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It’s Number -- 10!!!

Hey what’s up everyone! There are a few important messages about our Mewsim.

Do you remember our vote? Well, we have a winner and it’s number – 10!!! As a bonus, I decided to polish number 5 a little too :) So, here they are, and number 10 is going to the coloring process.

One more important thing here – It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finished Mewsim iOS update, and you can download the game from the store. Sorry, Android polishing requires a little more time, please wait and don’t download the old version – I hope our shiny new MewSim Android will be along shortly =^.^=

The next important thing – I’ve created some promo codes on my meow-pink-cooker and you can test this feature right now. Promo codes give a lot in the game, so hurry up, each one can be activated only once, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!


As usual any ideas for the game are welcome and don’t forget to write your review in the store, it will help Mewsim to conquer the world! 

The Girl on Set – Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: May you do a Cody imagine where you are a fan of tw and you win the contest to visit the set in the final season and you’re so happy because you’re gonna met the cast but mostly exited because you’re gonna meet Cody cause Theo is your favorite character, And when you meet him gets an interest on you and take advantage of every break or every moment to go to talk to you and sprayberry can see you caught him so deep and tell him to ask you out or something?? 

Word Count: 2,430

Warnings: None

Pairing: Cody Chrisitan x Reader

Other Characters in this imagine: Holland Roden, Tyler Posey, and Dylan Sprayberry

Author’s Note: I’m not sure if this is the ending you wanted, but I still gave you the same concept you asked for. I hope you like it and feedback is greatly appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by bysamoylova

“Who is that?” Cody asked as he approached Holland and Dylan Sprayberry sitting on their chairs.

Holland looked up and noticed Cody nodded towards the girl by the craft table with Tyler Posey, who were talking and laughing as they put food on their plates. Holland looked back at Cody with a smile, “that’s Y/N. She’s the one who won the contest to visit the set.”

“We met her earlier in the make-up trailer. She’s really nice,” Sprayberry said after looking up from his phone.

Cody looked back and couldn’t help but admire the girl. Her hair was down with long waves that reached just above her butt. She had dark skinny jeans, which showed off her hips and great butt. She wore a black tank top underneath a red plaid shirt, with a pair of matching red Converse. She was too far to notice the small details on her face like her make-up or if she had freckles. However, he knew one thing for sure, she was beautiful. 

“Do you need a bucket?” Sprayberry’s question snapped Cody out of his trance. He gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he would ask such a thing. As if reading his mind, Sprayberry answered, “for all the drooling.”

Holland giggled. “Someone has a crush.”

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BBCAN5 Potential Cast Spoilers!

Via Twitter:

I have a source who works in production who has confirmed that the season will be an all-stars season and that there will be no international houseguests, despite the rumours. The rumours that the sideshow has been cancelled are true. The cast (which has yet to be finalized) is down to around 20 past contestants and given that two of them will be probably used as a backup, it means that 2 more will be cut once we get closer to the premiere date. There will be likely 4 returnees from each season unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

The list of returnees will be as follows

* Peter Brown (Part of the reason sideshow was cancelled)
* Emmett Blois
* Liza Stinton
* Talla Rejaei
* Adel Elseri
* Kenny Brain
* Neda Kalantar
* Rachelle Diamond
* Ika Wong (Alternate)
* Godfrey Mangwiza
* Kevin Martin
* Jordan Parhar (Alternate)
* Ashley Wood
* Sarah Hanlon
* Willow Macdonald (Alternate)
* Phil Paquette (Nick will not be on)
* Mitch Moffit
* Jared Kesler (Alternate)
* Cassandra Shahinfar
* Loveita Adams

Neda, Sarah, Godfrey and Mitch are who casting wants to select but they are still considering the offer. Their alternates are Ika, Willow, Jordan and Jared respectively.

Casting calls for this season had a much more limited budget due to the impending all-stars season but a few were given phone calls and shortlisted for season 6 although it has not been renewed yet. They are in a position with the network that they are confident that it will be renewed though, especially since an all-stars season will increase ratings.

Two contestants will get the chance to become two time winners of Big Brother Canada, those being Sarah Hanlon and Phil Paquette (or our first 1.5 time winner).

I will update you guys when they finalize the cast and reduce the final 20 down to the final 18 (two backups will remain until the very beginning of the season, one male and one female).

EXO reaction to their S/O being super gullible

Thanks for the request; we hope you like it <3 


He’d find it so hard to believe that you were so gullible.

Originally posted by xiuboyfruits


He’d probably laugh at how gullible you are tbh

Originally posted by meiren-menglu


He’d look at you just like ‘really?

Originally posted by yourejustmystylee


He would smile at the fact that he doesn’t understand how you are like that

Originally posted by suhomysuho


He’d relate 100%

Originally posted by fvck-kai


He’d probably just laugh at how cute you were. 

Originally posted by myheartforgomez


He’d make fun of you to the max.

Originally posted by 5sosfam-phandom


He would be like Baekhyun and laugh at your gullible-ness, but he would put a stop to someone taking it too far

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol


He’d be so done with your ‘stupidity’ he.d probably have a mental breakdown. 

Originally posted by fydokyungsoo


He would think you were childish when in fact he is the childish one for telling you all these fake facts because he knew you were super gullible.

Originally posted by shinylightblue


He’d judge you so hard.

Originally posted by kaibility


He would make fun of you a lot when he first found out and still teases you about it

Originally posted by sebaeked

We hope you liked it <3 

We only have 2 more requests to do before we open our requests again and tell you the winner of the poll! 




Joke’s on you

Originally posted by dailyavengers

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
Genres: humor, fluff,  fem x fem, wlw
Words: 1.616
Summary: Reader convinces Clint and Tony to prank Natasha. Little do they know that girls planned the whole thing only to gain servants for the weekend - requested by Anonymous

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forcing and sexualizing a topic about/and on a person who used the term as a literal meaning of father/dad is completely uncalled for and is honestly one of the shittiest things i will probably ever witness. if the idol you claim to care about has asked you to stop your disgusting and twisted jokes - then its time to fucking stop your disgusting and twisted jokes. i hope you know you made a happy and meaningful situation for your idols both uncomfortable and very unpleasant - you may now chuck yourself in a hole. jackasses.

Avengers Chatroom: Dance Off, Bro

Requested By Anon

Pairings: Bucky x f!Reader

Scenario: The team tries to get reader and Bucky together, also bucky is a damsel in distress once again.

Nat has created a chatroom.

Nat has invited Steve, Clint, Vision, Sam.

Nat: So what’s the plan?

Vision: A plan for what?

Nat: To get Y/N and Barnes together.

Sam: We are doing what now?

Nat: They make such a cute couple and have been single for a while now. It’s only logical they start dating.

Clint: I’m in.

Steve: How are we going to do this?

Nat: I don’t know.

Sam: Do I have to help?

Steve: Yes. Deny it all you want but we all know you consider Bucky a close friend.

Sam: Don’t you ever tell him that.

Vision: May I suggest sending them on a blind date with each other?

Clint: I don’t think Y/N will agree to go on that.

Nat: Neither will Bucky.

Steve: I can’t believe this, but we need to ask Tony.

Vision has added Tony.

Tony: Are you five conspiring against me?

Tony: Ooooh, setting up the grandpa with Y/N?

Vision: Do you have any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Tony: We send them on a mission. Just the two of them. It’ll be like an action romance movie. One of them will have to be injured. I can arrange the last part.

Nat: No. Not happening!

Steve: You are terrible at this. Why did I think you’d be able to help?

Vision: Wanda suggests just asking them how they feel about each other and if the feeling is mutual, they should let each other know.

Clint: That is so stupid. Do people actually do that?

Sam: Yes.

Clint: Oh.

Tony: How did you even manage to get married?

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: Greetings.

Thor: May I suggest a grand ball, with flowers and wine. No, a masked ball! We get them to dance with each other and then when the night is darkest, we separate them. It will be like that movie I saw with Y/N and Vision last week. I don’t recall the name.

Vision: Cinderella, I believe.

Tony: Terrible idea.

Steve: Better than yours.

Clint: Why wasn’t I invited?

Vision: It is part of our indoctrination.

Thor: I am enjoying it immensely.

Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: I have the answer: Pheromone Potion #6.

Bruce has left the chat.

Sam: … I accept.

Nat: No! You’ll just make sure Bucky gets attracted to the couch or Steve.

Vision: It would wear off eventually. We require a long term solution.

Thor: A love spell, then?

Clint: How about no.

Tony: Y/N and Bucky want to know why they can’t join the chat. I’m going to let them join so they don’t become suspicious.

Nat: They’ll see what we’re talking about!

Tony: I tinkered with their phones. They won’t be able to see the chat history.

Tony has added Y/N, Bucky.

Bucky: What are you hiding from us?

Y/N: Why can’t I see the chat history?

Tony: Nothing. It must be a glitch.

Y/N: Riiiiight.

Peter has joined the chat.

Peter has joined the chat.

Peter has joined the chat.

Y/N: Tony I think you’re right. My phone is messing up.

Bucky: Three Peter’s?

Y/N: Which is our Peter?

Peter: Me!

Peter: No, I’m the real Peter!

Peter: Imposters!

Steve: How do we tell them apart?

Bucky: Yesterday at 8pm. You walked in on Y/N and I. What were we doing?

Peter: Talking.

Peter: Dancing.

Peter: Making out.

Y/N: It’s the last one.

Y/N has changed Peter to: Spidey.

Nat: Wait you two were doing what?!

Tony: Seriously! All our planning was for nothing!

Y/N: What?

Vision: We were trying to get you and Bucky together. Seems like you do not require our assistance.

Y/N: I thought you all knew!

Bucky: Yeah, we haven’t been secretive about it.

Steve: You showed no signs of dating!

Y/N: You walked in on us kissing after the Cuba mission.

Steve: I thought he was giving you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!

Bucky: Are… you… serious?

Steve: Y/N was injured and she passed out on the jet! So I went to get the medic when we landed! I just assumed…

Y/N: This isn’t surprising, considering you call sex fondue.

Steve: I don’t!

Clint: Way to go, Steve.

Sam: We need a new Captain.

Tony: Peter get his shield.

Peter: On it.

Peter: Okay.

Spidey: He means me!


Tony: No! Give ME the Shield!

Nat: Don’t.

Y/N: Are we really forgetting that we have spare Peter’s? We need to find out who they really are.

Peter: My name is Peter, I’m not lying about that.

Peter: Same here!

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: HE’S BACK!

Clint: Who?

Pietro: My imposter!

Peter: Hi :)

Y/N has changed Peter to: The Cuter Quicksilver.

Bucky has changed The Cuter Quicksilver to: The Average Quicksilver.

Y/N: Jealous, are we?

Pietro: Unbelievable!

Pietro has left the chat.

Sam has changed The Average Quicksilver to: Peter M.

Thor: So who is the last Peter?

Peter: I’m Peter Quill, but you can call me Star-Lord. Savior of our Galaxy, winner of dance battles.

Peter has changed Peter to: Star-Lord.

Thor: What is it that you want?

Star-Lord: You guys should totally listen to my mix-tape.

Peter M: I will listen to it.

Thor: I will not ask again, what is it that you want?

Star-Lord: Dance off, bro? Loosen up.

Thor: Do I seem to be in a dancing mood?

Clint: We’ve never heard of you before.

Star-Lord: So I’m here for - wait. Never? Really?

Rocket Raccoon has joined the chat.

Rocket Raccoon: What’s taking so long, Quill?


Spidey: This is so cute!

Sam: This is too much for me.

Sam has left the chat.

Rocket Raccoon: Shut up! I’m not cute!

Bucky: What’s happening now? I have no idea.

Rocket Raccoon: This is him?

Star-Lord: Yup.

Tony: How can a Raccoon even type?

Rocket Raccoon: Bucky, is it?

Bucky: Yeah?

Rocket Raccoon: I’m going to need your arm.

Bucky: What?

Bucky has been disconnected.

Rocket Raccoon has left the chat.

Y/N: Was my boyfriend just abducted by a raccoon?

Y/N: I should not be laughing but I am.

Star-Lord: Don’t worry, we won’t hurt him! Just need his arm!

Star-Lord has left the chat.

Peter M: You guys experience really weird stuff. This is coming from a guy whose dad almost destroyed the earth, and I had to witness Scott flirting. I should hang out here more often.

Y/N: Overpowered BY A RACCOON!

Steve: We should go save him! Not laugh!

Y/N: Okay but Steve. Listen. Just listen. A small, adorable raccoon has managed to kidnap a fierce and infamous assassin.

Thor: This is very humorous.

Vision: I assume this is our first space mission?

Y/N: I’m so excited!

Nat: We should start listing off the times he’s needed rescuing.

Nat has left the chat.

Y/N: Far too many times.

Y/N has left the chat.

Spidey: Sweet!

Spidey has left the chat.

Steve: Everyone suit up.

Steve has left the chat.

Peter M: Can I come?

Clint: Sure, at least you can dodge bullets.

Clint has left the chat.

Peter M has left the chat.

Vision: I must show Pietro that.


Vision: Are you not curious about his reaction?

Tony: Okay do it.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony has left the chat.

Groot has joined the chat.

Groot: I am Groot.

Thor: I am Thor, Son Of Odin.

Groot: I am Groot.

Thor: And I am Thor.

Groot: I am Groot.

Thor: I am Thor.

Groot: I am Groot.

Thor: I’m Thor…

Groot: I am Groot.


Thor: … As my brother says,

Thor: “k”

Thor has left the chat.

Groot has left the chat.

Mean Queens Ch.11 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: This is a chapter. Enjoy mon petite fruitcakes

wankWANK’s A/N: MY FINGERS NEED AMPUTATING PLEASE ENJOY THIS I GAVE UP MY FIRSTBORN TO COMPLETE IT. please leave lots of feedback so my thirsty ass can enjoy it <333333

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Congratulations to all you beautiful people, and thank you to everyone who participated. The next art raffle will be at 2000 followers, but that’s very far away.

Whatever your place is is whatever you won! You have 48 hours to respond or you will not receive your winnings!

Rules are simple:
♡No NSFW (gore is allowed though)
♡You have 48 hours to reply
♡Quicker you give it to me, quicker it comes out.

Please remember that this is over 300 pieces of artwork and so it’ll take time to do! Please be patient and remember that I also have other artwork to do.

Once more, thank you for 1000 followers and remember that I am very appreciative of you all! Much love and have a great day :)

And the Thunderdome Champion is...[drumroll]

Your Museum Dance Off 4: A New Hope Thunderdome Champion is… Herman Otto Muzeum of  Miskolc,Hungary!

Congratulations, Herman Otto Muzeum staff!

Thank you and a HUGE round of applause to all our Thunderdome competitors for an awesome showdown!

But that’s not all! Because there are so many amazing entries, we started selecting Judge’s Choice Awards and additional awards to recognize some of the videos that we really loved.Those awards are going to:

Judges’ Choice Awards - Each Judge selected a museum to recognize as their personal stand-out favorite.

  • Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA, USA 
  • Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH, USA
  • Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences,  Sydney, NSW, Australia

Best Mission Narrative -  aka the “I Want To Go To There” award. We couldn’t decide on just one, so there are two awards this year!

  • Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21,  Halifax, NS Canada
  • Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 

Most Creative - Recognizing the best of choreography, videography, and overall creative force. Again, we couldn’t decide on just one, so there are two awards this year!

  • Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites,  Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • The Mob Museum, LAs Vegas, NV, USA

Museum Spirit Award - Recognizing the video that made us say, “These people really love their museum, and you can see it in their faces.” Again, we couldn’t decide on just one!

  • Chrysler Museum of Art,  Norfolk, VA, USA
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum,  Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

{we will be contacting museums this week with a more formal announcement, if such an announcement can be formal!}

Thank you ALL so much for participating! We love that you love this silly idea that has become such an phenomenal experience year after year. Thank you, thank you, thank you - and congratulations to our Thunderdome Champion and Award Winners! 

anonymous asked:

For your Friday shipping prompts: Uliro post-war living after Zarkon's defeat (or victory)

So basically this became like. Vacation not quite ‘living’ but. Yes. ANYWAY. THANK YOU. 

Leaning over the railing, Shiro counted the Holans that milled about the courtyard. Vacation was still a word he couldn’t quite grasp; the idea of relaxation for relaxations sake, to not always be on call, to not be itchy and uncertain and three steps from an adrenaline clash, was horribly foreign. Allura had demanded all of them take a vacation after Zarkon, that the quiet would do them good. It was – nice.

A warm palm pressed to the small of his back, trailing up to rest heavy between his shoulder blades. Shiro smiled at Ulaz, kicking out a foot to nudge against Ulaz’s shin. Ulaz nudged back, before he slipped both arms around Shiro’s waist, slotting them together, and rested his chin on Shiro’s head.

“What are you looking at?”

Shiro tilted his head up, grinning wider when Ulaz grumbled at him. “I’m counting Holans. They like to congregate in the central plaza every three hours and I don’t know why.”

“You left our room to count our hosts?” Ulaz asked, leaning heavier against Shiro so he, too, could survey the Holans. Shiro bowed under the weight, secure and caged in, Ulaz’s palms warm against Shiro’s middle. This too was – nice. An added bonus to vacation time. Shiro rolled his shoulders back, squirming until Ulaz gave in and snuggled him closer. Perfect.

“Wanna play a game?”

Ulaz whuffed against Shiro’s hair. “I would prefer you return to our room.”

“Winner gets to choose our next activity.”

That got Ulaz’s attention. Shiro didn’t have to be facing him to know Ulaz’s ears had quivered in interest. “What is the name of the game?”

Shiro grinned. “I-Spy.”

Send me a ship and I will write you a smol

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am a huge fan of the website :D I was wondering if you have deicided who the winner is for the killing stalking contest yet? and will the special episode be released the same day that we find out? where can we watch the episode? thank you

Hi! The special episode will be released on March 8th and we will be announcing the winner then! You can read the episode on our website under Killing Stalking.

Fashion Contest has ended!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Kenshin & Shingen Fashion Contest!

The entries have been gathered, and we are hard at work to choose the winners!

If you entered our Fashion Contest, please make sure the Ask Box on the account you posted your entry with is open and able to receive messages from our Tumblr (@voltageparty)!

We will be contacting the winners via their Ask Box in order to give them their prizes, so please take a moment to make sure that yours is available!

Thanks to the volume of entries, it will take us some time to make our selections…but once we do, we will be sure to post here; so make sure to keep watching us for the announcement of the winners!

Thank you again for participating!

After going through almost 8,000 entries, @floralharries & i have picked our winners. Thank you to EVEYONE who participated. 

To the winners, we will DM you with your $100 ticketmaster giftcard. If not claimed by 12am (2 hours) we will pick a runner up instead.