you are perfect

There’s no way in the world that I will leave you just because everyone else does. I’m not like everyone else. I see through you for who you really are, so how am I supposed to leave you when I know the real you behind all of your mistakes?
—  Poets Love Her
Loving yourself isn’t always easy. This is especially true because you, of all people, know every little thing about yourself. Every twerk. Every thing that makes you, you. But you know what else? For every imperfection, there are ten more positive qualities. You are a beautiful addition to this earth.
Respect yourself entirely.
Love yourself unconditionally.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin | Instagram
Listen Up

You are under NO OBLIGATION to make excuses for your abuser

No matter what is going on in their personal life, they have NO RIGHT to use you as an outlet, emotionally, physically, psychologically, or sexually

No matter what they may have done for you in the past, YOU OWE THEM NOTHING now



To your recovery

To saying to yourself every day, over and over until you believe it

That you did not deserve what they did to you

That you are valid

That you are allowed to feel this way

That you do not have to get better overnight

That you are perfect and deserve to take your time to believe in yourself again

That you will get better

That you will get stronger

Until one day you can look them in the eye and tell them that



on the left is a victoria secret model, and on the right is me. there was a time, i would have put these pictures side by side, and used it as a “goal” to get to. i actually went into a victoria secret shop once, about a year ago, with my friend, and whilst she was trying something on in the changing room, and i was waiting, i was trying to hold back the tears, they just started running down my face, and i was desperately wiping them away before anyone saw. it was all too much in there, all them what i deemed as “perfect” girls plastered all over the walls, and my mind was racing with “why don’t i look like them” “why can’t i achieve that” “i’ll never be like them” and looking back, i feel so saddened that i ever felt like that. (my friend didn’t know, so it obviously wasn’t her fault that it happened, she was just shopping in there, bless her❤️) but now, today, i don’t envy those girls, NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. i’ve read up about their diets, and some days they have detoxing where they literally eat just vegetables, and like hours before the show they aren’t allowed liquid, like hello?? we need to drink?? it’s just crazy. it’s their choice and i completely understand that, but i’m just saying that there was a time i would have admired how strict they are with themselves, but today is so different. i want to enjoy food, i’ve rid my life of diets, i’ve found self love, and i want to eat cake and ice cream, when i want cake and ice cream, like chocolate?? who doesn’t love chocolate?? i just don’t envy their bodies or their lifestyles anymore, and that’s just a GLO UP for me. YOU DONT NEED TO LOOK LIKE THOSE GIRLS. YOU NEED TO LOOK LIKE YOU. YOU YOU YOU. whatever body shape, or size you are, that’s perfect, and that’s what makes you YOU.

not a Calvin Klein ad lol 😝😝😝

(hope this isn’t triggering💗)


late night doodles 

happy Pride month everyone!

sorry the English is a bit bad I’m super sleepy but i just had to make this or it’ll bug me for the rest of tomorrow

I don’t know if you get what I’m trying to say but if you do <3!

“When you find the place that your heart belongs, You’ll never leave”

(I love barbie okay i may not like the dolls but the movies are amazing, and no i’m not too old for it. there’s no such thing as being to old for something o3o)



Made a wrong turn, once or twice

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Dug my way out, blood and fire

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Bad decisions, that’s alright.  Welcome to my silly life.

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Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood

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Miss ‘No way, it’s all good’, it didn’t slow me down

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Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated 

 Look, I’m still around

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Pretty, pretty please, don’t you ever, ever feel

Like you’re less than, Less than perfect

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Pretty, pretty please

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If you ever ever feel

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Like you’re nothing

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You are perfect to me

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