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People in the Mystic Messenger Fandom Need to Chill

I shouldn’t have to write something like this but I figured I’d throw in my two cents about the fandom as of lately.

So I posted that I was voting for Seven in the poll that Cheritz, you know just sharing my own opinion. Then I had a couple people message me telling me that Seven shouldn’t win and that I shouldn’t play favorites on the characters. Like excuse me?

Look, I don’t care who wins the poll, new merchandise for any character is great, but I have no idea why people would tell me my opinions are irrelevant. This fandom keeps bashing on Seven and are saying that he has the most merchandise of any character but news flash: Seven is only featured on a cushion and nothing else that doesn’t involve the other RFA members. And sure Seven is going to be popular, I mean he’s basically the main character of the game and just because I like him the most doesn’t mean that people should say my opinion, or any other Seven fan’s opinion, is unwanted. 

My point is I don’t mind people sharing their opinions, in fact I love hearing other people’s favorite characters or plot points or whatever. I don’t appreciate people telling me that my opinion is ‘stupid’ or that I shouldn’t share my opinion. This is my blog and if I have an opinion that you don’t agree with that’s fine but don’t be rude about it. I try to not be so personal on this blog but this is something that I felt needed to be said.

Basically it’s okay to share your opinions just don’t bash other people’s opinions if you don’t agree with them. Let’s all just keep enjoying Mystic Messenger and the characters together!

heyhey pls call me by my name when u talk to me in japanese

the snake and the firefly

Once upon a time there was a firefly who liked to fly among the trees in a jungle. One day a snake came along and looked at the firefly flying around, eating, working and shining with its great green light. 

The snake did not have much to do, though, so he decided to chase the firefly around to eat him. First just keeping a watchful eye, then slithering softly along and an lastly chasing rapidly around.

The firefly flew as fast as those little wings could take him, but eventually grew tired and fell to the ground, the snake was waiting. Before the snake could eat him, he pleaded to ask 3 questions, to which the snake replied: Hmm.. I do not usually give this privilege to my food, but go ahead.

The firefly asked: Am part of your food chain? No, he answered. Have I hurt you in any way? No, he answered again .Then why do you want to eat me? 

Because, I just can’t stand to see you shine. 

Talking to someone every single day or hours can be pretty destructive because there will come a day where you don’t speak at all and it’s going to be the loneliest feeling in the world.


“Half dressed, apologetic. A mess, she looked
Pathetic, she cried:

Please don’t go sir…”

Here is Part 2 of my Marliza diptych which explores the recurring and contrasting leitmotifs in Hamilton (in this instance, helplessness). :D And, below are the two girls side by side.

Eliza: first love, beginnings, creation, song of innocence

Maria: worldly love, endings, destruction, abuse, song of experience

This one is for the anon who requested Marliza, whoever you are. I hope you see this! <3