you are perfect ;a;

“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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you guys. YOU GUYS. remember THIS?????????

we all thought sendrick were teasing us because we saw a glimpse of kendrick on that buzzfeed video and there was nothing low about kendrick’s dress right???


welp, now there is:



thank you for your time

“Never be sorry for your bad days.. I’m here with you to help you through the hard times and bring back that lovely smile.”

Eue - A comment I wrote for Skeeter on FB

From Arisha’s Twitter 20 November 2017


Thank you very much for 

It was reeeeeally enjoyable for this first overseas fan meeting performance!
I did my greetings and my call and responses in Korean, but did I say it properly?

It would be nice to perform in Seoul again
코마워요* (Thanks)

*Pronounced as “Gomawoyo”, translate as a more casual thank you than “Gamsahabnida”, however Arisa actually misspelled it as “Komawoyo”. Let’s just take it that the pun was deliberate xD 

(special thanks to @yujachachacha for the Korean translation)

“You help me like myself and that’s the opposite of what everyone else has ever done.. you are truly the most valuable thing to me. Fuck everything, fuck everyone, fuck the world.. cause all I see is you baby. Just you.. you are my life, my love, my happiness.. and everything good that I’ve ever known. I will never stop loving you.”

You truly are my everything in this world Skeeter - Eue

“Nothing in the scope of reality could ever compare to the vast amounts of beauty that emanate from your imperfect perfection..”

Eue - Something I said to Skeeter

“My god.. she isn’t the only one that is smothered with love. I sneak looks too and I fall in love more and more every time. I’ve never seen such beauty or even thought something like her ever existed.. yet here she sits.. simply perfection.. and she’s my soulmate too? I really am the luckiest guy in the world. If I feel this way about just one glance.. imagine what hugging, kissing, and knowing that she loves me does to me. I don’t even know how I am alive right now cause this kind of love is more than I ever imagined what love would be like.. that girl swooped in and stole my heart. No, no, no.. not like a thief though.. like a sorcerer.. she put a spell on me and I opened up my chest and let her take it willingly and with a smile. It’s the best feeling that I’ve ever felt, truly. I am so fuckin lucky.. for really reals. Just mmmmmm, like damn. You are the essence of perfection baby. Never stop being you cause you are the definition of perfect. I love you so much.”

Just wow baby.. when I look at you - Eue