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I headcanon that Sasuke might be somewhat of a jumpy person, in his later pre-teen to teen years. Jumpiness and hypervigilance are both common effects of PTSD, so is anxiety, so I can imagine Sasuke getting a little jumpier after the massacre and the more things progress. He flinches when someone moves too fast near him, he starts at the sound of thunder, he jumps whenever a crash or other loud sound resounds near him. It’s an integrated part of his personality that he doesn’t notice since it’s been that way as long as he can remember. He only notices when people point it out in such a mocking manner. Statements such as “Haha, what’s the matter, you scared?” or “Would you fuckin’ relax, I’m not even doing anything!” are among some of the things Sasuke’s heard. 

When he’s at home, after several years without any place to call home, Sasuke thinks the habit might be gone. He has no reason to jump, to feel nervous. He’s now an adult (if eighteen is an adult, he doesn’t feel any different from being seventeen) and out of the clutches of his childhood. He’s past it. It isn’t until Naruto happens to slam a cabinet door a little too loud that the old habit rears its ugly head, and Sasuke jumps as the sound jars through him. His eyes close and he prepares for the biting, albeit harmless comment he’s sure Naruto has brimming at his lips. But instead, Sasuke feels a gentle hand resting reassuringly on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” 

“Lesbians are the most toxic of the LGBT+ community”

Nah, but I get it’s easier to project the massive amount of misogyny and homophobia you harbor toward homosexual women whom most of the BT and even G sometimes (and even other lesbians sometimes due to self hatred) feel entitled to in various ways because we are women and direct a lot of sexism and homophobia toward because we are women who only like women - whom you have no respect toward.

So let’s fix that projection and show what you really think: “Most of the alphabet soup community has the most toxic perceptions of lesbians.”

Ya girl is back with some head canons because the last one went pretty well so let’s try this out.

Sunday mornings/sundays with the OTP.

•spending all morning in bed doing absolutely nothing besides watching bad TV and marveling at each other

•lazy morning sex

•sunday pancakes with one half of the OTP cooking and the other half commenting on the others ass as they cook.

•"yeah babe you show that pancake it’s your bitch"
“I can’t with you.”

•lazy days in pjs sprawled out on the couch watching movies

•"I’m too tired to moovveee"
“I’m not carrying you.”

•staying in bed all day, refusing to leave for anything but food and the bathroom.

•being grossly in love and happy with each other’s company.

•person A) “You look so amazing, I can’t be anymore in love with you it’s impossible” Person B: *just woke up, hairs a disaster, has syrup on their face, drinking coffee angrily* “Are you blind?” “Blinded by love” “You’re too dramatic for your own good… but I guess I love you too”

•kisses all the time, seriously, just lots of sloppy kissing on the couch, in bed, making lunch just these assholes are in LOVEEE ok.

•along with sex, there’s a healthy dose of just talking, enjoying each other’s company, doing stuff as normal as cleaning the house becomes some dramatic declaration of love.

Add more if you like!

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Robin x Sanji for the kid prompt? :3c



presenting a bad poem i wrote in my head at work:

there is a sausage

floating in the well

i should take it out

but i dont

later i look again

the sausage is still floating


i ignore it

im not paid enough


Gift for Naz: Iwaoi + Cheese & the Trap Quote ☆

↳ “Don’t worry about others and take care of yourself first. No one’s going to acknowledge you for your troubles. If you’re going through something hard, don’t keep it to yourself.”— Cheese In The Trap 

   ❛  And there are never really endings, happy or otherwise. Things keep going on, they overlap and blur, your story is part of your sister’s story is part of many other stories, and there is no telling where any of them may lead.  ❜


In the year 2026 the world as we knew it ended. There were many stories spoken about it, and yet one thing remained a constant element of each of them  ——  nature reclaimed what was hers. It started with weather acting out on a grand scale, reshaping the industrialized world. Then the power died down, and with it many resources had gone short ; all of which when lost, created an open way to pick through people one by one. Great numbers were lost to pandemics, cataclysms, finally leaving very few survivors fending for their lives, and searching through wrecks of the Old World. One of them was the legendary Merlin, who began bringing survivors from the entire world to the old lands of British Isles. On top of the ruins a community was formed, that through mutual effort began to pick humanity back onto its feet. With it, magic was reborn, thus new Albion was created!

Now it’s the year 2158. For over one hundred years the community expanded, learning its ways in the new world. As generations kept growing, the occupied lands became larger, and a civilization was hatched from its ashes  ——  creating a world were people were equal, as was love, profession and beliefs. A lot of old crafts and lore made its return to a world where magic is once again roaming free through the lands, creating a balanced mix of scrapped technology and fantasy. A reality where the greatest gift is to give back to others with skill and knowledge, with books being a vital resource of it, and where the people of the lands choose their leaders, who all meet every now and then to discuss the well-being of Albion. And as for Merlin…  he lives by the Crystal Cave quietly overlooking it all.

If you want to join this world, now is your chance! See for yourself where your character lands, and if the peace that’s been kept for the past one hundred and thirty two years will last.

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I've asked for advice four times and you've ignored me so like don't waste your time people they only care when they want to. they pick and choose who they want to help.

alright anon, lemme tell you smth. you do realize i’m a person right? i’m a 15 year old girl who’s juggling school and a social life and mental illnesses, all day everyday. this is just a blog, not a therapist. if you need real advice, there are people out there who are trained to help you. don’t take all your problems to a 15 year old girl, who can’t even help herself

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One thing that bugs me about this fandom is that Mani can't have one thing for herself. For example dwts the girls already performed yet some want them to again and I'm like why it's not needed. Chrissy followed Mani on Twitter and someone is talking about hope Mani can get the group a collab with John. Lastly Nicki maybe Nicki wants to collab with Mani who said it has to be the group if it is ok cool.when the other girls get their follows/connection no one says it has to be for the group.

Normani is highly scrutinized and criticized. It’s minute details that send this fandom off the deep end, like a follow or interaction on social media. Now if we were discussing concrete things like pictures or videos then maybe, just maybe –you know what no it wouldn’t. The group has already said that they plan on partaking in solo endeavors. She has already shown, more than anyone else, that she has the ability to multitask like no other. Most people don’t respect her position or existence in this group thus they don’t think that she deserves anything else let alone respect as a member. She’s doing exactly what every one else is doing. Who else can make everyone mad purely based off of speculation? A legend in the making.

some more anon replies, again under the readmore, cos u all are good & sweet

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