you are pretty and witty and bright!!!!

The Signs Gaze

*Check rising, sun and venus*

Aries: burning with intensity it’s pretty easy to know what they feel by their gaze, kinda intimidating and always staring at you dead in the eye. You can spot a little mischief in them. Probably black or grey.

Taurus: beautiful eyes no matter the color, there’s always something amazing about them. Usually looking right ahead and hard to intimidate. There’s a sweet spark in them. Probs brown or green.

Gemini: witty eyes that can kill you just with one look, there’s something entrancing about them, like they are hiding what they truly feel. Very likely to change of color depending on the light or clothes.

Cancer: bright eyes that look like they could tear up at any moment, pretty shy, probably looking at everything around them, most of them don’t like to make eye contact. However they can do it if they feel challenged or threatened. Can be blue or hazel, not very big but still beautiful.

Leo: they look at everything, very observant, but still sensual, making it pretty hard not to stare. Full of confidence, even if they don’t feel like it. Maybe brown or green.

Virgo: Not very expressive, but there is something calming and kind about them. With a clever spark they can make you wonder what are they up to this time. Might be brown or blue-ish and pretty big.

Libra: flirty, dreamy eyes that convey happiness. Even if they’re not feeling okay it’s their usual facade. Get easily distracted by their surroundings, but they know when it’s important to focus. Can be green or blue.

Scorpio: even if they have a light color, they have a dark gleam, like if they were full of secrets and memories they keep only for themselves. Very observant and sharp, looking like they don’t miss a thing. Possibly black or dark blue.

Sagittarius: a playful almost teasing appearance, can have a faraway expression sometimes, possibly wondering what new adventure they can make out of the situation. Likely to be brown or green.

Capricorn: a calculating, fixed gaze, they are determined and rarely wander off, unless something picks their interest. Possibly dark brown or light blue with very nice eyelashes btw.

Aquarius: very straight forward and maybe a little defiant, shining with intelligence, pretty detached most of the time but hella intense when they connect with their emotions. Maybe something in between green and blue.

Pisces: seriously suuch pretty eyes full of daydream, will make you fall in love instantly. Very expressive when focused, though. There’s a warmth about them that makes you feel at home. Probably brown or light blue with little freckles underneath.


“I feel pretty! Oh so Pretty!

I feel pretty, witty & bright!

And I pity any Girl who isn’t Me Tonight!” 

~ Julie Andrews version:))

Materials Used: Kishimoto’s sketches & Ghibli studio movies.

HAPPY B”DAY :) @utsukushiisan   Edits are hard work!! Kudos to you for always taking the time to do them and being super sweet & taking all my random requests while at it!! I’m sorry this isn’t all that and a couple of days late xd, I’ve never properly edited before but watching you and a few others, I kinda want to sometimes<3

Fight for every ounce of her love even when she’s already yours. Give her new reasons to laugh and smile, because you love it when her face turns bright red from blushing too much. Tell her how pretty she looks even when she sends the silliest selfies. Be kind to her and let her know you’re always there if she needs it. Touch her heart and soul, not just her body, because you know she’s been torn apart and her trust issues are never the best because of what happened before. Make up to her, don’t just apologize; actually make an effort to do better. But most importantly, love her for who she is: beautiful, intelligent, witty, bubbly, outgoing, sarcastic, genuine, strong, talented, charming, and every other adjective under the sun that you can never think of.
—  Me.
taysshenanigans 😚