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Am I that easy to forget? Pt 2

A/N: Okay, start here. Then at the end there will be a link that you choose which brother is going to make everything better.

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Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader

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Your dad made both boys run to the store while he sat with you in the family room talking about everything that was bothering you; how Sam never wanted to be around you anymore, how Dean ignored your calls and texts, you even told him about Alec breaking up with you. By the time you finished talking you were sobbing in his arms, causing his heart to break even more.

“Babygirl, you know your brothers aren’t trying to hurt you on purpose right?” He asked you.

“I know,” You told him, wiping your eyes, “Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less. They’re moving on and leaving me in the dust. Soon we’ll just turn into those siblings who never see each other, except they’ll still see each other and continue to ignore me.”

“They aren’t ignoring you Y/N.” John said, wiping a tear that was falling down your cheek, “They’re both just growing up. Soon you’ll be applying to college and running away from this place.” He said, trying to lighten the mood.

You let out a bitter laugh, “Yeah right, I’ll be lucky to get into any school. I’m not like Sam and Dean, they’re ridiculously smart and I’m just me. Dean got into one of the top programs for criminal justice in the country and Sam got into freaking Stanford, Dad. Standford! I’ll be living in my room until I’m forty while Sam and Dean go off and do amazing things. Just like always. I’ll just be the disappointing kid as usual.”

“Y/N. You know none of that is true.” John said, looking you straight in the eye.

You didn’t say anything, you just looked at your dad’s chin, unable to look him in the eye. You opened your mouth to say something when Sam and Dean arrived home from the store.

“Hey guys.” Sam said as he walked into the room, “We got some snacks, figured we could binge some Netflix, what do you say Y/N?”

“I even got some licorice.” Dean added, waving the bag next to his face.

You looked at your dad before shaking your head and leaving the room, you made a b-line for the stairs and a few moments later the sound of your door slamming could be heard throughout the house.

The Winchester men all stared at each other before Mary entered the room, tears in her eyes. “Does she really think all of that?” She asked as John gave her a hug.

“She’s just going through a tough time.” John said, rubbing her back, “I think maybe having Sam or Dean talking to her will help.” He added, looking at his sons, “I think right now they might be the only ones that’ll help.”

The brothers shared a look, “What’d she say?” Dean asked, worried about what the response was going to be.

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Dean talks to the Reader

Sam talks to the Reader

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Am I that easy to forget?

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