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A/N: *SQUEALS* I don’t know how I’m still alive :D I will never figure out my bias list after Yuto.

Jinho:Jinho would literally just stop. He’d stare at you as if he can’t be sure of what he heard. Then he’d look away, then back at you, then away. (his ears would be SO red) And when Jinho finally processes and THINKS about your request, he wouldn’t even be able to think straight. ‘WHy. H0W. They’re so CUTE I’M GOING TO DIE. AM I HAVING A STROKE?’ Eventually, somehow, when Jinho is able to calm down and actually hold eye contact for more than 3 seconds, he’d be very mature about it and super super sweet. “Just follow my lead. And remember, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” This is when you would really learn what Jinho’s heart eyes are like.

Hui:Huitaek would react in a way that would entirely relief you of your embarrassment because he would purposely do silly things to make you laugh and chill out first. (this cutiepie) Huitaek would be the same guy who would be too shy to kiss you so instead he’d launch into an animated explanation about how kisses work. The rambling will not stop. You would need to stop him. Please. After that’s done, Huitaek would hold your face softly and put your foreheads together with a small smile, but the loveliest eye smile. “I really like you.” All in all, Huitaek would ease you into it really subtly.

Hongseok:Hongseok would spaz on the spot and it would definitely make you laugh. (because how can you resist the charms of this boy?) “Are you sure? I mean I wanted it to be special. But if this would make you happy..” Hongseok is good with his words, but mostly because he’s such a sweetheart. This guy would make you swoon and feel all fuzzy inside, and you’d fall for him all over again. He’d be the one who looks at you like you’re all he sees, tucks your hair behind your ear, and kisses you like you’re a rose. (thorns are no problem for him, as long as you’re the rose)

E'Dawn:“Aigoo, why are you being all shy? kekekeke” Hyojong would pinch your pink cheeks and be really smiley since he wasn’t expecting you to bring it up all of a sudden. Maybe he would pet your head while he’s at it. Not that he’s making fun of you, but because his heart is swelling with warmth and it’s things like this tha confirm his feelings for you. Hyojong would bring your hands up to his shoulders, place his hands on your waist, and admire your face from up close. “Okay, i’m really gonna kiss you now. Promise.” Leaning closer, he’d whisper one last time. “Cute.” I feel like Hyojong would be the sparks and goosebumps kind of first kiss.

Shinwon:Shinwon would be so hyped that you asked because he’s actually been thinking about how to make the first move for the longest time. He’d be so excited that he would entirely forget to react to your shyness. (he wouldn’t have realised, in other words.) “Yes, I will definitely help you! Nothing to worry about, love.” In the beginning, Shinwon might be slightly intimidating for someone who has never kissed before, because of how excited he can be, but he would be really gentle and mindful. You’d be in SAFE hands. ;) “I got this, babe.”

Yeoone: Changgu would shake you by your shoulders while being unable to contain his overflowing smile. “Stop being so CUTE” After which, he’d turn cheeky and tease you for being so shy and adorable that it almost made him faint. This guy would tease you so much and would NEVER let go of this moment for as long as your relationship lasts. But we all know how much of a great and loving boyfriend Changgu would be. So once he’s done enjoying your cute blushing face, he’d plant a quick peck on your lips. “Now, all you have to do is stay with me to learn the rest of the lessons.” Yeo Changgu is someone who smirks a lot. (He’d make you regret asking but, in the long run, it’d be something you’d be proud of. Because everytime he brings it up, all you have to do is remind him who it was who made the first move.)

Yanan:Yanan? The one who has never even held a girl’s hand before or even been in a relationship before???? Yanan would be an absolute mess. Dearest Yanan would be the cutest squish of embarrassment and nerves. He’d speak in mumbles while trying to tell you that he has absolutely NO idea what he’s doing either. “iveneverkissedanybodybeforeeithersoicanthelpexactly” You’d be confused. Yanan would be confused. You’d be lost, and so would Yanan. Both of you would just have to be content with sharing your first kisses with each other. ;_; so cute. (actually, is changgu counted as his first kiss? huhuhu i love em’ peppero games.)

Yuto:This tough guy is going to stop functioning. ‘Who am I? Where is this? How am I alive? Metabolism is amazing. WHAT IS A KISS? Maybe I can distr- NO. Yuto, you’ve been waiting for this moment for the LONGEST TIME NOW. KISS EM’ You’d just be watching Yuto malfunction while attempting to gather his wits. He’d be struggling to convince himself that he can do it, survive the embarrassment, and not scare you off with his sweaty hands. BUT, once he finally settles down, he’d shake his nervousness off, clear his throat, and be like “Let’s do this.” WHEW you will be in for a surprise :’) Adachi would be the warmth in your veins kind of first kiss.

Kino:Hyunggu would react so fast, you would be the one gaping. He’d be so excited and shy that he would be shouting into the air. “AAAAAAAHHHH FIRSTLY, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MY HEART? SECONDLY, YES.“ Face covered in a wide grin, Hyunggu would snuggle you into his arms and it’d be extremely adorable. He’d peck you on your cheek first, to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s a vital moment for him, because it’s your first kiss AND your first shared kiss. “You’re really something else.” Kang Hyunggu would be the secretly sentimental kind of guy.

Wooseok:He’d laugh as a defense mechanism of struggling to processs your request because of how mushy his head is becoming. “You want me to what? You’re kidding right?” Wooseok would act like it’s not even a big deal, but he would be FREAKING OUT SO MUCH INSIDE. ‘What if they think i’m a bad kisser? Holy crap. Am I being a douchebag right now? What if they think I don’t want to kiss them and-’ He would surprise you, and himself, by going in for the kiss all of a sudden. And it would be a really in-the-moment kinds of kisses you watch in dramas. Of course, the part where you two jump apart, faces burning, is included too.

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GOT7 Reaction | Seeing their ideal type at a fansign

| Could you please do a BTS and GOT7 reaction when they see their ideal type at a fansign? Thanksssss ❤️ | Here u go fam! ~Admin Hedgehog (i got carried away with yugyeoms I’m sorry my bias is showing)

Mark: he would get really really shy and giggly to himself, and would be terrible at making eye contact with you bc he’s so shy~~~

JB/Jaebum: ahh this sucker would be a weird mix between super giggly and low-key flirty but he would try his best to give you signals that he likes you, without showing favoritism. 

Jackson: can u say king of skinship like good god he’s gonna try to be all over you without making it a big deal, but while he tries his best to show that he likes you, he wouldn’t act on his feelings in such a public area

Jinyoung: our prince would be extra polite and give you lots and lots of smiles and hand touching, holding your hand and writing a cute note on your album/poster.

Youngjae: sweet awkward bean would give so many awkward giggles and would try to gather up his courage to hold you hand before you move on to another member, and he may or may not be successful, but he would appreciate it if you made the first move and held his hand first lmao

Bambam: my meme son would be sO EXTRA EXTRA holy shit he is going to be doing The Most™ to show his affection for you but when it comes down to it he might show his cute and sensitive side and be really shy to ask you out, especially since its v dangerous to show extra affection with all the other fans there and his hyungs right there as well.

Yugyeom: I remember an interview where he said if he saw his ideal girl on the train, then he would walk over to her and ask her if she had time to get a coffee or something IDK but the point is that even though he’s at a fansign and lil maknae is getting a lil more confident, he is in front of more fans and his hyungs and his manager, so i think he wouldn’t try anything but he might try to figure out who you are so that he can maybe stalk u online for a while before messaging u (MAYBE)



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or some might call him Jeffrey ,,

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for some , yoonoh

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for me personally , i call him my #1 bias wrecker :“)

how can one be so cute and squishy one moment ,,

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then the next second , having us snatched and shookt

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thank you for giving us meme quality faces and actions,,

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i still love this the most it’s so cute ??

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what is he doing ,,

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stop jeffrey ;-;

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LOOK AT HIM RUINING MY BIAS LIST AGAIN WOO ,, *whispers* im staring at mark at the back ,, who’s jaehyun ?

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not forgetting , his dimples that we all adore !!

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kidding i hate you a lot for always questioning my loyalty for mark , go away ;-;

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* gifs do not belong to me and credits to all rightful owners !

An Open Letter to Helias Shippers

Hey guys,

As you all should know, I am a die hard Helias shipper. I live and breathe them. This is partially due to a personal bias. This personal bias stems from my own story of a Helias-esque ship. I suppose I should start there.

My best friend (who we are just going to refer to as Elias because I’m not going to get in trouble) lives a little under a thousand miles away. He is the kindest, sweetest, most attractive, and most intelligent person I have ever met. He is just the whole package. I fell in love with him about a year and a half into our friendship (we have been friends for a little under 3 years). Similar to Helias, Elias didn’t know what to do.

I’m not going to go into great detail about this, but my real life Elias went off and found two different Laias. That was literally the most painful thing ever. I could barely handle it. However, those two Laias didn’t work out which I am so thankful for.

He visited me in January over MLK weekend. The entire visit we were joined at the hip and he confessed that he caught feelings then. Shortly after his visit when he returned home, he said that he wanted to try to make things work romantically despite living really far away.

I was just up north visiting him yesterday. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend and said that he was crazy about me. I know that he meant it. He even asked me to prom which made me scream and cry happy tears.

Now, I didn’t mention all of the difficult things that it took to get to there. It took me flaying my heart open and risking everything to have him. It took him realizing that nothing would change between us if things backfired.

The thing is if Helene and Elias ever get the chance to be friends and not be forced to kill each other again, Helias will happen. There’s something inevitable about them just like my real life Elias and me. People who trust each other deeply and are somewhat attracted to each other eventually trip and fall in love.

The whole point of this letter was to just say to not give up hope on this ship. If it can happen in real life, I assure you it can happen in fiction.

I am fairly confident that the quote Sabaa released on Valentine’s Day was about Helias.

I hope you enjoyed this letter. If you guys have any questions or want any more details, let me know.

- Lillie

A VERY SHITTY EDIT  for something i’m actually very happy about!! i made my blog on january 17th 2017, and in less than a month i’ve gained 100+ followers and i’m blown away! the response i’ve gotten for cole has been mindblowing and i am so so grateful. thank you all so so much for being here, i’ve really enjoyed my experience and am looking forward to keeping it going! without further ado, some lovely mutuals below the cut~!

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anonymous asked:

HELLO👋🏻first I just wanna say I just binge read so much of yall's writing and I love it omg 😍and I fell in love with all of ur au writing ideas,so I had to make a request😂can you do the " I've been in love with you since you first moved in and I finally built up the courage to knock on ur door but when you answered you had just woken up and didn't have a shirt on so I ran away" au. W/ mingyu from seventeen(he's my ultimate bias 😂) Thank YOU so much 😊

ohmygawd thank you! It’s nice to know people enjoy our writing :D I hope you enjoy this too!! - admin liv

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today was the day - really - definitely, for sure, today.

Today, you were going to speak to the cute boy in the apartment across the hallway from your own. You could still remember the day he moved in.

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Take Care// Yoon Sanha

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Pairing: Yoon Sanha x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Sanha gets sick and is convinced having you there will make him feel better.


xoxo Sara

It was windy, too windy to go outside, or else you feared you would blow away. You had decided to stay home today and watch movies, eat some pizza, and relax for the first time in months.

That was, until you felt your phone vibrate.

You groaned softly as you reached over, grabbing your phone to read the name that appeared on the screen: Sanha :) <3

You felt yourself begin to smile. Sanha as one of your closest friends, and although hew as younger than you, whenever you were around him he would never fail to make you smile. He was loud and excitable, always smiling and being kind and respectful to everyone, which is one of the many reasons why it was so hard to not smile whenever you thought of him.

“Yes, Sanha?” You answered, throwing your feet over the side of the couch and staring up at your ceiling as you pressed the phone against your ear.

“Noooonnaaa..” Sanha cooed through the phone, a slight cough leaving his mouth at the end.

“Sanha, are you sick..?” You inquired, another soft cough coming through the other line to confirm your answer.

“Mhm. And the boys are out practicing… Would you come take care of me…?”

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Make You Feel My Love [part 1]

Anonymous asked: Arranged marriage with Ken scenario, maybe? :4

I’m so sorry this has taken so long, anon! … to hopefully make up for it - it’s going to be multiple parts (and also because I let my imagination run away with me when it comes to Jaehwan, our princely bias wrecker) … so hopefully you enjoy and it was worth the wait! and I’ll try to get the next part up soon as well!

~ admin leader

Reader x Jaehwan

2,289 Words


“Princess! If you would please!” You blinked and returned your attention to your advisor who was also your friend and tutor. You hadn’t meant to let your mind wander off again, but it was a habit you had yet to break. And honestly, listening to your advisor go over the schedule for the upcoming tournament and festival your father was holding was not the most engaging topic of conversation. “Now, as I was saying, your father has invited all of the best allies and knights for the tournament. Do your best not to disgrace your family and this kingdom.”

You sighed at the same comments that you had long since grown accustomed to. “Yes, Hakyeon.” You stifled your laugh with your hand at the look he gave you before he turned back to the folder he had in his hand with your itinerary and whatever else he carried with him.

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Yugyeom as a Boyfriend

anon: yugyeom fluff or yugyeom as a boyf? 💕✨ 

(I’ll probably do some Yugyeom fluff soon if someone gives me an idea/basis)

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Dating Yugyeom would include:

  • SHY SHY SHY (TWICE reference WADDUP)
  • he’d blush a lot let’s be real
  • especially within the first few months
  • you’d hold his hand and he’d be bright red
  • like a tomato
  • but a hot tomato
  • a really hot tomato
  • wait what where was I?
  • Oh yeah
  • forehead kisses
  • cheek kisses
  • hand kisses
  • nose kisses
  • he’s really affectionate so he’d hug you a lot
  • hand holding
  • being cute
  • but then there’s like the other side of Yugyeom that does THE THING
  • you’d be like
  • stop what idk what you want me to stop doing
  • you know what you’re doing stop it
  • cheesy pick up lines
  • watching dramas together and being called ahjumma and ahjussi
  • oh here’s ahjumma and ahjussi
  • being dorks together
  • especially if you moved in together
  • cafe dates
  • spontaneous outings
  • overall he’s a good egg

Ok, I’m gonna stop now. He’s my bias. I could go o all day. But for the sake of everyone else I won’t


EVERY INCH OF HER SKIN [epilogue] - lately you have been shielding away from your boyfriend’s eyes and he’s wondering whether your feelings have changed or if something deeper is going on inside your head.

Pairing: Reader x Seokjin
Genre: emotional fluff

 2.640 words.

dedicated to my moonpie: I know Jin is not your bias, but I still want to dedicate this to you and make you realize that you’re perfect just the way you are ♥

The girl in the mirror stared right back at you, nervousness eating her up alive from within, the distraught state of her mind clearly visible in the crease of her brows knotted together, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth as she tried to accept that image that was given back to her by a cold mirroring surface.

You took a deep breath and sighed, feeling your heart catching up speed in your chest at the thought of finally being able to see him tonight, after almost a week of distance.

You were always happy, excited even, when he’d be free to spend time with you, you were grateful for all the efforts he made to actually be a present boyfriend, even though his work didn’t help him much with that. This time, though, you were only nervous, scared, almost petrified. The words from the morning still swirling in your brain: you know I love you, right? - you’re not saying it back - are you sure?

You left the bathroom of your workplace and stepped out in the wintry night, the breeze making your skin fill with chills, the cold weather penetrating through your clothing layers invading your heart, turning into stone.

You had tried to push this moment away, the fear of losing him too great to address what had been going through your mind lately. You knew he had noticed, of course he did, and yet you pretended not to know, you pretended to be blind to the way his eyes would turn sadder or confused when you’d shelter away from him, when you’d push him away denying him the intimacy you both craved for. Now, there was just nowhere to hide anymore.

Your steps were heavy along the hallway, your mind already rattled by all the scenarios you had created in it, imagining how this night would be the end of your relationship with him, the moment he’d speak up those final words, a tombstone on your heart.

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Exo’s Reaction - Breaking Up With You And When They Try Get You Back, You’ve Moved On

Here you go my sweet anon! <3 I hope this okay for you ^-^ <3


Xiumin - *He’d hate the feeling he has and would try to avoid you as much as possible but it would be pretty hard to get over you when you’ve had so many good memories together and throwing them away kills him inside*

Lay - *He’d do everything, dancing, singing and playing instruments to get you out of his head somehow and when it does eventually happen, he’d be happy even if you were just friends instead so theres no bad auras around you both* 

Kai - *At first he’d be really jealous that another guy has got your heart but after a while, he’d realize that he deserves better and would make sure that you knew that he ain’t bothered anymore*

Suho - *He’d accept the fact that he may never get you back from the point when he seen you happily holding another guy’s hand but he’d still love you, no matter what*

Kyungsoo - *He’d stop trying when he finds out and would leave you alone, he wouldn’t want to get involved with your business and even though it might hurt him, he’d try moving on* 

Tao - *He wouldn’t know if you were trying to make him jealous or anything but he would get jealous either way and would give you and your new partner evil glares. Then if he passes you both in the street, he’d scoff and roll his eyes, trying to make it seem that he’s over you*

Chen - *He’d get really sarcastic when you’re around or if you’re bragging to your friends of how amazing your new lover is and would make it known that he disproves of your guy choice* 

Kris - *He’d play it off cool and would try show it off that he doesn’t care anymore but would probably end up embarrassing himself more than he did when he tried getting you back*

Chanyeol - *He’d die of laughter when he finds out and sees who you’re with and would constantly make snarky remarks about him and when your new boyfriend walks past him, Chanyeol would turn to the members and would just laugh*

Baekhyun - *He’d miss you like hell but after seeing what who you’ve replaced him with, he’d find this some sort of competition and would try his best to make you re-think your choices and just to do the same to you what you did to him, making you know that he’s way better than the thing you’re with*

Sehun - *He’d get over it and would show you that he is. He would try make you want him back and to show what you’re missing out on. He really couldn’t care less about your boyfriend and would mock him whenever he is in sight*

Luhan - *It all came down to nothing when he realized that he should stop trying to get you back as you’re hearts already taken away from him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have feelings for you. He wouldn’t try to take you away from your new boyfriend but he’d just let you know that he’d treat you better than any other guy would*


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Mobile Masterlist (Scenarios)

No Offense but shitting on Spring Day because J-Hope didn’t have a line is disrespectful. I can understand being upset but taking credit away from the other members who worked hard is so rude. 

I understand, I really do. J-Hope is my bias and I would’ve loved to hear a verse from him, and even though I am upset he didn’t get one I’m not gonna go around shitting on a song I’m sure he, as well as the rest of Bangtan, worked hard on. 

J-Hope has a great Year. He did so well during the Wings Era and has been getting a lot of love lately. He is always proud of the work Bangtan Produces so the fact that some of his fans are being so nasty is likely upsetting.

There are 3 More songs Right? He’s dropping a Mixtape, and we still have more Videos/Dancing we’ll get from him. 

So many good things came from the release. But the way some of you are acting is upsetting. 

Mingyu roommates!au
  • the kind of roommate who overestimates how much he can eat
  • “y/n please…. my bellybutton is going to fly away if i eat another spoon…… help me….”
  • and you are like no way mingyu why are you doing this to me it’s too much
  • so you end up finishing his mEGA bowl of chocolate ice cream
  • for the third time this week
  • you arent really complaining bc you love ice cream but sTILL
  • him replying to whatever you ask with “wow”
  • or “amazing”
  • occasionally meows
  • also clumsy!mingyu is the reason you put bubble wrap around furniture
  • essentially like having a baby
  • a really tall baby
  • @ god help him survive
  • likes to rest his head on your shoulder when you watch tv and it’s sO CUTE
  • also let’s be honest now
  • mingyu can almost do anything and we all know it
  • but don’t let the guy do the laundry pls
  • “y/n!! do you remember the sweater you liked?? im giving it to you!!”
  • and you get up from the bed with your brows raised because well thank you mingyu but i don’t think your sweater will fit me
  • wRONG
  • “it shrunk on its own okay it’s not my fault”
  • so the next day you wear it because it’s cute and comfy and you didn’t let mingyu finish the laundry so you have no warm clothes
  • and as soon as you meet hoshi and seungkwan in the hallway they notice it
  • “cute sweater y/n”
  • “yeah y/n are you wearing a couple outfit with mingyu”
  • then you hear someone falling next to you
  • “i tripped”
  • which is not surprising i mean when will mingyu ever have control over his body
  • but where did he come from ?? who knows
  • so you just help him and go to your class
  • “did you buy her that sweater or what”
  • “i dIDN’T”
  • at lunch they are still giving him obvious looks so you wonder what the heck is going on
  • “mingyu is hiding something”
  • and you are curious because mingyu hiding something ?? can’t be true
  • “you know you can tell us everything”
  • “wow i’m slightly offended”
  • “it’s about a girl y/n”
  • mingyu glaring at hoshi bc dON’T YOU DARE
  • but wait aBOUT A GIRL
  • now mingyu is panicking okay you can almost see his brain working to find an excuse
  • odd
  • “i mean i’m a bit surprised because i’ve never seen you go out with anyone and when you do it’s usually with me but you can tell me you know”
  • everyone giving you the “really” stare
  • “what”
  • oH OH
  • if two plus two makes four you just gave yourself the answer
  • aND if that wasn’t enough mingyu is blinking so fast that his eyelashes might fall off
  • “i… you….. i think….”
  • “what he means is that you should probably consider babysitting him full-time”
  • s eUnGKwAN S tOP
  • thankfully jeonghan comes to collect them for the sixth time this week
  • you are pretty sure he is a clairvoyant or at least something close to that
  • aNYWAY
  • tall boy is still panicking
  • “i-know-this-is-really-strange-and-all-but-would-you-try-going-out-with-me”
  • “uhm it’s going to be awkward”
  • the face he makes breaks your heart bUT YOU DIDN’T MEAN IT THAT WAY
  • he gets up really quickly and you just go ???
  • what are u doing
  • so you follow him and when you understand what he’s doing you laugh
  • “are you packing your stuff”
  • “i’m mOVING OUT”
  • so you just stop him and give him a tiny hug
  • which makes you think of another thing
  • “you are not going to grow more…… are you”
  • “i… don’t know..?”
  • “i’m going to try putting you in the washing machine”
  • “y/N DON’T”
  • “but…. it worked with the sweater……”
  • don’t put mingyu in the washing machine pls :)))
  • but congrats you are dating mingyu now
Youngjae as your boyfriend/husband

Hello! :) Yeah, my friend Courtney said that I should try a blog and I chose GOT7 as they’re my bias group! FIGHTING and thank you so much <3 Here you go!


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- There would be loads of cuddle sessions 

- Composing music together and singing together because it;s cute when you both duets

- He’ll eat anything so you’ll be having something different everyday for food (apart from anything with cucumbers)

- Being really cute together

- Cooking together

- Playful fights that leads into more cuddling

- He can be really shy and awkward at times but it soon fade away quickly

- Singing to you while you’re falling asleep

- Constant cute messages when he’s away

- Loads of jokes between you both

- Little dance sessions also

- Staring contests

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Mobile masterlists -





Happy V Day! Here’s a little letter to the one and only…
Kim Taehyung. The first dork I have fallen in love with in BTS/K-Pop. You might not be my bias anymore, but you’re still in my heart. I’ve always loved you, I’ve always admired you, I’ve always looked up to you. And I still plan to be an ARMY and somehow be by your side for many more years. We could be thousands and thousands, even millions of miles away, but I WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE YOU! You mcfluffin cutie. No matter the ups and downs we go through, let’s keep running together ~ I love you Kim Taehyung. I really really do.


A/N: This thing is rated 18+ AHAHAHHAHAHHA. just kidding. BUT I BETTER GO AWAY CAUSE  ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ MUAHAHHAHAHAH. I’m having fantasies about jungkook.  (⊙﹏⊙)

gifs not mine. 

YOU: Hey Kookie…

JK: ne? jagiya?

Originally posted by jengkook

YOU: uhhh.. I want your K–Kookie *blush*

JK: *think dirty* h-huh? You mean my—

Originally posted by sugutie

YOU: eww nooooo!!! *slap him gently at his arm* 

JK: ew huh? You didn’t said that last time when we did it…. *smirk*

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Min Yoongi // Light VS Dark

A/N: I made an AU where people have perfect opposites and I really like the concept bc I came up with it at midnight and I pulled thru so enjoy some Opposite!Yoongi yes I know I still haven’t written the Hobi scenario yet and I just feel SO bad bc he’s my bias but the scenario I wrote for him has a weird ending so I’m going to revise it before posting it!!!

Also expect more Opposite!BTS scenarios bc I have a few in mind:)

Summary: Yoongi is the darkness and you are the light in the darkness.

Originally posted by classysuga

these gifs with this imagine makes me never wanna see Min Yoongi sad ever

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He is everything you aren’t. He is negative and constantly lethargic. He moves like a sloth and speaks with such a condescending tone. He never fails to make children cry and he scares away innocent bystanders simply with a glance in their direction. He always looks grumpy and he taunts everything that he thinks tests him. 

Min Yoongi is your complete opposite. That is how the world created him.
Everyone has their own powers, and everyone has their Opposite. The way it typically works is that no one gets along with their Opposite. It’s not a law or anything. Repelling your Opposite is a natural thing. 

In rare cases, people actually got along with their Opposite. It’s not frowned upon. Actually, it’s praised. People try to get along with their Opposite but only a select few can do so. 

Opposites, like the word goes, have opposite powers and personalities from the other. A socialite with powers to draw attention to herself would have an introverted opposite that can cloak himself with invisibility. An athletic fire wielder’s Opposite would be a water wielder that could potentially be the worst at sports. 

Personalities clash, and that’s why Opposites are called Opposites. But also, Opposites exist so that one person cannot get stronger than anyone else. If one person is causing trouble, their Opposite would be called in to settle a few things. The job is not hard whatsoever. It’s very simple.

Except for you. Yoongi’s lack of motivation and participation within the community really wears you out. You have to talk to him several times a week so that he can stop messing around and scaring people. What’s worse is that he acts like the grim reaper, so you’re only a little bit scared of him. 

Unfortunately, Min Yoongi is not scared of you at all.

He’s stronger at night while you excel in broad daylight. He wreaks havoc on the city at night. You preserve the city’s innocence during the sunny hours. The only time you both are at an equilibrium would be dawn and dusk. 

After all, that’s what happens when Yoongi controls darkness and you control light.

Yoongi manipulates shadows of children to scare them. He uses the darkness to cover his eyes and help him sleep. He takes shade from people who are sitting under it and lets the sun burn their skin, which works against you because you can’t lower the sun’s brightness just for them.  

He really does enjoy watching you struggle to save the world.

Your positivity radiates like, well, sunshine. It envelopes people and makes them feel warm inside, resulting in a bubbling happiness. The way you devoted your time to helping others made you a popular figure in a society of supernatural beings. They could kick Yoongi’s ass, but you were just better at it. Plus, no one ever got Yoongi to stop causing problems for more than a day.

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