you are real madrid


At 32 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most impressive collections of collective and individual titles in football’s history:

1 UEFA Euro Cup
3 UEFA Champions League titles
3 Premier League titles
1 La Liga title
3 FIFA Club World Cup titles
2 Copas del Rey
1 FA Cup
2 English League Cups
2 UEFA Supercups
1 Spanish Supercup
2 English Supercups

4 Ballon D’ors
4 Golden Boots
2 UEFA Player of the Year awards
1 FIFA Player of the Year award
1 FIFA The Best men’s football player award
1 FIFA Puskás award
1 UEFA Best player award
1 UEFA Forward of the year award
Elected player of the Century by the Portuguese Football Federation

Even more impressive than the list above is the fact that the portuguese is the only football player in HISTORY to have ever won every major collective and individual title in TWO different clubs from TWO different leagues.

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For everyone who is asking what happened between Ronaldo and Torres, it will be good to clarify that Ronaldo was just acting disrespectfully like always, telling to Atleti fans to shut up after the goal, so Torres confronted him about that, like Spanish press reports. So don’t even try to say that Torres is exaggerated and has a poor reaction, he was just defending his people. Maybe Ronaldo should learn to be a REAL champion and he could just celebrate with his team and don’t provoke others. I guess that there are some things that cannot be bought.

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