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Request : Could you write a scenario about Hidan leaving his s/o alone at a bar (and he goes to like grab a drink or something) and he comes back to guys hitting on her and trying to, y'know, get her to the bedroom?

I’m so sorry it’s so short. And that it sucks. Hidan is not a character I’m used to write very much, so I didn’t know how to get about it. Plus I need to get these requests done because there’s a limit to how much someone can procrastinate.

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He had left you for one minute. One. Minute. And that was enough for some guy to take the opportunity to get too close to you. Way too close. Hidan wasn’t an idiot. He knew you were attractive. He knew leaving you alone to get drinks was risky, because any guy who had some kind of taste would’ve tried flirting with you.

Doesn’t mean he likes it. Oh, fuck no. His grip on the drinks tightened to the point where the glasses nearly slipped out of his hands. From afar and from and outside perspective, the conversation looks innocent enough, but Hidan knows better. He knows how guys work. He knows this guy isn’t there to talk about the weather.

Hidan makes his way through the crowded dance floor, bumping into random people he doesn’t bother to try to get around. And then he sees red. This guy. Dared. Touch. You. It was only for a split second and you brushed it off immediately, but Hidan saw it, and he was enraged. No one touches his girl. No. One.

Hidan dropped the glasses on the ground, startling you. You turned around and smiled in relief when you saw your boyfriend approaching, but your smile quickly turned into a frown when you noticed how infuriated he looked. You didn’t even have the chance to tell the other guy to run.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing ?!” he yelled, taking the guy by the collar of his button-up shirt and pinning him to the wall behind him. “That girl you were trying to get into your bed is mine. You don’t touch what’s mine.”

“I don’t see your name written on it,” the guy had the audacity to reply. What a mistake he had made.

Hidan wasn’t known for his pacifism and his patience. Instead of opting for the calmer way to solve things, he instead chose to headbutt the guy, breaking his nose with his forehead. He fell on the floor, the commotion making heads turn in their way. “'It’ has a name, dickhead.” Hidan was about to kick the guy in the ribs, but you decided to jump in to stop the fight before he got in trouble.

“He’s not worth it,” you shook your head. “Let’s get out of here.” Hidan shrugged your hand off of his shoulder, cursed something you couldn’t catch under his breath, but decided to follow you out nonetheless before the bouncers at the door got involved.

The ride to the car was silent. It wasn’t in your boyfriend’s nature to be so quiet, and if you were to be honest, it scared you. You knew Hidan was the violent type. He never once laid a hand on you, even during the biggest fights, but you started to doubt his self-control a little bit.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized as you got into the car. Hidan looked at you, clearly confused.

“What are you apologizing for ?”

“That guy you just hit…”

“You can’t help it if you’re hot as fuck,” he shrugged. “You didn’t like him, did you ?”

“This pathetic loser ? Hell no. I’d have one of you over ten of this guy anytime.”

“Good. Because you belong to me,” Hidan groaned as he leaned over to bite on the hickey he’d left on your neck just before you two got here. The mark was still fresh, so you hissed when his teeth sank into your skin, but you didn’t mind the slight pain. “I’ll kill anyone who tries to take you away from me.”

Any normal person would’ve been concerned by the threat. You, on the other hand, quite frankly couldn’t give any shits. Your boyfriend was possessive to the extreme, but at least he trusted and respected you, and it was honestly all that mattered.

Well, that and the fact that the sex was mind-blowingly amazing. And after what happened you were sure to get some tonight.

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you are one sad pathetic loser get a life and grow up

nah, i’m pretty sure i’m a sad, mildly not-pathetic winner who has a decent life and is, in fact, a grown up. oh, also i don’t send people anon messages like this! so i’m pretty sure i have a few steps up on you?

Sex and Violence - Part 3

Word Count: 2775

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, spn stuff

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated! So glad this episode is done. 

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“She went in just a second ago.” Dean slid into Nick’s passenger seat shortly after Cara arrived via taxi to the little dive bar.

“Nice work.” Dean said. You could hear the tension in his voice and that small part of you that was fighting for control wanted nothing more than to thrash around and scream to warn him, but the venom wouldn’t let you. “Any sign of Y/N with her?”

“No.” Nick shook his head. “Should we follow her in?”

“No, no.” Dean said. “I don’t wanna tip her off and get Y/N hurt. Let’s just wait and see who she comes out with.”

“So you think…what? She’s drugging these guys?”

“Pretty much.” Dean answered, not taking his eyes off the door to the bar. “I know how it sounds.”

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