you are on indian land

Hey there Leif,
You decided that Greenland was not far enough afield and you took the Vikings all the way to North America. Where in North America, we’re not quite sure, but we’re pretty sure that you did go there. There was some raiding, some trading, some strife with the indigenous people, and then, you didn’t settle the land and kill 95% of American Indians, and for that, Leif Eriksson, I say good job!
—  An open letter to Leif Eriksson, Crash Course World History 224
[Kagehina] Days in a Life

Fandom: Haikyuu

Title: Days in a Life

Pairing: Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shouyou

Summary: AU in which the Kageyama and Hinata families think it is a good idea to arrange a marriage unbeknown to their sons. Kageyama and Hinata didn’t know that getting into their parent’s craziness would change the course of their life.

Chapter 1

“I said I won’t go”

Hinata Shouyou the one and only heir of the Hinata’s household yelled incessantly, making weird wailing noises and wild gestures with his hands. Saturdays evening were not meant to be spent yelling and throwing objects at your butler, who, poor soul was only trying to get his job done, after all. Much less to say, said butler didn’t appreciate his master’s rant very well. He was shocked at first, but then he started panicking.

“Please Shouyou sama, try to understand my position,”

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SKYPIEA | for a land of gold and vearth and endless white sea; for the song of ringing bells that fiercely declare we are in the sky! (one piece locations part 6/?) [listen]

i. you got land? (thank an indian) - keith secola and the wild band of indians | ii. bad religion - frank ocean | iii. why - supaman | iv. pray (acoustic) - erised | v. buried in teeth - mariee sioux | vi. angels (kygo edit) - the xx | vii. east of eden (acoustic) - zella day | viii. bury my heart at wounded knee - buffy sainte-marie | ix. hallelujah (cover) - hannah trigwell | x. amazing grace - harlem gospel choir

You know, I don’t want to take away from the excitement of Ilvermorny and the other new wizarding schools in the Harry Potter universe but I have this sneaking feeling a lot of people doing the test and seeing what Ilvermorny house they’re in aren’t actually North American. Not that that’s a bad thing, but there are some issues here with it.

Like I’ll tell you right now I am not from the UK but I know my Hogwarts house, but that’s a very different thing. The issue I’m having with this is that it seems like people don’t understand the very offensive thing JKR has done with Ilvermorny. 

The school’s houses are based on creatures from Native mythologies, the founder however was a white Irish immigrant. This is where the issue with Ilvermorny lies. 

I am white y’all, like sooooo fucking white, and my family is Irish, but I consider myself a pretty aware inhabitant of North America, and my ancestors treated the native people like SHIT y’all. Have you ever heard of an ‘Indian’ reservation? Because they’re large plots of land allotted by the conquering British to the native peoples of north america, these reserves are typically far in land, away from good hunting and fishing spots, and far away from traditional grounds for the people in them, and have the SHITTIEST possible soil which made it nearly impossible to farm. Reservations were created with the intent to starve out the native population that the European diseases and murders didn’t kill already.

This is the issue with Ilvermorny, it takes these creatures from Native myth, and creates a white saviour trope to boot with Irish immigrant Isold creating the school. The white people that came to North America wanted nothing more than to decimate the Natives, and they tried their damnedest to do it too. 

In a 2011 census in Canada Natives made up only 4.3% of Canadian residents, and that is bullshit, they were here first and my ancestors destroyed their populations, their homes, and so much of their cultural heritage. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love JK Rowling and I love Harry Potter, but I wish she had done more research here, had the school founded by warring native tribes as a way to bring peace to the land, and then invited the europeans to attend for the same reasons of peace, anything but a white woman founding a school in a place where white people are not native. 

I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, especially from non north americans who don’t know this history, but please, before you come into my inbox and get mad at me I want you to google a few things; The Trail of Tears, Indian Residential Schools, and cases of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada and the US.

Please at least learn the significance of these creatures to Natives, and why it’s so upsetting that the school was founded by a white settler before you come get mad at me.

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Chinese American here. Was I the only one completely disgusted at all of the poppies on the dresses at the Met Gala? I don't see why an event supposedly "honoring Chinese fashion and its influences in Western fashion" is bastardized to commemorate the opium wars--especially because of its toll on the country and its mark on western imperialism in China.

cara delivignes sister literally went as opium
like when asked why she wore the dress she did she literally cited opium
its actually incredible to me how cavalier white people are about completely screwing a country over with an illegal drug trade because they couldnt be honourable enough to pay money for shit.
its also even more horrible when you realise that they exploited indian land to do so and then used the money from the opium trade to a) secure the indian interior b) put down revolt and c) flood indian markets with factory made cotton and put a large swathe of the population out of a job
honestly there is no self-awareness and i sometimes question the presence of critical thinking among white communities.

- a

yall keep sayin that white people against immigration are ironic because white people immigrated here in masses but yall are forgetting

america was not a civilized land back in the day, there was no central government, there was violence between tribes over whos land was whos, and there was virtually no technology or advancement of such in society. 

So before all you pro-immigration ppl try to claim ‘white people stole the indians land’ and that 'white people need to remember that they were illegal immigrants at one point’, just remember how this country even came to be what it is today, and that hoardes more of people flooding in, bringing violence, uneducated individuals and families, and general hindrances to society is not going to make this country any better

Country Cemetery 04 B&W – Indian Land, SC, July 12, 2014

When you are grounded in who you are (and also are),

At one with yourself,

Centered upon, and aligned with,

The things that matter most,

You have no need of super powers.

You are immovable,


(As in unphased by anything that happens to you)

Immune to all that would distract you

From the business that is your business,

From the work that is your work,

From the task of being who you are

In every situation and circumstance

That comes your way,

For the good of those situations and circumstances,

All your life long.

Super You!

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So I saw you comment on that cultural appropriation post about henna/mehndi tattoos and like, I was discussing this with my friend about how no, culture SHOULDN'T be kept within borders, but you should DISRESPECT a culture. And so I was just wondering if you could further explain your feelings about non arabic/pakistan/indian people using hennas? like is it okay if they are aware of the meaning? or still no?

Sorry about the late reply I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a proper answer but here’s my take on the whole issue.

Henna, in India has high cultural significance, for example; it’s used during weddings, special Hindu festivals such as Diwali and Karva Chauth. There is a whole day dedicated to a whole Mehindi or Henna as part of an Indian Wedding. I think people are allowed to get it, provided they know what they’re getting and what it means, where it comes from, etc. Referring it as it’s correct name, “henna” or “mehindi” not a henna tattoo because that’s wrong traditionally and also literally because it’s temporary and doesn’t stay for very long. Also, there are many symbolic aspects to Mehindi and people who intend on getting that should actually look up the traditional or religious symbols associated and avoid them if they aren’t part of the culture or religion as it would be disrespectful. I think the issue people have with “cultural appropriation” is that in today’s western world is the lack of acknowledgement people give to the origin of cultural aspects that they just turn into normal beauty products. They completely dismiss the fact that this is actually a culturally significant aspect of Indian culture and simply assume it’s a beauty thing. Like no, this has significance. It’s a tradition that dates back to about 9000 years ago. People often forget that India is a heavily cultural country, when you say “India” or “Indian” people don’t think the land of spices, Mehindi and pattern infused clothing, with vibrant colors. They usually think “seedy guys” or “third world country”. India is often dismissed for so many things, like a British accent is “sexy” whilst an Indian accent is something people make fun off. I think people need to recognize culture, acknowledge that things do have significance (dismissing dumb stereotypes ofc) and can’t just be worn because they look nice or whatever. Yes, get Henna, it’s a fashion statement in India itself but don’t get culturally affiliated symbols and don’t call them “Hand Tattoos or whatever” use the culturally appropriate term.

Cultural appreciation.