you are perfect and i want to be your best friend


Alex: “So…where to begin? There are a few things I haven’t told you about…”

Dahlia: “Hmmm…I didn’t notice. That’s what sucks the most - how ignorant and stupid was I to not notice that you were hiding some important things from me?”

Alex: “You’re not stupid, Dahlia. Far from it. That’s why I had to go to such lengths to make sure your interests were protected. I didn’t want to drag you into any of this mess.”

Dahlia: “And yet you did, without telling me what about had happened or why I was going to slated on social media. You know that I suffer from self confidence issues, Alex. Have you seen the comments? We’re best friends - why am I not good enough for you to trust me when you’re in trouble? Why wouldn’t you consult with me before doing something as drastic as this?”

angie1djonasgg  asked:

Hi, since I consider you the Gilmore Girls expert I would like your opinion on something. What do you think about Lorelai's parenting style?

As with many things, there are advantages and flaws.  I think Lorelai was great at being generally supportive and caring about Rory, and she always put her wellbeing first.  At the same time, I think she projected a lot onto Rory and expected her to be perfect a lot - the better version of her - and thus didn’t always acknowledge Rory’s frustrations or struggles.  When Rory starts to fall out of love with Dean Lorelai doesn’t let her know it’s okay to have changing feelings, or to like somebody else.  While it’s understandable that she was so hurt, Lorelai didn’t listen to Rory when she wanted to leave school, and later didn’t feel comfortable voicing her opinion on certain things.  With their being best friends, sometimes it was more difficult for Lorelai to be more of a mother.  As Lorelai had Rory so young, she didn’t have anyone really to turn to for questions, and only guideline was to do the opposite of Emily.

Having said all that, Lorelai clearly fostered a wonderful bond with her daughter and they have a beautiful closeness.  I wouldn’t necessarily emulate her approach, but I don’t think Lorelai was a bad parent.   She just failed at times to know when to listen or to be honest.

do you know what i want?

i want an lgbt+ tv show/movie that’s not a drama

i want a how i met your mother to be about a pansexual ted mosby and the running joke is that barney’s offended ted doesn’t find him attractive

i want a legally blonde to be about a lipstick lesbian who goes to law school to get her girlfriend back

i want a that ‘70s show where jackie is bisexual and between dating kelso and hyde she brings her ugly ass girlfriends with her to hang out with the gang (because there’s no way she can have a woman in her life prettier than herself)

i want a 13 going on 30 where jenna rink wakes up to be 30 years old and his name is michael rink and he still falls in love with matty from the house next door

i want a parks & recreation where ann perkins is asexual but still becomes pregnant via artificial insemination because ann is perfect and would be the best mother in the history of ever

being lgbt+ doesn’t have to be the focal point of a movie or show

like i understand it’s still a pretty bold move in media but like i’m just getting sick of all of the representation being the ultra dramatic main premise of it all

there are so many lgbt+ dramas. just give me my sitcom.


My friend is crazy but I still love him

please watch if you want your mind blown and/or fried C:

I Hate That I Love You

Title: I Hate That I Love You

Requests: Hey , do you think you could do an imagine where , the reader is Josh’s best friend , and despite how long they been friends she is scared to talk about it with him ? Maybe get some rain action ? And a sappy ending ? I l or sappy endings with kisses ☺️❤️ this would be great , love your work .

Hey! I was wondering if you could write just a SUPER fluffy imagine with Josh. I need some good fluff rn before midterms.

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph

Warnings: Underage drinking, cursing

A/N: I know the requests ask for fluff and I promise part 2 (and maybe 3 if I want to make it longer) will be fluffy!

Part 2 - It’s Always Been You

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How would you feel?

I want to dedicate this story to @littlewhitelies1403 and @whoopsharrystyles

I hope you will have some day such an amazing day in your life, with a man who loves you genuinely. And I hope I can share this amazing and wonderful day with you. I will sit on the obligatory “single table” watching you while you’re dancing. And maybe I will have one or two tears in my eyes. 

I hope you will be happy one day, I hope you will find your imperfect, perfect man. 

All the love 


The paper lanterns wiggle in the balmy summer night wind. It’s way after midnight and the crowd has thinned out. Only a handful of guests are sitting on the round tables which are covered with long white tablecloths. They are your closest friends, your parents, his parents, and his sister with her boyfriend. It was a beautiful day, better even than you dreamed. You had dreamed about this day since you were a little girl, and THIS day bested your dreams. He did everything so that you have the perfect day.

You’re  drunk by the night, he too but you saw him at the bar with his best man, drinking some whisky, but also searching for your eyes.

You’re talking to some guests sitting near the dance floor. Your hand rests on the back of the chair, which is also white and the cold metal cools you off. You danced a lot, with your father, with your uncle and of course with your new husband. As you heard Ed’s voice singing for the first time on your wedding you had to smile. He knows you so well. Harry requested Ed play some of your favourite songs as he twirled you around the dance floor.

Now that the candles are nearly burned down, the waiters start to dismantle the buffet.  Your legs are hurting and the corners of your mouth are hurting too.  You laughed and smiled all the time.

Harry touches your shoulder gently while he’s nodding in Ed’s direction, and he smiles knowingly. Ed walks to the band and grabs his guitar.

You feel his soft touch.  Excusing yourself, you turn around to look into his green eyes. His hair is a little sweaty, and he doesn’t wear his jacket anymore. The sleeves of his white shirt are rolled up, so you can see his anchor tattoo. With tender fingers you touch his anchor. His heart skips a beat as he feels the metal of your wedding ring on his hot skin. You made him the luckiest man in the whole world today. You married him today, and he wants to scream it from the rooftops.

“What’s the matter?” you ask him with a soft, tired smile.

Ed starts to play. It’s an unknown melody that you have never heard before. You frown.

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Harsh parents (hamilsquad X reader)

@theyaremyavengers requested: Extremely harsh parents? Reader gets so worked up over it and they cause her to have a panic attack over dinner one night? But Hamilsquad comforta and defends her

(A/N sorry this took so long for me to get done! I really hope you enjoy it, I know it’s not perfect but I wanted to get it done as soon as possible for you <3)

It had become a tradition for you and your best friends to have dinner together every Friday night, and being in your last year of high school you couldn’t bear to pass up any opportunity to spend time with them. Much to your parents dismay.

You came from a very strict catholic family, your parents being the type of people that believed in modesty and that boys and girls couldn’t be ‘just friends’ which is why they detested your friendship group, consisting of just you and four boys; Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan and Marquis de Lafayette. Of course you hung out with the Schuyler sisters occasionally (you particularly enjoyed Peggy’s sense of humour) and as much as you cared for them, no one could match the bond that you had with the four boys you’d known since middle school.

When you were younger, your parents hadn’t been overly annoyed at the fact that your best friends were all male, but now that you were 18 they were convinced that if you weren’t sleeping with all of them, you were at least sleeping with one. And you could hardly tell them that John and Alex were sleeping with each other, then you would surely be forbidden from hanging out with them, lest their homosexual influences rub off on you. Which was frankly a load of bullshit.

Tonight you were having dinner with the boys at a small café Hercules’ mother owned, around the corner from his house. You had been so excited for this all week, until your parents had decided to give you a lecture before going out.

“You’re not spending the evening with those boys again are you?” Your father sighed, “I know you like them but they’re not a good influence on someone like yourself,”

“Why don’t you invite that Elizabeth over instead Y/N?” Your mother asked, “she was lovely. And I’d feel much safer if you were with her, I’ve heard awful things about immigrants in the news,”

Your hands had balled into fists. “Just because they’re immigrants doesn’t make them bad people,” you muttered.

“Don’t you backchat me!” You mother warned.

“And get yourself changed out of those scruffy jeans! You look like a bloody boy yourself in them!” Your father scolded, “God, why can’t you be more like your brother? He never causes any problems like this,”

That did it. You stormed out of the house without a second thought, resorting to getting a bus instead of a lift from your parents. You were disappointed that you showed up a little later than the boys did, but no one seemed to mind.

“About time!” Laf teased as you slipped into a seat next to Hercules.

“Yeah we had to practically keep Laf’s mouth closed with duct taped so he wouldn’t order without you,” Alexander laughed.

“What kept you man?” John asked.

“Parents,” you shrugged as a vague answer. They all nodded understandingly, being far too aware of what your parents could be like. Not wanting to keep the mood somber for long though, the boys were soon joking and laughing loudly again. You tried as hard as you could to join in with their banter, but you just weren’t feeling it tonight.

“Are you okay?” Alex mouthed to you at one point, whilst the others were laughing at John, who was laughing so hard that his lemonade was coming out of his nose.

You nodded incessantly, not wanting to ruin the light hearted mood of the evening. Alexander didn’t look totally convinced, but turned back to John regardless and joined in with the laughter of the others.

As you ordered desserts you decided to text your mother, asking if she could come and pick you up in half an hour. After all, it was getting so late that there wouldn’t be any more buses coming and walking all the way home in the dark was not an option.

'You can make you’re own way home, since you’re clearly old enough to know better than your parents,’ was your mother’s response, within a minute of you having sent your text.

Your hands tightened around you phone, eyes welling up with tears. Why did she have to be so horrible? How the hell was an 18 year old girl meant to get home on her own at this time of night without buses running? And it’s not like you had even done anything that bad! All you had done was stuck up for your friends after your parents had made a racist comment.

“I just need some air,” you mumbled to the boys, pushing yourself up from the table and stumbling to the door, refusing to let the boys see you cry.

“Y/N! What wrong?” Lafayette called after you, but you hardly heard him.

As you stepped outside, the cool night air hit your face and you fell against a nearby wall. You choked up a sob as thick tears began to stream down your face, your vision becoming blurred and your chest tightening, quickening your breath between sobs. Slumping into a sitting position, a dozen thoughts ran through your mind all at once. Why weren’t you good enough for your parents? Were you truly a horrible person? And what about your friends? If your own parents treated you like this then surely no one outside of your family could like you. Could your friends secretly hate you?

“Y/N!” You heard a voice call.

Tilting your head to the side slightly you saw your friends, lead by Alex, rushing to your side.

No, they couldn’t see you like this! But your words of protest wouldn’t come out, and all you could do instead was bury your face in your hands, ashamed at your sorry state.

You heard Lafayette’s soft French accent speaking calmly in front of you, reciting breathing techniques to help regulate your erratic breath.

“It’s alright, I promise,” Alex murmured, bending down to take your hand in his own and whispered encouraging words to you.

Soon enough, your breath began to even out and the tears stopped falling. You lifted your head up slowly, face red with embarrassment that your friends had to see you like that.

All four boys were sat with you on the floor, not too close for it to be uncomfortable, but enough to make you know that they were there for you.

“Are you okay?” Alexander asked softly.

“What happened mon chou?” Lafayette followed up.

“Just… Ugh I’m just being stupid,” you insisted.

“If it upset you then it’s not stupid, no matter what it is,” Hercules assured you.

“Was it… Something your parents did?” Alex promoted.

You hesitated before giving a small nod.

“What did they say?” John asked, trying to suppress his anger, but his hands clearly formed into fists at his side.

“It’s… They’re just so harsh with me!” You sighed, “they always make a point of disapproving of you guys, like they think we’re in some sort of harem or something! And they yelled at me for backchatting before even though I was just trying to defend Laf and Alex after mom made a nasty comment about immigrants! And they’re constantly comparing me to my little brother and now she won’t come and pick me up to bring me home even though it’s dark out and the buses don’t run at night,”

You took a deep breath after your little rant, all of your complaints being expelled from your body at once.

“Y/N, I have no problem giving you a ride home,” Hercules chuckled as he pulled you into a hug.

“And I understand what it’s like, with your parents and all,” said John. “But think on the bright side. Next year we’ll all be in college and you don’t have to worry about them!”

“But if it ever gets too much for you at home until then, you know your always welcome at my place,” added Alex, “George and Martha adore you, you might as well be their other foster child,”

You chuckled as you began to stand up, Lafayette taking your hand to help, and all of the boys wrapped you up in a group hug.

As Hercules dropped you home that night, all the boys made sure to give you one last hug before you got out of the car.

“If they ever make you upset again tell them they have me to answer too,” said John.

“Tell them 'casse-toi’ from me!” Muttered Lafayette as he kisses both of your cheeks.

“Keep your head up Y/N, your seriously amazing,” beamed Alex.

“We love you, Y/N!” Shouted Hercules out of the car window as you walked up the pathway to your house.

You laughed and turned around to wave at your friends, who were all grinning and waving back. And as you entered your house, you were still smiling, knowing that you had the best friends in the entire world.

Avenger Preference- How They React When You Say That You Think You’re Not Worth It

Tony would smile at you cutely and calmly tell you why you are good enough, and make you feel better.
“Y/N, you’re right, you’re much better than ‘good enough’ you’re perfect.” Tony tells you with a loving smile as he holds your cheek.

Steve would get really emotional, scared he’d lose someone else and would tell you how much you matter to him.
“Y/N, I never want you to talk like that again.” He tells you, his eyes starting to tear up.
“You mean so much to me and are one of the best friend I’ve had in a long time, you’re kind and understand. I never want to lose you.” He says finally crying as he holds you and rubs your back. 

Gamora wouldn’t be very emotional about it and would tell you straight up that you’re being stupid.
“That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.” She turns to you with a solid face.
“You’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, not just physically but in your heart and I never want you to say or think such things again.” She says as she walks away almost frustrated. 

Groot would be shocked and would just want you to feel better, but wouldn’t really know how so he’d just snuggle you. 
“I am Groot.” The little tree says walking over to you sadly.
All of a sudden he crawls into your lap and holds your thigh as he gives it a hug.
“I am Groot.” He says as he pats and snuggles you trying to make you feel better. 

Baby Dun- Josh Dun

December 2016

You and Josh were married for 3 months at the time and he’s always wanted kids.  When you found out all you could think of was how great of a father Josh was gonna be. This was the perfect timing since they would be off tour before the baby came.

You had to think of the prefect way of telling Josh, so you went to your best friend Jenna for some help.

Jenna thought of the idea of giving him drumsticks that said the due date on it. You love that idea, it was perfect. You stole the last pair he had in the house and wrote

‘coming soon….September 2017’.

You were still early on so you didn’t know the exact date but knew the month.

You hid the sticks so when Josh was looking for some he would come to you and you would give them to him hinting to look closely.

“Hey babe, do you know if my shipment of new sticks came in. I must have broken my last pair and I can’t seem to find any others.” Josh said from his practice room.

“Umm yeah, I actually think there might be a pair out here.” you said quickly grabbing the hidden pair and  bringing them to Josh.

“Found them.” you said handing them over starting to get really excited.

“Thanks babe.”

“They look kind of different, are they a new style?” you said trying to get him to look at the news you put on them.

He studied them over for a second before finding the writing.

“Oh my god, Y/N really? Are you pregnant?” his eyes were starting to fill with tears and his mouth was fallen open.

“Yeah. you knocked me up and you’re gonna be a dad.” you chuckled and he stood and pulled you into a hug. A few tears left your eyes at how emotional and excited Josh was for this baby and how your family was growing with the man you loved and trusted.

March 2017

You were now four months pregnant and on tour with the boys. You had found out you were having a baby girl and you couldn’t wait to tell Josh.

This time you had Tyler in on the secret and he had the idea of changing the colors in the canons that shoot out confetti during trees to pink. So that’s what you planned, you wanted the fans to be involved because they were so supportive of Josh, Tyler, your relationship, and everything in general. The clique was like one big family.

Josh didn’t know you knew the gender of the baby and he didn’t think you were going to find out until it was born. He wanted to find out before the birth, but stood by whatever your decision was.

When Tyler made his way over to start the speech before Trees he said the stuff he always said but then said “hey Josh you might want to pay attention to the confetti tonight.” he left it at a that and started singing. Everyone was confused except for you, Jenna, and Tyler.  

You went out on stage and stood there once Josh and Tyler got on the platforms in the crowd. A fan must of pointed you out to Josh because he looked towards you with a quizzical look which you just smiled at.  

When they began drumming and the confetti flew out you could see Josh’s face light up at the baby pink covered to pit opposed to the usual pink. The fans were aweing and clapping catching on to the plan.

The song ended and they made their way back to stage to bow. Tyler pulled the microphone to his lips again to explain to the confused and Josh pulled you into a hug kissing the top of your head.

“For those who don’t understand what’s happening, this lovely man knocked up this wonderful woman and now they’re going to be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world in September. Anyways congrats guys hopefully you’ll still name it Tyler.” he joked then turned his attention back the the fans. “Thank you, good night, stay alive guys.” with that you all left the stage.  

“Were you surprised?” you asked Josh as you walked to his dressing room.

“Surprised is an understatement. We’re going to have a little girl soon Y/N. I’m so excited. She’s going to be beautiful just like my beautiful wife.” Josh said pulling you into a kiss.

“Hey Y/N look at this video of Josh’s face when he saw the pink confetti.” Jenna barged in the dressing room handing you the phone. It was video on Instagram uploaded by a fan that was basically right under Josh in the pit.

“Are those tears I see Josh?” you teased as you both watch the video, handing Jenna her phone before she left.

“Maybe. Hey, look on twitter we there is a trending tag. #babygirldun.” he pointed out.

“She’s already so loved by everyone and she’s not even out of the womb yet.” he smiled at you statement.

“I love both my girls so much.”

September 2017

Today was the day that your heart grew even bigger. You didn’t think you could love anything more than you loved Josh, but your daughter found a way to make you love her just as much the second she was born. After many hours of pain and tears you and Josh were officially parents.

He tweeted out a picture of you two a few hours after she was born with a caption that read,

Y/T/N and I became parents today at 4:24am. The hardest thing was to see Y/N in such pain, but only to see her face when our daughter was born. Nothing can start to describe the amount of joy I have right now. Welcome #babygirldun.

Tyler had posted a picture of him and Jenna visiting you daughter on Instagram saying, Congrats to these amazing family and their new baby girl. I’m so excited to be her favorite uncle.

You had decided that you wanted to hold off on sharing the name of your daughter for a day just because you had shared everything so far with the public right away.

The next day Josh told you that you should share the name so you did in a tweet. Welcome to the world my sweet baby girl. You are the best little gift ever. Yesterday at 4:25am you came into the world and changed our world. We love you Ayla Grace Dun.

Bar Time Blues - Dean x Reader

Synopsis: (Y/N) has had a pretty crappy past with birthdays, what about this time around?

Warnings: Alcohol… lots of it, angst, language

Word Count: 1320

A/N This is for @splendidcas  ‘s birthday fic challenge, so my prompt was “You believe me, right?” and I like how it turned out. 

Note to Shannon: I’d like to say happy birthday to you lovely person, and also, you know how badly I wanted this to end in angst? It was perfect, but no, it has a fluff fluff end. :)

Another year older, another shitty birthday. That’s how the saying goes right? No? Oh, well it should. At least for you anyways, for the past three years, the so-called ‘special day’ had been nothing but bad luck. Your best friends were always gone on a stupid hunt, promising they would be back to celebrate, but shocker, they never were.

They left you to sit in the bunker by yourself every damn time, and you were sick of it frankly. Always being stood up and having to spend the day sitting on your bed watching movies on your laptop. Then the night you went out to the closest bar to drink away the loneliness and maybe hook up with whoever you saw that night.

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Surprise Me

Originally posted by samcroimagine

Originally posted by dearsaay

Request: Imagine giving Tig head in the bathroom.

Note: Okay I haven’t edited this at all, so Im sorry if there are mistakes. Also sorry that the ‘backstory’ is shitty, I wrote this in like an hour, plus i wrote the smut part first and then just wanted to post it for you guys 😂 Hope y'all enjoy! xx


(Y/n) (y/l/n) was quiet. She was that quiet, shy girl that always sat in the back of the classroom. You never raised your hand and you’d always worry the teacher would pick you to answer a question. Lyla was the popular one. She was beautiful, confident and everyone loved her. Blond hair, perfect body, and well- she was a pornstar. Of corse all the boys loved her.
Yet she was your best friend and somehow, despite all your differences you got on like a house on fire.
You were nervous when she invited you to a party at SAMCRO.
Of course you wanted to go, God those bikers were sexy as hell, but you were.. you.
You were the quiet one that no one ever talked to, and next to Lyla and her pornstar friends, you knew you didn’t stand a chance.
It’s not that you were ugly.
But you just weren’t.. them.
They wore barely any clothes and you wore jeans and a singlet.
They coated themselves in cheap perfume and spent hours on their make up and you had no idea what the fuck contouring meant.
But you had to suck it up. You wanted to go and you wanted to hang out with your friend and as long as there was eye candy invlolved, you couldn’t really complain.
The party was in full swing when you walked in and you gulped as you eyed the crow eaters dancing around in practically nothing.
“Come oooooon!” Lyla said and dragged you into the crowd.
You sighed and followed your friend.
Seeing all these half naked girls had never made you feel more insecure, in your ripped jeans and black singlet.
At least you had bothered to put on mascara, you thought to yourself.
“(Y/n), this is Opie!” Lyla said and shoved you towards a large biker.
He smiled down at you and you smiled back up at him.
She continued to introduce you to the surrounding guys; Juice, Jax, Tig and Bobby.
“Hey I didn’t know Lyla had friends that weren’t pornstars.” Juice said.
Lyla rolled her eyes.
“How do you know she’s not a pornstar?” Bobby answered.
“I’m full of surprises.” You winked and you all laughed.
Tig watched you closely and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“Come on, let’s get you a drink.” Lyla said and dragged you to the bar.
An hour or two had passed and you headed for the bathroom.
The night was going well so far, and different from what you had expected.
You had spent the evening sitting with Tig, Bobby Opie and Lyla and you had gotten on well, laughing and talking together.
The clubhouse was packed and you moved through the crowd, brushing shoulders with strangers.
Eventually you made it to the bathroom and you closed the door behind you.
After doing what you came to do you stared at yourself in the mirror as you washed your hands.
Suddenly the door opened behind you and Tig walked in.
He stopped when he saw you and a playful look came over him.
He was sexy, all in leather and God those eyes just did something to you. His hands were masculine and covered in rings and you wanted to know how it felt when they touched you.
He leant against the wall and watched you as you dried your hands.
“You know if you wanted to get me alone you coulda just asked.” He said.
You laughed and turned towards him.
“If I’m not mistaken, you are the one who followed me in here.”
You smirked and wiped your hands in your jeans.
“Something tells me you wanted me to follow you in here.” Tig said and stepped closer to you.
“Is that so?” You asked with a raised eye brow.
Tig reached out and locked the door before stepping towards you once more.
“Mmhmm.” He nodded. He bit his lip and looked you up and down as he closed the gap between you.
You breathed in his scent and your heart began to beat faster.
Before you could more he leant forward and kissed your lips lightly.
“But then again, maybe you’d rather be left alone.”
You didn’t even hesitate. You dropped to your knees and tugged down his jeans, not even bothering with the zipper. Tig had tight black briefs on that were thin enough to make out the shape of his hardening length.
You looked up into those blue eyes, now filled with shock and winked before kissing him through the fabric.
“Oh Jesus.” You heard Tig whisper as he threw his head black and you smirked and ran your tongue along his length, still through the fabric.
The heat from your breath and the saliva from your tongue made the fabric damp and you looked up to meet his eye as your fingered traced inside the waistband.
He stared down at you, his bottom lip between his teeth and those blue eyes sparkling with arousal.
You tugged the briefs down his thighs and let them fall to his ankles, your eyes widening slightly as you took in the full length of him.
Tigs hand reached out and he placed it gently on your cheek. You smirked up at him and moved your head closer.
You slowly licked a trail from base to the head and twirled your tongue around the tip.
Tig gasped and you wrapped your lips around him before taking more of him in your mouth.
Your head moved back and forwards along his length and with each move you took more of him in your mouth.
Tig looked down at you, your cheeks hallowed and your eyes watering as he hit the back of your throat.
But you didn’t gag, you just continued to pull him further into your mouth and Tig moaned in pleasure.
His hands wrapped into your hair, his rings tangling into the strands and he pulled it into a ponytail, guiding you up and down his cock.
You pulled back, letting him leave your mouth with a pop and you licked your lips and gently grabbed his cock with your hand.
You licked along the underside of him and kissed the tip softly.
“Good girl,” Tig moaned and you smirked and licked along his length once more.
He loomed over you, dominant and he had a wild look in his eyes.
He placed his hand under your chin and lifted it til you were looking at him.
He continued to lift, gesturing for you to stand and you obeyed.
You came to your feet and Tig was quick to press his lips against yours.
His hands grasped at your hair, taking it in handfuls and he kissed you hungrily.
You moaned into his mouth which only seemed to make him want you more.
He pulled back from you and licked his lips slowly, his eyes running over your body hungrily.
You felt the slightest pressure on your hips as he placed his fingers there, brushing the cool metal of his rings against the skin between your jeans and your top.
“Are you a good girl?” Tig asked you.
You bit your lip, feeling his fingers move lightly back and forth over your skin.
“I try to be.” You whispered and ran your hands up his chest, and grasped the leather on his shoulders.
He arched his neck and leant towards you and you felt the heat of his breath on your neck.
“I think your a bad girl,” Tig said.
You shivered as you felt his lips trace ever so slightly across the skin of your neck.
He pulled his head back slightly and smirked at you before pressing his lips against yours.
You moaned, letting your mouth open and he slid his tongue inside. The kiss was different to the one before, like you were at his mercy now, like you were his and he slid his hands around you, grabbing your ass and squeezing tightly.
He’s not shy in the way he moves his lips with yours and you taste the cigarettes and whiskey on his tongue.
His pants are still around his ankles and and you can feel his length pressing against you as he pulls you closer to him.
Suddenly he pulls back from you and you bite your lip as he pulls his body away too.
His eyes are filled with lust and he stepped back to look at you.
You lifted your shirt above your shoulders and let it fall to the ground before reaching behind you and unclipping your bra.
Tig stroked himself as you let your bra fall to the floor and his eyes burnt into your bare chest.
He steps closer to you once more, looming over you all black leather and he reaches out and grabs the back of your neck. His movement was rough but gentle enough to not hurt you and you almost whimpered at his touch.
Your fingers tangled in his black curls and you felt his hands explode your breasts.
He squeezed your breasts and took a nipple between his fingers and squeezed gently before massaging them once more.
He’s kissing you with such force that you stumble backwards slightly til you feel yourself hit the sink.
Tig ripped his lips away from yours and kissed down your neck, sucking hungrily at the skin and you moaned as he nipped gently, leaving a trail of bruises along your collar bone.
He lowered his mouth and sucked at your breast, making you gasp.
His hips pressed into you, his erection pressing against your abdomen and you lifted yourself up slightly so you were sitting on the edge of the counter.
You moan at the touch of his tongue licking over your hardened nipples and you wrap a leg around his waist, pulling him closer.
You grasp at his hair, tugging gently at the black curls and he digs his fingers into your hips.
Your pussy was wet for him, dampening your panties and you ground your hips, letting the fabric of your jeans run against him.
Tig growled and pulled back from your breasts.
His fingers grabbed at your jeans and he tugged them down your body. He eyed the red panties covering your pussy and he licked his lips. He moved to stand between your legs once more and you wrapped them around him and grabbed at his leather, pulling his lips to yours.
Tig ran his hand between your bodies and you feel his thumb run against your clit through the fabric.
A load moan left your lips and suddenly the hand that was on your pussy is pressed to your mouth.
“Keep it down,” He ordered.
You nodded and he lifted his hand and stroked your cheek gently.
“Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asked you and he pressed his erection against your inner thigh.
You bit your lip, fighting the moan wanting to escape you and nodded.
His hand traced your cheek and his tongue stroked your lips gently.
You wrapped your mouth around his thumb and sucked gently.
Tig growled and moved his free hand down to his pussy, leaving his thumb in your mouth.
He traced along your slit and you whimpered slightly.
He met your gaze and you stared into them as he rubbed your clit through your panties slowly.
“That feel good?” He asked you.
His finger slid beneath the fabric and between your folds, feeling your wetness and you moaned against his thumb in your mouth and nodded.
He pulled his hand away from your face and pushed your legs open wider, his eyes looking hungrily at your pussy.
Gently he lifted your panties and pushed them to the side, exposing your wetness to him.
Tig licked his lips and ran his finger through your folds once more.
You whimpered slightly as his fingers ran over your clit and back to your core and he teased you with his fingertips.
He stares at your pussy in awe before sinking to his knees before you.
His lips kissed your folds softly and you moaned as you felt his tongue slide between them.
His tongue circled your clit and you bit your lip, fighting the moans that threatened to escape you.
He licked at you hungrily and slid a finger inside you.
You could feel him moan against your clit, causing vibrations on his tongue and you couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure as he pumped his finger inside of you.
You grabbed at his hair, holding him to you and you moved your hips slowly back and forth, grinding yourself against his lips.
Another finger slid inside you and he pumped ten expertly, rubbing against your g spot with each move.
His tongue ran laps around your clit and heat began to build within you.
“Tiggy!” You moaned as you felt yourself reaching the edge.
Tig growled and moved his tongue faster, pumped his fingers faster and you squirmed, tugging gently at his hair.
You moaned again and suddenly you were trembling, waves of ecstasy floating over you as you come. Tig lapped at your juices, his fingers still pumping inside you and your legs shook.
He let you ride out your high, his tongue lapping up all of you and slowly he pulled back from you and licked his lips.
You were panting and he stood and kissed you gently, letting you taste yourself on his lips.
You met his eye and you gulped at the hunger and lust that filled his gaze. He was no where near finished with you.
He pulled you off the sink and turned you around, making you look at yourself in the mirror.
You bit your lip and looked at your reddened cheeks, your ruffled hair and your almost naked body.
Tig pressed himself against your back and massaged your breasts as he kissed your neck roughly.
You closed your eyes and threw your head back, letting him take control of you.
His cock pressed against your ass and you knew he must be desperate to come now.
His hands left your breasts and trailed down your hips and he reached between the two of you and squeezed your ass cheeks, separating them slightly. He pulled down your panties and let them fall to your ankles.
You laid your hands on the edge of the sink and leant forward slightly, letting him see more of your ass.
Tig growled and slapped your cheek hard making you gasp.
He rubbed the reddening skin before slapping it once more but this time you moaned.
You felt his hand cup your pussy and you bit your lip.
“This pussy is mine now.” He growled and you nodded.
“It’s all yours Tiggy.”
He grabbed his hard cock and pressed it against your entrance, circling it slowly.
“So wet for me, baby girl.”
You moaned and arched your back, pushing your ass towards him.
Tig smirked and pushed himself into you slowly.
A low moan left your lips as his length slid inside you slowly, stretching you.
He pulls back slowly and enters you once more and you arched your back once more.
Tig grasped your hips and pushed himself further into you.
You whine as he leaves you and you hear him chuckle slightly behind you.
Suddenly he pushed into you once more, harder than before and he leaves you breathless.
Your knuckles are white as you clutch at the sink and he pounds into you relentlessly.
Moans leave your lips as he slaps against you and you can feel your juices running down your thighs.
“Your so tight for me baby,” Tig growls.
You whined and arched your back and his hand leaves your hips and he gently wraps it around your throat.
He meets your eye in the mirror and you nod, allowing him to squeeze your throat tighter as he fucks you hard.
His thrusts pound into you and he moves his free hand between your legs.
His fingers rubs circles at your clit and his cock slams into you even harder.
You moan at the double sensation and Tig squeezed your neck tighter.
“You gonna come for me babygirl?” Tig breathed in your ear.
His grip on your throats loosened and you moaned as he rubbed at your clit faster.
“Fuck! Tig!” You moaned.
He slammed into you harder.
“You gonna come all over my cock?” He growled.
He continues to slam inside of you and he rubs at you.
“I wanna feel you come on my cock baby girl.” Tig growled in your ear.
His hand moved back to your neck and squeezed gently.
You grip the hand between your legs, but he keeps rubbing and rubbing and a loud moan leaves your lips.
Your body trembles and your walls clench around him and you feel yourself become wetter.
Your still coming as he finishes fucking you and he slams into you once more before he releases himself, filling you with his heat and he bites into your shoulder with a groan.
He comes down slowly, your breaths mingling as he rests his head against your back.
Your legs are still trembling and you clutch at the sink to keep your balance.
He pulls out of you and you dress yourselves in silence.
Once you’ve pulled your shirt back on you lean against the wall and stare at the ceiling, somehow still breathless.
Tig stands in front of you and he placed a hand either side of you in the wall.
You lower your gaze from the ceiling to meet his eye and you blush slightly.
His blue eyes shine as they look at you with adoration and he runs his hand over his face.
“You really are full of surprises.”

Memory [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Request: None! This is an idea I had while I was lying in bed feeling dead :)

Summary: This is based on the song Champagne from In The Heights and basically they’re best friends and the reader gives Lin a gift before Lin goes to London for his latest project.

A/N: I love inspiration. You could literally find it anywhere! Anyways, this is a fic I wrote while I was feeling a bit under the weather but I didn’t want to leave y’all with a tumbleweed feed from me. I try to stay as active as possible :)

Shoutout: @gunsandfics @linslovelylocks @5secondsofhamilton for suggestions and feedback!

Disclaimer: If your name is Elaine, PLEASE DON’T BE OFFENDED.

Word Count: 1,439

Part Two



It took you a while, but you’ve found the perfect parting gift for your best friend, Lin-Manuel Miranda. You’ve known each other since college and you’ve been there for each other ever since. You had many journals and notes written by you in the bag you were about to hand over to him. Not only is he a writing machine, he also mentioned a lack of them the first time you had met him.

You were already in the study hall working on your latest assignment you had been cramming on. A young man wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, dark hair, and tired yet compelling eyes sat next to you. You peeked at him and he soon caught your gaze. He’s handsome. He smiled and you were pretty sure he was checking you out. “Hi, I’m Lin! Say, do you happen to have any spare journals or notebooks? I always run out.” Confused, you responded. “I’m Y/N. Are you sure you don’t have any journals? I see about three by your bag.”

“Y/N… I like that name. Anyways, you see, the problem is that these journals are already full of lyrics.” The conversation carried on effortlessly and the next thing you know, it was time for your class. “Oh! I have to go! I’ll see you around!” You quickly packed up everything and waved at him. Before you left you said, “I’ll get you a journal soon by the way.”

You slid the key into his lock and stepped inside. He gave you a spare key because he always knew that you would somehow sneak in to talk to him. He didn’t expect you to come over tonight. He laid on the couch reading a book about Alexander Hamilton so he could fully immerse himself in the role. He didn’t notice you, but you noticed him. He was only wearing his boxers. “Lin, I love you and everything, but please put on some clothes.” He jumped at the sudden appearance of your voice. You were close enough to tell him ‘I love you’ but you were 99.99% positive that he took it as a friendly way while you saw it as something more. You hated to admit it but you loved Lin. You thought you were being obvious enough for him to notice and he never did. “You can’t tell me what to do, Y/N!” He hugged you and you gave in. “So I got you a present.”

“For me? Who knew you were so nice?” He smirked.

“Hmm maybe the asshole who became one of my best friends?”

“One of? Does that mean you have other best friends? ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?” Conversation always ended up with sarcastic comments and laughter.

“Maybe…anyways. I got you this as a parting gift, since you’re going to London tomorrow.” You handed him the bag and he found a few journals with covers that you had personalized with inspiring photos and a few thoughtful notes. “How did you know I needed these?” He smiled.

“You’ve always needed one since Freshman year of college. I promised you a journal and here you are. I was thinking maybe you could use it for s-” He cut you off.

“I could use it for a travel journal!” You hated the fact that Lin was leaving you. “Maybe you can hold off your trip.” You looked out of the window and observed the rain. He set aside his present and walked towards you. “Y/N what do you mean?”

“I’m just saying that maybe you shouldn’t go to London.”

“Where is all of this coming from?”

“It’s just that,” you sighed and headed for the door, “never mind.” Before you could turn the handle, a hand gripped your arm. “You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong.” He looked very mad. He hated whenever you mention something and never tell him. You two have always been honest with each other.

“Nevermind Lin, just have fun there.” You put on a fake smile, hoping that it would convince him and it didn’t.

“Y/N. I’m going to ask you again. What has gotten into you?” His arms were crossed and he looked at you suspicious. A spurt of jealousy flooded your senses. What has gotten into you? Tears started to blur your vision.

“Nothing! I’m perfectly fine! I hope you have fun with your girlfriend.” You spat. His girlfriend, Elaine, has moved to London. To say you hate her was an understatement. You knew she was only with him for the money and fame. However, you didn’t want to break his heart; he seemed like he loved her.

“Elaine has nothing to do with this.”

“Really? Because it seems like she’s one of the only reasons you’re going there! If it was just for work, you’d stay here and work from home! But no, you decide to go across the fucking ocean for a girl who doesn’t love you!”

You didn’t care anymore. You were full on crying at this point. He was going to leave anyways. He looked shocked at your sudden outburst but soon added onto your statement.

“Y/N you don’t know that. Would you go across the ocean for love?” He raised his tone.

“If someone comes to you every night smelling like someone’s cologne, alcohol, and with their clothes halfway unbuttoned, I’m fairly fucking sure that isn’t love.”

“What would you even know about love?”

“Because I’m in love! I thought I was obvious, Lin! I’m in love with you and I fucking hate it! Go ahead, have fun with your ‘girlfriend’.” He was about to say something. You couldn’t deal with it anymore. You never wanted to hear about him ever again. You opened the door and slammed it shut. You were met by the heavy rain of New York and ran to your apartment. Once you reached home, you were a mess. It felt good to let all of that go, but it hurt to see your best friend leave you forever. Wine and Netflix became your best friend. In the middle of a show, someone tried to call you. It was Daveed, Lin’s co-star. Reluctantly, you picked up the phone.

“What do you need?” Your voice was still hoarse from the crying.

“Always some kind words from Y/N. What did you do to Lin?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“I beg to differ. The poor guy has been moping around and getting pissed at everyone.”

“That’s not my fault and I’m not apologizing.” You ended the call. You were beginning to let everyone go and it felt like your whole world was being torn apart. You hoped that the day would pass by quickly if you slept.

The next day, you checked twitter and you were welcomed with a photo of Lin and Elaine kissing with Elaine showing off a ring.


Currently listening to some wedding songs and feeling like Sondheim’s trying to tell me something? By the way, I’m engaged. @elaine_mg

You knew this was directed towards you. It was your best guess to think that Elaine was only smiling in the photo because she would be married into fame. You speed dialed Jasmine and Anthony. They were your go-to friends in any situation. They arrived at your doorstep in the matter of minutes.

“Oh darling. You look like a disaster.”

“I feel like one.”

After talking to them for a while, a few other cast members arrived as well. You didn’t formally invite them, but you didn’t mind. You told everyone the story. Right before they left, you snapped a quick photo with them and uploaded it to twitter.


Had a great time, I knew I could count on my friends.

Comments started to pour in. People knew about how close you were to Lin and they noticed his absence in the photo.


It’s been a year since the incident and you couldn’t be happier. You had an amazing job and an equally amazing boyfriend. Lin was still in the back of your mind, but you tried not to think about it too often. Your phone went off and you saw Lin’s name on your lock screen.

From: Lin

You were right. She was only with me for the money. I’m sorry.

He came crawling back when he had nowhere to turn to. You let your stubbornness get to you and you quickly replied.

From: Y/N

I’m not.

You placed the phone back in your pocket and got back to work.

He was now nothing but a mere memory. 

Impressed? || c.h

aha ty bb xx

I M A G I N E 

“Y/N, this way!”

“Over here,Y/N!”

“Smile for me, baby!”

Shouts from the paparazzi came from every which way as you posed for the cameras. Flashes of bright lights practically blinded you as you held your hip with one hand and had the other dropped to your side. Those money-thirsty cameramen were yearning for your best angles as you kept walked the carpet alongside other celebrities. 

Your body was hugged with expense garments from designers with unpronounceable names. Jewelry of high gold  carats hung loosely on your body as they made sound every motion you took. Your hair and makeup was done within 4 hours to show you off to perfection. 

Being famous was very interesting for a few reasons. One being that you’ve never had so much attention before. Invasion of space was never a thing for an introvert like yourself. Because of this led to the other reason of your friends actually wanting you more. Being all rich and famous made you appealing, which made your friends want you around all the time. Especially for their Snapchat and Instagram stories. 

Another reason was being famous with people you used to go to school with. 

“Y/N?” You heard an Australian voice as you entered into the large theater. There were less paparazzi inside, but your guards were still at your tail. You turn a bit to see Calum Hood in your presence. Your old high school crush. 

“C-Calum?” You said quietly, watching as he detached himself from the rest of his lads to speak with you. He looked much more handsome than you recalled when the both of you attended school. He was wearing a lovely grey suit that made him look way too sexy for his own good. His dress shirt was a much lighter grey, complimented with a navy blue tie. Your eyes dropped down a little to see his fancy brown and Italian shoes protecting his feet nicely. 

“Like (your high school) Y/N?” Calum asked, his almond eyes wide and full of surprise. You nodded, feeling blood rush up to your cheeks as Calum dug his hands into his pockets. “Holy shit, it’s been so long!” 

“Uh yeah, it has,” you say shyly, holding onto your Prada purse tightly. The last time you saw the boy was in the middle of your last year in high school. He and his mates apparently were in a band and actually got noticed by Louis Tomlinson. That very last day, you pulled Calum aside when he was finally alone and confessed your feelings 

It was the most heartbreaking rejection you’ve ever felt. 

“You look… wow,” Calum breathed, eyeing you blatantly as you blushed even more. You admit that you developed pretty well since your high school years. Being the shy girl that nobody knew was easy, as you barely did a thing to impress. Glasses complimented by braces and shaggy clothing was your daily lifestyle. Nobody expected you to be a gifted singer. “S-sorry,” Calum realized, locking eyes with you once more as you blushed. 

“It’s alright, I don’t believe it either,” you admit, giggling nervously as you patted down your outfit. “I assume you’re performing, yeah?” You asked, watching as he nods his head. He quickly gave you a cheeky smile, making your heart stop in a snap. 

“How about you, Y/N? Are you someone’s guest?” Calum asked, feeling a little hurt. “You certainly don’t look like anybody’s guest in that outfit.”

“I’m actually performing, too,” you say quietly, having Calum look surprised once more. You smile shyly at him as you tucked a bit of your hair behind your ear. “I’m a solo artist.”

“Y-you are?” Calum asked, still shocked about it. 

“I actually won 2 Grammy’s,” you giggle, thinking fondly about your achievements. 

“What?” Calum was still astonished, staring at your wistfully as you smiled awkwardly at the ground. 

“Impressed?” You mumbled, feeling a bit of confidence strike you from speaking about your achievements. Calum nodded vigorously as he shrugged a bit. 

“Hey, uh,” Calum began, clearing his throat a bit before continuing. “You really do look fantastic tonight. You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” you took the compliment quietly, still blushing from Calum’s kindness. “You don’t look too bad yourself. Though this isn’t very ‘punkrock’ of you.” 

“Watch my performance and you’ll see how punkrock I am!” Calum exclaimed, making you giggle. Calum looked at you with awe, feeling a sense of comfort from your shear laughter. This was a much different stare from the day you confessed to him. He held a gaze of pure horror until it turned into sorrow when he rejected you. Which was fair, considering he was going on tour and all. 

You never expected to see him again, so you confessed right then and there. 

“I’m excited for it,” you assured him, giving him a more confident smile. The two of you stared at each other for a bit before the workers of the award show insisting that you guys kept moving down the carpet. “Where are you sitting by the way?”

“Like the center-middle of the place,” Calum said. “How about you?” 

“Center-front,” you hummed, seeing Calum frown a bit. He then took out his phone and unlocked it. 

“Give me your number,” Calum said, taking you a bit by shock. You took out your phone while telling him your digits. You watched as he tapped in the number and put your name as the contact. “Just so we can text during the show. Because I know I’m gonna get bored.” 

“Aha, ditto,” you agree with a smile. Calum smiled at you until one of your guards informed you that you were parting ways. 

“Your queue?” Calum asked. 

“Mhm,” you nod disappointingly. Suddenly, Calum went up and gave you a light squeeze. Being in his arms felt so unfamiliar, but so comforting and safe. You never thought you’d ever hug him. But now, in his arms, anything really can happen. 

“See you around,” Calum said as he detached and gave you a wink. 

“B-bye,” you said quietly, waving him goodbye as you watched his disappearing silhouette. As you walked where you were guided, you immediately recieved a call from an anonymous number. 

“Hello?” You answered, holding the phone to your ear. 

“Hey beautiful,” Calum’s voice rang through the phone, making you blush once more without being in the flesh. 

Prom? (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hey! I love reading your writing and I was wondering if you could do a jugxreader? Where jughead wants to ask the reader to prom? They’re not together but they like each other☺️ could it be cute and have fluff and stuff

A/N: This is so cute and I need some fluff in my life rn. Plus Prom season is coming up. I’m going use the promposal that My Best Friend received our junior year as inspiration! It feels very Jug! All the characters are going to be in their Junior year as that is how my prom worked. Xx


Prom? (Jughead x Reader)


The one dance every junior in high school thinks about.

Whether they want to go. Who they want to go with. The perfect dress. The car or limo. All that jazz.

You weren’t that keen on the idea.

Thinking that the perfect boy was going to come along with this whole elaborate plan to ask you to prom seemed far fetched and practically unrealistic.

You watched as another promposal happened in the hall. The flowers and huge banter made you roll your eyes. You definitely weren’t one of those girls. Not that you were saying it was wrong to like that stuff. Hell, if a boy did that for you, You’d be all over it too. But it wasn’t going to happen. You doubted anyone was even going to ask you.

Maybe you could just stay home and watch netflix instead. No one would miss you there. Plus dances weren’t your thing.

What you didn’t know is that Riverdale’s resident loner was trying to think of ways to ask you to that dance.

Keep reading


YOU ARE SO PERFECT ; a Archie & Betty Fanmix [LISTEN]

01. Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift ; of all the girls tossing rocks at your window, i’ll be the one waiting even when it’s cold
02. Things I’ll Never Say - Avril Lavigne ; trying to be so perfect ‘cause i know you’re worth it
03. I Hate U, I Love U - Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien ; you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her
04. If We Were A Movie - Hannah Montana ; and i’d be the best friend that you’d fall in love with
05. Mercy - Shawn Mendes ; even though you don’t mean to hurt me, you keep tearing me apart
06. Say Love - JoJo ; where i want to be is far apart from where we are
07. Crush - David Archuleta ; do you ever think when you’re all alone all that we could be, where this thing could go?
08. Stone Cold - Demi Lovato ; you see me standing but i’m dying on the floor
09. Story Of My Life - One Direction ; i give her hope, i’ll spend her love until she’s broke inside
10. The Mess I Made - Parachute ; i should’ve proudly claimed that my head’s to blame for all my heart’s mistakes 
11. Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra ; i know you’re hurting while i’m sound asleep 
12. That Was Then - Jesse McCartney ; i was tripping in a fantasy and missing what was real

AH, it was about time I drew some fanart for my favourite fanfiction ever.

If you guys really like Rise of the Guardians and Big Hero 6 and want Tadashi to be alive as a spirit, this is the perfect fanfiction/series called Lighting Candles (the sequel: A Friend in the Dark) by @pitviperofdoom, it’s so well written and I just had this fanfiction in my mind since it started back in 2014(?), it left an impact on me ahaha.

Tadashi is a kitsune with fire powers. The latest chapters was the best, I legit pray for more interactions between Tadashi and Pitch because I love their conversations so much even though it mostly consists of Pitch screaming.

Hope you like this fanart ahaha!! Can’t wait for the next chapters!! Good luck on them (as well as your boku no hero academia fanfictions cuz those are so goooood!!)


  • ❝I’m ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but this place is strictly ‘In Cold Blood’.❞
  • ❝Read my glossed lips, Justin Gingerlake. Not gonna happen.❞ 
  • ❝Don’t freak out, just trust me.❞
  • ❝Is cheerleading still a thing?❞
  • ❝Is being the gay best friend still a thing?❞
  • ❝I was wondering if you wanted to come… with both of us?❞
  • ❝I’m in the mood for chaos.❞
  • ❝You wanted fire? Sorry, my specialty is ice.❞
  • ❝Faux lesbian kissing hasn’t been taboo since 1994.❞
  • ❝Hi, Teen Outlander.❞
  • ❝Ten minutes in and I’m already the Blue Jasmine of Riverdale High.❞
  • ❝Can’t we, in this post-James Franco world, be all things at once?❞
  • ❝Perfect. Very Betty Draper, season one.❞
  • ❝There will be a reckoning, and maybe, that reckoning is me.❞
  • ❝I’ll help you prep. I have moves.❞
  • ❝Okay. You know what? Show me your moves.❞
  • ❝What is a Chock’Lit Shoppe, and why does it sell burgers?❞
  • ❝As hot, and as smart as you are, you should be the Queen Bey of this drab hive.❞
  • ❝I know what you need, because I know who you are. You would rather people fear than like you, so you traffic in terror and intimidation. You’re rich, so you’ve never been held accountable, but I’m living proof. That certainty, that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? It won’t last. ❞
  • ❝Who’s lighting fireworks at six in the morning?❞
  • ❝Who are you lying to? Me or your coach?❞

anonymous asked:

I want to write a YOI fanfic but I just feel so overwhelmed by all the cultural differences. I am not from Russia or Japan. And it's embarrassing to mess something up. I don't know. -sigh- Does anyone have any advice?

Research, research, research! Google is your best friend, believe me! As well, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask fo help (like you’re doing now!) from people who live there! If you’re uncomfortable with specifics, try to stay away from topics/words that can be interpreted in different ways. For example, there are multiple ways to say “I love you” in Japanese, so if you’re going to have a character say it, make sure it’s the right one!

Don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t get something right, we all can’t be perfect, and since you don’t live there, no one can blame you for doing anything wrong on purpose!

Authors, do you have any other advice?

Why Don’t You Kiss Her? | M.C

Inspired by this song.

AN: I’ve been wanting to write something about this song for so many years. I find it so fucking beautiful and underrated. Maybe listen to it when you read it? I feel like it could be the perfect soundtrack in a film, oh my god. 

Originally posted by pikamikey

You and Michael had been best friends for the longest of time. Your personalities were so alike that it was like you shared one. There was nobody else who understood each of you like the other did. In fairytales, that’d make you destined for each other. 

You’d spent yet another weekend with your bestie, doing the goofy stuff you’d always done - played video games, watched movies, walked the dog, pigged out on takeouts, the usual. Now it was Sunday afternoon and you were on the sofa which turned into a bed which was supposed to be guests, but being lazy assholes who loved your comforts, you guys always opened it up. You were binge watching some show on Netflix as you snuggled next to him. Your legs were tangled as he held your torso close to him. This was totally normal, you both always got up in each other’s personal space because you were both clingy as fuck and totally tolerated the other person. 

Your mind was set on the show you were watching, but Michael’s was someplace else. He was concentrating on the beautiful soul he held in his arms, taking in your scent of your signature shampoo that lingered in your hair, noticing all the little details on your face and focusing on your expressions you bared as your attention sat with the TV. Everything about you was perfect, so perfect that it was as if a world famous artist had created the beauty that sat before Michael. 

You’re the best of friends. You share your secrets. You know everything that was on his mind; all except one thing, that is… your best friend was truly and utterly besotted with you. He was scared to admit it, but heck, maybe… just maybe… he loved you. But what he was certain on is that he really did have feelings for you. Whenever you were near, he had strong and prominent desire to never let you go. 

It had been going on for long enough; too long maybe. That’s when Michael began to internally converse with himself to decide what the fuck to do. 

Why don’t you kiss her? Why don’t you tell her? Why don’t you let her see the feelings that you hide?

Don’t be so stupid, he thought. He was so afraid to make the first move. Terrified, even. Because one touch could immediately cross the line. But would that even be such a bad thing? 

Would she just turn away? Or would she promise me that she’s here to stay?

Come on, Clifford, you dumbass, he mentally scolded. You can’t keep living like this. It’s been too long. You’re obviously not going to get over her that easily. If you don’t find out how she feels, you’ll never get over this. 'Cause she’ll never know if you never show the way you feel inside.



You looked up to pay the blonde beauty attention. Something about you looking so natural on a Sunday made you so beautiful. Of course, you were always beautiful in his eyes, but seeing the real you, the rawness of reality, it made his heart swell. 

His tongue felt as if it had twisted, his stomach feeling knotted and a lump grew in his throat. 

Say something, you fuckhead. Something, ANYTHING. 

Instead of finding the words, Michael stared in your eyes, which were waiting with curiosity with what he had to say. That’s when he went into autopilot. He leaned towards you and captured your bubblegum lips with his slightly roughened ones. Taken back by what had just happened, you froze in a daze. Unsure of what was going on, but a feeling you had never felt before - especially towards your best friend - overtook your body, signalling for you to comply with the actions. You began to kiss back, which somewhat shocked Michael. He was beginning to think he had ruined it. Destroyed the friendship of a lifetime. But you had proven him wrong. 

He pulled away but was too scared to look at you. He looked down to his lap. You weren’t sure why he was being so shy; it wasn’t normally his kind of behaviour around him. You lifted his chin to bring his minty green eyes to look at yours. 

“Hey, where did that come from?” you asked, half giggling. 

He let out an exasperated sigh. 

“I like you, Y/N… I like you a lot. I have for the longest of time…. Being your friend is without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me…. I’ve been blessed with some incredible opportunities in my life, but the single most incredible thing to have happened is you walk into my life…. I’ve harboured these feelings for some time, always too scared to tell you… but being your best friend has caused those feelings to strengthen to the point where I can’t hide it anymore….” 

He looked down at your bewildered face. 

“I’m sorry…”

You brought his face closer to yours, just an inch away from your lips. 

“The only thing you should be sorry for is not telling me sooner.”


“I had no idea until you just kissed me, but every atom in my body danced around with passion and excitement. I guess I’ve had feelings, too, without even knowing. Had you told me sooner, we’d probably be steps ahead of where we are now,” you giggled. 

A smile grew across his face with utter happiness. You closed the inch gap between your faces and pressed your lips against this, softly kissing him. There was a wave of euphoria that sparked around both of your bodies. He placed his hands on your face to control the kiss with more passion. Your fingers tangled in the silk of his hair, really letting your lips tell the story of the emotions that ran through your bloodstream. 

As you finally pulled away, he leaned his forehead against yours. His lips stretched upwards almost to his eyes with the ecstatic feelings he was feeling. 

“Be mine?” he asked sheepishly. 


playing dragon age: awakening
  • guard: sir, we've captured a prisoner
  • me: *idly inspecting fingernails* go on
  • guard: he is a a highly dangerous and frankly kind of assholeish man suspected of multiple serious crimes. we should execute him as soon as possible before he -
  • me: let's make him a grey warden
  • guard: ....i'm sorry i don't -
  • me: he sounds perfect
  • guard: but -
  • me: we're going to be best friends