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Hi. So I'm 13 and I've sent this boy who I've been talking to for over a year now nudes. I was supposed to stop talking to him. It could have ended there but I was stupid and continued to talk to him because (long distance relationship) basically it ended up being emotionally abusive & whenever I tried to leave he threatened to post my nudes and tell my parents we are talking. One time he even did post my nudes. What do I do. It's been over a year and I still can't leave...

omg honey no :( you aren’t stupid, we all make mistakes and we all have put our trust in someone who we had no idea we should not have. if he posts them then he can definitely get charged for distribution of child pornography and tbh that’s what he deserves. 

honestly i would say go to your parents about this. i know that sounds scary and they might be mad, but telling them how he’s threatening you and being abusive towards you, i think they will definitely be able to interfere and help. if you can’t tell your parents, then please tell another adult who you can trust – a family friend, a teacher, a counselor, etc. don’t be afraid of them being mad at you, you’re young and we all make mistakes when we’re young. you’ve obviously learned something from this and that’s the most important part.

he’s a shitty person tbh anyone who threatens to post someone’s intimate photos like that, or actually does post them, is a piece of shit and i really hope he gets what’s coming to him.

im sorry this is happening to you babe :( it’ll all be okay though just please go to someone with this and try to put an end to it all

What do you mean it’s an actual PSA???

This blog is on an official mon-fri Hiatus until June. I’m currently doing Clinical, and will (after three more weeks of this) be in preceptorship for five weeks after.

Although that only puts me in about mid-May, afterwards, I’ll be looking into a new job (Hopefully with me preceptor placement) and trying to get settled down into an actual routine. 

It’s not that I have no ability at all to be online after I’m done at Clinical, but the hours are just off enough that my body clock is screaming “BITCH, NO. WHAT IS THIS SHIT?” So by the time I get home, all I can hear is the call of my bed. 

So in the meantime: I do have another job that I do attend to on the weekends, but it’s still within what I would consider my ‘normal’ waking hours. So at some point in the day, I’ll likely be here, answering asks, and working on drafts. (Ah, yes. The endless pile of happiness. I really like diving into drafts, actually. Does that make me a little bit odd?)

In other news, aside from Clinical and Preceptorship, I’ve also been approved for the women’s only housing that was recommended to me. Despite my situation, I felt that I would definitely be turned down, so this is actually a turn for the better!  Come mid-April or so, I’ll be an actual hecked up mess from the move and the adjustment of living -gasp- on my own. 


I’m going to be writing up replies, drafting, and queuing them up over the weekends, and hoping that some of those post at a decent pace over the week while I’m finishing up this leg of stuff in my life. 

Bless all’y’all who read this far. 

Thank you for everyone who has kept my children and I in their thoughts and good hearts. Thank you for anyone who donated to the crowdfund to make sure I would be able to afford to move out like this. 

The sun has finally begun to peek out from the clouds, and I can’t be happier!

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Who do the children hang out with most often?

Shin & Ayame:

*both looking at each other*


*clings to his arm*


Please excuse her, she’s very shy around people she doesn’t know well.

Aya will only go outside if I take her with me. She’d never leave my side, but that’s good since I can keep an eye on her and protect her better like that. 

So, Aya is most of the time alone or together with me and I hope it stays like that.


(Why should I need anyone beside onii-sama.. and I have Papa.. that’s enough for me..)


Heheh, and I really like hanging out with Silas. He’s fun! *smirks* 

And my cousin Emilia is pretty cool as well. 


*pinches his arm*


Oh, yes. Aya likes her cousins too. *smiles*

Silas belongs to @@rinna-diabolik 

Emilia belongs to @@therosemaiden

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What do you guys do to help when Mama gets sick?

When Mama gets sick, we make sure he sits on the couch allllll day and watches movies with us!! Vati makes him tea and makes him take yucky medicine to make sure he feels better!

F: My Bambino’s are the sweetest things when I’m sick! But, with them constantly by my side insisting that they help me get better, they usually get it as soon as I get better.

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I'm so proud of us!!! We're amazing and made mama proud 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿🍷🍾


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Hey mama! You have such good skin! Have you ever had acne before? If you have, could you please give some tips to either shrink the acne or get rid of it? Sorry if i'm bothering you.

I get this ask a lot. I was lucky, I never had ache. But my advice is if you are young (13-17 in which case get off my blog), your hormones are whack and acne is pretty common. As you get older it will decrease but my advice for now is a clean face.

✩Cleansing and acne reducing face masks, exfoliating scrubs, a small amount of moisturizer can help.
✩ Don’t wear make up if you dont have to even if you are embarrassed. If your chilling at home or just going to the store forget make up.
✩ Always wash your face before bed. Don’t let make up or excess natural oils sit in the pours.
✩Avoid moisturizing where acne is. If your skin is dry, your body makes more oils to rehydrate and a pimple can form. If you use too much moisturizer then the excess can form acne too. It’s about balance.
✩ Try not to touch your face, it rubs dirt into the pours.
✩Drink heaps of water
✩Exercise makes you sweat and cleanses pours.

Hope this helped you babe ♡

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How much you wanna bet that Jackson was supposed to come back on the 20th, but Mama Wang put the fear I to JYP. Ahahahahaha

ID BET MY LIFE ON IT!!!!! Look im telling yall Mamas are whole ass goons when it comes to their babys and she look like a OG alright Jackson was in good hands!! JYPE said were gonna send him back on the 20th and she probably aint even flinch just gave em that look mamas give and said ha yall tried it like yall must think im booboo the fool or one of yall lil friends dont play Ill tell yall when he can go back and If you try me again you can catch theses hands

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Mama Kelley! Do you have any tips on how to wear a dress that has a low back? Strapless is out because of the back. I'm plus size and am super uncomfortable with the way my boobs look without support.

You know, I’ve never fully understood how to go about wearing a low back without a bra 🤔 I know they make different sticky bra things like ones that are like bandaid material and cover your boob (bigger than a pastie) and the ones that are basically a bra with cups and everything but there’s no back and it just sticks to you. I tried the bandaid material ones the day of our wedding and they were gaaaarbage, I ended up just going braless and my boobs look terrible (let’s be real–I looked awful in general) in our wedding photos. So I’d go for the sticky half bra thing. Or maybe the Kim K duct tape thing?? You could tweak that to work around your dress!

That was like 0 help, I’m sorry 😂 if anyone else has any suggestions, please let us know!

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Hiii mama❤❤ If you don't wanna answer this question, it's fine - I still love you - but what are some of your kinks??

I don’t have a problem with that question at all, but I know that most of my kinks are very problematic (Nothing without consent or anything, of course, but nonetheless) so I think I’d rather keep them to myself.

Lesbian mamas and mamas to be!

If you used a sperm bank, can you let me know which one? We have only researched Cryos fully because it was recommended by a mama who had her little boy as as a result of the sperm bank, and from the moment we went on it we loved it. But i’ve had a little look at others online, like the European Sperm Bank, and wondered if there was anyone else on here who could recommend alternatives, to compare etc?