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happy birthday || m.c


“can you do a michael one where you guys are literally perf together and everyone always talks about it but you start to feel like your sex life is vanilla and decide to spice that shit up one night? You should try to make it as smutty as possible ;)” (california2australia)

you and michael were destined for one another. neither of you ever believed in fate or anything related, but everyone else seemed to have once you two met. they said you were a perfect match, made for one another you were. months later your love never faded but something did.
sex with michael was never unsatisfactory, it was always good but as time passed it began to get a little… vanilla.
it seemed to become the same thing each night and you so dearly wanted to ask him of even imply that you wanted to mix things up a little but you couldn’t bring yourself to doing so. but when you realised michael’s birthday was coming up, it gave you an excuse to take initiative.
a week prior to his birthday, you ordered a lingerie set online. michael had always said how he loved the colours black and red on you so you bought a sexy yet elegant lingerie set that came with a black and red lacy bra with matching panties and sheer, thigh high socks.
thankfully, john invited michael and the boys out for early dinner to celebrate his birthday and although michael insisted on you coming, you stayed at home.
you changed into your lingerie, tweaking it for almost 10 minutes because you wanted it to look the best it possibly could. to top it off you slipped on a pair of black high heels you could just about walk in.
your stomach started to churn when michael texted you telling you he was on the way home and you started to get nervous. what if he didn’t want this? what if he thought it was weird? all possible worst case scenarios ran through your mind but you couldn’t turn back once you heard the door open and close, michael’s voice chirping “i’m home” not a second later. you yelled “in the room” a moment later and waited in the bathroom of your bedroom as you heard his footsteps creep up the stairs.
“babe?”, you heard his voice clearly outside the door. before you could think twice you felt your hand twist the doorknob of the bathroom and your two legs that looked endless in your heels.
michael’s jaw dropped the second he laid his eyes on you. they wandered down your body, absorbing every little detail of you before gliding back up to your own eyes that were filled with a hint of worry.
“fucking hell”, he whispered and stood frozen in his spot. you built up all the confidence left in you and strutted over toward him, his body still towering over yours despite your heels, and you set your hands on his shoulders and leaned in toward his ear and whispered;
“happy birthday”, you whispered softly and could hear his breath hitch in his throat. his hands came to your hips with a rough grip and pulled you closer into him.
“fuck kitten you look hot”, he whimpered and grazed his lips along your neck, his choice of pet name and just the feeling of his lips on your skin causing you to moan.
you took his hand in yours and led him toward the bed and pushed him down on it, watching him crawl to the headboard and peeling off his shirt. you crawled on top of him, deliberately pushing your chest out for him. he tried to touch you, his hand reaching forward but you pushed it out of the way and pinned it lightly onto the bed causing him to give you a desperate look.
“no touching babe”, you smirked and he let out a grunt of frustration before you unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans down his legs.
“kitten c'mon, it’s my birthday let me touch you”, he whined and bucked his hips upward, the tent forming underneath his boxers growing.
you shushed him at turned around, straddling his waist with your back facing his. you began rolling your hips down against michael’s crotch, hearing a deep groan leave his lips. you grinned down on him, feeling his hard-on grow underneath you. all of a sudden you felt michael’s hand come down harshly on your ass, causing you to yelp and somewhat moan loudly.
“that’s for not letting me touch you”, he growled and spanked you once again, “and that’s for thinking you’re in charge. now kitten, be a good girl and suck me off”, he spoke through gritted teeth, a smug look on his lips.
you bit your lip, turning back around and pulling his boxers down and throwing them out of your way.
he took a handful of your hair in his fist and guided you down on his length. you took his base firmly into your hand and pumped him fast, taking what you could of him in the mouth. you couldn’t help smirk at the moans leaving michael’s open mouth, his hand pushing your mouth down further on his cock. you quickened your pace, your hand dipping down and playing with his balls before sliding up and pumping him faster, your mouth working on his tip.

“take all of me, kitten”, he barked, his eyes screwed shut and his jaw still dropped open. you set your hand on the bottom of his stomach and slowly tried to take all of him in, moaning once you felt his tip hit the back of your throat. your nose as grazing his skin as he let out a long, deep groan after feeling the vibration of your moan run up his length. you waited there for a second before pulling back up, running your tongue from his base up to kitten licking his tip. you were about to keep going before michael stopped you. he flipped you both over so he was now on top, keeping one hand under you and sliding it up to unclip your bra. he harshly tugged the straps down before throwing it on the floor beside him.

he brought his hand down to his length and slowly pumped himself while using the other hand to keep himself up. his mouth attached to your boobs, taking no time to leave countless marks and hickeys up to your collarbones.

“you’re so good to me, kitten. you loved sucking my cock didn’t you?”, he groaned and his hand wrapped around your throat, craning your neck back for more access before his hand glided up to your cheek.

“i asked you a question babe”, for the third time his hand came smacking down on your ass, this time you let out a moan instead of a yelp.

“yes, fuck i love your cock mikey”, he smirked once you answered, loving how vulnerable you were to him now.

“good, now should i cum all over your beautiful tits or fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk”, he cooed, continuing to leave more hickeys along your neck.

“both”, you whimpered, bucking your hips up for some kind of friction. he chuckled at your answer, his hand pumping himself and scooting his body up further yours. his moans were tumbling out of his lips as his spirts of cum came out and draped over your boobs. just to tease, you took his hand in yours and used two of his fingers to wipe up cum before sliding them into your mouth and sucking on them, not daring to break eye contact.

“fuck kitten, you deserve something don’t you think?”, he asked and slowly took his fingers out of your mouth once you nodded, his body sliding down south.

“so fucking beautiful”, he mumbled as his hands rang up and down your legs, playing with the hem of your socks. both his hands slid beneath your underwear, dragging them down and throwing them on the growing pile of clothes.

“mmm, i wanna leave these on”, he smirked at your socks and heels before using his hands to spread your legs open wide for him. he hummed in content and licked up your folds, retrieving a soft moan from you. “so wet for me”, he muttered and inched his finger up the inside of your thigh before pushing it into your heat. he didn’t hesistate to be a little rough, pumping his finger quickly in and out of you before adding another. his tongue played with your clit, the endless moans seeping through your mouth. his stubble was grazing against your skin, causing more moans and whimpers to leave your mouth.

“fuck, mikey faster”, you sighed and thankfully he granted your wish and pumped his fingers faster, curling them up every now and then causing you to arch your back off the mattress.

“n-not gonna last long”, you murmured and regretted doing so a second later when michael took his fingers out from your heat making you whine in frustration.

“you’re not gonna be whining in a minute kitten i’ll tell you that much”, he chuckled darkly and pumped his length before mumbling “condom?”.

“i’m on the pill michael you know that just fuck me”, you complained in which you got another harsh spanking for.

“don’t give the orders, that’s my job”, he snapped and pushed his cock into your core, causing you both to moan. he pushed your knees up and opened your legs wider, keeping one hand on your thigh. he thrusted into you relentlessly fast, the sound of his hips slapping against yours and a harmony of moans filling the room. both hands gripped your hips, bruises bound to be formed in the morning as he flipped you both over and ordered you to turn around, your back now facing him as you slid down onto his cock, rolling your hips slowly.

“why all this kitten? i know it’s my birthday but why all the effort?”, he cooed, guiding your hips slowly on his. you knew you had to answer honestly, he always knew when you were lying but you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“i s-started to get a little bored.. of like our sex you know?”, you whispered, not wanting him to hear you, a tint of embarrassment creeping on your cheeks.

“bored? are you bored now, kitten?”, he barked, forcing your hips to go faster on his length. he spanked you again when you didn’t answer.

“no, no fuck!”, you cried and bounced on him, moaning loud enough you swore the neighbours across the street could hear you.

“good, and you won’t be bored again i can promise you”, he snapped and continued digging at your hips. you bounced on his cock, your pace quickening by the second. michael arched himself the tiniest bit off the bed and thrusted into you from his position. you felt him twitching inside you, signalling he was close.

“touch yourself for me kitten good girl, cum for me”, he groaned and your hand immediately circled your clit, whimpers and moans leaving your mouth. you felt yourself getting weaker before you hit your high, the loudest and highest moan you ever let out yelled from your mouth.

“fuck fuck fuck, kitten”, he growled before he hit his own climax, both of you almost shaking with pleasure as you rode it out, your moans dying down and you collapsed back on his chest.

he gently set you down on the bed, both of you beginning to doze off before you whispered; “happy birthday” and he hummed in content with a smile before you fell asleep on his chest.

a/n: there’s gonna be a little ‘morning after’ blurb as a tiny kind of part two for this! hope you like it x

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the morning after

Felicity: “I’m just used to being your girl - I mean, not your girl, but… Your girl. I know they sound like the same word, but it means something different in my head.”

Oliver: “You will always be my girl, Felicity.”

Me: ❤ 😍 👌 😍 THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIP 👌😍 gooD Ship I tell you 👀 ❤ ❤ ❤ 👀 feels definitely 😭 😍 😭 😍 I am drowning!!! 😅 ❤ 😅 👍 👍 YES 👍 👍 👍 they are perf together 👀 👌 👀 😍 😍 😍 v good ship definitely yas