you are not the fater

J Hope x Reader tumblr prompt.

Pairing : Jhope( Jung Hoseok ) x Reader

Genre : Mild angst 

Prompt. :

“My showcase is scheduled for the weekend…Friday evening at seven.” Hoseok whispers against your lips, fingers gripping your bottom through the skin tight jean shorts as you straddled him, grinding down on his crotch as you grin into the kiss. Somewhere in the background the TV plays static noise, there’s a light  drip , drip  from the faulty faucet in the kitchen and the distinct scratching from out side the mesh door leading to the balcony.

 Mickey probably wants to come back in.

You pull back to smile fondly at Hobi. 

“Babe, I told you I will never miss a showcase and i meant it. Dad’s going to be pissed though. I have another party to attend on Friday.” You wrinkle your nose and his grip on your ass tightens, a bit on the painful side and it hurts a little.

But in a really, really  good way.

“What did he say?” Hoseok asks and it’s cute, the little bit of hurt nervousness in his tone. i also makes your heart ache because you know that Hoseok really wants to win your parents over. He wants to be good enough in their eyes and no matter how much you try to convince him otherwise, he always thinks he has something to prove. 

“Oh, you know. The usual. I’m not supposed to be in love with you. I’m supposed to find some chaebol…” you roll your eyes. “ But don’t worry, I’ll sneak out and try to make it back as quick as I can.” 

Hoseok hums but then the spark in his eye sort of fades. You lean down and catch the lobe of his ear between your teeth , trying to bring the mood back but Hoseok is distracted and you can’t help but sigh, clambering off him and pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Stop it..” You sigh. 

“Stop what?”

“Stop thinking it matters. Whatever my parents say or do.. it doesn’t even matter, okay? i love you. I want to have your babies.” You reach out and impishly squeeze his thigh, the solid weight of it familiar and arousing . “  That’s all that matters.” 

Hoseok laughs a little at that and lightly boops your nose.

“ i want you to have my babies too. i think they’ll be cute. Like you. ” He says but the insecurity still shines through his gaze. 

You kiss him again and he pulls away hesitantly. 

It’s nothing new, 

You’ve been dating for five years, going six and you’re already twenty four. He’s twenty seven and by all acoounts you should be able to make your own decisions now. But your father was one of the rich guys in the country and he had a bit of a public image as well. 

It’s important to him that his future son-in-law should be someone of good financial and social standing. Not a  dancer/ rapper with tattoos and piercings. But all that is just the surface, you think, moving to open the door and letting mickey in. The important thing is that Hoseok is incredibly kind, hardworking and so good for you. You’ve never been the sort to receive affection easily, always wary of poepl trying to get close just because your parents are rich. 

But Hoseok’s different. 

in the six years that you’ve been together he’s never let you spend a single dime on him. Hoseok’s old fashioned in his beliefs that the man should support his woman and you indulge him most times. 

You open the door, the familiar creaking echoing through the house. 

The adorable pup quickly shuffles in , moving to jhope and you stare around at the one bedroom apartment with the makeshift Music Mixing table thingy  and and the dance studio and the countless music equipment. 

It’s a bit cramped.

Your own home is about twelve times bigger.

But everytime you have to leave this place for the night, your heart breaks. Every inch of this place is special to you , because every inch of it screams Your relationship.

 The stain on the carpet from when he’d accidentally dropped your anniversary cake. 

The little crack in the wall from when he’d actually made love to you against it. It was after his first showcase, you had both been too horny and impatient to crawl the five feet or so to the bedroom. 

And the slightly crumpled wallpaper because of the shoddy work you had both done on it. You catch sight of a small bit of subtance on the wall and lean down to pick at it with your forefing. 

“you heading home?” Hoseok asks, nuzzling Mickey. You feel your throat close up at that. 

This is home, your heart whispers. 

This is where i belong. 

“Is this your cum? Did we fuck here as well?” You frown, sniffing at your finger and Hoseok groans, grabbing a throw pillow and tossing it in your face. 

You laugh and he joins in and that’s all you need sometimes. To be able to make the boy you love laugh. Even when he had a million reasons to be sad. 

“I love you.” You say seriously and the warmth in his face is palpable.

“I love you too, sweetheart.” 

And you realize that home is not a place.

 it’s a person. 

And for you, home is always Jung Hoseok. 


When Thursday rolls around, you find yourself stuck in yet another of your mother’s kitty parties. When it ends she tells you to let ‘ the handsome Kim boy’ to drve you back and you want to scream. Kim Jun Myeon isn’t exactly bad or anything but the’s got a massive crush on you and he does a really, really poor job of hising it. And to make matters worse, you need to go to hoseok’s studio.

It’s bad enough that you’re wearing one of the girly , flowery summer dresses that Hoseok thinks are too pretentious and now if you show up with Junmyeon ( who’s wearing a fully formal button down and steam pressed slacks, wtf) you can imagine how much the other boys are going to tease you about it. 

But your maother has that look on her face which tells you that ‘ I know that it’s hard for you to stop disappointing but for once in your life listen to me or I’m going to smack you”  

And yeah, you give in . 

Jung Myeon tries to engage you in conversation but the boy is awfully boring. Or maybe you’re just used to a level of energy fater six years with Hoseok and every other guy just seems incredibly bland to you these days. Whatever the reason, you can ‘t actually hold your attention and fater a while he gives up.

When you finally pull up in front of the studio, you flinch because there’s a spare set of shorts and cropped top stuffed in the lacy white bag over your shoulder. You had hoped to change into it before seeing Hoseok. 

But Hobi is already waiting outside the studio, helmet sitting in his lap as he straddles his bike, leather jacket slung over his shoulders and graphic white T shirt saying something like ‘ Blood and sperm all over the place “ 

When Jun Myeon gets out to open the door for you, you can physically feel the burning intensity of Hoseok’s gaze. The oblivious idiot actually hugs you and you push him away weakly. 

“You should leave…” You say urgently even as Hoseok carefully buckles the helmet to the bike and climbs off the bike. He looks like he’s a second away from throwing Junmyeon against the floor and punching him. 

“Who’s this? “ Jun Myeon clearly has no sense of self preservation and you groan as he stares at Hobi. 

“I’m the guy who made her scream multiple times last night. And who the fuck are you?” Hoseok growls. 

You can’t fully smother the squeak of disbelief that bubbles up.

“Hoseok.. what the actual fuck.. .. Oppa, you should leave..” 

“oppa?!! Are you fucking kidding me right now? “ Hoseok glares angrily and you press a palm to his chest, glaring. 

“Just leave.” You hiss at Jun Myeon and the other boy finally frowns and moves away . 

“Y/N! i’ll pick you up tomorrow for the party…” Jun Myeon says and Hobi growls next to you. 

Once he leaves you round on Hoseok.

“What the hell, hobi?!”

“Shouldn’t i be asking you that?! You fucking called him oppa!” 

“You hate it when I call you that!!” You say surprised. 

“Yes, but i hate it more when you call someone else that!” He shouts back.

You gape at him.

“Oh my God! You’re jealous!!” You laugh in disbelief and he snarls at you.

“I’m not jealous! Why the fuck would I be jealous of that pastel pink jerk?” 

You smile and grab his wrist, yanking him close and pulling his arm around your waist. 

“EXactly…Why should you? Like you said, you’re the one who gets to make me scream..” You whisper , tip toeing and kissing his lips . The taste is oddly familiar and you frown.

“Oh my God.. are you drunk?”

Hoseok frowns. 

“I may have had a few shots…” He says grudgingly. You stare at him in disbelief.

“What… Why?” You whisper in surprise. 

Hoseok sighs.

“Are you ashamed of me?” He says finally.


“I’m always calling you to my showcases but anytime there’s a thing with your parents… you find yourself one of these straight laced bastards to tag along with…” 

You gape at him, too stunned to respond.

“Hoseok…. You..i just didn’t want to make you do something you don’t want to… “ you whisper, feeling oddly hurt.

“I know, y/n. I just…I need some time to cool down. Come on, Let’s just go home.” He walks away without looking back and you stand there feeling very upset. 

When you reach home, he goes into the studio and doesn’t even come to bed. You end up staring at the ceiling all night, wondering what went wrong and how to fix it. 


“Come with me tomorrow. To the party.” You say firmly, Hoseok stares at you. 


“The party… Come with me. i want you to meet my parents, my friends there and everyone else. And to hell with what anyone says…”

“Y/N , you don’t have to…”

“I have to go get ready ay around three. I’l;l pick you up at five and we’ll spend an hour in the party and then we can sneak back out so you can reach the club for your showcase… okay?” 

“ARe you sure…?”

“I’m so sure….You can get a good look at everyone and tell me who should be scratched off from our wedding invite list.” You grin and he smiles softly. 

“I’ll make you proud…” He says softly. 

And your heart just melts.

“i already am … so proud baby…” You kiss the top of his head and he buries his face into the soft skin of your stomach. You thread your fingers through his hair and he sighs. 

“i just want to be good enough for you.” 

You give his ear a twist.

“You’re not just good enough for me. You’re so much more than I deserve.” He laughs and grabs you closer, tosiing you around till you’re flat on the couch. He wastes no time, straddling your waist and kissing your neck.

“i love you.” He breathes against your skin.

“Good. Now prove it..” You nip at his chin. 

“How?” He laughs, grinding down on you.

“Make me scream.” 


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Rumbelle Christmas in July 2016!

Giftee: @penguinboy 

It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and writing this for you! I really hope you enjoy!!

Marked by Fate
Rated Explicit

Prompt: Soulmate marks AU
Word count: 14k

Belle and Rumplestiltskin both developed mysterious marks as children, designating them as two of the lucky few who would find a soulmate. Starry-eyed dreams would fade in the light of harsh reality. But Fate will find a way. This wasn’t exactly the love story either were expecting but it could still lead to a Happily Ever After.

Chapter One

Queen Collette and King Maurice tried for years to have a child. The advice of medics, the prayers of clerics, herbal concoctions that smelled awful and tasted worse - nothing helped. Still Collette’s womb remained barren. It was only after meeting with a local midwife (rumored to be a hedgewitch, as well) that Collette was able to convince her husband to try one more time. She would never tell Maurice what the old woman told her or what had changed her tearful countenance to one of serene acceptance upon leaving the midwife’s ivy-covered cottage. Maurice had his suspicions but he kept them to himself. He was getting on in years and had no heir. And he loved his wife. They’d married for duty, not love, but the years had made them both grow fond in their own ways.

Lo and behold, a few weeks later, Collette told him, tears in her eyes, that she was with child. The usual amount of time passed, with Maurice doting on his wife and her swelling belly. He prayed for a strapping boy, one who could keep their lands and people safe. The day of the birth, he rushed to Collette’s bedside as soon as the healers would let him. She was flushed and breathless, a sheen of sweat on her brow and a mewling babe at her breast.

“It is a girl.”

Maurice felt his heart fall at that announcement. He tried not to let his face betray his disappointment. Keeping his spirits buoyed for Collette’s sake, he looked upon his daughter’s face for the very first time. And she was beautiful. She was not the son he’d longed for but a lovelier child he could not have imagined. They decided easily on a name; they called her Belle.

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5sos preference: you hear him talk bad about you


luke: It was saturday, you were spending the day with your boyfriend luke and the boys. Like every saturday, the boys were sitting with luke in the salon, waiting for you to go back from the kitchen so they could start the movie. You were about to bring the popcorn when you heard Luke saying your name in his sentence “Guys, I have a fucking big problem with Y/N” he tried to mutter. “what’s wrong with her?” Michael asked him quite confused. “You never noticed?” You saw the tree boys shaking their head to say no. “She’s talking so fast. I can’t understand what she’s saying! She can’t articulate. I’m always trying to figure out what she’s trying to tell me.” You were really mad at Luke. You went back to the salon, slammed the bowl of popcorn on the table. “Babe, why are you so angry?” Luke asked you. You smiled and did your best to talk slowly “I. Am. Leaving. The. House. For. Tonight. Luke. Goodbye.” you grabbed your coat, you bag and went to your mother’s house.

ashton: Ashton was downstairs with a friend, you didn’t know him. Ashton told you that it was a childhood friend, you trusted Ashton, you didn’t worry about the friend. You have just woken up from a nap, getting bored upstairs, you decide to join Ash and his friend. You were still in the stairs when Ashton started talking “I really like Y/N, she’s pretty but she sucks at music. She took guitar lessons, I listened to her once: trust me, it was awful. She tried my drums yesterday, I had to make her believe I wanted to go outside so she could stop”. You wanted to cry, you wanted to punch him. You ran upstairs and you took your guitar, with a few of Ashton’s drumsticks. You threw them downstairs, the guitar broke. Ashton ran down the stairs “Y/N? What the hell?” he asked you, confused. “Fuck you Ashton!” you yelled at him

calum: “She eats to much dude, it’s so weird! It looks like she’s eating for ten people!” you heard your boyfriend Calum talking to a friend. You were spending the day at the beach with your friends, like a meeting, a few years after high school. “Did you talk to her about it? Maybe she’ll stop Calum” his friend told him but Calum shock his head to say no “But man, have you seen her belly? I mean, she’s getting fatter right?” Of course, Calum didn’t know you were just right behind him, so he kept talking. “Trust me, I love her with all my heart, I’m just worried about her height” he was about to add something when you cut him “Well, you shouldn’t Calum”. He turned around with a terrified face “Shit, Y/N. You heard?” he asked you but you laugh, with tears in your eyes “Yes I heard Calum. And now you’re going to listen to me carefully. I eat for ten? You’re wrong, I eat for two actually. I’m gettinf fater? Yeah you should tell the baby to stay small” you almot yelled at him. He looked at you with a confused face “Y/N …. Do you mean that.. You’re pregnant” he asked you, getting closer to you “Yes I am you dick! Now fucking leave me alone for the rest of the day. Not in the mood to hear from you”

michael: You were watching your boyfriend Michael playing video games with his bandmates. You weren’t really into video games, you thought it was kinda boring. Personally, you thought you were too ‘mature’ for them. You told the boys you’ll be right back, that you were just going to pick you favorite book. A few minutes later, you were coming back to the salon when you heard Michael talking about you “I don’t know, man. Y/N isn’t like me. I mean, she’s pretty okay, but she’s not funny. She’s too much mature, always reading books or studying. She never want to play with me. Sometimes, she makes me feel like I’m stupid. I hate that so much” You were so hurt by him, you threw your book on the ground and ran upstairs, where you spend the rest of the day crying.


Oh, he loves it! He’s a total famewhore [about her dad]. You go anywhere, even if I’m not with him, he like ‘Hey, I’m John Stewart, fater of Kristen -have you ever seen Twilight- yeah, well, that’s my kid. I’m like Dad! We’re in an airplane, lower your voice!’ - Kristen Stewart on the CONAN Show