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How to deal with Little Meltdowns

This is how my daddy calms me down after I have a meltdown (I’m not ALWAYS perfect…)

  1. If your little is not already laying on a comfy surface try to get them that way.
  2. Your little will most likely face away from you. Big spoon them and drape an arm around
  3. If your little tries to tell you to go away, don’t unless they insist. then move your arm but don’t roll away.
  4. At this point, once daddies arm is moved, I usually freak out that he moved.
  5. This, is how he gets me to turn over.
  6. Cuddle your little into your arms and talk to them calmly.Tell them you love them. That it’s okay. Comfort them. Kiss their head. Brush their hair with your hands.
  7. Once your little has calmed a bit, reach for the nearest stuffie
  8. Say “OH LOOK! (stuffie name) IS HUGGING YOU
  9. If the little laughs, smother them with kisses, yours and the stuffies
  10. if they keep crying repeat step 6 until you get to 9
  11. Once your little is stable enough to talk, make sure whatever issue there was is resolved.
  12. Make sure to cuddle, give juice, paci, blankets. Make them feel safe again

Alright guys! This might not work for every Caregiver and Little but here is a general outline of one of daddies favorite ways to calm me down. Of course, it’s different depending on the situation and this is a very general version but I thought I would share this with you guys!!!!

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Could I get some cuddling headcanons for Dwyer (and maybe for Shura too)? I-I really love your headcanons...


  • He’s very pro cuddling and enjoys laying with you all the time
  • Dwyer is pretty picky about who he cuddles with, though, and most people he really does not want to  
  • He is liable to turn “cuddling” into “laying beside each other” if it gets too hot though
  • Falls asleep easily when cuddling with you


  • He is only anti cuddling if you’re including him in it, honestly
  • Being touch starved he adores cuddling it’s just getting past all his thoughts, worries, and self worth
  • Can’t ever decide if he prefers to be the big spoon (he gets to hold you, gently, protect you, is able to bask in the trust of that thought) or the little spoon (he gets to be held, protected, surround himself with you)
  • It takes him a while to fall asleep but he never really feels as calm as he does when he’s cuddling with you

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This user is trying rlly hard to think of an ask to cheer you up but can't bc like 0 spoons so they are settling on sending you this-this user loves you dearly, follows several of your blogs, and never fails to giggle when they scroll through them. This user may not agree with you 100% in everything, but that's how humans work. This user understands that, and therefore can care and appreciate you without feeling the need to argue. This user is sending positive vibes your way, and wishes you well

Thank you! 💛

I don’t feel like I’ve ever seen a ‘you don’t have to have sex!’ post that has actually spoken to me. I feel like those posts are talking to teens, or people who are dating someone new, where there’s not a whole lot on the line. Just once I’d like to see a post about being in a longterm relationship and not wanting to have sex (and not just a one-off situation, like, a lot of not sex), because when there’s property and children and stuff involved, it feels like a choice between having sex or risking the end of the relationship and turning your life (and others’ lives) upside down, and when you don’t have the spoons or the funds to make it on your own, that really doesn’t feel like much of a goddamn choice.

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i know this is a wrench blog but do u have any nsfw or sfw hcs abt defalt and his s/o bc im desperate


Sorry a little late but here it is!
(Welp i tired. And asked my friend for help. Sorry if these arent perfect.)


If his s/o lives far away from him. He’ll always pay the plane ticket or traveling costs!

His s/o is never allowed to come into his work room. He doesn’t want them to know the details of the way he works or what he does. (I mean he isn’t all buttercakes and sweets.)

Embrace him from behind and you got him startled for a moment but loving it the second later. Also random kisses are amazing for him.

Ask for him to remove his mask and don’t suddenly grab or reach for it. You get a irritated rat.

He’s the small spoon in this relationship with his s/o!

He spoils his s/o alot. Like a l o t. Money is no problem for him and he loves to see his s/o happy.


Defalt himself controls most of the time in the bedroom. Only because of trust issues. Get his trust and maybe you can top him.

He got a pretty high sexdrive but doesn’t mind a no here and there.

Make sure you two have a safe word because he tempts to get really rough with his s/o.

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do you want company in thinking about brevarden? rn specifically I'm thinking abt someone trying to hire Seivarden away again (she has like three whole skills now!) and Breq's like 'whatev, see if I care' 'fleet captain, you just vaulted the table and stabbed them in the knee with a fruit knife in front of everyone, we feel like you might care a little' 'I SAID WHATEV, SEE IF I CARE'

I always want company in thinking about Brevarden 

Breq like “whatever, it’s up to Seivarden, she has no obligation to me,” while holding Seivarden’s hand and wearing the stupid gay pins Seivarden bought for them. “You’d probably like it better working for someone else,” she says while Seivarden is spooning her in their shared bed. “If you wanted to work for her I’d be FINE with it even though she’s TOTALLY AN ASSHOLE and rude but she’s a real Radchaai captain with a ship with ancillaries so you’d probably like that better” “Babe do you really have to do this on date night”

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how would any of the guys take your mind off of your anxiety? i just started feeling horrible and i could use a sinful distraction :(

awww baby I’m sorry. Anxiety is a bitch.

I think Bucky would keep you in bed and make love to you slowly if you asked him to take your mind off it. He’d eat you out with no expectation of a returning gesture. Spooning sex too. He’d just make you feel loved and help keep your busy.

Sinful Sunday™

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Namseok things you said when you're heartbroken

Hoseok lays in Namjoon’s bed, and Namjoon spoons him as he cries. It’s been three years since they met. He’s seen Hoseok angry. He’s seen Hoseok exhausted. He’s seen Hoseok hurt, hungry, determined, and even happy. He’s never seen Hoseok like this. 

“Hey,” he soothes, running his hand up and down Hoseok’s arm, “it’s gonna be okay, man.” 

“I mean, I know–” Hoseok sniffles, “I know it’s been hard. I can’t hardly see her, but I thought–I thought we had something. Who does that? Why didn’t she just break up with me?” 

“Because…” Namjoon sighs. He doesn’t know. Yet another thing he doesn’t understand about people. It takes seconds to send a break-up text. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, it’s really easy to bounce. Cheating is just…mean. 

And who would ever cheat on Hoseok? Who wants to believe the best of everyone? Who works hard to balance training and school and a long-distance girlfriend? 

“Yeah,” Hoseok breathes shakily. “Exactly.” 

He’s never seen Hoseok heartbroken before.

 pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble


THE GIFTENING 2016: Yuri Hell’s Kitchen, Recipe 2 Part 2b

Video with subtitles from the missing five minutes or so from the original version. Truly, it is a pity you won’t get to hear my snotty voice about wooden spoons, but at least this serves as marker that it did exist.

Dear Healthy People,

When someone says they can’t do something (such as volunteer to do something) because of their health problems, listen.

Don’t ask them again.

You probably don’t have any ill intentions. But it hurts.

Don’t tell them it’s “low impact” and how helpful it would be if they do the thing.

They know their limits better than you. Something that seems like it doesn’t require much exertion to you, might be too much for them. They may need to save their “spoons” for something else.

It’s uncomfortable in the extreme to keep having to say no. There is societal pressure and expectation to provide reasoning but the disabled/chronically ill should not have to provide the details of their medical condition before they are believed. 

It’s depressing to be reminded how much one’s illness has taken away. 

It’s embarrassing to admit just how limited one’s abilities are, knowing how weak and useless others find you.

It’s frustrating to feel like you can’t do more to help with a good cause.

It’s tiresome to feel like one’s “no” is not respected and one’s “I can’t” is not believed. When an illness is invisible, the expert on its effects is the person who lives it.

So yeah, please don’t do that.


Someone with a chronic illness.

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God I just need my heart to hurt with fluffy emotions, but can we imagine cuddling with Jonathan for the first time!!! And like him being the little spoon but he's flustered and is like saying you can switch but you're tired and all you want is him close ❤️


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tv show chef au where Jo is a guest on Nate's show or s/t and he is terrible in the kitchen and Nate finds it really endearing

Omg I would write this if I knew anything about cooking shows but

Hockey player Jo guest-starring on Nate’s show, and Nate is doing a cooking segment that’s like “Protein-rich, healthy meals for you professional athletes out there” and Jo just picks up a spoon and is ???? the whole time. He’s okay at beating the eggs and pouring stuff but he’s shit at doing anything with fire (his specialty is ice, okay) and he probably also gets distracted staring at Nate and Nate’s arms. Jo keeps trying to touch his own hair and face and Nate has to keep grabbing his wrists to stop him. Nate loves the stupid little faces Jo makes when he’s confused and trying to follow along, and his French cursing (bleeped out, of course) and nervous babbling are endlessly endearing.

In the end they sit down with the meal which was mostly Nate’s doing and it’s really good despite Jo burning the vegetables a bit, and Jo compliments Nate so much that the camera eventually cuts away. Once the crew stop filming Nate offers some private cooking lessons for Jo because…you know. He’s just so bad at cooking, Nate figures he could do with some help. At Nate’s house.

(Yes they’re the type to fuck in the kitchen. Nate’s good with wiping surfaces down and turning the stove off because he’s a professional but please don’t fuck in the kitchen in the middle of cooking)

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[ gives moomoo milk] korrina in a relationship with s/o pls (sfw and nsfw)

*squeels* Yo, milk is my fave drink! ^.^ and I’ve done quite a bit of sin for Korrina already here and here, so I hope you don’t mind just a bunch of SFW stuff ^^;;


* She likes buying and making you all kinds of little accessories such as bracelets or rings. She especially likes it when the both of you are wearing those matching relationship charms.

* She’ll always talk about you to her friends. She’ll get all mushy and affectionate and her face will light up right away whenever someone asks about you.

* She’ll always want to hold hands with you everywhere you guys go. She likes to hold your hand tightly and swings your hands whenever you two go out.

* She loves to cuddle her S/O all night. She likes to be the big spoon and will hold you tightly to her, you’ll have to wiggle yourself out of her grasp if you need to get up.

* Although she’s very happy-go-lucky and optimistic, her mood does drop a little when she hasn’t seen you for a while. When she sees you again she’ll perk up right away and hug you tightly to her.