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Ugh my schools guidance centre has a bunch of pamphlets about abortion which seemed alright but I looked up their websites and they're literally all pro lifers. Now I have to shred them before they spout lies at another frightened pregnant person.

that’s really fucked up. do you go to a private school, and does your state have laws regarding sex ed? because if it’s a public school that may be violating state laws.

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Hi! I'm totally hiding because I'm embarassed. I was wondering if you (because your manips are WONDERFUL!!!) have ever manip'ed Killian/Emma on the cover of a trashy romance novel? If you haven't, do you know if anyone else has, or would you like to? Not for anything improtant, just kind of ... curious to see how it would turn out. Totally for a scientific endeavour, I assure you =P Thank you, you're awesome!

Hiya! Thank you so much, you’re so lovely!

And just to let you know, you never have to be embarrassed around me - I genuinely have no shame. People who know me will agree, so never feel like you can’t :). My IM and inbox is always open.

I haven’t! I’ve toggled withe the idea - I planned to make cheesy romance novel covers for CS, snowing and OQ but I never did it.

But if anyone knows of anyone who has, please let this lovely nonny know!!!


Share and admire, people.

Share and admire.

I am picking members for ParseSquad today, later into the day ! If you rb'ed the post, please make sure you gave me your main account if you are following from those ! If you are not sure you did, then reply to this post my lovelies !

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Hi! i was just wondering how you DIY-ed your map. I've been thinking of doing it to my room. Thank you, lovely :)

hi! The map that I made myself had a total of $9 compared to urban outfitters maps that cost $50, so I totally recommend just making it! what I did was I bought a map from a store called “PaperYa"in Granville island(Vancouver B.C) for $5, bought 2 long wooden rods from Michaels for $1 each, bought twine from the dollar store for like $2, and just used some clear duck tape. I measured the map and cut the wooden rods down with a saw to the length I wanted them, and sandpapered the edges to get rid of fraying wood. Next I literally just took 6 pieces of tape and taped the rods to the bottom and top of the map;(3 pieces for each side). once I did that, I cut a string of twine the length I wanted it and tied it to the top wooden rod with 2 knots. to finish it off, I just took a plain silver push pin and stuck it above my bed! I hope if you make it, it works out!! ❤️ good luck on your room btw :)


other cheat sheets


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reasons why eating regularly is so important

eating through ed recovery

  • contact a professional to help you through your recovery. they’re here to help you and guide you, as well as to be a confidant.
  • contact a professional before making any changes to a diet set by a doctor/nutritionist. restricting or changing your diet too soon can cause complications.
  • consult with them about how much and what you should be eating
  • remember that recovery is a process and it won’t become easy overnight
  • remember that you are not alone and food isn’t the enemy
  • remember that food is here to fuel you and keep you alive/healthy
  • neda recovery page





I don’t know how many people have heard of but they make great key ring cards that explain various medical conditions, mental illnesses and symptoms like sensory overload in simple and often humorous language.

Great if you have too many conditions to fit onto a traditional medical alert bracelet. They even sell lanyards so you can wear them round your neck.

I got the EDS, M.E., Fibro, Tummy Troubles, Sensory Overload, Joint Problems, Allergy and Emergency Contact cards :)

They also have various cards for Autistic Spectrum Conditions including Communication Cards.


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”

  • 1D:writes and records an amazing album
  • Ben:what about your hair?
  • Ben:what about your girlfriends?
  • Ben:what about the crazy fanfiction