiro seemingly returned to that system- presumably searching for traces of the Lions was his mission, and Shiro and the Holts were just grabbed because they were suspicious.

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So I just finished reading Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton biography (the book the musical is based on) and uh, Tjeffs wasn't really Hamilton's biggest rival, neither was Burr up until the end, and Burr had ZERO regrets over killing Hamilton. He legit joked about it like "something something... my dear friend Alexander Hamilton, whom I shot." LIKE WTF. Idk I just thought you might appreciate this.

well of course? i mean back then u don’t have rivals, more like u hate that person and the other person is like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk why but okay

i mean rivalry was common don’t get me wrong and tjeff and aham weren’t actively trying to kill each other,,, it’s just that its funny to see fuckboys fight each other hence lin’s pov of american history

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Ava chan!! I have a prompt for you coz you're killing it...writing Kagehina intimacy i mean.. you know how much i love intimacy that comes from some sadness...So prompt #11 please!!! <3


11. You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now…

Kagehina. College fic. Unestablished Relationship.

The movie comes to an end too soon, in Kageyama’s opinion. He’s not really one for curling up with popcorn and watching a movie, but whenever Hinata’s involved, things just kind of… happen. 

They didn’t have anything to do on a Friday night, being lame freshman volleyball losers without girlfriends, so Hinata had suggested a movie and Kageyama had suggested his dorm room and then they’d gotten instant soup at the campus quick-mart and burned their tongues on too hot ramen cups as the opening credits rolled on the screen of Kageyama’s ancient laptop. He had stacked it on top of all the textbooks he wasn’t reading for class so they wouldn’t knock it over or trip over the power cord while watching, but really it was because he didn’t want it to get in between him and the possibility of Hinata’s sleepy, cuddle-prone limbs.

He apparently likes to torture himself.

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She Survived (day 2)

Fluorescent lights shine blindingly in her face as she wished for the umpteenth time that the annoying beeps and their creator would go to Hell. The hospital room that surrounded her would be hers for the time being. Glancing around, she notices her red scrunchie on top of a torn piece of paper. Sliding the cloth on her arm, she reads the note:

“I’m really sorry for what happened. I swear I didn’t know he gave me a cup of drain cleaner. Glad you’re still alive! (please don’t kill me)” - V.S.”

So, Red Dawn was trying to off her? She’ll have to get Ram and Kurt to handle that. As if punctuating her thought, the door swings open and three girls file in. A tearful, yellow-clad cheerleader in the lead, reaching out to hug her bed-ridden friend. Behind her stood a girl in green with a red scrunchie (similar to her own) and girl in blue, both looking guilty and slightly relieved. It wouldn’t be the first time that the two was on the receiving end of the terrifying glare from their (now temporarily mute) red loving leader.

The AU in which Heather C. survives death by draino

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Hear me out again. Modern AU. Edward Kenway owns a strip club called PIRATE BOOTY and it is manned by the jackdaw crew AHAHAHAHAHA Adewale is the manager (because we all know he really manages the ship 😉) and Edward is the guy constantly at the bar drinking and everyone thinks he's a regular drunk but he can hold his liquor well and will smash a guy over the head with a bottle if they try anything suss. Haha my brain is killing me. I hope this is entertaining you and you feel better soon 😘

Omg yes! And each night he closes out the show. He’ll make up a game called ‘pin the booty on the pirate’ but it’s really just us sticking money into his pants (or whatever he’s wearing down there haha). He gets up on the bar and dances sometimes as well although Adé hates it. And I’m pretty sure he walks around the club like this most of the time…

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An Unexpected Adventure - Part 1 (Extreme Randomiser Nuzlocke)

Hello, hello!! I’m super excited to be trying something new and this may actually help me finish a nuzlocke for once! I don’t really have anything to put here yet, in the parts to follow, I’ll list the Pokemon I have, and those that have sadly died, here! But, for now, here are the rules I am playing by!

First Part - You’re here friend!

1) Only one Pokemon from each Route can be caught. If it’s killed or runs away, you have missed your chance and must wait for the next route. (Static encounters, such as legendaries, count as a separate encounter.)
2) If a Pokemon faints, it’s dead. It must be deposited or released.
3) All Pokemon must be nicknamed to form a stronger bond.
4) All Pokemon have been randomised completely! This means typings, abilities, movesets and evolutions have all been changed! As have item placements and TMs.
5) Rules start once you first obtain Pokeballs (ie. next part)

I sighed, flicking through channels and rocking my feet to and fro in front of me on the cool, wooden floor. It was not unlike most other days I spent in the house those days, the outside world “too dangerous” and “too unpredictable”, the news reports of strange variations of Pokemon scaring everyone into their houses. I wasn’t too sure what the big deal was, in all honesty; sure, apparently there were reports of Weedle breathing the intense fire capable of burning down a couple of houses, but there were also Dragonite simply wanting to nap in trees and leaf piles.

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The Three Sweet Commanders

an au where Bum never gets caught in Sangwoo’s house and continues stalking him but realizes “oh my god this guy is the absolute worst at hiding these bodies??? did he really just throw it away with the trash??” and slowly starts helping him behind the scenes and face palming every single time Sangwoo takes home another victim with similarities to the rest.  Bum just mumbling to himself “Are you trying to get caught, or something?” 

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Sum up Critical Role and/or The Adventure Zone in 15 words or less each


Critical Role: very talented, sarcastic, and emotional group of adventurers save the world while pranking each other

The Adventure Zone: three dudes that are both the worst and the best try to reclaim Grand Relics

that’s really hard but um even if those little snippets didn’t convince you, here are some great quotes from both of the podcasts that will hopefully win you over:

Critical Role

  • “Your dumb idea cut my hand!” 
  • “I turn into a Triceratops.”
  • “That fucking sword…ate your soul!”
  • “In the darkness I say FUCK!”
  • “Remember that time you killed a kid?”
  • “I used my last magic poo to look at my daughter!”
  • “For god’s sake, find me a beret!”
  • “New Dad is wearing Old Dad’s skin!”
  • “I don’t speak fish.”
  • “I must have missed it because I was dead.”

The Adventure Zone

  • “Abraca-fuck you!”
  • “There’s no yelling in Fantasy Costco.”
  • “Are you asking about a cliff because you want to throw the body off of it?”
  • “Hey thug what’s your name I’m gonna tentacle your dick.”
  • “I will burn a spell slot on you I give no shits.”
  • “Are you naming your goddamn wizard Taco?”
  • “Oh, god, Dad just said the word hentai out loud.”
  • “I wanna rip its arms off.”
  • “Well, I did detect good enough to see through your horseshit, so.”


I love the Matt/Shiro BrOTP so have some headcanons that have been sitting in my drafts for weeks

-Matt is a living meme and Shiro questions their friendship every day

-“You know you love me~”

-Everyone questions how someone so calm and mature can be best friends with Matt and Matt kinda laughs in their face

-Matt: Calm? Mature? This guy almost fought a five-year-old over a chocolate bar!
Shiro: I really like the brand oKAY???

-Matt has tried to set Shiro up on one too many dates. It’s really easy since everyone and their mother has a crush on Shiro but Shiro needs Matt to stop.

-He did after a while until Shiro developed a crush on Allura. Cupid Matt was back. Shiro wanted to kill himself.

-Constantly making fun of each other because they love each other

-Shiro: Matt, if you don’t stop, I will literally sit on you.
Matt: Try me.
*high-pitched screams*

-You wouldn’t believe how often that happens. Spoil alert: A lot.

-They’re pretty competitive when it comes to each other. Whether it comes to bets or board games. Tears are shed. Friendships are broken. It gets pretty intense.

-Matt: I got to move on and be who I am! I just don’t belong here, I hope you understand! We might find our place in this world someday. But at least for now, I gotta find my own way…
Shiro: Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic over a pizza slice?

-Once Shiro ate the last brownie and Matt wouldn’t talk to him for a week. The dude really loves his food.

-Shiro: No.
Matt: This is homophobia at its finest. ://

-Once they had a convo on what their ship name would be if they dated, Shiro came up with Shatt, Matt disowned him

-Death jokes make up half of their friendship.

-Shiro: I’m going to propel myself off of this balcony.
-Matt: Not without me, you’re not.

You know that part when Klaus is trying to get the stovetop to work, and it erupts into flames, and he jumps back and stares at it until Violet comes over and covers it with the pot before putting a hand on his shoulder?? That scene just kills me. Such a small little detail can show so much. It really reminds you the extent to which the kids have been traumatized

You know, re-reading that got me thinking again about the other thing that really got me about Satya’s comic. It’s just a thing about Vishkar, but it’s what really stuck with me and made me hate their damn guts. It’s this:

The only time in the whole thing that they show Satya their true colors. 

For context, this is after they had her break into the slumlord of the area they want to control (Calado) instead’s building to try and find information that could destroy her. There were guards inside, but Satya refused to kill them.

Ostensibly, the reason they blew up the whole building was this: There wasn’t any information that could ruin Calado, so they needed to destroy her in another way. 

But throughout the entire comic, Vishkar (and Sanjay) take great pains to convince Satya that they are in the right here, that they are helping the people there (they actually want to hurt them, of course).
Satya was taken by Vishkar when she was very young. She was raised and schooled by them, and kept as isolated as they could possibly manage. Satya is a genius, and they want to control that skill, but they knew that she would never cooperate if she knew their true intentions. 
Every step they took in the comic, things were always kept from Satya, or twisted, or she was outright lied to. Every Vishkar member she spoke to was assuring her they were doing the right thing, that she was saving people. That it was just that people didn’t understand yet, so she had to keep working and saving them. This careful illusion to control her is always shown to be the utmost priority to them. Except there.

It would have been beyond easy for them to whisk her away before doing the dirty work and killing all those people she just saved. And not doing so actually went against the extremely careful lengths they’ve gone to to keep her in the dark, especially since the falling building caused all that damage to the people and buildings below!

And that’s just it. 

Making sure Satya thinks they’re doing the right thing isn’t the most important thing to Vishkar. The most important thing is actually making sure that she feels like she can’t ever disobey, no matter what she thinks of them. Even above trying to get her willing cooperation, they want her to feel powerless to do anything else.

Later on, after the fire, they would clean her up and reassure that it was for the best, the “price of rebirth”, once everything was settled. But not in that moment. They let her spare all those people, and then killed them right in front of her eyes. Satya may “not kill if she doesn’t have to”, but those people will be killed anyway. That’s the message they wanted to give her. That her refusal to murder for them meant nothing.

That no matter what she does, things will always end how Vishkar wants them to.


Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song

Wowowowow reproduce this art style was super complicated @-@ But as i already said try to reproduce what you like is a really good thing to improve so i’m really happy to have done this! (Even if it’s absolutely not perfect, there are a lot of mistakesss ;w;)
Uhmm what i can say? This way my third favourite scene, the first is when Bum goes outside and listen Sangwoo sing and maybe i will draw that too? In future?? Idk ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

I will repeat it for the eternity, this manhua is so extremely good ;_;
I’m like “omg this is horrible pls give me more!!!”

I hope you like it and thank you for your support (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Kara: So is Jess really punishing you for getting a temp secretary?
  • Lena: Kara, I had to give her a twenty percent pay raise, a written apology, two weeks paid time off with the keys to my vacation home in Venice and I have to go to a seminar on why getting a temp secretary without Jess's permission is bad, so to answer your question yes she really is.
  • Kara: Isn't she being a little rough on you though?
  • Lena: Well, considering she isn't trying to kill me I'd say no.
  • Kara: Touché.
  • Master Sword in Skyward Sword: I'm here for u bro
  • Master Sword in Ocarina of Time: sure I'll let this Literal Child wield me as long as he takes a long healthy nap first
  • Master Sword in Wind Waker: ah yes, another Literal Child. Sure I'll let them hang out w/ me

I’m playing as a witch in our newest campaign….magic is a lot harder than I thought.

Context: we’re in a cave and the party split up. 4 people just fought 9 spiders and all but one were knocked out. Now it’s me and 2 other people trying to fight spiders in a different part of the cave and one girl was already knocked out and inflict light wounds isn’t doing much for me.

Me, panicking: should I use my crossbow? Should I use a spell?

our DM, who is trying DMing for the first time: why don’t you use one of your hexes?

me: they wouldn’t fit in this situation…

the sorceror, who is really good at pathfinder and DMs a lot: I told you misfortune would be a good idea…

me: DON’T YELL AT ME!!! ALL I HAVE IS “KILL SHIT” (blight) AND “TALK TO SPIDERS” (tongues, in which I could have spoken to the spiders for a minute)


Me: is it too late??

our DM: well, you already cut 2 of its legs off so it probably won’t want to listen to you

Literally the End of The Bad Beginning

Klaus Baudelaire : I just think, like, he hates us. I really think he wants to kill me and my sisters.

Arthur Poe : He doesn’t really want to kill you…

Count Olaf : No, actually, the boy is quite astute. I really am trying to kill them, but so far unsuccessfully. …They’re quite wily.