you are not worthless without god

All you have to do is breathe. Release all your worries, your problem and all your disappointments in life. You may be having a bad day but that’s just normal and that’s okay. You may have lost of reasons to give up and sometimes you want to end everything, your life. Life is full of hardships, there are obstacles. You can’t get something in just a snap. You won’t experience smiles without tears. Everything’s a risk. Don’t ever think that it’s a bad life and you’re worthless just because of what you’re experiencing now. Remember, you are not the only person who’s going through something right now, some had experienced worst than that. But you have God who will never leave you, He will guide you all throughout. He won’t let you experience something that you can’t surpass. God is the greatest healer and also a mentor. Remember that, everything has its own way. Don’t ever forget to trust and believe in yourself.

You might think you are a very religious person. But if your tongue is out of control, you are fooling yourself. Your careless talk makes your offerings to God worthless.

Christians use their tongue to bring life not death, to spread the good news not gossip. The way you use your tongue determine what is inside of your heart.

A godly man will speak words of kindness that will give hope to others, will speak truth that will free those who are living a lie and will speak the Word of God for others to know the light. Those who are living in the flesh use their tongue to destroy others, they use it to spread lies and wickedness, they use it for their own foolishness without them knowing that they are being used as a tool of Satan.

Your tongue will show you who you really are and who your God is. A man who know God will always ask himself if his words will be acceptable in God’s eyes. He will not use his tongue to advocate the works of the enemy but rather he will use it to glorify God.

-January 23, 2017 / 10:15 pm

Friends, why are you doing this? We too are only human, like you. We are bringing you good news, telling you to turn from these worthless things to the living God, who made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them. In the past, he let all nations go their own way.
Yet he has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.
—  Acts 14:15-17
I believed in love once. Once was enough to make me believe that there was hope in this God forsaken world. I met someone who made me fall in love with the raw beautiful of commitment and compassion. You feel so deeply towards one person, when they leave, it’s unbearable. Tragic, even, how your world crumbles. It’s never over, no, but by God does it feel worthless living without love.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #625 // broken hourglass // @michaels-social-casualty
Noone ever made me feel the way you did, no.. I’m not talking about just happiness. I’m talking about giving me a reason to wakeup every day and I could hardly wait to hear your voice. I’m talking about purpose and meaning, i’m talking about reason. I’m saying when I was with you my bitter emptiness closed up and it started to restore itself. We do all these things such as getting jobs and graduating and going out with with friends but none of this compares to you. None of this means a damn thing when it comes to you. I would have given up everything in my life to be with you without a thought. What we had was short but to me it was so real and I cant get over it. Nothing makes me feel like you. I felt like i’d drunken a bottle of the finest wine when I was with you, high on life. For the love of god, tell me I meant something to you because i’ve never felt more worthless than I do now.