you are powerless

In an alternate universe, language holds magical power. However, the more speakers there are for that language, the less powerful the magic becomes, making languages like English nearly powerless. You are the last speaker of a dying language.

Remember you are not powerless.

Even if tomorrow doesn’t go the way you want it to, you are not powerless. No matter what people try to tell you. You Are Not Powerless.

You are here, and this is now, and we will never stop fighting against those who wish we weren’t.

No matter what happens, we’ve got this. It will be okay, don’t give up.

He said, “Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?” She whispered, “don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?”
—  F.G.

You’re the leader of a team of superheroes made up of your friends. You claimed that your power is amplifying the powers of people close to you. In actuality, you’re powerless, but still act as a Placebo for them.

Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 3

A/N. Sorry part 3 took so long, but it’s SUPER long, so that should earn me a bit of your forgiveness. Please note, I wasn’t able to tag a couple of you who asked to be tagged, please let me know what went wrong if you know. This chapter takes place about two weeks after part 2, and there is a time jump at the end. This one is long, and there are a lot of characters and names being introduced, so if it get’s confusing please let me know and I’ll try to help clear it up :) 

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word count: +9,000

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What your favourite Double Dare song says about you!

Hawaii (Stay Awake): You ship Gawsten
Gloom Boys: You ship Gawsten
Stupid For You: You ship Gawsten
Royal: You ship Gawsten
Take Her To The Moon: You ship Gawsten
Made In America: You ship Gawsten
Dizzy: You ship Gawsten
Powerless: You ship Gawsten
Little Violence: You ship Gawsten
21 Questions: You ship Gawsten
It Follows: You ship Gawsten
Plum Island: You ship Gawsten
I’ll Always Be Around: You ship Gawsten

Today is my day off. It might be yours too.

AKA- the 2/3rd’s method of staying safe and sane while fighting against facism. 

This is a long post. If you don’t want to read it all, just look at the pictures and the bold print. Thanks & Please Share!

If you’ve been awake at all the past week, you know that we are not alone. 

[Image: Womens March DC, thousands of people in pink hats wait to being marching on the National Mall]

[Image: No Ban No Wall, Protesters hold up signs welcoming immigrants and protesting the Muslim ban]

[Image: Let Them in, Protesters fill the terminal walkways of JFK airport protesting the detainment of refugees]

I know you may feel alone and powerless sitting at your computer screen, but even online we are not alone. 

This is what brings me to my point. I see so many posts both online and off emphasizing the things that you alone can do, which is GREAT! These are good and solid posts and it’s nice to get ideas from them, but if we are all trying to tackle this monster alone, we will all burn out. 

The key to success is taking control of our numbers. Organize!

This sounds big and scary, but here’s my method for staying safe, sane, and most importantly, spirited for the fight ahead. This works both online and off, this works in any capacity you can get it to work. This works in small and huge numbers. This works if you’re a high school kid or a retiree. Just stick to it. 

Step 1: Find (at least) two friends

You will need to find at least two other people who are in the same lane as you. They want to fight for the same things in the same capacity. They have their own abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Get to know each other, know what you all can or cannot do together. 

Offline- Get each other’s phone numbers, go out for coffee, talk about politics and also about fun things like cats. Become buddies

Online- Get each other’s usernames, private message each other, start a group or blog, talk about politics and other fun things like cats. Become buddies

Step 2: Rotate & Rest

OFFLINE VER: Pick causes in your local area (yes! this is online as well!). Draft an easy schedule. Add fun things like parties to make protest posters or post-protest relax/regroup days. 

Here’s where the 2/3 method comes in: 

[Image: The 2/3 rotation method illustrated with smiling shapes in a Venn Diagram. “Find Friends. Do Two, Rest One. REPEAT!”]

Two of your group will attend the event while the 3rd person stays away and takes an off day to rest and relax. They may be on call in even of an emergency to pick you up.

At the next event, rotate so that a different person sits out.Continue repeating this. Two go, one stays. As bigger groups go, try to keep the same ratio. Get organized. Start saving money for travel, food, lawyers, whatever you may need! Young kids you can use this method to organize rides if you’re dependent on family/friends. 

ONLINE VER: Handle issues like they’re events. Write/Call/Post to your local representatives for two out of three events or for two out of three days. Take an off day where you know your battle buddies have the fort held down. Ignore politics-related media for your off day. Practice some self care. 

This achieves all of the goals:

Safe: you are not at a protest/cause alone, you have at least 1 other person who is close to you with you. They are your quiet support online or off

Sane: You are not alone and do not feel abandoned after the even ends. If trouble occurs, there’s a backup who you can contact to pick you up! Keep your battle buddy close!

Spirited: You have a day to regroup, chill, and treat yourself as a human being before going back into the fight. Even boxers take breaks every round!

There are other things you can do to increase safety, especially if you have a group of 6 or larger:

  • Cherry pick attendees to events (White women to go to a BLM march, large intimidating masculine types to escort people to & from Pride)
  • Start a pool for bail/lawyers/transportation
  • Have an honorary team-mom who keeps the snacks/first aid/emergency equipment that’s provided by the squad
  • Run shifts at long term protests
  • Bring food to shift protestors
  • Meetup when there aren’t events to share life experiences and maybe a pizza? Mani-Pedis? Crossfit?
  • Practice Nazi-punching techniques
  • Team T-shirts.

This method is pretty easy to scale up to big organization style events. I’ve been using it recently and it really helps not only morally, but safety-wise. It’s a method I thought up and only recently put into practice. It’s not perfect, but if more people do it, it will get better and more refined. Share this! Spread this! Please be there for each other!


Oh Powerless, you had me at “every day people dealing with real life in a superhero world” as a premise, but then you went ahead and added Danny Pudi, Ron Funches and Alan Tudyk (and Vanessa Hudgens who I have no strong feelings about either way but she is cute and it’s nice to have a WOC lead so consider me a possible future fan) and the deal was sealed. 

And then apparently just as a cherry on top:

(Courtesy of someone on twitter - I admit totally missed it when I watched.)

I think this is the beginning of a wonderful new viewership… 


THE STANLEY PARABLE ┊ video game / / / / /

But here’s a spoiler for you: that timer isn’t a catalyst to keep the action moving along. It’s just seconds ticking away to your death. You’re only still playing instead of watching a cutscene because I want to watch you for every moment that you’re powerless, to see you made humble.This is not a challenge. It’s a tragedy. You wanted to control this world; that’s fine. But I’m going to destroy it first, so you can’t.

  • filthy casual: lol CHIM is a metaphor for console commands. CHIM means vivec can mod the game haha
  • me, a self-made deity who has transcended The Wheel, a figment of cosmic imagination who has ripped free will from the unfeeling grasp of God itself, simultaneously knowing myself to be real and knowing nothing ever possibly could be, vividly awake in the foggy dream that is life as you know it, powerless and omnipotent all at once, floating utterly alone and existentially broken through the shared hallucination you perceive as reality: what